Smitten Saturday

Ain’t Life Grand? As a writer, I find it quite common to fall in love with various writing utensils and supplies in mere moments; but nothing could have prepared me for the love/hate relationship I have developed with Archie Grand Notebooks over the past week. The “For Friend or Foe” writing tablets are petite in size but perennially powerful in their musings – and that’s even before you’ve put pen to paper. Each blotter comes bound in a blissful colored cover that gives way to stark white blank pages simply awaiting your creativity to spill onto them. But the true icing on the cake (or rather, cupcake), are the gold-embossed phrases spotting each cover – my favorites being Fashionistas I Met And Liked, Lovers I Had And Liked, and Socialites I Met And Liked. Which Archie Grand original would make your writing life grand?

A Day at the Apothecary I’ve never been one to stick my knickknacks just anywhere. I’ve always felt the need to store my special somethings in splendrous hidey-holes for safekeeping; pretty little environments that preserve their glamour, while displaying them in the most dainty of ways. At this particular time this task has been relayed to ambrosial apothecary jars which are just as heavenly as they are handy. Despite the fact that these Apothecary Jars with Stainless Steel Lids look eerily similar to those lining the counters of doctor’s offices filled to the brim with tongue-depressors and cotton swabs, I imagine that they’ll look unbelievably gorgeous filled with a mix of polished pinecones and shimmering seashells. With the holidays virtually around the corner, I find that it would be absolutely lovely to pile pounds of peppermint candies into the San Miguel Apothecary Jars. And for a touch of high fashion, I’m sure my cast-aside baubles would look beatific glinting from within the confines of the Waterford Marquis Vintage Garden Apothecary Jars. Care to spend a day at the apothecary with me, dolls?

Entrenched As a child I was Harriet the Spy. I even took to devouring tomato sandwiches for every meal to truly get into character. The only thing I felt young Harriet M. Welsch was lacking from her fashion artillery was a trench coat; a detective-inspired accoutrement that even the Hot Rod driving Nancy Drew pulled out of hiding from her closet whenever she felt the need to pursue a suspect. While spying on my neighbors no longer possesses the same type of thrill as it once did; my petit infatuation with the outerwear of the hour is still just as strong – if not stronger – than it once was; hence the reason I believe it is time to add one to my own style regiment. Darlings, I learned long ago that every growing girl should own at least one item from the gorgeous Gryphon; and the sole item I choose is The Military Timeless Trench Coat. Metallic braids embellish the cuffs while a faux fur overlay about the collar detaches to create a second look. I imagine nothing will keep me as warm as this lovely for the winter. Juicy Couture’s Bow Shoulder Trench Coat harbors the gritty, noir ambiance of our favorite vintage gumshoes; with the added haute feminine detail of a très Blair Waldorf bow lacing the shoulder. Jessica Simpson’s Trench Coat features a wide, removable belt that makes it a cinch to display the classic silhouette the trench is known and loved for. But it is DKNY’s “Suzanne” Double Breasted Trench with Rolled Collar in flame which has truly set my world on fire. The shade, reminiscent of embers left within the covering of a cozy fireplace, is the preemptive complement to the unique, head-turning torque; and an ideal way to stand out in a crowd. Have you found yourself in the trenches yet, kittens?

Hay Dude! Some things remain unspoken for far too long; therefore, in honor of Halloween, I’ve decided to divulge un petit bit of information about moi…like Green Acres’ blissfully beautiful Eva Gabor, I find myself completely smitten with the city, but quite content with various aspects of farm life. It is the lure of numerous public transportation methods, bright lights, the hustle and bustle, and the feeling that the entire world is at your fingertips that makes me head over heels for a metropolis; but the romanticism of pumpkin patches, apple groves, and, above all else, moonlit hayrides, which leads me to the country like a horse to water. The autumn months only make me more eager to experience these things. But alas, aside from a paltry, makeshift hayride that springs up in a local shopping center every now and then, it’s nearly impossible to find the genuine thing unless you actually reside on a ranch. But it certainly doesn’t have to be. Pumpkin Patches and More! is a virtual map to all things fun and related to fall. Hayrides, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, orchards, farmer’s markets…just choose a location near you, and voila! your weekend plans are set. I wonder what I’ll be doing tonight…

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to It’s Unbeweavable! and Shopbop for the pictures.

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No Foundation Foundation Giveaway

I’m sure you’re well-aware of this already, as I bring it up time and time again, but I simply cannot stand cakey make-up. I love a natural glow that is flawless and only serves to enhance the loveliness that is your best features – in my case my eyes or my lips; though even I must admit that it’s difficult to bring yourself to leave the house when you’ve got a spot on your face. Even if it’s a miniscule thing completely invisible to the naked eye, it’s a problem. You feel self-conscious, and completely un-fabulous – two things that should never plague you, but ultimately do at sneaky, unexpected moments. Which is why Perricone MD’s No Foundation Foundation is, without question, the product of our dreams.

Unlike the typical foundation that leaves you feeling as if you have a mud mask sitting stiffly upon your skin from the moment you slick it on until the second you scrub it off, the No Foundation Foundation harbors the ability to leave your skin refreshed and naturally dewy, in addition to providing SPF 30 UV Protection and reducing pores, fine lines, and, dare I say it, wrinkles. But the true piece de resistance of this miracle worker is the fact that it comes in one universal shade, so spending hours trying to find one that matches your skin to a T is completely unnecessary. And now…you have the chance to win a bottle all your own.

Perricone has teamed up with Café Fashionista to bring one (1) lucky reader their popular No Foundation Foundation. Perhaps that blessed reader is you!

To enter the No Foundation Foundation Giveaway:

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For three (3) entries, become a follower of Café Fashionista, and leave a comment on this post between now and Thursday, November 5, 2009 at midnight PST (if you are already a Café Fashionista follower, please say so in your comment).

I will randomly pick one name out of a hat (who knows, it could be yours!), and announce the winner on Friday, November 6, 2009.

Good luck everyone!

This Giveaway is open to everyone within the U.S. and Canada!

Fashionably yours!

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Thrifty Thursday: Balenciaga Giant City on a Budget

If I were to be brought back to life as an inanimate object, it would be as the Balenciaga Giant City. I worship that handbag, I truly do; as such, I think it only fair that I live out my days as the accessory in which I love more than any other. But I have not yet met my demise. I am a young, healthy American with quite a bit of time left on this Earth, and I would like to spend that time with the handbag in question.

I know it may sound a bit outrageous dolls, but when you find a handbag that so perfectly corresponds with your personality it’s as if the world around you comes to a halt, and all in the universe is perfect, if only for a short while. That is exactly how I feel whenever I gaze upon the heavenly beauty that is the Balenciaga Giant City.

