top 10 manis of 2013 {part 2}

Last week you saw Part 1; today I'm bringing you Part 2. Here's to another round of fabulous manis in 2013!

OPI x Taylor's Gift Foundation TAYLOR BLUE

{View full review here}


{View full review here}


{View full review here}


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OPI The Bond Girls Liquid Sand in JINX

{View full review here}

Which one is your favorite?


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NOTD: OPI Mariah Carey Holiday Liquid Sand in Kiss Me At Midnight

Two coats of OPI Kiss Me At Midnight from the Mariah Carey Holiday Liquid Sand Collection. Frosted Ice Blue.

Kiss Me At Midnight has restored my love of blue polish. It. Is. Brilliant. The vivid blue base is reminiscent of all things winter; and the large silver glitter throughout adds just the right amount of sparkle.

From looking at the bottle alone, I thought ooh, I like that...; then I put it on and it was such an intense feeling of L-O-V-E - I could barely bring myself to remove it for my next mani, and that never happens.

Formula was perfect, and no staining. Obsessed does not even begin to describe how I feel about this color; all I can say is I gotta crush on you... This is your need to wear shade for New Year's {and the entire winter season}!

What nail color are you rocking for #ManicureMonday?

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links à la mode: the IFB weekly roundup {december 26, 2013 edition}

The magic of the holidays may slowly be slipping away; but before it
leaves us entirely {until next year, of course}, I'm super excited to have my post
{what to wear} new year's eve included in links à la mode: the IFB weekly roundup {december 26, 2013 edition} - brought to you by Independent Fashion Bloggers.
Find out how to dress for your New Year's Eve plans from moi; then take a look
at amazing posts from 19 other incredible bloggers!


New Year Chic

The New Year always makes us think about the way we spend our time. Did we make the most of the year? What were the best memories? Who dressed the best? What needs to change? This week's roundup is a good mix of reflecting on the best of fashion in 2013 and what to look our for next year. So take a look and make the most of 2013!

Links a la Mode: December 26

SPONSOR: East Dane MCM Worldwide, Oscar Renta,
Acne, Marwood,
Flogg Shoes,
Sunday Somewhere,
MJ Swim, Natural Selection Jeans


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monogram it {oNecklace.com review}

Monogramming has taken over the world; so when I was asked to select a sparkling accessory from oNecklace.com, I skipped the Carrie Bradshaw-esque name necklace, instead opting for my very first...Monogram Necklace {the 24k Gold Plated Circle Monogram Necklace, to be exact}!

Le sigh, right?

I finally understand why monograms have become so popular. They. Are. Exquisite. The script is elegant and enchanting, appearing like Victorian scrollwork; but what I really love is the flirty for-me-to-know-for-you-to-find-out vibe that a monogram delivers. With a typical name necklace your name is flaunted front and center; but with a monogram, your initials are all that anyone can see, so it feels as if you're harboring a secret - and let's be honest here...who doesn't love a secret?

What are your thoughts on the monogram necklace? Have you, or would you, wear one?


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FTC Disclosure: I received the 24k Gold Plated Circle Monogram Necklace featured in this post from oNecklace.com in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed herein are my own.


top 10 manis of 2013 {part 1}

So many manis, so little time... To make the end of 2013 a bit more colorful, I'm counting down my Top 10 Favorite Manis of the Year. Here you'll find Part 1, and next week I'll share Part 2.

Sinful Colors in POUDRE

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OPI Mariah Carey Holiday Liquid Sand in BABY PLEASE COME HOME

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Maybelline Color Show in TENACIOUS TEAL

{View full review here}

Sinful Colors in EASY GOING

{View full review here}


{View full review here}

Which one is your favorite?


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{what to wear} new year's eve

“Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve. Middle age is when you’re forced to.”
Bill Vaughan

Perhaps I’m the only one, but I truly think that many suffer from the same type of predicament regarding dressing for New Year’s Eve…what. to. wear. Many feel that anything that sparkles, twinkles, glitters, or shimmers will work wonders. I’m certainly not going against that thought, as I couldn’t agree more. But, there is a time and a place for everything.

Each New Year’s Eve situation requires a differently planned and thought out ensemble. For instance, you would not wear a barely there frock displaying décolletage galore to an office party; nor would you wear a stuffy pantsuit to a cheerful celebration involving a handful of your closest friends and a cute boy. The key to having the perfect New Year’s Eve is having the ideal New Year’s Eve style for what you will be doing.

In general one is expected to be bold as opposed to blasé while ringing in the New Year. It is assumed that one will take chances and be over the top – they’ll replace understated makeup with overstated, they’ll allow shorter hemlines, and embrace ostentatious baubles. All this is fine, as long as it is within reason of the gala you are gracing with your presence. So, select your New Year’s Eve destination du jour, and get to shopping!


