Ruffle My Feathers

I can’t resist a ruffle. The romantic flutter a light breeze sends through its ridges; the roguish fashion in which it traverses a dainty and demure essence alongside harshness and aggressive factors with uncanny know-how. But it’s not just ruffles, mind you. No, ruffles are just the beginning. I’m also incapable of turning a blind eye towards a clutch – especially one that is labeled as being oversized. Doing so would be a move akin to refusing a second slice of White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory…totally out of the question. Which is why I can’t take my eyes off of the Ruffled Clutch.

The Ruffled Clutch is not the typical tiny piece so often listed as a carryall; the pieces that can fit little more than a stick of gum, a credit card, and, if you’re lucky, a slim cell. Negative mes chéris, the Ruffled Clutch is exactly what you want a hot to trot handbag to embody – a sole zip wall pocket, dual interior pockets for our electronic devices, a large space for all of our glamour girl belongings to reside; even better, the ability to be worn not l'un, but deux ways – oh, how I adore a two-in-one. Tuck the trendy pouch under your arm at the beginning of the evening when you’re full of exuberance; when fatigue takes over, peruse the stylishly cut silvertone metal handles for simple transportation.

And forget about the two things we always worry about on our way out the door, darlings – losing our belongings or catering to spills. Neither will stand in your way tonight. Two magnetic snaps keep your essentials locked up tight, and should you spill your white wine spritzer on your handbag du jour? Well, no tears allowed; you can spot clean the polyvinyl right at your table; then find a cute boy to buy you something sassy to sip on!

Ooh, I need it now. The only question is…the Black or the Hollyhock Berry? Would it be completely devilish of me to scoop up both?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Lane Bryant for the pictures.


Double Trouble

I’ve always been the good girl; but such a title gets boring after awhile. Sometimes you just need to break loose; to show a wild side; to embrace the troublemaker lying in wait underneath that pasty skin of yours. To do so, however, seems completely out of the question. Preposterous, in fact! After all, how on earth do you go from being the good girl to the bad girl at the drop of a hat? Well…with two-finger rings, perhaps. Cast your big, single baubles to the wayside, kittens; it’s time for a little double trouble!

Bijules “Gully Ring 14K Gold” Ladies, whether we like it or not, as females we’re viewed as being as delicate as flowers, as sweet as candy, and as fragile as porcelain dolls – even if we’re none of the above. Does it really matter? Certainly not! Let’s embrace these titles, and pay tribute to the glory of being a girl by wearing it loud and proud by means of a fluttery, feminine, dainty little symbol that represents all of the above and so much more; like Bijules’ Gully Ring 14K Gold. Slide the sparkly street savvy piece onto two fingers and allow the form of a tweeting temptress to roost primly upon your hand. My heart soars just gazing upon the fetching feathered creature!

Anna Sheffield “Arrow Two Finger Ring” Ouch! I’ve just been hit by Cupid’s arrow; or rather, my jewelry drawer has. Anna Sheffield’s Arrow Two Finger Ring is quite possibly the most daring, yet divine accessory I have laid eyes on in quite some time, courtesy of its ability to pierce your heart with a mere glance, yet retain an unbeatable daintiness via the demure detailing – silver and dorado hued Swarovski crystals along the body of the arrow. While the two-finger style makes the piece appear harsh and rough and tumble, the arrow actually provides a very girlish, ethereal-like quality that is both charming and romantic in a very whimsical manner. Looking for the perfect trinket to go with everything? You’ve found it.

Erica Anenberg “Aquamarine Twosome Ring” Brass knuckles have always been a source of controversy; an untouchable that makes people uneasy. That, however, was in the past; here we are in the year 2009, and brass knuckles have received a very friendly, fashion-forward update courtesy of Erica Anenberg’s Aquamarine Twosome Ring. The 14K yellow gold sits tough over two fingers; whilst a dual strip of aquamarine crystals dance upon the surface emitting a glittering sparkle that is downright blinding. Slip your digits in on your way out for a girls’ night and you’ll leave a trail of envious whispers in your wake!

AnomalyJewelry “Snake 2 Finger Ring” I’ll be truthful…snakes have always intrigued me. Not real, live ones – those scare the living daylights out of me. But snakes in Greek mythology, and even more so on accessories have always caught my attention; therefore, I’m convinced that AnomalyJewelry’s Snake 2 Finger Ring was crafted with my jewelry collection in mind. Two snakes – one light, one dark – intertwine with one another across the sterling silver ring; a virtual adjacency between good and evil. Swarovski crystals form the glittering eyes that gaze out at the world; while a natural oxidization process keeps the serpentine duo embellishment from ever losing their individuality. It’s a creation that bridges the gap between elegance and crudeness. Just remember mes chéris, “he’s a cold-hearted…snake.”

ATHD “The Golden Spooning Fingers Double Knuckle Ring” Dolls, two things a girl can never be without: accessories adorned with florals or filigree. The Golden Spooning Fingers Double Knuckle Ring by ATHD fulfills both wardrobe staples courtesy of the vintage etchings found emblazoned across the exterior, a glamorous garnish that lends a Victorian ambiance to the objet d’art. Crafted out of entirely recycled materials, the ornamentation is actually an antique copper spoon handle that has been soldered to a brass ring base then spritzed with 14K gold plating. The end result is a sparkling curio that is high fashion, fun, and 100% eco-friendly!

Are you ready for a dose of double trouble, darlings?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Moxsie, Anna Sheffield, Etsy, and Max and Chloe for the pictures.


Smitten Saturday

Head Case Over the years I’ve accumulated seemingly hundreds of headbands, but yesterday I came to the conclusion that out of them all, there are only three to five that I use – the rest have gone untouched for quite some time now. And, to be completely truthful, I see no possibility of me wearing them anytime soon. I want to do an overhaul and start a new collection with pieces that are playful yet polished; sassy yet smart; elite yet everyday. The problem is, I acquired my treasured collection when there was a single style to choose from; now there are hundreds. Should I go the embellished route and select pieces like bebe’s Crystal Flower Double Headband? Take a cue from Gatsby’s beloved Daisy and opt for something Twenties-influenced a la Free People’s Flapper Flower Headband? Go completely back to the Woodstock days via Victorian Hippie’s Roxanne Grace for Victorian Hippie Sparkle Headband? Channel my inner Park Avenue princess Blair Waldorf through Juicy Couture’s Grosgrain Bow Headband; or go all Lady Gaga with Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Runway Bow Headband? Do you see, darlings? Now do you understand why I’m such a head case at the moment? There are too many choices! Perhaps I should simply renege on my plans of making over my headband caboodle, and simply allow my hair to flow free in the same manner as the blissfully beautiful Brigitte Bardot. Sounds like a plan to me!

