Free People Ladybug Long Sleeve Top in FLAME.

Those sleeves, that neckline...le sigh.



NOTD: OPI Mexico City Nail Lacquer Collection in Telenovela Me About It

Three coats of OPI Mexico City Nail Lacquer Collection in Telenovela Me About It. Pink Creme.

Ooh all you pink ladies out there must be swooning over this beauty because I know I am!

Telenovela Me About It {that name tho!} is a glam hot pink that has allll the drama of a true telenovela due to that hidden blue shimmer that peeks out occasionally when you wiggle your tips. Formula here was bomb. I found it to be sliiightly on the thin side {hence the three coats}; but it's such a dream to apply {not to mention fast-dry} that it's truly no big. Highly recommend!

What nail color are you rocking for #ManicureMonday?





Free People Violet Minidress in WHITE.

Might go frolic in a field of flowers in this pretty.



BOOK REVIEW: Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

When it comes to Diana Wynne Jones’ Howl’s Moving Castle, I am in the minority for two very big reasons: 1} I wasn’t led to the tale after viewing Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle anime film {still haven’t seen it, in fact}; and 2} I can honestly say that, as much as I tried, I just didn’t enjoy this book. Don’t get me wrong, I truly felt that this tale started out strong, but it failed to engage me after the first thirty or so pages.

Sophie, the main character, is a timid girl who has lost all hope, and convinces herself that she is content watching those around her move forward in life, as she toils away as a hatter {as someone else claims success for her work}. When Sophie draws the attention of the {wicked} Witch of the Waste, she is transformed into a cantankerous old woman, and knows there is only one place to seek solace – and perhaps a cure for the spell: Wizard Howl’s elusive Moving Castle.

Which brings us to Howl himself. Howl is a…quirky fellow, to say the least. He’s showy in style and short in language. Though I tried to find a redeeming quality about him, I came up empty-handed every. single. time. Yes, I liked that he accepted Sophie into his home as a housekeeper {despite her frequent mishaps involving his assorted powders}; and I appreciated his overall kindness to his apprentice Michael. But barring those two things, he was fairly forgettable.

Though some may enjoy the banter that takes place between Howl and Sophie, perhaps even find it humorous, I found it obnoxious and hard to take after a time. So much so that the only character I found even remotely interesting was Calcifer, the fire demon. Had the book been shorter, I may have rated it higher; but when you have a 400+ page novel wherein many occurrences keep repeating themselves, the storyline becomes tired and lackluster. Points for originality most certainly go to Wynne Jones; but this one served as being far from magical for me. Womp womp.

Star Rating: ***





wild pursuit

Billabong Wild Pursuit Overalls in CHAMBRAY.

How perfect are these cuties for days spent beachside?!



NOTD: OPI Disney's The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Nail Lacquer Collection in Charged Up Cherry

Two coats of OPI Disney's The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Nail Lacquer Collection in Charged Up Cherry. Tropical Pink Creme.

Not gonna lie ladies, I was 100% expecting a cherry red shade based on the name of this bad boy; but, upon application, I ended up with this perfect pink!

Charged Up Cherry is a lush, tropical pink creme that feels fresh for summer! The formula here was a dream; however, it was a little thinner than I expected - not enough to require more coats; but something to keep in mind during application. This one would be adorbs as a pedi shade!

What nail color are you rocking for #ManicureMonday?




meant to be

Project Social T Meant To Be Twist Hem T-Shirt in BLACK.

Loving the simplicity of this bad boy for the warmer months!



BOOK REVIEW: A Good Girl's Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

Let me preface this review with a slow clap because Holly Jackson has crafted a work of art with A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. This teen tome right here will take you on a topsy-turvy roller coaster ride that will leave. you. breathless.

Pippa. Oh PippaI love her. Seventeen-year-old Pippa Fitz-Amobi {Pip to her pals} is a heroine for the ages; a modern-day Nancy Drew with a healthy sprinkling of Veronica Mars and the brains of one Miss Hermione Granger. When Pippa elects to investigate the murder of a years-old homicide/suicide/missing persons’ case involving former classmates Andie Bell {body never recovered} and Sal Singh for her senior Capstone Project, she has no clue where it will take her. The one thing she does know, or feel, is that Sal Singh is innocent. But try telling that to the rest of the town.

”When you ask people in town what happened to Andie Bell, they’ll tell you without hesitation: ‘She was murdered by Salil Singh.’ No allegedly, no might have, no probably...He did it, they say. Sal Singh Killed Andie.”

The case may be closed, but Pippa is determined to uncover the truth, while earning herself an A+. To do so, she enlists the assistance of an unlikely ally to find justice: Ravi Singh. Yes, the 20-year-old brother of the accused who has been ostracized by the community since Andie’s disappearance. Did I mention that he and Pippa have an irresistible, albeit innocent, chemistry that sparks off the pages? Don’t worry…it never overshadows the whodunit? at hand; but it does serve as a sweet, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it development.

Told in a mix of first and third-person narrative, along with…drumroll please!production logs, interview transcripts, diary entries, and a murder map {Yaaasss! go. off. sis! Detailed documentation and research is. my. weakness. and A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is packed with it} this is one juicy work of fiction that will delight suspense readers of all ages.

NGL there are moments when Pippa’s investigation does reach unbelievable territory {meaning why would anyone comply with her line of questioning?!}. And Pippa herself can be sliiiightly invasive/overwhelming at times {not to mention ultra-hardcore when it comes to hitting the books - not that that’s a bad thing}; but all of the amazingness outweighs any faults presented, and makes me ridiculously excited for book two! Bring it on Ms. Jackson; bring. it. on.

Star Rating: *****



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