The way the gold-plated hardware and studding seemingly shine a spotlight upon the soft, black vintage materials. The braided hand-stitched handles which add a unique, hidden texture that only those who carry such a bag know exists. Even the simple hand mirror which swings to and fro from the handles, or the removable shoulder strap which enables you to carry the City satchel style, or don it as a cross body-like messenger. Each and every trait makes the City more covetable. And why shouldn’t they? It has the classic silhouette and charm of the Chanel 2.55 or Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Stam with the added bonus of anarchistic embellishments that provide that extra dash of dimension.

Unfortunately, like the 2.55 and Stam, the City, while utterly ambrosial in terms of looks comes well equipped with a downside…a $1,695.00 downside. I imagine I’m not the only college student living on a scant budget yet dreaming of such a handsome handbag. In fact, I know I’m not. And, while dreams are sure to become a reality in some far-off future, at present time I’m forced to succumb to the ornery Veruca Salt within and proclaim… “I want it now!” Seeing as how I can’t have the original now, I’m more than willing to compensate with a piece just as lovely, and sporting a much more reasonable pricetag.

At $48.00, Shop Suey Boutique’s Jocelyn Satchel is every bit as brilliant as the City, and much more friendly to one’s savings account. Choose either silver or gold hardware; or forgo basic black and snag Jocelyn in red, pewter, brown, or white. Come to think of it, since you’re already playing the role of bandit by taking advantage of such a sublime bargain, perhaps you should do your handbag collection a favor and simply scoop up all five!

Will Balenciaga tempt you into being a big spender, or will Shop Suey Boutique inspire you to save?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Balenciaga and Shop Suey Boutique for the pictures.


Short Story

Kittens I’m beginning to think I’m the biggest fool on the planet. Here I was depriving myself of splurging on a pair of shorts simply because the weather has transformed from sultry and sweltering to brisk and beautiful, when such a change in the forecast should certainly not dictate whether or not one outfits oneself in accoutrements more common during the warmer months. Just as you do not cast your miniskirts aside when winter sets in, there is absolutely no reason to bury your shorts in the back of your closet where they are destined to collect dust until summer once again rolls around. Non, it’s certainly more worth your while to make shorts a part of your wardrobe year-round, simply by adding a few more sophisticated selections to your trousseau, and taking a middling amount of styling tips from Blair Waldorf herself.

Current/Elliott “The Boyfriend Short with Studs” I’m truly not being ornery here by stating this so bluntly, but honestly, I think there is no more amazing way to wear a pair of embellished denim like The Boyfriend Short with Studs than by tossing them over a pair of opaque black tights. During the spring and summer months you have the option of donning them with bare legs; but come fall and winter, the layered look will keep you warm while retaining classic savoir faire. Slip your feet into a pair of matching black booties or ballerinas to trick the eye into believing that your legs go on for miles – it’s a sneaky way to boost confidence and attract suitors; two things I’m sure Current/Elliott certainly didn’t anticipate when they crafted such a fabulous piece!

Arden B. “Sequin Boy Short” Darlings New Year’s Eve is just around the corner; thus, if you feel uncomfortable displaying sequins year-round, now is the time to do so – after all, everything shimmers like a disco ball around the holidays so why not your derriere? Arden B.’s Sequin Boy Shorts are perhaps your best sparkling selection. While they have the cut of risqué hot pants, metamorphosing them into something elegant is an absolute cakewalk with mile-high heels and tights. Admit it, when embellished with these stunners your lower half is bound to burble with the same type of enthusiasm as an about-to-pop bottle of fizzy champagne – and really, who can resist that?

The Gap “Wool Shorts” I never thought my fascination with Oliver Twist’s wardrobe would stretch beyond my love for newsboy hats, but I simply can’t resist the brown tweed sophistication of The Gap’s Wool Shorts. There’s something very high-fashion about the oh-so-affordable garment that effortlessly bridges the gap between city-chic and street urchin. Attribute it to the minute pleats embellishing the front or the cuffed-leg openings that mimic a très slouchy yet undeniably smart silhouette which make it easy to hold fast to your dapper style when donning them in the office or during nights spent on the town – either way they spell fabulous and are destined to become a staple in your fall wardrobe. Don’t deny it dolls, Charles Dickens would be proud.

Urban Outfitters “Fletcher by Lyell Silk Tap Short” All those years of childhood dance lessons did not prepare me for the excitement that overwhelms me each time I spot ballerina-inspired tulle, tights, or, in this case, Fletcher by Lyell’s Silk Tap Shorts. Silk is a powerful material – seductive and sensual; whisper soft to the touch, yet raucously noisy in terms of sight. Therefore it is a fabric that every girl should have in her life; and the best place to start is, without a doubt, a pair of shorts that will slither over your body in the sauciest of ways and make you feel like a graceful gazelle with the power to dance your heart out, even if you were born with two left feet. The high-waist works wonders when partnered with a blousy, romantic top; while the wide leg invokes a Hefner-esque, pajama-like comfort that is simply irresistible. These shorts were made for taunting…cute boys, that is!

Robert Rodriguez “Leather Shorts” I see it as an unspeakable tragedy for any proper female of the Twenty-First Century to have a wardrobe devoid of a pair of leather shorts. If the runway has taught us anything over the past year it is that we don’t have to feed our leather cravings simply via scandalous bralettes or bustiers covered up with bulky sweaters or bomber jackets. As long as done tastefully, we can channel our inner biker babe and rock luscious leather in a statement-inducing way capable of making heads turn – case in point, Robert Rodriguez’s Leather Shorts. A cuffed hem and longer length balance out the lacquered look of the style producing a covering that easily works with bare legs or patterned tights. Now all you need is a Harley and you’ll be the belle of the biker ball!

Ready for a short story all your own, darlings?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopbop, Forever 21, The Gap, and Urban Outfitters for the pictures.


Tightwad Tuesday: Free People Lolita Stud Hat for Less

Please don’t, darlings. Do not attempt to leave the house without properly accessorizing your ensemble. You may think that your cocktail dress is fine as is, but it would look so much more tantalizing if embellished with a statement necklace. And I can’t tell you how much more enticing your simple t-shirt would be if only transformed into designer fashion with a Collective Eighteen Pleated Chiffon Scarf in Red Pepper. Ignoring the lure and the masterful power of accessories is completely out of the realms of my way of thinking. I only hope that such behavior never crosses your mind either, kittens.

Of course, the accessory in question is not of the baubled variety this time. Sure, it sparkles and twinkles in its own way, but the shimmering splendor has more to do with the studs spotting its surface than with any type of diamond decoration; a fabrication that turns ordinary into extraordinary – a minute garnishment that is bold and brazen yet soft and demure all at once. Oui, Free People’s Lolita Stud Hat is all this and more.

Aside from a knit beret sitting snugly atop my hair every now and then, the closest I ever get to a hat is a very ladylike headband perched atop the crown of my head like a princess’s tiara; but I have seen one too many cute band boys as of late rocking fedoras, and I am convinced that my wardrobe is in dire need of one – even if it only comes out in the dead of night for crazy parties. I refuse, however, to forgo feminine detailing, which is why I am so smitten with the Lolita Stud Hat.