Uptown Girl Does it plague you as well, darlings? The inability to simply make up your mind regarding what your soap scent du jour is when you clickety-clack into the parquet floored foyer of the heavenly scented hand soap hall of fame (aka Bath & Body Works). It’s an overwhelming predicament that hits me like a ton of bricks during each one of my impromptu visits. What will I have today – Warm Vanilla Sugar or Vanilla Noir? Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, or Sweet Pea? Cherry Blossom, or Cotton Blossom? Country Apple, or Irresistible Apple? Oh, I know it sounds quite trivial, but this is serious stuff. We’re talking about how we smell here – and we want to smell divine! So divine that I end up leaving the store with every scent that captures my attention – I am incapable of making even the simplest of decisions, I should note. In kind, my discovery of Uptown Soap Co.’s Two-Scented Soap comes none too soon. No longer will I deliberate between favorites – I’ll simply devour two scents in one – Chocolate + Mint (who could possibly resist such an indulgent combination?), Vanilla + Violets (a double shot of sweet), and Rose + Orange (the color alone – pink! – says it all). Join the sweet-scented revolution, Uptown Girls!

Someone’s In the Kitchen with Dinah Attribute it to the burgeoning Suzy Homemaker in me, but I find it hard to resist the lure of a recipe box. They are some of the most quaint, homey items one can add to their kitchen. I bought one a few years back that is stuffed full of recipes (all desserts), all of which I’ve never tried – but I will someday. Probably. Then someone bestowed a little wooden one on me last year – a piece that I can paint, with four tiny interchangeable wood inserts that I can switch out for each season. This one remains empty, and unpainted. I’m beginning to see a pattern here, loves. Maybe it’s not in the cards for me to actually peruse these pieces. Maybe I’m simply destined to have a shelf lined with recipe boxes in my kitchen. A glorious little assemblage of all different shapes and sizes. Yes, that must be it. Thus, it’s not strange for me to be eyeing new pieces – it’s totally normal, in fact. FineStationary’s Bon Appetit Recipe Box embellished with illustrated people in chef ensembles is a favorite. The kitschy colors found adorning Tatutina’s Recipe Box – Cup have the power to brighten up any room it happens to find itself in. America Retold’s Cookbook Stand with Recipe Drawers in Antique White is a blissful piece of retro sublimity. But no, my favorite is not amongst the aforementioned selections. The apple of my eye is the Tiffany blue Martha Stewart Collection Recipe Box. A piece that, well, on occasion, you may find packed to the gills with my beloved cocktail rings. But I’m sure you won’t mind, darlings!
Fringe Binge I’ve recently discovered that I have a love/hate relationship with fringes, of all things. Part of me adores them, while the other feels that they are too hippie to work for everyday wear in the twenty-first century. The only thing I can think to do in order to please the warring sides of my brain is to indulge in fringes in small doses. No more complete fringe binges – I’ll have to choose one, and only one fringe-encrusted item to add to my wardrobe. What item have I chosen? Why one of my most favorite things of the moment – a vest! Mink Pink’s Fringe Benefits Vest is a sublime juxtaposition between hippie and rock and roll – not to mention the color is pure heaven. Urban Outfitters’ Reformed Silk Fringe Vest is a more polished take on the trend that would work wonders in the office or out on the town. Xhilaration’s Fringe Vest is a chic and cheap piece easily tossed on over any top in your closet. And the Torn by Ronny Kobo Heidi Leather Vest with Long Fringe? Well, who doesn’t love a yeti-inspired silhouette?!

Falling for Patagonia I blame it on Couture Carrie. I devour her blog daily with the same fervor in which I down White Chocolate Mocha’s from Starbucks; thus I was incapable of resisting the lure of visiting PatagoniaGIFTS after seeing a pendant or two on her blog last week. Dear CC, you are going to be the ruination of my bank account. You already know how much I adore the fall season, and now you’ve introduced me to glittering Gold Leaf Pendants that so perfectly capture the essence of the Autumn months? Shame on you – or, rather, shame on me, for I simply can’t help myself. I’ll take the Maple Leaf Autumn Gold Pendant Necklace, the Real Leaf Autumn Gold Pendant, the Maple Leaf Gold Pendant Necklace, and since we’re already in the buying mood, we might as well toss in the Birch Leaf Gold Pendant. Oui, I’m falling for Patagonia and I have no one to blame but the celestial CC!

E. Jean la Reine E. Jean is not a royal residing in some far off fabulous country draped in yards and yards of cascading silk, satin, and lace; nor is she an individual you see splashed about the covers of check-out stand tabloids in the market. Even so, I hold the enchanting E. Jean in the utmost highest regard possible. In my mind, she is a celebrity of sorts, and one of the top reasons why I pick up ELLE each month. Before the fashion editorials and book reviews have been devoured, I flip to her column and take in each of the questions that she has deemed worthy of answering for the month – dating advice, fashion, shopping, she answers it all; after which I gaze affectionately upon her look du jour – always something dazzling and accessorized with cocktail rings and necklaces galore. She drips elegance, refinement, posh. Let me tell it to you straight, dolls, it’s simply impossible for me to think of the divine E. Jean as anything less than a Queen!

What were you smitten this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to So about what I said... and Chick Downtown for the pictures.


All About Alicia

As much as you’d like to pretend that you don’t know them, I’m sure you’ve met plenty in the past. Don’t play games with me now, you’re quite aware of who I’m referring to, loves; the name-callers who shouted out put-downs to those who were forced to wear eyeglasses. The…let’s put it all out on the table…adolescent meanies who exclaimed nasty comments pertaining to being “four-eyed.” It was enough to drive someone to extreme measures, like purposely crushing the bearish item creating such heartbreak in our social lives to smithereens. Tell me though, who’s having the last laugh now?