From Left to Right: Young Fabulous & Broke Nicola Top in Black ; AQ/AQ Scavo Peplum Bodysuit in Black ; Tibi Ava Beading Camisole in Matte Black

For the singleton, I can’t help but feel that New Year’s Eve is the optimal time to go out with a gaggle of your girlfriends and meet new friends – particularly of the cute boy variety. After all, you are transitioning from one year to the next, and what better way to accomplish such a feat than with a cute boy in tow? Thus, heed the advice of Lady Gaga, and head off to a trendy club to dance and chit chat over cocktails! Remember, your plans are loose; you are out for a good time; therefore, it is essential to keep your look simple and comfortable yet cosmopolitan and urbane.

Skinny jeans are a close, personal friend of mine year-round, but for a night out with the girls they become your BFF. You want to downplay your look and display classic sophistication…skinny jeans in a dark wash {I'm loving J Brand's 811 Mid Rise Skinny Jeans in Ink} will help you do this as they are sexy without being too overpowering.

Tonight, the focal point is your upper half; thus, pull out the risqué tops! No one is saying that you have to be too flamboyant, but a daring top and some killer shoes will make you feel seductive, alluring, and absolutely adored. Just don’t forget the essentials! Tuck a tube of gloss, mascara, eyeliner, the shadow required to create a smoky eye, and, my personal favorite, a shimmer powder {I like e.l.f. Studio Body Glow}, to add a little sparkle to your décolletage, into an eye-catching clutch and off you go!

“A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.”


From Left to Right: Vince Pintuck Tapered Trousers in Black ; Parker Devlin Pants in Black ; alice + olivia Leather Trimmed Pants in Black

Parties are supposed to be fun; a celebration to be enjoyed with close friends, cute boys, and some of your nearest and dearest. But all signs of joviality seem to go out the window when the thought of the office party comes up. Suddenly you are overwhelmed with stress as opposed to good spirits – riddled with worry that you will do something to offend your boss or a fellow co-worker; or, worse than doing something, wearing something that will put you on the outs.

Despite the fact that it harbors the title 'party', the office get-together is one of the few types of events in life that you will attend in which you are expected to maintain some semblance of conservatism in your dress. Your faux leather pants? Lock them up! The skintight dress that hugs your every curve and keeps all eyes in the room fixated on you and only you? Sorry darling, tuck it behind your blazers and dress pants. Tonight you are going to a gala as…the professional. No pouting! Professional and conservative does not mean snooze-worthy; it’s simply indicative of keeping things on a classy level.

First and foremost you must remember to stick to neutral tonesblack and white are your comrades for the evening. They will ensure that you look posh, sophisticated, and chic…three things that all bosses adore. To avoid any worries about your hemline, forgo a skirt and instead opt for wide-leg trousers in an ebony hue {Theory's Louise Urban Trousers in Black are my current fave}.

If you want to stay completely streamlined, a black sweater will do the trick; if, however, you want to break up shades a bit, a top in either an off-white or winter white shade will work wonders at helping you retain regality – especially when coupled with a playful patent peep-toe {hello Diane von Furstenberg Rowan}. With a look like this you still have the ability to turn heads and come across as sexy; but with a feminine mystique aura hovering around you – which will only make you more enticing. Even better, it’s a slimming style that will boost your confidence by miles.

Given the fact that everything about your look sticks to the basics, it is your responsibility to be bold with your accessories. Think brilliant baubles and costume jewelry galore – statement necklaces with oversize gems, cocktail rings visible from twenty-feet away, dangling bracelets tinkling with whimsical charms, and earrings which swing to and fro from your lobes; in addition to a metallic clutch, of course. To finish things off, don’t be shy with your makeup. Steer clear of body glitter, but a few swipes of mascara and ravishing red lips will cast a seductive, come-hither smolder reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour that will keep you polished yet breathtaking.


From Left to Right: Tbags Los Angeles Sequin Sleeve Top in Gray / Blush ; Free People Sequin Stripe Pullover in Ivory Combo ; Free People Sequin Stripe Pullover in Black Combo

You may think that, due to the fact that no cute boys are part of the equation, it is fine for you to spend the evening in a pair of flannel pajamas that have been collecting dust in your dresser drawer for the past two years. You’re wrong! You may be ringing in the New Year with your family, people who have seen you at your absolute worst, but that is no reason for you to feel unfabulous. In fact, it is an even greater reason for you to turn on the glamour. So what if the sparkling champagne of grown-up gatherings has been replaced with sparkling cider – they’re both fizzing with the spirit of celebration; therefore your ensemble should too. Your mission tonight is to retain all sense of comfort, whilst holding fast to your cuteness!