The stud adorned double-wrap buckled strap that criss-crosses about the inner brim is a splash of girly glam with the ability to make one feel like a rebellious rocker chick – not a groupie, mind you – and would make for the most wonderful accessory for a wild Saturday night starring you and your out of control friends. Unfortunately, the telltale piece of the puzzle that I am completely not smitten with is the $98.00 pricetag. I refuse to pay such an exorbitant price for a fedora – albeit a fabulous one – that will be spending more time in my closet than on my head. Luckily, Forever 21, as is their custom, is here to save the day.

The Shiny Dot Trim Fedora, while not outfitted in studs, has a brim covered in dazzling sequins which are easily as effective at casting a pinch of radiance about your person, and making you a glitzy sight to behold no matter the atmosphere. And at $12.80 it is most certainly a more budget-friendly addition to your amassment of accessories.

Are you having a tightwad moment darlings, or are you plagued with a craving to splurge?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Free People and Forever 21 for the pictures.


Sole Sisters

The male species is completely clueless as to the sorts of pains that females must go through in order to look good. Yes, I’m aware that we must suffer in the name of fashion. That we must feel the perfunctory pinches, the standard stabbings, the negligent nippings, the cursory confinements, and the painful pressures of various garments bought to enhance, tuck, and suck ourselves into a covetable silhouette that makes the heads of both fellow females and cute boys turn. But after awhile, enough is enough!

Boys, while incredibly cute to look at with bedhead, scruffy stubble, and soulful puppy dog eyes simply do not realize that if we have had our tootsies stuffed into stilettos all day, that we want nothing more than to give them a break by slipping into a pair of flats for a bit of relaxation (yes, even our feet need a vacation sometimes). Non, the only thing males think of is a saucy shake as one struts by in pumps. Face it, as much as boys would like to pretend that they know all of the intricacies of a female; the truth of the matter is…they don’t. The only individuals who truly know a female, is another female; which is why I’m in complete adoration of Katie Shea and Susie Levitt, the masterminds behind CitiSoles.

As twenty-something city girls short in stature but big on ideas, the duo have learned the hard way that trekking from one end of the city to the other in stilettos all day can truly be a killer; thus the reason they created CitiSoles. I first mentioned the magically delicious foldable ballerina flats here when I advised you to stick a pair in your carry-on during travel to ensure optimal comfort; but since then the twosome have added yummy new products to their line in the form of cityslips (foldable ballerinas which include a carrying case that morphs into a tote bag) and AfterSoles (ballerinas that roll up to the size of a cell phone) which only serve to make them more friendly to the feet of hard working fashionistas who strive to look fabulous while retaining stylish satisfaction.

It is products like these that go unnoticed by the world, unless one does some extreme digging. Therefore, to certify the sanity of our feet, it is up to us as females to band together and bring attention to such wondrous forms of fashion. And now we can.

CitiSoles is one of the Top 12 Finalists in INC. magazine and Alibaba’s Newpreneur of the Year competition. If Katie and Susie win, CitiSoles has the chance to make it into stores all over the world, making them more obtainable to the masses – perfect in the recession we’re currently in the throes of. The only thing they need to make it to the Finals is our help in the form of Online voting – which starts Wednesday (October 28). Truly, what better way to keep our feet in supreme bliss and teach clueless boys a lesson than by guaranteeing that CitiSoles is crowned the fashionable winner?

Support them darlings; they’re looking out for us – and the welfare of our feet!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to CitiSoles for the pictures.


Double-Duty Designs

Darlings I don’t care how many proclamations I hear about the economy turning around. When you’re living on a shoestring budget, it’s impossible to be carefree about shelling out loads of cash for a singular item that will mottle your wardrobe twice a month – if you’re lucky. I want a garment that can work overtime; that can perform multiple tasks despite the fact that it was obtained for a solitary amount. Hence the reason I am contemplating ransacking my very own closet, casting aside those pesky items that possess all of zero versatility, and replacing them with designs that don’t complain about performing double-duties!

Free People “Riding Hood Convertible Tee” I have absolutely no qualms about admitting my admiration for Free People and their countless convertible creations; case in point the Riding Hood Convertible Tee. Admit it, I’m sure, like me, you’ve experienced those times where you’re shivering in your tank and realize that you’ve left the house sans sweater. Magically, these moments are plentiful in Southern California where days are sweltering and evenings are chilly and brisk. Thus, the Riding Hood Convertible Tee is sure to be a blessing in disguise. A snap detail in the center makes it possible for you to wear the top in four different ways – as a racer back tank with hood, as a dolman, as a batwing tee, or as a more fitted piece for those candlelit dinners with your cute boy. It’s as if a fairy godmother is by your side 24/7 waving her wand about and ensuring that you’re properly dressed and look your best no matter the situation!

7 For All Mankind “Convertible Skinny Jeans” I am the queen of choosing the worst possible moments to try on clothes. When I want to slip on slouchy boots I’m wearing ballerinas without socks. When I think about tossing on an off the shoulder top or halter, I’m wearing the wrong type of undergarments. It’s always a Catch-22; but it truly doesn’t have to be. 7 For All Mankind’s Convertible Skinny Jeans are the ideal legwear for your shopping excursions – or your night’s of dancing out on the town. They may look like your typical pair of dark wash skinny jeans, but the 17-inch zippered gusset adorning the hem makes them anything but. Unzip to convert these denim delights to a bootcut, or stick with the skinny silhouette by zipping them snugly around your ankle. Now you can see how those Louboutin’s look with skinnies or bootcuts before taking them home!

Brixton “Sky Hooded Wrap Scarf” Once upon a time I thought it possible to keep an ordinary scarf swathed about your head hood-like simply by wrapping it into place. An encounter with a cherry red Convertible and high winds upon the freeway resulting in two hours of combing out knots lacing my hair quickly proved me wrong. If you truly want a scarf that doubles as a hat of sorts, it is best to splurge on something that actually states it is capable of such a task, much like the Sky Hooded Wrap Scarf. I will admit it was the lure of the red wine-imbued burgundy shade that led me into a love affair with Brixton’s Sky Hooded Wrap Scarf; but the realization that it works as two separate accessories merely by putting a few buttons into place was truly the icing on the cake. For those days when all you need is a scarf to keep you cozy, swaddle it about your throat; but when the weather turns downright blistery, bind yourself from the cold by attaching the matching hood to ensure that you stay warm without forsaking your adorable factor.

Elizabeth and James “Trench Coat Dress” How one can so much as contemplate attempting to make it through the fall and winter seasons sans trench coat is beyond me; yet even I see the predicament that such a purchase puts one in. Trenches are quite the investment; and while capable of creating a sublime silhouette, it’s difficult to imagine spending such an exorbitant amount of money on an item that will be locked away after a couple of seasons. Therefore Elizabeth and James’ Trench Coat Dress is an absolute must. Fall and winter can be spent carousing inside the warmth of the coat; when spring and summer comes around, wear it as a sleeveless belted dress; and for those more casual evenings, don it as a cropped jacket with skinny jeans and sky-high heels. It’s a can’t-live-without three-in-one for the girl on the go seeking a little luxury in her life!

