NOTD: Nailtopia Nail Lacquer in Whale Hello There!

Two coats of Nailtopia Nail Lacquer in Whale Hello There!. Mint Creme.

The relationship between me and mint nail colors is a love story that can't be explained.

Whale Hello There! is described as being a pale blue, but this beauty is 100% mint {and yes, there is a diff between the two}. Y'all, this color is so nice that I've already worn it twice {with plans to wear it many, many more}.

The formula here is easy to work with, and full coverage in a couple of swipes. This one does gravitate to cuticles; however, if you wipe the excess lacquer off on the lip of the bottle prior to applying there are no issues. If you love pastels {or mints!}, this is one you need to add to your collection pronto!




Spiritual Gangster Reversible Twist Front Sweatshirt in STONE.

Obsessed with this cutie for yoga days.



NOTD: ZOYA Hypnotic Holiday 2022 Nail Lacquer Collection in Clarice

Two coats of ZOYA Nail Polish in Clarice. Metallic Emerald Green.

I never knew how much I needed a shade like this in my life until it was in my hands. True story.

Clarice is a metallic emerald green that is sending me with that enchanting lit from within glow and deep, dark depth. This one is multifaceted because, from afar, it looks like a basic black; but when you get up close and personal...wowza! That metallic emerald green comes out to play. With a heavy hand, this can be a OCW. I found the formula to be slightly runny, so I opted for two coats to avoid gloppy drops or a mess. Absolutely loving it! Unfortunately, it does not photograph well.


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BOOK REVIEW: Belladonna by Adalyn Grace

"Because death is only a reprieve for the dead, Mr. Thorly. It cares little for those it leaves behind."

I'm not sure which caught my eye of Adalyn Grace's Belladonna first: the gorgeous cover, or the intriguing premise of what lied between the pages. Regardless, I quickly purchased, and was immediately sucked in by Signa's story. Unfortunately, that interest waned over time, as I felt that the book was far longer than it warranted, and too deep-rooted in romance, as opposed to the mystery I was hoping for. It was these factors that helped me to reach the conclusion that I will not be returning for book two, Foxglove. That said, with notes of Meg Cabot's Abandon and Anna Godbersen's The Luxe; Belladonna is sure to take the breath away of those seeking a slow burn gothic romance with a side of mystery.

Nineteen-year-old Signa Farrow has not had an easy upbringing. Orphaned as a baby, Signa has been shuffled from one unqualified guardian to another, each more interested in the fortune attached to her person than she herself. Now she is down to the last set of relatives on her ever-dwindling list: the Hawthornes. Known for their elusiveness, the Hawthornes reside at Thorn Grove, a rambling estate that is a multifaceted conundrum, if you will. Touched by death, there is an overhanging gloom enshrouding Thorn Grove; yet the parties thrown by the recently widowed patriarch {Signa's Uncle Elijah} bring a sense of glittering glamour to the otherwise mournful residence. Despite the eccentricities found within Thorn Grove's walls and residents, it is the first place to ever feel like home to Signa; which is why she's determined to keep Death away.

You see, since the death of her own parents as an infant, a time when death touched but did not take her, Signa has had a bond with the Grim Reaper-like fellow known as Death - a bond that allows her to maintain a relationship with the man himself; while also possessing the ability to commune with spirits, and the real clincher, look Death in the eyes without ever succumbing to it herself {example: even when ingesting large doses of belladonna, she survives with nary a stomach pain}. Though some would view this is an extraordinary power, Signa sees it as a curse as it has left all of her prior caregivers deceased. Now, with Death so strong within the Hawthorne home, she must do everything in her power to rid the household of his cruel hand before she is finally left alone - which means she must play the role of Holmes.

Uncle Elijah's late wife, Aunt Lilianne, passed away recently from a mysterious illness that baffled medicine men, and worsened with the use of medicinal treatments. Aunt Lilianne's daughter, Blythe {Signa's cousin, respectfully}, is now suffering from an identical illness. After a few encounters with the mute Lilianne, Signa becomes convinced that her Aunt died not of natural causes, but from murder. With this newfound knowledge at her fingertips, Signa knows that she needs to unravel the mystery in order to save Blythe from a premature demise. But in order to do so, she'll have to call on her old friend Death.

Ah, Belladonna...somewhere around the 200 page mark this book steadily declined for me, leaving me struggling to power through to the end. I'm not sure if the blame lies in the fact that the romance was too heavy for my liking, or that I've grown tired of talk of societal debuts {thank you Bridgerton}, or merely fell upon the fact that it was fairly easy to identify the culprit; but something made my interest dissipate - and once it did, reaching the last page was a challenge. While I rather enjoyed Signa, I found her encounters with Death to be somewhat confusing. Was he tangible? Was he a ghost or spirit? This was never fully conceptualized; and, for that reason, left me unable to gravitate towards him. Though I wanted to love this one, and I'm sure many will for the reasons that didn't work for me, this one was an anticlimactic fail.