Forgo the dress. As we all know, this is a family affair; and, as such, it is fairly casual. While denim would work wonders right now, it’s not as forgiving as flannel in terms of repose; nevertheless, you still want to look stunning for those snapshots that are destined to commence throughout the evening, therefore opt for denim’s cozier cousin…jeggings. The aesthetic is virtually identical to jeans, with the added bonus of stretchiness which will make curling up on the couch in front of a warm fire an absolute cinch.

Top it off with something sparkly like a sequin sweater {I'm in love with Free People's Leopard Sequin Stripe Pullover} or vest layered over a thermal tee; then slip on a pair of knit socks to keep your tootsies toasty. Complete the look with a pale pink pout. Remember, you may be watching the ball drop in Times Square from the comforts of your own homey living room, but that’s no reason to look like something the cat dragged in!

“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.”
Bill Vaughan

Kiss! Kiss!

From Left to Right: Lovers + Friends Perfect Ending Dress in Disco Sequin ; One Teaspoon Lucky Star T Dress in Bronze ; Blaque Label Sequin Dress in Black

Oh, I see…you’re one of the lucky ones. The girl who managed to snag a cute boy to wine and dine her for an evening of cheerful toasts full of well wishes, colorful confetti, and loads of kissing once the clock strikes twelve! You’re already halfway to the New Year’s Eve of a lifetime darling; now you just have to choose the perfect look for your romantic tryst! Here’s where many lovebirds get it wrong; don’t make your ensemble du jour overly complicated this evening…simplicity is your new best friend!

Tonight a dress should be donned. Something flowy that drapes over your body to create a subtly sexy silhouette with a neckline that leaves everything to the imagination, and a hemline with the ability to make your legs go on for days. Sweetheart necklines are your best bet as they provide a corset-like design in a very classic and urbane fashion that is equal parts sophisticated and sassy. They also work wonders in balancing out the petite pleats created via the flow of the frock. Search for a fabric with a texture and hue that possesses a slight shimmer – this singular touch will assist you in beaming brighter than any star in the sky!

As I said, simplicity is key, therefore keep accessories, shoes, and makeup minimal. You’re looking to impress your date here, not an entire audience, and your goal is to do so by being yourself – while looking radiant, of course! Elongate your form by skipping the strappy sandals {it is December, after all!}, and opting for black opaque tights paired with understated black pumps. Such a coupling gives the illusion that your legs are supermodel-long because it streamlines your style without breaking you in half.

While I am the biggest advocate of cocktail rings, when keeping things to a minimal, it’s best to bag the bling; instead peruse the power of the pendant necklace. A pretty pendant, especially if trimmed in rhinestones or diamonds, adds a twinkle to your throat, and truly makes your eyes sparkle. Dust your shoulders with a bit of body shimmer to give your skin a dewy glimmer, slick on some lip gloss for a pretty pucker, and watch your cute boy’s jaw drop!

“Cheers for a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”
Oprah Winfrey



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merry christmas!

Merry everything {and happy always}.

Wishing you and yours the best this holiday.


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{what to wear} the slouchy beanie

slouchy beanie

Top Row: {from left to right}: 1717 Olive Beaded Spiral Rib Beanie in Army $48.00 / 1717 Olive Open Weave Slouch Beanie in Ivory $38
Bottom Row: Steve Madden Glitter Knit Beret in Silver $22 / Free People Pompom Beanie in Black Combo $44

The temperature never drops too drastically in SoCal; so when we wear hats, their purpose is predominately for style as opposed to necessity. Case in point: the slouchy beanie. Toss one on to camouflage bedhead or a bad hair day; or merely as a means of adding a little extra something to your look. The slouchier the aesthetic, the more casual it appears. For a more pulled-together, chic style, an oversize beret worn at the crown of your head will do the trick.

1717 Olive has become my slouchy beanie company of choice, as I love their range of style options {from Open Weave to Standup Purl Knit}. For incredibly affordable price points, as well as subtle feminine detailing {metallic threading}, Steve Madden is my go-to. And if you love a little bit of playfulness, you cannot go wrong with Free People. Their pieces tend to be chunkier {read: warmer}, and feature adorable additions like pompoms!

Do slouchy beanies hold a space in your wardrobe?



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NOTD: OPI Mariah Carey Holiday Liquid Sand in Make Him Mine

Two coats of OPI Make Him Mine from the Mariah Carey Holiday Liquid Sand Collection. Soft Rose Gold.

I'm a little bit obsessed with rose gold. I actually fell into a light sleep once when babysitting, mumbled something about loving rose gold, and my nephew still says to me "You like the rose gold, Erika?" But that is an embarrassing tale for another time and place. Back to the polish...

...Make Him Mine is like jewelry for your nails. The color is absolutely breathtaking - think a perfectly flushed, fresh-from-the-slopes ski bunny cheek mingling with fine silver sparkle. It's a shade that manages to maintain that rosy glow without crossing into pink territory. Formula was fantastic - user-friendly, long-lasting, and swoon-worthy {these are a few of my favorite things...}.