Glasses, prescription glasses or otherwise, are now a fashionable bit that, suffice it to say, are a can’t-leave-home-without accessory which give you the ability to change up your look or personality with very limited work. You can go geek with Marvin; retro with Masyn; vintage with Eisenhower; or, if you’re truly daring, seductive with Alicia. Ah yes, Alicia…

The eyeglass frames that I find most…teasing, as of late, are of the playful, kitten-esque variety; Alicia embodies this description to a T. Don’t worry darlings, I won’t bore you with tales of her grinning cat eyes that slant ever so slightly in the sauciest of ways, or stifle you with stories of her maudlin escapades about town with a bevy of cute boys. No, the best thing for me to do at this very moment is leave you to your own devices; to allow you to give the stunning mauve siren a life all her own.

Perhaps Joan, Mad Men’s office seductress, will pop up at a party, a colorful cocktail in one hand, Alicia pinched between her perfectly manicured fingers. Or will Alicia arrive at a beatnik poetry reading in the Village, the only pop of color to an all-black ensemble? Even better, could she find herself the apple of a fashion editor’s eye? You. Tell. Me. What plans do you have for the alluring Alicia? One word of advice, kittens…don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to GlassesUSA for the pictures.


Belle of the Bedroom Ball

Dolls, aren’t you sick of them? Oh, don’t play coy with me; you know exactly what (or, rather, whom) I’m talking about here. Boys! We allow them to sit on the couch for days upon days watching sports of all kinds, yet when we tell them that we want to get dressed up and go out dancing they gripe and groan until we finally back down. Well, I’ve had enough. I refuse to sit around and wait for a cute boy to wine and dine me; which is why you are all cordially invited to a Bedroom Ball. It may sound completely foreign and bizarre to you, and it should, for I just made it up.

A Bedroom Ball, if you must know, is quite like a slumber party, only in place of lace-trimmed teddies and neon-colored nighties there are ball gowns. Loads and loads of ball gowns of all different colors and cuts. But before you splurge, you must learn the stipulations for attendance:

First and foremost, no boys allowed. Unless, of course, we become extremely desperate; at that time we can demand that they come over as long as they are armed with scrummy cupcakes covered in colorful whipped frosting.

No black and white ball gowns. I understand that they are extremely appealing and flattering for most shapes, but we must break the mold, and to do that we need color!

Last, but not least, no gown can go over $50. And darlings no, this isn’t as difficult to achieve as one would think.

I’ve already found my look du jour. Are you ready, loves? It’s…Appropriate Behavior’s Coral Satin One-Shoulder Dress. Isn’t it luscious?

The color alone has a very feminine flair, but it’s the demure details that make it the true dress of my dreams: a rose appliqué embellishing one shoulder, ruffles flitting about the neckline, a sash that ties into a billowy bow in the back cinching in the ideal empire waist silhouette. On second thought, maybe we should allow boys to attend the Bedroom Ball – this frock is too fabulous to keep hidden!

Don’t forget to R.S.V.P., darlings!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Macy’s for the picture.


Vanity Fair

I was one of those little girls who couldn’t pass the colorful plastic Playskool vanities in the store without sitting down at one and imagining myself a movie star complete with bright pink feathered boa slung about my neck, rhinestone-encrusted sunglasses sitting upon the slope of my nose, and my mother’s treasured red lipstick in its golden tube wrapped in my pudgy fingers. I never did receive one – no matter how many Christmases it topped my wish list. But perhaps it was for the best. After all, I would have outgrown it. As far as I know, there will be no more growing on my part; thus, now seems as good a time as any to invest in one. Ooh kittens, I’m well-aware of the fact that it’s the twenty-first century, and the au naturel look is one to embrace. But sometimes we must work to achieve such a style; and there’s no place better to strive for natural, cosmetic perfection than at a vanity fit for a queen!

Powell Furniture “Hills of Provence 32” Antique White” I’ve always quite admired Marie Antoinette for her cunning prowess, palatial wardrobe, and sinister wit. Of all the royals of past, she is one who has always stood out vibrantly in my mind – as did her ostentatious palace and furniture. What better way then, to show respect to France’s dearly departed Queen than by embracing her style via the Hills of Provence 32” Antique White, an enchanting vanity that quite clearly drips the elegance only found within the confines of the Mediterranean French Countryside. The rustic antique white finish with minor hints of mocha and coffee hues is only made more captivating via the perfectly sized mirror flanked by carvings of acanthus leaves and gathered wheat; while the bench, upholstered in a shimmery patterned material is, simply put, fit for a Queen.

Home Decorators Collection “Queen Anne Vanity Set” While the other little girls were off drawing pictures of cats and houses with curlicue wisps of smoke pouring out of their chimneys with colored sidewalk chalk, I was armed with a notebook, binoculars, and an assortment of other spy paraphernalia. When my classmates were off playing soccer in the unkempt grassy schoolyard, I was sitting in a corner gazing adoringly at the collection of baubles hanging haphazardly from my pre-teen form. It’s true, from a very young age I have loved two things: mysteries and jewelry; which explains why I love the Queen Anne Vanity Set, for a secret side compartment mysteriously opens to reveal a special place to hide your most treasured pretties. But that is not all I love about it, to be sure. There’s the color – a rich mahogany; there’s the size – small enough to fit here, there, or anywhere without being too miniscule for use; there’s the floral upholstered bench – a whimsical print that keeps you surrounded by the loveliness of spring year-round. Oui, I simply adore it!

Windward Furniture “Burns Vanity Set in Glossy Silver” Sleek style is hard to come by; so when you find it, by all means, scoop it up! Or at least swoon over it, the way I’m swooning over the Burns Vanity Set in Glossy Silver. Minimalist and compact, the Burns Vanity Set in Glossy Silver has a very futuristic, out of this world ambiance to it, partly attributed to the metal construction and silver finish as opposed to the typical wood formations most often found in the world of vanities. A doubled countertop provides a drawer-like storage space perfect for keeping your treasures safe, while making it a breeze to sneak peeks at them through the see-through glass surface. The saying is true…good things do come in small packages!