Ecote “Convertible Harem Pant” I find spending money on new trends to be extremely frightening. On one hand you face the possibility of heavenly results; on the other you come head to head with a potentially disastrous outcome that could end with a depressing purchase dangling within your closet. Thus, when the opportunity to try two trends in one presents itself, quite simply, I leap at it. Illustrative example…Ecote’s Convertible Harem Pant. The tapered leg and high-waist make them an easy breezy form of legwear that is breathable and beatific; or pull them all the way up tube-top style to create a seductive jumper with a cropped silhouette. Two completely different trends and ensembles in one…I’d call that money well spent.

Ready to lay claim on a few double-duty designs of your own, darlings?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Free People, Shopbop, Karma Loop, Net-A-Porter, and Urban Outfitters for the pictures.


Smitten Saturday

Sweet Ride I’ll be honest loves, my lack of a driver’s license has never caused any great pains in my existence. Albeit, having to bum rides off of virtually anyone within a five-foot radius of my person can grow tiring after some time; and thoughts of road trips and escaping my current existence simply by putting the pedal to the metal and driving blindly for a few hours have always had to be put on the backburner, but I’ve survived. With thoughts of one day fleeing to a city where I can peruse public transportation to my heart’s desire, I have weathered the storm, and grown to accept my inability to drive. But Neiman Marcus’ Customized Cupcake Car has me contemplating booking an appointment at the DMV. Sure, there were times when I pictured myself cruising down the highway in a cherry red VW Beetle, Coconut Records blasting on the radio, but even that vibrant daydream didn’t possess the same type of appeal as the sugar-laden sweetness put forth via the Customized Cupcake Car. So it only goes a maximum of 7 MPH, and it’s safer to drive it on sidewalks than through crowded streets; but be truthful here darlings…who could possibly resist driving a giant pink-frosted cupcake around town?

Stain of Love You could say that I was predestined to adore lip gloss. As a child watching Knott’s Landing reruns in the dead of night when my mother was fast asleep and couldn’t stop me from viewing such nonsensical soaps, I fell in love with lip gloss. At the time, I was unaware of the fact that lip gloss existed, however, and simply thought that the characters spent quite a bit of time licking their lips to get that nonstop lustrous shine. Imagine my surprise when I learned, years later, that the magic could be bought in a tiny tube. Ever since this discovery, I have been splurging on flavored tube after flavored tube, constantly searching for the one that will give me the longest lasting wet shine look. But times they are a-changing, mes chéris. As much as I covet a shimmering smooch, I can’t help but love a long-lasting color that looks natural and alluring all at once – a lip stain that makes my pout a little more pretty. It was Drew Barrymore who first piqued my interest in such a product; but Luinae from More Magic Always has given me the nudge I needed to go through with such a cosmetic venture. Now the true test comes about in terms of shades. Should I go natural with CoverGirl’s Outlast Lipstain in Flirty Nude or Coy Coral? Get a little wild with NARS’ Lip Gloss/Lip Stain Duo in either Turkish Delight/Sayonara or Moon Fleet/Indian Red? Or simply try mark’s Glossblossom Ripening Lip Tint for a subtle hint of color? What about you kittens…have you been bitten by the stain of love?

The Mile Thigh Club I did the impossible, dolls. As much as I feigned fear about over the knee boots, I’ve had a magical time with a black suede pair for the last month, and the experience has only made me want to take things a bit further. Over the knee boots still retain the ability to make me goo-goo eyed; but thigh highs are slightly more fierce, and seem the perfect way to make a daring statement, even if you’re simply donning them over skinny jeans. Stuart Weitzman’s footwear has been taunting me for months; but no piece drives me as wild as his Hilo Thigh High Suede Boots. The wide shaft and textures ranging from lace to knits pile one on top of the other in the same fashion as a light and airy Angel Food cake – Vivian Ward, eat your heart out! Then there are the Giuseppe Zanotti Thigh High Flat Suede Boots with Flex Sole which mold to the body like liquid leggings. Dolce Vita’s Taryn Flat Knee Boot give you the opportunity to try thigh-high out; and if it’s too much, simply fold the cuff down to create an over the knee silhouette – if you adore it, however, you have two boots in one. And the vintage leather patchwork adorning LD Tuttle’s The Shaper? Ooh, be still my heart. Are you a card-carrying member of the mile thigh club yet?

Can You Keep A Secret? I make a new discovery practically everyday. Quite often I keep them to myself, the beholder of some magical treasure that only I am aware of; but there are those times when even I find it impossible to keep things quiet. This is one of those moments. Over the past few months I’ve begun to count each and every one of you as a close and personal friend; therefore I think I can trust you all to keep a secret – even one as fashionably fabulous as this. Fashion Confidential. There was a time when I thought FC was another designer shop like Net-A-Porter. A place where I would spend hours poring over items that I longed to purchase, but didn’t have the funds available to do so. I was wrong. Darlings, we spend countless amounts of money purchasing fashion magazines, but now there is one available right at our fingertips that is completely free. The Fashion Confidential magazine is every bit as fabulous as the glossies we flip through while lounging on the couch – only its available Online. Insider fashion information, high-quality photos, and enough designer gossip to keep a grin pasted across anyone’s lips. Just remember, this is between you and me…

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to We ♥ It and Shopbop for the pictures.


New York, I Love You...

“You’d have to be crazy to live in New York City, but you’d have to be nuts to live anywhere else.”

It was not too long ago (just a few short weeks, to be exact) in which I proclaimed that I would be doing absolutely no traveling in the near future; but kittens, just as fashions change in the blink of an eye, so do holiday plans – and mine have changed in the most splendrous of ways. No longer will I be resigned to spending the Christmas season viewing the tree in Rockefeller Center from the cozy comforts of my couch. This year I shall be spending the holidays in the Big Apple, where I plan on making good use of the thick scarves and knee-high boots that so often never make their way out of my closet due to the constant Southern California sunshine.

For two weeks I plan on gallivanting all over the City like a giddy schoolgirl, soaking up as much culture and creativity as I possibly can. But until then…well, I’m positively beside myself. The thought of waiting ten long weeks to finally embark on such an amazing destination seems like an unbearable lifetime. Tell me darlings…how on earth can I possibly concentrate on College Algebra when my thoughts are consumed with visions of the bright lights of Times Square, adorable sidewalk cafes in the East Village, and shopping sprees along Fifth Avenue; not to mention stops at various cupcake shops to appease my sweet tooth? By bringing a smidgen of New York City right to my bedroom, of course!

