Free People Inspo T-Shirt in CRIMSON SUNSET {also available in BLACK and WHITE}

I can never resist a slouchy tee. Craving this cutie in allll of the colors!



BOOK REVIEW: A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting by Joe Ballarini

“In every generation there is a chosen one. She alone will stand against…”

Weeeell…almost, but not quite. If Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Scooby Doo, The Spiderwick Chronicles, and The Babysitter’s Club {BSC} had a love child, the result would be Joe Ballarini’s A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting.

Heavy on Spiderwick, light on the BSC, A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting follows thirteen-year-old Kelly Ferguson on her quest to raise a ridiculous sum of money to attend Camp Miskatonic – a summer destination she learned about from Deanna, leader of the Princess Pack {think small-scale Plastics from Mean Girls}. An odd-job extraordinaire, K-Ferg, as Kelly oft-times calls herself, has experience in everything from ticket taker to lemonade stand CEO and rain gutter cleaner to grocery bagger. The one thing she has yet to try? Babysitting.

Encouraged by her BFF Tammy {and the lure of big babysitting bucks}, Kelly begins offering her services. Upside? She scores her first gig within a few hours’ time. Downside? She’ll be working for her mom’s boss, Mrs. Zellman, so she cannot. make. any. mistakes. The bigger ish though? It’s Halloween, which means Kelly will have to miss the huge Halloween bash she was planning on attending – and her chance to hobnob with her crush Victor. Nevertheless, cash calls, so Kelly kisses {figuratively} Victor goodbye, and says hello to Baby Jacob.

A tot with terrible nightmares, and a serious sweet tooth, Kelly spends the night bribing the babe with candy and ice cream until something detrimental happens: he’s abducted by monsters living under his bed. I know, right?! With Jacob gone, Kelly crosses paths with Liz LeRue, Jacob’s usual sitter – who just so happens to be a member of The Order of the Babysitters, a secret society of babysitter’s who fight monsters {where can I sign up?}. Together, along with the rest of the Order, the two girls have to find Jacob, kick the Boogeyman’s {aka the Grand Guignol} butt, and have Jacob tucked into bed by 1:00am. But when you’re dealing with everything from Toadies to Hobgoblin’s, some things are easier said than done.

I liked this one. Did I love the fact that the entire 338-page book took place in one. night. Nope. Did I l-o-v-e Kelly? Negative. What I did love {or, rather, who} was Liz LeRue. Some may not be a fan of hers, but I capital L-O-V-E-D loved her. Snarky, tough, brainy…she was like a female Fortnite character come to life {right down to her clunky boots and arsenal of bomb weapons}, and I enjoyed every moment she was on the page. Mama Vee was also a pretty cool character; and I'm confident that Kelly will grow on me over time {especially once the Netflix adaptation of this series debuts}. Will I read the sequel, Beasts & Geeks? The jury’s still out; but I would encourage anyone who grew up with Spiderwick, or is looking for an easy laugh, to snag this one – especially during the season of spook.

Star Rating: ***




one n only

Billabong One N Only Wide Leg Overalls in COOL WIP {also available in WILD HONEY}

Can we just talk about how cute these would look as a beach cover-up? Obsessing!



NOTD: OPI Mexico City Nail Lacquer Collection in Suzi's Slinging Mezcal

Three coats of OPI Mexico City Nail Lacquer Collection in Suzi's Slinging Mezcal. Rich Metallic Gold Shimmer.

OMG ladies this gold is glorious!

Suzi's Slinging Mezcal is a super, super, super saturated gold metallic shimmer that is simply stunning. Not gonna lie, golds rarely do it for me; but this one is beyond fab! Formula was incredible - no streaking, builds fast, and lasts. for. days. For summertime I prefer more bronze metallics; but I will definitely be brining this bad boy out for holiday soiree season!

What nail color are you rocking for #ManicureMonday?




day break

Billabong Day Break Knit Romper in SAIL AWAY

Contemplating living in this cutie for the summer.



BOOK REVIEW: Kristy's Great Idea {The Baby-Sitters Club Book 1} by Ann M. Martin

Okay, okay, okay…I started reading Ann M. Martin’s The Baby-Sitters Club books when I was in first. grade. {and I distinctly remember writing her fangirl letters in second}; but I haven’t delved into the world of The BSC since I was 10, and oh! How I’ve missed it.

Inspired by the arrival of Netflix’s new The Baby-Sitter’s Club {y’all, this is the content we need in our lives rn. Trust}, I had to invest in a new copy of book # 1, Kristy’s Great Idea, and my 6-year-old self has never been happier!

We are immediately thrown into the life of Kristy Thomas - 12-year-old Stoneybrook, Connecticut resident with a big mouth, tomboy streak, and brilliant idea. Together, with her two besties, Claudia Kishi, and Mary Anne Spier; along with New York City transplant, Stacey McGill, the four girls launch an entrepreneurial endeavor that takes them on a series of hilarious misadventures {and learning experiences!} involving kids, divorce, and, of course…boys.

Did it feel dated? Not. One. Bit. Despite the fact that this book was originally published in 1986; Kristy’s Great Idea, and the Baby-Sitters Club concept as a whole, felt nostalgic and refreshing in a social media-obsessed millennia.