Ballard Designs “Darby Vanity” Why on earth should a girl settle for a single mirror, when she can feast her eyes on a triple shot of her very own beauty with the tri-fold hinged-wing mirror found on the Darby Vanity. Delicate and graceful, the Darby Vanity is a specimen of the finest Victorian sassiness with a modern touch courtesy of the dark as night hue dancing atop the handsomely carved alder and birch. I suppose I should divulge one of the reasons why I’ve fallen into such a hypnotic trance for the Darby Vanity. It has quite a bit to do with the midnight shade. I find it impossible not to keep thoughts of setting this precocious piece up upon a black and white checkered floor, and stringing silver chains all over the side mirrors to enhance its glamour. For you see, the Darby Vanity is not merely a vanity, it’s a piece of modern art – and I’m ready to make it my canvas.

Lea Industries “Emma’s Treasures II Bedroom Vanity with Mirror” A vanity is only as good as the amount of storage space it possesses. Emma’s Treasures II Bedroom Vanity with Mirror…well, to be honest, it sports more storage space than my dresser! Old-fashioned and dainty, the vintage white-color finish truly comes alive when seen in correspondence to the provincial pewter-colored hardware serving as handles for each of the nine drawers, a sophisticated addition making it a one-of-a-kind luxury of lavish proportions. The true piece de resistance, of course, stems in the form of an antique-inspired oval mirror offset with carvings of a very Blair Waldorf-esque bow resting on a bed of demure flowers; in addition to my personal favorite…a skeleton key matching the previously mentioned hardware – a final touch that invokes thoughts of scandalous love letters locked away from the prying eyes of nosy parents.

Are you ready to join the vanity fair?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Bedroom Furniture, Home Decorators, Student Market, Ballard Designs, and Simply Vanities for the pictures.

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Good Morning, Edie!

I think it’s fate. In fact, I’m one-hundred percent sure it’s fate. With Halloween fast approaching, I have been weighing different costume ideas in my head, and Edie Sedgwick keeps popping up. She is one lone individual who embodies each and every thing a girl could possibly want to be – an heiress, a model, an actress, a socialite, and, even better, Andy Warhol’s muse. Yes, it’s obvious why she has been on my mind 47% of the time over the past few weeks. It’s also quite apparent as to why I should think my discovery of Coconut’s Edie is a work of fate at its best.

A black snake-embossed upper lends a slithery, seductive, sensual sensation to the average ballerina; while silver studding surrounding the collar adds a tough, rock and roll edge to the demure style. Though the best part, perhaps, is the fact that while little Edie looks like a luscious piece of leathered footwear, she is, in fact, crafted out of vegan friendly materials, making her an irresistible specimen to all you herbivores out there.

Can you see it now, darlings? She’ll be refined and romantic when paired with a party dress; rough and rebellious when donned with a cropped motorcycle jacket; chic and classic slipped on with smoky cigarette pants; even posh and prestigious when performing with a flouncy mini.

Like her namesake, little Edie is It. Perhaps not the It Girl that Sedgwick was crowned as being in the swingin’ sixties, or the Youthquaker that Diana Vreeland knighted her as in 1965, but she is certainly the It shoe. The of-the-moment piece de resistance of footwear. Don’t you just want to take her out for breakfast, or buy her a drink?

We love you, Charlie, we truly do, but there’s a new moniker we’re bidding good morning to, and her name is Edie.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Piperlime for the pictures.


Wrap Star

When the weather turns chill and nippy, it is most certainly not enough for me to be bundled up in plush sweaters or down jackets. No, I am of the variety who wants to leave the house swathed within the confines of a knit blanket that hangs haphazardly over my shoulders, giving me the appearance of a homely child who has just dragged herself down to the breakfast table for a bowl of overly-watered oatmeal before heading off to school. Obviously not a look to embrace or be seen donning in the light of day; thus, the only way to achieve maximum warmth while still preserving my trademark style is by engaging the aid of The Soft and Sexy Sweater Wrap.

Don’t knock it before you’ve tried it, my pets. This is not one of those wraps that you can wear one way, and one way only. To be truthful, it is a multifaceted piece that adapts to its surroundings; that ostensibly knows exactly what look you are trying to create before you are completely sure yourself. It’s a wear-with-everything wonder destined for stardom in your wardrobe, with the ability to be styled in six very unique ways – all of which will make you look stunning with minimal exertion.

Over-The-Shoulder For the working girl wanting to look polished yet effortlessly gorgeous.

Tie-Front For the mademoiselle with the confidence to wear a wrap, and only a wrap, as she heads out of doors.

Open Cardigan For the harried lady with a mile long to-do list.

Belted Cardigan For the princess with a penchant for the finer things in life.

Cross-Front Tie-Back For the outdoorsy gal who spends foggy mornings barefoot on the beach.

One Shoulder For the city chic trendsetter with a desire to stay toasty even on scandalous girls night’s out.

Darlings no, it’s not merely the ambidextrous ways you can wear it; much of the beauty of The Soft & Sexy Sweater Wrap is the wide range of colors the luxuriously soft cashmere/cotton blend is at one’s disposal – brilliant blue, midnight heather, chocolate, vintage red, outrageous pink, bark heather, charcoal heather, blazing sun, sugar baby, winter white, black, heather gray, and sandstone heather.

With such a splendrous swatch of shades, it’s nearly impossible to refrain from scooping up the whole lot – if only to gaze upon them admiringly as they drape daintily from pink padded satin-lined hangers in your closet.

Are you ready to be a wrap star?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Victoria's Secret for the pictures.

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Cabbie Chic

Despite the dangers that accompany being a New York City cab driver, there’s an old time elegance and charm that accompanies the trade. A glamorous yet gritty noir attributed to the hidden hazards, the possible clandestine romances, even the fear and loathing pouring off the strangers in the backseat. Perhaps it is that mysteriousness, that elusive essence that makes the thought of being a cabbie so intriguing, yet downright frightful. To be on the safe side no, I won’t contemplate a career change. I’ll simply steal a slice of cabbie chic and plop it right about my head in the form of a dapper cabbie hat. After all darlings, what better way to get your fabulous fashion motor running than with a stylish piece of headwear for fall!

mark “City Riding Hat” Who knew that it was possible to find a cap crafted out of a juxtaposition of riding gear and cabbie fabulous? One is synonymous with polished refinery of the jet set, the other of abrasive attitude of the lower class. Together, however, they form the grandeur known as mark’s City Riding Hat. The typical stuffy brown tweed is sliced and diced into a round-brim beauty with a tailored fit that adds a bit of hoodlum to your haute couture; while brass-button embellishments flanking the brim add an understated twinkle to the luscious lid. I’m sure by now you’ve met mark; but have you met the mark City Riding Hat?