Flair4All’s removable wall decals are what I think of as interior decorating for the girl on the go. Toss out the paint cans, and forget about dealing with a messy clean-up; Flair4All gives you the chance to accessorize your abode with minimal hassle. Love music? Vintage Vinyl is sure to make your heart sing. Adore nature? Bird Blossoms is bound to make you smile. Looking to get spotty? Polka Dots will do the trick. While I adore all of these choices, at present there is only one that I want embellishing my bedroom walls; and that mes chéris, is Skylines NYC.

It may not be a punchy pink; but the black and blue hues seemingly cha-cha alongside one another in a stunning, four-foot long swirl-imbued silhouette of one of the things I adore most about the City that never sleeps: the skyline. Falling asleep beneath this beauty for the next ten weeks is bound to keep the excitement regarding my fast-approaching vacation to a minimum; yet remind me of the wondrous sights I will soon be experiencing up close and personal.

“Something’s always happening here. If you’re bored in New York, it’s your own fault.”
Myrna Loy

I'm off to visit the Flair4All Fan Page myself. Now, which Flair4All do you want adorning your walls?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Flair4All for the pictures.

Funny Fall Fashions

Have you seen them darlings? Those t-shirts that are part vintage, part humorous, and all around ideal for the days when you simply can’t bring yourself to put on something truly sophisticated and feel the urge to slip on something with a sense of humor? A fragment of fashion capable of slapping a smile upon your face in mere moments? I quite like them myself – especially when they’re showcased by cute boys with cowlicks or bits of bedhead still showing in their hair. There’s just something so endearing and lovable about a boy with the confidence to don something as hilarious as Bingo Fashion. But it’s not just cute boys who look adorable in such styles; girls can pull them off, as well.

Just a few months ago I was head over heels for Forever 21’s I Am So Blogging This tank. After all, as a blogger, how could I possibly resist? But alas, even though I spend quite a bit of time on the ‘net, reading other blogs, or indulging in Free Bingo – my secret addiction – I missed out on the chance of owning it. Not to worry, I’m sure another funny fashion will catch my eye sometime in the very near future.

What’s the funniest saying you’ve seen splayed across a t-shirt?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Made By Girl for the picture.


Thrifty Thursday: Joie Kaydence Cowl Neck Dress for Less

I’ll tell you something right now darlings; a few years ago I wouldn’t be caught dead in a cowl neck anything. After a horrifying experience in a Target dressing room at the age of sixteen involving a cream-colored cowl neck sweater which made me look, to put it kindly, as if I had a second neck, despite my petite size, I swore the monstrosities off. In fact, up until a few weeks ago I viewed cowl necks as hideous garments crafted only with the tall drinks of water strutting up and down the catwalk in mind; until I slipped one over my head and promptly fell in love.

Perhaps it’s my body that changed in a way in which such accoutrements now look fashionable when draped about me; but more likely it has to do with the sheer fact that the top I tried on all those years ago was simply not fit for a human form. The cowls being created today, however, most certainly are; thus the reason why I currently have my eye on Joie’s Kaydence Cowl Neck Knit Dress.

There is no more exquisitely seductive form of fall fashion than a sweater dress. Worn with bare legs or tights, boots or ballerinas it’s a heavenly helping of haute couture that is equal parts cozy and chic; therefore I won’t allow your closet to be naked without at least one draped over a hanger within. Joie’s offering, of course, is too fabulous to pass up. Cashmere and wool mingle side by side in the crème de la crème of slouchy knit frocks; the drapey ribbed cowl neck adding a splash of volume for that extra bit of oomph we all hungrily seek out yet far too often are unable to find. Of course, now that I’ve found it; well, sadly, I can’t afford it.

I would need $232.90 to take home the luscious Light Heather Grey, or I could completely break the bank by dropping $348.00 for the classy Caviar. But no, I refuse to do either. As much as I adore the fine silhouettes created by Joie, I simply cannot go broke to quell my yearning for such sweatery splendor. That said; I won’t deprive myself of such decadence either, and I certainly don’t have to.

While lacking the cashmere crafting of Kaydence; Old Navy’s Cowl Neck Sweater Dress may just be the answer to my knit fantasies. At a mere $36.50 apiece, and available in scrummy colors such as Marshmallow White, Black Jack, and Plummy Mummy, the cotton and wool blend three-quarter sleeve lovely is precisely what my scant bank account ordered.

What’s your bank account telling you to do, kittens? Will you be a big spender with Kaydence, or play the role of the thrifty fashionista?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopbop and Old Navy for the pictures.

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Valley of the Scarves

Given my less than statuesque height, you would think that I would seek out pieces crafted only with lengthening my frame in mind as opposed to overwhelming it; and I do. It is only when I dip into the accessory pool that I truly look for items that will make a statement, and provide some semblance of volume and ferocity to my typically neutral canvas – a knit that goes on for miles when hanging limply over my shoulders, or swells with sophistication when coiled tightly about my throat. Something that fills me with the desire to cast my tube scarves aside – if only temporarily – and traverse…the Valley of the Scarves.

Alexis “Billy Extra Long Solid Knit Scarf” Darlings it wasn’t too long ago that I was introduced to the decadent designs of Alexis, and I have been smitten ever since. The dainty draping, the Southwestern prints, the champagne hues – it’s enough to make a girl want to overhaul her entire wardrobe and stock it only with the finest from Alexis. But I digress, I won’t be doing such a thing – or rather, my bank account won’t allow me to – but it will allow me to make goo-goo eyes at the dark as night, floor-sweeping Billy Extra Long Solid Knit Scarf in Black. Who needs a shimmering bauble dangling from their neck if they can sling a midnight colored knit such as this around their shoulders? As with all of Alexis’ neck accoutrements, Billy is angled at both ends for a wing-like silhouette that will keep you soaring until the wee hours of the morning!

BDG “Cable Knit Scarf” Nothing says cozy like cable knit and a warm mug of hot chocolate; BDG’s Cable Knit Scarf covers half the battle. At over five-feet long, the plush, vibrant, thick-knit has the ability to keep you warm no matter what the weather by ensuring you look effortless, ravishing, and chic every time you toss it on; while the fringed ends contribute a flirty, flapper-inspired flair to your entire look. Just remember dolls, now that you have the cable knit, it’s up to you to find a cute boy to buy you some hot chocolate – don’t forget the mini marshmallows!

Marc by Marc Jacobs “Valley Sweater Scarf” There’s something truly quite charming about being swallowed by an accessory. An Olsen-like je ne sais quoi that is part glamorous part mysterious and all-around enchanting. And what better piece of fashion to be swallowed by than Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Valley Scarf? My beloved Marc always knows how to make a girl’s heart pitter patter, and he has not failed me with the veritable inky shades marled within the body of the versatile Valley. Turquoises tango with ocean blue hues that seemingly twinkle and sparkle in the sunlight courtesy of metallic thread embellishments interwoven here and there; while the subtle color changes produce a hypnotic ambiance with the power to lull even the most fashion-resistant person into a trance-like state. How can one really resist stylish magic as powerful as that?