Though I’m clearly not the target audience, I felt my 90s self shining through, relating to the girls as they experienced growing up and growing apart; sympathizing with Stacey as she struggled with revealing the truth about her diabetes; and empathizing with Kristy as she came to terms with her divorcee mother’s new {serious} relationship.

NGL, back in the day I was a Dawn Schafer fan, who is not present in Kristy’s Great Idea, as she moved to Stoneybrook later in the series; but I still loved this so. much. And yeah, I will definitely be reaching for book two shortly.

Think this one’s a little bit too young for you? At least show up for the amazing style of Claudia and Stacey. For reals though…these girls are iconic when it comes to fashion. Claudia’s baggy purple overalls and Stacey’s sporty gray skirt and sweatshirt set? Go. Off. Sis I am here for it. Also here for the blossoming romance between Stacey and Kristy’s older brother, Sam {so sweet, so cute, o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d}; as well as the crazy appearances by Boo Boo, a tubby attack cat with a fiery spirit.

Say hello to your friends…

Star Rating: *****




hot dang

Free People Hot Dang Sleeveless Minidress in STONE.

100% necessary for those sultry summer nights, amiright?!



NOTD: Ciaté London Mini Paint Pot in Paradise Lost

Two coats of Ciaté London's Mini Paint Pot in Paradise Lost. Metallic Bronze.

There's just something about metallic nail colors that make me all swoon-y once the warmer months hit.

Paradise Lost is a brilliant bronze that feels perfectly beach-ready due to its sparkling shimmer and sunkissed hue. Formula is a breeze to work with - streak-free, fully opaque, and fast-dry. If you dig a little dazzle, you'll fall in love with this cutie!

What nail color are you rocking for #ManicureMonday?






China Glaze Trolls World Tour Collection 6 Piece Mini Kit Swatches + Review

2020 has been the year of very few new nail polish collections; so when I spotted this sassy six pack from China Glaze, I couldn't resist! The Trolls World Tour Collection 6 Piece Mini Kit
is one you'll love and hate. Some of the colors are spectacular, others are ho hum; but the unique vibes are abound, which makes it one to pick up - even if just for a few shades. Ready to peep the colors?
Pink-In-Poppy is a Pink Iridescent Glitter. OMG babes, I'm crying over how pretty this pink is! Pink-In-Poppy is packed with hot pink and lavender microglitter that creates a subtle blue shift in sunlight. Prior to adding topcoat this one has a gritty, Liquid Sand-inspired feel {y'all remember Liquid Sand, right?!}; but once top coat is applied {as it has been here}, you are left with smooth, glossy goodness! This one will be in my collection for a v, v long time. Loves it! This is 2 coats.

No-Holds Barb is a Red Jelly. This shade is on fire! Babes, I don't usually clamor over crimson, but I could not pass up this pretty for the summer season No-Holds Barb is a glooorious coral-meets-red hue that is desperate to deck your tips and toes for summertime! While this is a jelly, making it perfect for those sparkly jelly sandwiches, it can easily be donned alone, as you see here, as long as you apply an extra coat to prevent VNL. As a jelly, it is thinner and stickier than your standard creme; however, it doesn't cruise for the cuticles, applying beautifully with minimal effort. This is 3 coats.

It's All Techno is a Chartreuse Creme. Hmmm...this color is a bit of a conundrum. Part of me likes it due to its lemming quality; while the other part feels ho hum for the very same reason. It's All Techno is a Shrek of a color - bridging the gap between yellow and green to bring you a chartreuse that feels fitting for Halloween given its sliiight brown undertone. Despite the depth of the color, the formula is pretty thin, so you do need to swipe 3 times for full coverage. Would I recommend? Tbh, I'm on the fence - if the color tickles your fancy though, go for it! This is 3 coats.

Funky Beat is a Purple Creme. Purple will forever be a hit or miss with me; but this beauty was 100% a hit! Funky Beat is a g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s shade that transitions perfectly from the height of summer to the start of fall. The shade bridges the gap between bright and muted, and is such a pleaser for those who love girly with an edge. Formula here was perfection! It self-leveled without issue, and was perfectly opaque in just two simple swipes. Highly recommend! This is 2 coats.

Delta Darlin' is a Pastel Orange Creme. Soooo... I seriously wish that this shade would have photographed better because it. is. smokin'. Delta Darlin' is a dreamy orange creamsicle-esque shade that feels fit for spring through summer {but would also work as a winter pastel}. The formula here is a little bit thicker to work with; however, upon application, it's a bit thin. Meaning? Either apply 3 thin coats, or 2 thick coats for full coverage. This one is a total keeper! This is 3 coats.
Chill in Symphonyville is a Light Blue Shimmer Matte. Prefacing this with the warning that this is probably my most disliked nail polish of. all. time. #sorrynotsorry Y’all know how much I l-o-v-e a good baby blue; but Chill in Symphonyville is just straight. up. weird. First, yes, it’s a matte {but I used top coat here to add shine because matte did not look good}; second, the formula recedes from the nail tip within minutes of application; third…it’s just not pretty. Formula was odd, color was strange…pass this one ladies. This is 3 coats. 


  PRICE: $15.00 for the 6PC Mini Set; $7.50 for each full-size bottle.


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