Urban Outfitters “EEK! By Eugenia Kim Riding Cap” I’m not the flaxen-haired femme fatale of the Once Upon A Time…fairytales we aspired to be as children, kittens. Quite the opposite, in fact. My hair is of a darker hue – a light brown, to be exact. Therefore, when I decide to top my mane with a hat, it must be one that will stand front and center atop my head, not blend in with its darker surroundings; which, of course, explains my affections for the EEK! By Eugenia Kim Riding Cap. The knit shell is soft to the touch, and features the most divine little boxy blocked print adornment; whilst the ivory color corresponds magically with the ambrosial chocolate flushed hatband dressed up with antique hardware, a combination that’s almost good enough to eat!

August Accessories “Military Cap with Bow” Paging Blair Waldorf! If there’s any doubt in your mind about a cabbie hat having the power to transform ordinary into extraordinary; to turn slouch to starlet; to morph bland to beguiling…well, August Accessories’ Military Cap with Bow is most definitely it. The chocolate and pink shades work as one to blend dainty and demure with dark and dangerous; the end result being a debonair delight with the perennial possibility of prettying up every item in your closet. Tossing masculine touches to the wayside, the Military Cap with Bow embraces femininity at its finest, staying true to the color scheme of the headgear, while accommodating a captivating bow with brass button accent which keeps the acrid style adorable. You don’t have to say a word love; I already know that this cap will be perched upon your head from now until New Year’s!

Juicy Couture “Wool/Cashmere Newsboy Cap” Mes chéris, promise me you won’t fret. Don’t think of it as an emergency if you are draped in dark colors from head to toe. You can still be a petite pretty in pink mademoiselle as long as you have Juicy Couture’s Wool/Cashmere Newsboy Cap perched atop that no-nonsense noggin of yours. From the moment you slip this slouchy stunner on you’ll be in hat heaven, for the wool/cashmere blend is as soft as freshly-lotioned skin. But softness isn’t the key here…rather, it’s just one of the keys to happiness – the others are made up of tiny touches here, and covetsome additions there that make you over the moon – a single gold tone button that sits askew above the brim, and the tiny tab on the crown synonymous with berets; a piece of French flair for your all-American style. Maintenant...don't vous paraissez joli!

Forever 21 “Diamond-Shaped Cabbie Hat” Honestly, I’ve always known that diamonds were a girls best friend; but Forever 21’s Diamond-Shaped Cabbie Hat has made me much more aware of that sentiment courtesy of the categorically cute diamond pattern garnishing each and every nook and cranny of its surface. But the crème de la crème lies not in its ornament, mind you, nor in its affordability. It is the versatility factor that keeps the Diamond-Shaped Cabbie Hat a fashionable prize in my eyes; for the very Oliver Twist buttoned front strap? Well, my dears, it can be removed at a moment’s notice – you know, for those moments in life when you crave a little change, no matter how minimal. Mes amis, I hope you’re on your feet, for I’m already scooping these yarn-crafted gems up by the dozen – I’ll keep my fingers crossed that there are some left for you!

Are you ready to make cabbie chic your own?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to mark, Urban Outfitters, Bloomingdales, and Forever 21 for the pictures.

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Smitten Saturday

Breakfast At Bendel's I’m going to break it down for you quite simply. J’adore Tiffany’s and everything it has to offer. The Jean Schlumberger Egg Charms. The Tiffany Legacy Collection Rubellite Ring. The charming Tiffany Keys. But I am no Holly Golightly. I am a girl searching for a fashion Mecca playground of my very own. And I believe that that shopping tot lot of sorts is Henri Bendel. First I’ll snatch up a Bendel Loves New York Silk Scarf in the Pretty Bendel Things department. Then I’ll trip off to the Jewelry department where I’ll scoop up a Debutante Ring. I’ll make a stop in the Handbags department to pick up a Milliner Small Drawstring Bag; make my way back through the Small Leather Goods department to snag a Bendeltini Keyfob. Shimmy to the Makeup Bags & Fragrance department for an iconic Bendel Girls Hat Box Train Cosmetic Case. And round out my visit with a brief stop in the Living department to pick up some Luxe Candles. If you haven’t already figured it out for yourself…I’m hungry for Breakfast At Bendel’s!

Quilt Trip I learned how to crochet when I was nine-years-old. Instantly I created dozens of scarves and blankets that, to be quite honest, were completely useless. The gaping holes found within each one would have provided next to no warmth to the user. The truth of the matter is, I really wanted to learn how to quilt. To whip up luscious blankets of all different beautiful shades that I could dwell under come spring, summer, winter, or fall. No, I have yet to learn how to quilt. In fact, I have yet to learn how to operate a sewing machine without pricking my finger hundreds of times within little over a minute. I do, however, know how to shop. Thus, the quilt is on my must-buy list. Roberta Roller Rabbit’s Quilt in Francesca Pink has become a favorite what with its vibrant hues and lightweight materials. House of Quilts’ Leaf Patch brings to life everything I love about autumn. Blossom Blue Roses on White Romantic Chic Quilt from Bella Home Fashions is destined to reside inside a secluded French Chateau. Or maybe it would be better to simply order a custom T-Shirt Quilt from Campus Quilt Company so I would never have to throw my memories away!