Star Rating: ***



NOTD: ZOYA Cafe Creams Fall 2022 Nail Lacquer Collection in Constance

Two coats of ZOYA Nail Polish in Constance. Plum Creme.

Spotted...at the steps of the Met... With a name like Constance, I couldn't resist the opportunity to give a shoutout to Gossip Girl. #iykyk

Constance is a posh plum creme that is absolutely giving me life! This one is positively perfect for fall to winter wear {and everything in between TBH}. Formula for this beauty is every bit as decadent as the color. Bonus: this bad boy earned me loads of compliments from my kinders! Obsessed!


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PACSUN '90s High Waist Boyfriend Jeans in MEDIUM INDIGO.

The baggy aesthetic is so my vibe at the moment.



NOTD: ZOYA y2k Holiday 2022 Nail Lacquer Collection in Malana

Three coats of ZOYA Nail Polish in Malana. Bubblegum Pink Holo Jelly.

Holy holo Batman!

Malana is a bubblegum pink holo jelly that is giving me all of the love day vibes. Though def pink in coloring, there is a subtle lavender shift that presents itself in direct sunlight that it spectacular, and seriously places this beauty in a league of her own. Formula is thin, but fast dry; and stays sprakly from first day of wear to last. Ya girl is obsessed!


Disclaimer: Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans occasionally receives vendor/ brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.


BOOK REVIEW: The Iron Trial {Magisterium # 1} by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

"Fire wants to burn, water wants to flow, air wants to rise, earth wants to bind, chaos wants to devour."

I remember spotting Holly Black and Cassandra Clare's The Iron Trial in bookstores ages ago and shying away from it because it looked like it leaned more sci-fi than fantasy, and I prefer the latter. Fast forward to December 2022, during a Kindle book sale, and I decided to revisit that decision. Being a fan of both Cassandra Clare and Holly Black, I took a leap of faith, and entered the world of the Magisterium - and I'm so glad I did. The Iron Trial is a strong intro, laying the framework for a fantastical series that, while taking place at a magical school, bears, in my personal opinion, very little resemblance to J.K. Rowling's bestselling Harry Potter series. In fact, if I'm being completely honest, the strong focus on the elements aligns Magisterium more with Avatar: The Last Airbender than Hogwarts. But perhaps that's just me...

Twelve-year-old Callum 'Call' Hunt's reputation precedes him. The singular survivor of a magical war turned massacre that killed his mother {Sarah}, and left him bearing a physical mark of the attack {a severely scarred leg and limp}; Callum has not had an easy existence. Bullied by his peers, unable to partake in sports...adolescence has been a challenge thus far - and it's about to get much more difficult with the Iron Trial.

While most youth would do anything to pass the Iron Trial, gaining them admission into a magic school known as the Magisterium, Call wants nothing more than to fail. Conditioned by his father, Alastair Hunt, since birth to believe that the Magisterium is full of dangerous magic that is the embodiment of evil, Call knows that his father refuses to allow him to enter the school; thus, failing, and failing miserably, is his only option. After all, his father is all he has, and he doesn't want to disappoint him by being successful for once in his life. But sometimes failing is easier said than done. Sometimes repressing your abilities or interests is the precise thing that will get you admitted to the one place you had zero interest in ever setting foot in. Which is how Callum finds himself enrolled in the Magisterium.

Selected to train under Master Rufus {the Magisterium's most prestigious Master} alongside Aaron Stewart and Tamara Rajavi - the former being a foster child with no recollection of magic in his bloodline; the latter being a Magisterium legacy - Callum feels out of place and confused. Aaron and Tamara both scored in the top ranks during the Trial; while Callum ranked last place, so clearly he is not on par with his teammates. That said, Aaron and Tamara are quick to point out that Master Rufus must have his reasons; and while Call does experience a bit of bullying from an arrogant classmate {ahem, Jasper deWinter} whom feels Call stole his spot under Master Rufus, he is overall accepted - physical disability and all. In time, he gets along so well at the Magisterium, that he begins to question his father's distaste for the institute, and warnings of the evil that lies within. And once he starts questioning that, he can't help but to question other things his father has warned him away from - and how much truth there actually is to all of it.

What's interesting about The Iron Trial is that it's not brilliant, but it's also not boring. The pacing is fantastic, despite the fact that Call and his training partners spend a large chunk of the first half of the book partaking in, perhaps, the most mundane form of magic in the history of magic {sorting sand}. That said, I continued on because I actually really enjoyed Call, Aaron, and Tamara - as well as many of their classmates. Call, in particular, captured my heart, because I liked his perseverance in spite of his disability. On that note, I appreciate Black and Clare's use of an MC with a disability, as it brings a sense of inclusiveness into the fantasy world that is oftentimes lacking. Of course, what is a fantasy without a fantastical beast? In this case, Havoc - a creature who presents himself at one of the most pivotal parts of the story, and will squirm his way around your heart with a single wag of his tail. Be forewarned...there is quite a bombshell dropped at the end that will leave you clamoring for book two, The Copper Gauntlet. I, for one, cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Star Rating: ****

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