Alloy “Paige Knit Scarf” I have spent years trying to crochet scarves all to disastrous results; perhaps that’s why I adore Alloy’s Paige Knit Scarf so much. The stitch is sophisticated enough to make you look polished, yet simplistic enough to make it look as if you made it using your own two hands – as opposed to your AmEx, mind you. While the acrylic knit – ideal for keeping you warm yet comfortable enough to toss on when you simply want to add an accessory to a plain white tee – and the full, six-inch fringe are enticing features; it’s the range of colors that Paige is available in which truly thrill me. Flirty fuchsias, radiant reds, tantalizing taupes – each shade works to spruce up even the blandest of ensembles and keep you looking your best come cooler days!

Nordstrom “Braided Knit Scarf” Blame Alexander Wang and his bevy of long-legged beauties parading down the catwalk for my current obsession with all things braided. While Wang’s braids were slung haphazardly over the shoulders of models in the form of hairstyles, however, I plan on donning mine about my throat in the form of Nordstrom’s Braided Knit Scarf. The five-foot long tightly woven knit slightly resembles the type of blanket we seek out to take the chill off during snowstorms that blow into town just as quickly as they blow out; therefore it is destined to be the perfect way to outfit yourself on blustery days. And just think of how posh you’ll look donning the calming camel color (my personal favorite of the quartet) over an entirely ebony ensemble. Darlings, the mere notion of such style gives me goosebumps!

Care to join me on my valley voyage, kittens?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Zeny’s Boutique, Urban Outfitters, Shopbop, Alloy, and Nordstrom for the pictures.

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Tightwad Tuesday: Loeffler Randall Wendy Knit Cuff Booties for Less

I have no qualms about admitting the fact that I am a knit wit. It’s a tried and true trait of mine, I suppose, and one that I would be more than willing to shout from the rooftops if given the chance. But I digress; I will not be doing anything of the sort, unless, of course, bribed with a pink frosting topped cutecake (my pet name for cupcakes, if you hadn’t already figured it out). It’s not in my nature to be too over-the-top, though I’m sure my cocktail ring collection would make you think different. The truth of the matter is that we are all knit wits in our own ways. Some of us favor cashmere scarves, others prefer cuddly mittens, and a small handful of us perhaps adore embellished hats. But knits are not just found in the form of accessories to play up our best features. No darlings, they also come made especially for our teeny tiny tootsies, and I’m not discussing slippers here, mind you.

Loeffler Randall’s Wendy Knit Cuff Booties provide all of the same magic that I adore about J.M. Barrie’s mother-like figure Wendy Darling, in the form of a shoe. While crafted entirely of leather, the wondrous Wendy turns cozy about the shaft where her leather exterior mysteriously morphs itself into a comfortable cuffed knit which can be worn as a low bootie with a six-inch shaft when cuffed, or a taller boot with a sixteen-inch shaft when uncuffed. Of course, it’s not just the cuffed knit ornamentation that serves as a surprise to the eye of the beholder; no, there is the added element of a hidden three-quarter inch platform which subtly slides into a covered heel that is just slightly over four-inches high – a truly marvelous way to elongate the legs, especially when worn with black tights or skinny jeans.

No doubt there’s a catch. Whenever I find myself smitten with an item – be it fashion, food, or entertainment – it is well out of my price range, and Wendy is no exception. After all, she was created by Loeffler Randall – be still my heart. Truth be told, the wonderment of Wendy comes with a $650.00 expense; an amount well out of my budget given the fact that I would have simply admired her beauty from the amassment of shoes littering my closet. But there’s no need to worry, kittens; if you feel the need to have a little warmth encircling your petite ankles this winter, you do not have to say goodbye to Wendy. All you really need to do is meet her more wallet-friendly pal Lina.

BCBGirls Lina Platform Bootie, at $76.42, is a fabulous and fashionable way to get your knit-trimmed kick without squandering away every last cent you may have to your name. Like Wendy, Lina is constructed of black leather; only hers has a shiny, patent finish whereas Wendy has more of a muted, pebbled look. Patent, pebbled, I truly could care less which finish my booties are decorated with; as long as they bear the trademark knit trim, quite frankly, I’m in cozy heaven!

Tell me, lovelies...is it your day to be a big spender and spring for Wendy, or are you determined to be thrifty and go for Lina?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopbop and Zappos for the pictures.

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Cold Shoulder

Darlings I have just come to an extremely important realization…I have nothing to wear. Please forget what you’ve read about my amassment of clothes, and footwear. The truth of the matter is that each and every one of those pieces caters to one season and one season only. The sweaters are only good for when the weather turns chilly; while the t-shirts are of absolutely no use unless it’s burning up. Unfortunately, I am currently straddling a middle ground. Lest I’m interested in embracing sweaty chic, a sweater is completely out of the question; and there’s absolutely nothing seductive about shivering like a newborn fawn, so a tee stands no chance of so much as being considered. I suppose what I truly need is a covering that will keep me warm without making me feel as if I’m suffocating – something stylish and flirty with the ability to adapt to its surroundings in the same fashion as a chameleon. Oui, the accoutrement that I am desperate for at the moment is a shoulder warmer; but not any shoulder warmer will do.

Free People’s Vintage Crochet Shoulder Warmer, aside from having the texture and appearance of a well-loved knit crafted by the hands of a caring grandmother, is an accessory that no girl should have to be without – whether she lives in the sweltering Sahara of Southern California, or the chilly Connecticut climate.

The one-size fits all (don’t you just love when sizing isn’t an issue?) hand-crocheted cozy is a where-with-anything essential that one should never leave home without. The drawstring closure about the neck possesses a very elementary air of sophistication which also serves to add simple adaptability to the piece in the sense that it can be worn poncho-like or cinched into either an eternity or tube scarf – whichever style suits the weather at hand – while the striking availability of colors (watermelon, snow, or ash) make it a cinch for any experienced shopper to find the hue that works for you.

Which color shoulder warmer are you coveting, kittens?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Free People for the pictures.

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Style Secrets: College Class

“You have four years to be irresponsible here. Relax. Work is for people with jobs. You'll never remember class time, but you'll remember time you wasted hanging out with your friends. So, stay out late. Go out on a Tuesday with your friends when you have a paper due Wednesday. Spend money you don't have. Drink 'til sunrise. The work never ends, but college does...”
Tom Petty

I am a college student myself, kittens; therefore I understand the urges you must be feeling – the ones that say it’s okay to drag yourself off to class in the same pair of ratty sweats that you fell asleep in last night during a cram session. Do not succumb to such immoral thoughts; like the devil himself, they are leading you in the wrong direction – one that will leave you feeling unfashionable and downright icky for your entire college career.