The Great Pumpkin It was always winter which I counted as my favorite season. The chill in the air, the ho ho ho’s heard round the world (or, rather, the mall), the fairy lights twinkling from all the rooftops, the snowmen standing solidly in the snow. Then, all of a sudden, without any warning, things changed. Fall became my favorite season. The changing of the colors, Thanksgiving, leaves crunching underfoot…Now, with the summer coming quickly to an end, I find myself thinking of all things…pumpkin. I long to sip on Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte – which I have yet to taste; I want to make Pumpkin Waffles for breakfast, and Apple Crisp for dessert. I want to go apple picking at an adorable orchard with a cute boy, or splash through a pile of freshly fallen leaves in cozy knits. There are exactly thirty-one days until the First Day of Fall, lovelies. What plans do you have for the season change?
Jungle Fever Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been an animal lover. But the incorporation of all things rainforest inspired into my nine-month-old nephew’s nursery has left me with a case of jungle fever. Not one to wear animal prints anywhere but on accessories or shoes, however, I’ve decided that the best way to satiate my cravings is via…animal-inspired jewelry. I’m on the prowl for Kenneth Jay Lane’s Colored Tiger Bracelets. I can’t stop howling for None the Richer’s Diamante She Wolf Ring. I’m all aflutter for Diane Yang’s White Owl Necklace. And if you’re smart, darlings, don’t even get me started on Cartier’s Panthere de Cartier Ring. The very thought of it alone sends shivers up and down my spine. Oui, I’m warm with jungle fever!

Seaport Village In My Sights I don’t condone jealousy of any type; therefore I’m ashamed to admit that I’m juste un petit peu…jaloux, at the moment. Of ma maman, no less. Shame on me! But, I digress; I don’t really feel guilty for this bout of jealousy. In fact, I should think it’s expected under the circumstances! Ma mere will be spending one night this week in the quaint Seaport Village. She’ll be staying at the San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina soaking up the adorable sights while I’m locked away in my boring bedroom, a fair Rapunzel in her tower. It’s not for pleasure, mind you – she’s staying there on business; but still! It’s the principle. It’s me who has already created itineraries for the entire stay. Itineraries that include lunch at the Pier Café, where I’ll chow down on Chowder in a Bread Bowl; enjoy a moonlit evening of Shakespeare at Seaport Village; tap into my Christmas spirit at Mistletoe. It’s a slice of sublimity not for the feint of heart…Seaport Village it is you who is in my sights!

The Summer of Chick Lit I had high reading aspirations for myself this summer, kittens. I planned on loving Nabokov’s Lolita; mingling with Flaubert’s Madame Bovary; adoring Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. But non, I indulged in none of the above. Albeit I did devour Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar and contemplated the purchase of Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms; but, for the most part, I succumbed to frivolity and high fashion high-jinks. I strolled through Candace Bushnell’s One Fifth Avenue; was dazzled by Lauren Weisberger’s Chasing Harry Winston; and am now doing the Charleston with Sophie Kinsella’s Twenties Girl. Due to no fault of my own, my profound reading list turned into a summer of chick lit; and what a divine summer it was.

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Luphia Loves... and Max & Chloe for the pictures.

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Get Groovy With Green Giveaway

I’m going to be completely honest with you here, dearests; everyone on this good green planet should be armed with an environmentally friendly tote. It should be an unwritten rule. Something that states that no arm should be without a bag that is socially conscious yet chic. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be your primary handbag. Just an extra something that accompanies you on weekend trips to the farmer’s market, evening excursions in the park, and bikini-laden stops at the beach. But alas, such a guideline has yet to be put into place. Luckily, ENVIROSAX is here to save the day, and put my mind at ease, at least regarding three of you fabulous readers.

The eco-friendly company; the masterminds behind “the original designer reusable bag,” has teamed up with Café Fashionista to give three – yes, you read that right – three (3) readers an authentic ENVIROSAX Reusable Shopping Bag of their choosing. The totes have already become a hit with the jet set – Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Garner, and Cynthia Nixon – and now you, yes you, have the chance to follow in their footsteps and get groovy with green.

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I will randomly pick three (3) names out of a hat (who knows, one of them could be yours!), and announce the winners on Friday, August 28, 2009. The winners will then have the chance to select the ENVIROSAX bag of their choice as their prize. It's the perfect accessory to get you ready for those outdoor marketplaces sure to open up for business come the first sign of fall. Good luck everyone!

And yes, this Giveaway is open to everyone – U.S. or International residents!

Fashionably yours!

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Thrifty Thursday: Hermes Birkin on a Budget

Three things that define being a female in the twenty-first century:



A Hermes Birkin

At upwards of $5,000.00, however, I refuse to wait years upon years to possess the means to finally fulfill number three; thus, I have decided to invest the $48.00 (mere pocket change in comparison to the original) to stake my claim in the Olivia Satchel (pictured at right) from Shop Suey Boutique.

Named after the Birkin-obsessed New York City socialite and The City star Olivia Palermo, the Olivia Satchel is everything the girl-about-town with an affinity for the finer things in life desires, sans the hefty price tag.

Crafted out of a textured faux leather which adds a pebbled pattern to the surface, Olivia is every bit as classic and classy as the beauteous Birkin. Silver hardware corresponds magically with the all black setting. A magnetic snap closure and real working lock and key give you the ability to bolt your belongings the same way you would secure the deep, dark secrets you write about in your dear diary. A tantalizing tassel-adornment that swings to and fro like a trendy pendulum when on the go. And within the abyss-like depths of the carryall lie snazzy pockets for your cell phone and sunglasses, making organization a complete and utter cinch.

If you must know, I already have many divine plans for little Olivia.

Afternoons spent relaxing in a quiet Starbucks corner, non-stop White Chocolate Mocha’s in hand.

Evenings spent making eyes at a handsome boy over a divine candlelit dinner.

Weekend shopping excursions in the City.

It’s impossible not to have a wondrous time with such a chic and affordable accessory by your side.

I am woman…hear my handbag roar.

Tell me, darlings…will you be a big spender and go for the Birkin, or be thrifty and spring for the Olivia?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shop Suey Boutique for the pictures.


If You Seek Sequins

Pay no mind to the ridiculous fodder, my dears. Who says you have to be a Vegas showgirl, or hostess in an Atlantic City casino to show affection towards sequins? For those of us who like a little glitz, glamour, shine, sparkle, and bling in our lives the sequin is the ideal way to satiate cravings without having to turn to big, baubley jewelry we may not be in the mood to don. They add a dash of dazzle to a drab drapey dress. They provide a pinch of pizzazz mixed with panache into a plain pair of pumps. They contribute a sprinkle of shimmer to a sinuous skirt. No matter how you wear them you seemingly twinkle to life and keep the spotlight steady on you and only you. Placate your glinting hunger loves…indulge in a few.