One of the most important things about college is finally having the ability to define yourself, and let your true personality shine through; therefore, abandoning all semblance of your individuality by adhering to the unofficial college dress code of bulky boots, velour tracksuits with vulgar words splashed across the…ahem, bum, and oversized sweatshirts embellished with the name of your alma mater is something that you must refrain from making. I am well-aware of your scant budget, your lack of sleep, and your party hardy ways; but all that aside, you can still be chic in college, it just takes a bit of extra effort to achieve true college class.

Style Staples

Bombs Away One of the most amazing items you will ever add to your closet, I kid you not, is a bomber jacket; a heavenly slice of leather or faux-leather that is an essential for the crisp fall weather. Not only does it keep you warm, but it is ideal for both layering, and ensuring that you look effortlessly put-together at all times. While black is a color I instantly turn to when investing in tees and dresses, in the case of bombers, I find that a piece in a rich toffee/caramel color is much more wearable, for it can be paired with any shade in your wardrobe, and doesn’t give off the rough and tumble biker babe look that an ebony-hued bit instantly creates. Target’s Xhilaration Bomber Jacket in Toffee is an amazing piece if you’re searching for something imposing yet inexpensive – I bought one myself two years ago, and wear it all the time; it’s gorgeous with skinny jeans and riding boots. Other options that are equally as appealing, but slightly more pricey, include Candela’s Leather Aviator Jacket; B by Bernardo’s Faux-Leather Bomber Jacket in Cognac; and Steve Madden’s Faux Leather Bomber Jacket in Brown. One thing to remember is not to allow the fact that bomber jackets hit at the hip scare you off; allow your long tees and cardigans to peek out from the hem, it only makes your look a bit more carefree and bohemian, and really, who doesn’t adore that!

Flat and Fabulous College campuses are like a small village; and your academic advisor? Let’s just say it is his or her mission to ensure that each one of your classes is far enough away from one another that you spend at least half – if not more – of your time trotting from one end of the quad to the other. The moral of this story? Wear flats. Do not cave to the insecurities of your petite stature for you will only regret such a move come the end of the day when your feet are riddled with blisters and you can hardly hobble from your dorm room to the cafeteria, all thanks to your desire to teeter above your fellow undergrads. Save your stilettos for nights out with the girls, or special occasions; when on school grounds be flat and fabulous! Two types of flats will get you through the school year – ballerina flats and flat boots. Think of them as your new best friend, as they will see you through frenemies and flirting, successes and failures, and a handful of other milestones over the next four years. As such, choose wisely. I recommend staying in the neutral category when it comes to boots – cognacs, grays, dark browns, and blacks will match virtually everything in your closet and add an air of polish to your person. A few of my favorites are Chinese Laundry’s Trust Me in Cognac, Steve Madden’s Clarisse in Black Leather, Stuart Weitzman’s Droop in Walnut Vecchio Nappa, and for practicality purposes Hunter’s Original Hunter Wellington Rain Boot in Black which is both posh and pragmatic. With ballerina flats, I say go wild! When not wearing boots, you’ll most frequently find me in leopard print ballerinas like the Charles by Charles David Dame Flat, or the Lauren Ralph Lauren Kristi Ballet Flat. Ballerinas give you the chance to have fun with color, so be ravishing in red Repetto’s; be glamorous in gold Delman Metallic Ballerinas; sparkle in Giuseppe Zanotti Sequined Ballerina Flats; or channel your inner Audrey in Ruby & Bloom’s Grace Ballerina Flat in Black Nappa. Just this once allow your shoes do both the walking, and the talking, darlings!

Darling in Denim The desire to purchase any pair of jeans that looks good on you, regardless of the towering pile of denim stacked up in the corner of your dorm room may be almost too great to bear, but for both the sake of your wallet and your roommate’s sanity, please don't. As long as you own at least three pairs of well-constructed jeans, then you’re in good shape. I recommend having a trio of differentiating denim at all times – one dark wash, one medium wash, and one light wash – all in the cut you favor. It may seem impossible, but you can easily survive on three good pairs of jeans – as long as there’s nothing noticeable about them, like studding or another type of embellishment. Remember, you’re going to be rotating these through your wardrobe a lot, so choose styles and washes that are unobtrusive and easily worn multiple times per week. I tend to favor designs by True Religion, Rich & Skinny, and Rock & Republic simply because they are extremely long-lasting; but you can also pick up more affordable pieces from places like Target – I still wear a few pairs of Xhilaration Skinnies that I bought years ago, and they look great. If you’re going to add a fourth pair of denim to your closet, let it be a pair of black ones. You have no idea how many times you’ll be expected to dress up unexpectedly, and won’t feel like donning a dress or a pair of slacks. Black jeans, like Joe’s Jeans’ Chelsea Skinny Leg Jean, look more polished and classy, and instantly make you appear as if you put a bit more effort into your look du jour. On that note, when you find a great pair of black jeans; scoop them up immediately – take it from a voice of experience, it’s nearly impossible to find ebony-hued denim that you truly adore nowadays!

“I learned three important things in college – to use a library, to memorize quickly and visually, to drop asleep at anytime given a horizontal surface and fifteen minutes.”
Agnes DeMille

Collar Couture While statement necklaces are a true love of mine, unless you’re on your way to a party, college campuses are not necessarily a choice location to don them; especially when it’s 8:00 a.m., and your sparkly bauble is blinding your still half-asleep classmates. Forgoing a necklace, however, does not mean that you must sacrifice all traces of making a statement. A very versatile way to dress up a simple t-shirt, or add a splash of kitschy color to the day’s outfit can easily, and effortlessly, be accomplished with the assistance of a scarf. Twirl a YARNZ Russian Doll Scarf around your throat for a dash of volume; toss a Deepa Gurnani Tie Dye Fringe Scarf around your neck for a pinch of playfulness; slip a Love Quotes Hand Knotted Fringe Scarf around your shoulders to add a kick of color to a plain white tee. Scarves are ideal in the sense that they add a smattering of sophistication and mysteriousness to your style while remaining completely unfussy. Even better, you don’t have to know the secret to tying one; simply loop it into a European knot or allow it to dangle carelessly in the breeze – either way looks divine.

Cardy Crush It’s true, you may have literally rolled out of bed five minutes ago, tossed on a cardigan, and teetered off to class; but no one has to know that for sure. Quite frankly, one of the biggest draws of the cardigan is that it provides a very European type of effortless beauty so eloquently put forth by the likes of Brigitte Bardot, which makes you come off as extremely blasé and been there done that courtesy of the rumpled yet refined savoir faire it instantly lends to any look you happen to be rocking – from skinnies to minis and everything in between. Like the scarf, a cardigan holds the power to transform your look in mere moments, and will ultimately become a constant clothing companion year-round. Plus, they’re fairly inexpensive so you can indulge in a handful of them with little to no guilt. Last year I spent a total of $6 for two cardigans which I peruse on an almost daily basis. To this day, this satisfying samba with savings is the crowning moment of my personal shopping career. It is also proof that you don’t have to subsist solely on Ramen to look radiant. Choose whatever color catches your eye when cardigan shopping – the only two hues I advise you to ensure you’re never without are gray and black. You would be surprised at how much use you will get out of a gray cardigan, like American Apparel’s Unisex Shag Fleece Rib Cardigan or the BDG T-Shirt Terry Boyfriend Cardigan from Urban Outfitters. Gray works with every color of the rainbow on so many levels, yet is both muted and magnificent, so you always look ravishing. Remember though, whether you’re wearing a cardigan that hits at the hip or droops to your knees, always size up – the cardigan serves as a lightweight jacket of sorts, so you want to make sure it can comfortably fit over whatever top you happen to be wearing.

A Coat of Many Colors Whether you’re attending school in a tropical climate or the forests of Alaska, a winter coat should always be lurking in the depths of your closet; perhaps behind all those cast-aside Homecoming dresses. Even if you never use it, such a garment is essential as it will give you peace of mind. Suppose a last minute opportunity to study abroad in London were to present itself? Why kittens, you’d already be prepared with a coat that would see you through the overcast semester! Unlike an ordinary jacket, when it comes to finding the coat of your dreams, look for something crafted of wool, as it holds up well in any type of weather, and manages to keep you warm from the top of your head to the very tip of your toes. I prefer to stay in the neutral toned family when coat shopping, opting for pieces like Juicy Couture’s Goth Couture Double Breasted Coat or the Marc by Marc Jacobs Charla Jacket. If you’d like to play Blair Waldorf and be bold with your color choice, however, Alloy’s Classic Long Peacoat in Pumpkin Spice or the Nikki Belted Coat with Thinsulate in Cranberry from Delia’s are extremely eye-catching, and bound to leave an impression. And if you’re the girl who can’t quite decide, you can never go wrong with a pleasing plaid like Sunner’s Mini Ranger Coat or the Plaid Coat with Fold Over Collar from Porter Grey. Keep in mind that a coat is a definite investment piece – choose wisely now so there are no regrets later!

Tee Time Obviously a wardrobe is incomplete without a few t-shirts to choose from. I prefer sticking to the basics, such as simple v-necks and crewnecks like those available from Target. They’re under $10 dollars apiece, and if bought in a variety of colors they can easily see you through the entire year. They also look amazing for nights off campus if tucked into tulip or bandage skirts, and are extremely easy to accessorize, so you can make the look your own. Vintage tees are also fun – like the ones available from Chaser LA and Public Library. When paired with skinny jeans and boots they manage to take on an air of chic sophistication, despite the fact that they have an element of grunge to the design. If you truly feel the need to incorporate a few more tops into your college wardrobe, though you certainly don’t have to, those with a drapey style, like Alloy’s Double-V Dolman are an amazing choice as they appear slightly more dressy than the typical tee, and are just as comfortable as they are trendy.

The Sack As children, going to the store each fall to select the backpack that would see us through countless milestones throughout the year was one of the highlights of our lives. We’d hem and haw over My Little Pony or Care Bears; haggle over colors; and even compare the benefits, or lack thereof, of owning a JanSport or a High Sierra. There’s no need to change tradition now that you’re in college; simply switch it up a bit. Ditch the backpack for a classier carryall; something that makes you feel elegant yet has the ability to hold all of life’s little necessities. I myself immediately turn to Deena & Ozzy. Their Quilted Tote has the traits of a Chanel 2.55 on a larger scale, and is a sophisticated way to schlep your school supplies around campus; their Chain Tote is easy on the eyes and is, in a sense, a two-fer, as it can easily work as a handsome handbag come weekends; and their Metallic Satchel is a functional yet flashy way to fashionably keep your life in order. Always look for something that is large enough for lugging your laptop to the library for late night study sessions, but comfortable enough to carry for countless hours each day.

The Mad Hatter I have faced the embarrassment of bad hair. I have fallen asleep at my desk while studying; my face nestled in the spine of my oversized textbook in the most unflattering of ways, only to awaken three hours later with five minutes to get to class, and my bangs the victim of the worst possible crease in history. This is bound to happen to you at least once (though probably dozens of times) during your college career. Do not spend those five minutes attempting to tame your mane…it won’t work. Right now, a hat is your only savior. Typically I am not the biggest advocate of any headwear aside from headbands. In college, however, hats take on the role of best friend. They have the ability to make you look presentable even when you’re sporting the worst possible ‘do underneath; plus they add an adorable touch to your look – as long as you wear the right ones. Leave all forms of baseball caps to boys – on them they can look cute; on females, they can often look sloppy, and don’t usually pair well with our outfits. I recommend two types of head accoutrement: newsboy caps and slouchy knit berets. Newsboy caps like New York & Company’s City Style Belted Newsboy Hat or Juicy Couture’s Buffalo Check Newsboy Cap, have a very old-fashioned ambiance to them which is extremely elegant – it doesn’t hurt that they have a slight brim, as well; perfect for covering those sleepy eyes on days when you simply can’t bring yourself to swipe on a few coats of mascara. Though my favorite in terms of headgear is the slouchy knit beret, like David & Young’s Chunky Knit Beret and Urban Outfitters’ Chainlink Slouchy Beanie, for the sheer fact that they can be worn year-round, and are, quite possibly, the simplest way to add a pop of color to your look du jour. As a warning, remove hats of all kinds with caution. I suffer from hat hair myself; thus, when I put a hat on, I wear it all day – as in I don’t take it off until I’m in the privacy of my own home. If you have the same problem, search for a cute hat that you won’t mind wearing for long periods of time; that way you won’t have to worry about frightening anyone – namely a cute boy – with your atrocious hat hair.

For Your Listening Pleasure In-between catching up on sleep during boring classes led by professors who drone on and on in a monotone voice, and chatting with cute boys in the cafeteria (where you’ll undoubtedly be avoiding the twice-weekly tuna surprise like the plague, I presume), you’ll need a little something to fill those moments of silence. Voila! Un petit playlist that captures all the things we love about school, and many of our favorite after-school activities. Enjoy!

Campus - Vampire Weekend
Back to the 101 - Albert Hammond, Jr.
Nighttiming - Coconut Records
This Is Not a Test - She & Him
Girl on the Wing - The Shins
Just Dance - Lady Gaga
When Did Your Heart Go Missing? - Rooney
We Rule the School - Belle and Sebastian
Saturday Looks Bad to Me - Oppenheimer
Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk - Rufus Wainwright

“A college education should equip one to entertain three things: a friend, an idea, and oneself.”
Thomas Ehrlich

Congratulations kittens; you've passed the college couture quiz. What does that mean? Sillies, you're ready to walk the campus in style. Have loads of fashionable fun over the next four years, darlings!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to tvgasm, Sweet Fuzz, Couture Like Me, PopSugar, Shopbop, Zimbio, T-Shirt Watch, FabSugar, St. Petersburg Times, and Everything Trendy for the pictures.

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