Free People “Sequined Mesh Tunic” The Sequined Mesh Tunic is, for lack of better words, a coat of many colors. It is not solely a tank, nor a tunic, not even a dress. It is a combination of all three. A multifaceted addition to your wardrobe that can take on the role of anything you have in mind – from a mini cocktail frock, to a form-fitting layering top. Adorned with glittery sequins from top to bottom with adjustable ribbon straps as opposed to the quite commonly seen bra strap, the Sequined Mesh Tunic ostensibly surfaces shrouded with an air of enigmatic mystery depending on the color you select – white, silver, midnight, pink, grape, or chocolate. What shade best suits you?

Forever 21 “Rainbow Sequined Beret” Despite your thirst for sequins, finding the courage to ornament yourself in them with confidence can be quite intimidating; therefore luxuriating oneself with them in tiny doses is often the key to success. Forever 21’s Rainbow Sequined Beret is an excellent choice for coddling your covetousness. Covered in sequins in every color imaginable, the patterned hues create a dizzying, hypnotic effect making it difficult to draw the eye away from such splendor; while the polyester will keep your head warm come the looming brisk fall weather. It’s an effortless way to hop aboard the sequin train without compromising comfort or certainty; plus, it matches everything in your wardrobe, so toss it on with whatever ensemble you happen to be decked out in for optimal beam appeal!

Alice + Olivia “Sequin Leggings” Slithery and skintight. To be quite honest with you, that’s exactly how I like my leggings. And my jeans, for that matter. I want them to suction themselves to my flesh in a way that makes them come across as a second skin, of sorts. To hug and accentuate every curve, or lack thereof, while retaining a luxurious sense of coziness. They may sound like the formation of a dream, mes amours; but no, they do exist. Alice + Olivia’s Sequin Leggings embody all of the sine qua non to a T. With the added bonus of unstoppable high shine, of course. Typical jersey leggings with a gathered elastic waistband are prettified via a surface gleaming with sequins, making them the be all end all of legwear. Toss them on for a night on the town, or for a showstopping entrance at the office. With the proper accessories you’re able to work these starlets in the most splendrous of ways!

Alloy “Toria Sequin Flat” When it comes to style, darling, you work your wardrobe like a chameleon; changing your outer appearance on a daily basis to keep people on their toes. One day you’re the rebellious rocker who stars in the dreams of hipster boys; the next you’re a preppy princess adorned in pastels and polos. Today, however, you’re spewing the sophistication and class of Audrey Hepburn, until someone looks down at your shoes. It is there where your true bubbly personality comes alive via the Toria Sequin Flat. Black and silver sequins mingle amidst one another atop a flexible surface, adding a true sparkle to your step, while illuminating your entire look. The Toria is a subtle way to salute your sequin-loving side, whilst bedazzling your ensemble du jour.

Topshop “Sequin Boyfriend Blazer” Blazers may be synonymous with stuffy offices full of unhappy people pushing paper to and fro on their messy desks, but that does not mean that the blazer must always be stiff and boring. Relevant instance, Topshop’s Sequin Boyfriend Blazer. This is not to say that you should head to the workplace with such a jacket tossed haphazardly over your shoulders; but for those moments when you want to stop people in their tracks, and add a ray of light to your visage, no piece manages to work better. It’s the crème de la crème of toppers for the little black dress; an elite dash to casual denim; an aristocratic answer to any and all of your fashion woes. Point blank question, my pets…how can you possibly resist?

Do you seek sequins, darlings?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Free People, Forever 21, Shopbop, Alloy, and Topshop for the pictures.


Tightwad Tuesday: Loeffler Randall Matilde Boot for Less

When it comes to footwear, my tastes are synonymous with fizzy champagnes and sparkling wines. Unfortunately, my budget is akin to beer. And not cold beer, mind you – warm, stale beer. Beer that should be indigestible for anyone and everyone; the type that should be tossed away without being opened. As such, it is ridiculous for me to even so much as glance at Loeffler Randall’s Matilde Boot in Cuoio. To make goo-goo eyes at the tantalizing tan hue. To dream about the wonders the one-inch covered wedge heel will do for my short stature. To swoon over the fifteen-inch distressed leather shaft with seam detailing.

But I have. I have done all of the above countless times, and made myself covet these blissful boots like no other. A ridiculous thing, of course – even I’m willing to admit that. The $695.00 price tag keeps them well out of my reach, in addition to my fall wardrobe. But things are looking up. They may not be the Loeffler Randall originals pictured at left, but Charlotte Russe’s Distressed Wedge Boots in Cognac are, to be quite honest, the next best thing. At least for the fashion maven on a budget.

Like the marvels they’re mimicked after, the Distressed Wedge Boot in Cognac sports the yummy round, almond shaped toe; the one-inch covered wedge heel that conceals the fact that yes, you are faking your height, if not in the slightest of ways; the toasted tan shade; and even the similar seam detailing.

There are differences, to be sure. Minor differences. Differences that add a bit of dimension and originality to the very affordable - $34.99 - aesthetic. That, my dears, is an antiquated buckled strap and fold detail towards the top of the fourteen-inch shaft; an embellishment which only makes the style more luxurious and glamorous.

Don’t allow your scant bank account to stifle your style, darlings. If it’s the Loeffler Randall Matilde Boot you want, then indulge in its more affordable acquaintance – Charlotte Russe’s Distressed Wedge Boot.

Are you a spendthrift who will splurge on the Loeffler Randall Matilde, or a tightwad who will save with the Charlotte Russe Distressed Wedge?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Singer22 and Charlotte Russe for the pictures.


The Devil Wears Disco Pants

I can’t dance to save my soul; but that most certainly wouldn’t prohibit me from selling it in exchange for American Apparel’s The Disco Pant.

Unlike the typical legwear out and about for the approaching fall season, The Disco Pant is neither legging nor tight; denim or leather. Rather, it’s the most devilishly delicious combination of all of the above. Nylon spandex construction provides a liquid legging like stretchy trouser; while the metal zipper and button closure paired with the fabulously high, deep back pockets add the traits we all know and love, synonymous with the trusty denim lurking within our dresser drawers.

The true tour de force, however, is the fact that, skintight and high-waisted as they are, they manage to nip, tuck, and suck all of the places that we alpha females are most insecure about, procuring a slinky silhouette; while making us stand-out from the crowd in the most wondrous of ways.

Please don’t start with your nonsensical moaning and groaning, kittens. I simply won’t hear of it. Save your ornery proclamations and declarations, broadcasts and decrees for another time and place, they will merit no acknowledgements or attention from yours truly. I simply don’t care if you are under the impression that you are without a place to don these divas – you’re wrong. There is a time and place for every article of clothing, including The Disco Pant.

I’m too good to be true. The perky, girl-next door Sandy Olsson from Grease. But I don’t want to be the goody two-shoe. I long to tease my hair, smear on vampy red lipstick, cover my eyes in smoky shades and hues, and be, at the risk of sounding clichéd…bad to the bone. With The Disco Pant in Black encasing my lower half…no more miss nice girl. Olivia Newton-John, eat your heart out!

It seems a strange combination to hop from an afternoon tour of the Eiffel Tower directly onto a train that leads into a night of dancing and dining about the Cote d’Azur – a place to see and be seen once darkness falls. Even so, I must seize the opportunity to make a lasting impression on the cute French boys; The Disco Pant in Red will make a fiery impact and leave the prize of Paris eating out of my hand.

Scram, vamoose, scat, begone! It doesn’t matter to me how you hightail it out of my wardrobe loathsome Oxford shirts, with your starched bodies and preppy collars, guilelessly get out. I’m sick of the air of stuffiness you seemingly add to all of my ensembles. The morbid bore you’ve so simply transformed me into. But wait…there is one way I can fight you; one thing in my closet you can’t possibly destroy. A white Oxford tucked into The Disco Pant in Midnight Navy. Cherry red tap shoes encasing my tootsies. Serenity, sheer serenity. Oxford shirts…I’ve just ordained you a possibility; thanks to The Disco Pant, that is.

In case you haven’t heard…oui, the devil wears disco pants.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to American Apparel for the pictures.


Temple of Dome

Look it up all you want, you’ll find yourself empty-handed. There are no pendant precedents. No trinket tenets. No gem guidelines. When it comes to wearing jewelry the only thing to remember is that anything goes. You will find no decrees stating that a ring is not a ring unless decked out in diamonds. No regulations proclaiming that a band about the finger is any less special if not resplendent in rhinestones. In fact, since we’re being completely candid here, sometimes it’s the sparklers that are more subtle that pack more of a punch; that add volume to your ensemble without weighing it down. Case in point…the dome ring.

House of Harlow 1960 “14kt Yellow Gold Plated Carnelian Dome Ring Tiger’s Eye” My introduction to the tiger’s eye gemstone was a fluke that took place during my seventh year, at the height of my obsession with metamorphic rocks. There it was, sitting patiently, as if awaiting my arrival outside a store front, belonging to no one. From that day forth, the beauty of the stone has been etched within my brain; which brings us to the 14kt Yellow Gold Plated Carnelian Dome Ring. Spellbinding in both the red and the black, the Tiger’s Eye is the hue that speaks volumes to me. The honey-colored stone has a hypnotic, mood ring-like elegance, which corresponds magically with the gold setting surrounding it. It’s a celestial specimen with the power to draw gasps from friends and foes alike when at rest upon your finger.

Charlotte Russe “Etched Dome Ring” Perhaps I can blame my travel addled mind for the thoughts that coincide with mere glances upon the Etched Dome Ring, but I find it nearly impossible to keep from thinking of the Asian gongs used to kick off sumo wrestling contests in ancient times. At other moments, I find my thoughts drifting off in the direction of music, caused by its resemblance to the cymbals banged upon by sweaty drummers in metal bands. Either way, the Etched Dome Ring marks itself as a tasteful gold bauble, which sports an unobtrusive, roughly etched surface that adds a slight ruggedness to a subdued style; managing to cause a standing ovation when worn front and center on your finger thanks to, in large part, its sassy simplicity.

Potluck Paris “Déco Black Ring” Please contain the schoolgirl squeals bubbling up within – it’s not a bird, plane, UFO, or, unfortunately, the hunky Superman. Rather, it’s something oh so much better…the Deco Black Ring. So rarely do you feast your eyes on an objet d’art that is part accessory part collector’s item, but the Deco Black Ring is it. The large, saucer-like shape is ringed in a scintillating silver, enhanced with a high gloss black mineral found sprucing up its surface, which adds a sleek look worthy of a New York City Museum of Modern Art exhibit. Sinfully simple, modestly mysterious, intricately intriguing, casually classic. It’s impossible for this trinket to do anything less than take your entire wardrobe to new heights!

Topshop “Large Cut Out Circle Ring” There’s a foreign flavor to Topshop’s Large Cut Out Circle Ring. A glamour that invokes thoughts of Cleopatra VII, Queen of the Nile; of elliptical amphitheatre Colosseums built of brick and stonework seen throughout the metropolis of Rome; of Egyptian artifacts viewed only within the hallowed halls of marble-floored art exhibits. It is that transoceanic taste coupled with the vintage gold wash and classy cutouts that lend an enigmatic air to the finery, while keeping it completely mainstream. Worn with a well-loved windbreaker and harem pants it retains a level of weather-beaten, touristy comfort; used as a sole accessory with a form-fitting cocktail dress it makes a statement. It’s a versatile piece that bridges the gap between blasé and beautiful, providing unrefined elegance to whatever ensemble you should happen to find yourself swathed in.

Newport News “Chalcedony Sterling Silver Ring” Don’t let the unfamiliar title scare you away – chalcedony is not a close cousin of chemistry-laden alchemy. To be completely truthful, it is nothing more than a fancy name for a Microcrystalline Quartz – aka a sparkly bauble with the ability to light up a room. Newport News’ Chalcedony Sterling Silver Ring is no different. A ruby red chalcedony stone cut in an octagonal shape, and set within a shiny sterling silver backdrop takes center stage when perched about your pointer, or parked atop your pinky, courtesy of light-reflecting facets and a mix of modern yet medieval qualities. Polished refinement is a cinch to achieve when ornamented with a subtle slice of jewelry that speaks volumes, such as this raw-cut pretty!

Are you ready to traverse the Tower of Dome?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Singer22, Charlotte Russe, Moxsie, Topshop, and Newport News for the pictures.
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