This one is a showstopper, so be prepared for compliments {it took me 7 minutes to tear my hand out of my sister's grasp...she just kept oohing and aahing over its prettiness}.

What nail color are you rocking for #ManicureMonday?

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bling in the new year with new complete salon manicure shades from sally hansen!

Seeing as how we are days away from the most magical day of the year {Santa Claus is coming to town!}, I thought it would be the perfect time to share this sparkly news with you
direct from Sally Hansen. Enjoy!
From L-to-R: Twinkle Toes-ty {multi-colored confetti glitter}; Fa-la-la-lavender {bright gem-toned glitter}; 3, 2, 1-derland {deep blue-green glitter}; Midnight Glitz {dark gray-black glitter}.

THINK: Glam, glittering shades to celebrate the season.

WHAT IT IS: The only bling you’ll need to accent your holiday style. No party prep is complete without some serious sparkle. This season, give your chic ensembles the perfect brilliant touch with polishes from Sally Hansen’s “Bling in the New Year” Complete Salon Manicure Collection. Featuring four glimmering, shimmering confetti shades made with multi-sized glitter particles, the collection is the ultimate accessory for every holiday fête…or give the gift of glitz and glam – great for all the beauties on your list.

The new shades can be worn alone, or layered over your favorite Complete Salon Manicure shade to add glittering shine. The polish features a Precision Brush that’s rounded to fit the curve of your cuticles and perfectly shaped to hug the contours of your nails, promoting better application.

THE COLORS: These glitzy shades get you ready for the holiday party circuit: Twinkle Toes-ty {multi-colored confetti glitter}; Fa-la-la-lavender {bright gem-toned glitter}; 3, 2, 1-derland {deep blue-green glitter}; Midnight Glitz {dark gray-black glitter}.

WHAT THEY COST: $7.99 each.

Which shade are you coveting?


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the fringe effect {everbuying.com review}

I have this fairly useless ability to zone in on anything trimmed, embellished, or adorned with fringe. It's something that never fails to catch my eye; and, shortly thereafter, capture my heart. So when I was offered the chance to select and review a product from EverBuying.com, I went for the fringe. Specifically, the Vintage Style Solid Color and Tassels Design Women's Street Level Handbag in Khaki {it looks identical to the B-Low The Belt Twiggy Handbag I've been coveting for ages}.

tassel bag

I am ridiculously picky when it comes to handbags; but this one has been a favorite since I first took it out of the box. The color is a yummy fawn-like tan with the same type of wearability as cognac shades; while the all-over fringe detailing {we're talking front and back here} has this uncanny ability to work with boho wear {fully apropos for Coachella}, or more sophisticated garb {cropped blazers, riding boots}.

The fringe is incredibly flirty; but I also love the whipstitch detailing on the handles {it's a contrasting gold that is just stunning! I've been wearing it as a shoulder bag using just the handles; however, it does feature a detachable long strap that can convert it into a long shoulder bag or allow for crossbody wear.

For $17.99 apiece, I kind of want to invest in the other colors. Love!

What's your take on fringe bags?


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FTC Disclosure: I received the bag featured in this post from EverBuying.com in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed herein are my own.


shine a little brighter, darling: mary jo matsumoto magical mined nail color review

Regardless of how long you've been a part of the blogging world {and yes, it is a world unto itself}, chances are you've stumbled upon Mary Jo Matsumoto. She moonlights as a blogger over at Trust Your Style; but her full-time persona is handbag designer. Another title on her resume? Nail. Polish. Creator. YES.

I've reviewed a few of Mary Jo's 4FREE Nail Color shades in the past {here and here}; so I jumped at the chance to try two colors from her latest release for Holiday 2013. These shades included Laguna Shimmer {a sparkling silver} and Salt Creek Sunset {a beautiful gold} - 2/3 of the Magical Mined 4FREE Nail Color Trio {$36.00}. Here are my thoughts {and swatches}!

Left: Laguna Shimmer; Right: Salt Creek Sunset

Two coats of Laguna Shimmer.

Laguna Shimmer is paler in hue than your standard silver polish {something that I fully appreciate}. It also has an opalescent quality that gives it more shimmer and glow than I expected {again...appreciated and loved}.

Two coats of Salt Creek Sunset.

Like Laguna Shimmer, Salt Creek Sunset is different than your typical gold. It dips more into white gold territory, as opposed to being yellow gold; so it's more of a champagne shade than anything else. Definitely perfect if you want a neutral nail with kick.

Laguna Shimmer and Salt Creek Sunset are metallics for the girl who doesn't usually like metallics and the girl who loves metallics. Let me clarify...

...both of these colors have almost a white underlay to them, which makes them less harsh and fake looking than many of the metallics I have encountered in the past; instead, giving them a uniqueness that is less shimmery and more glowy and ethereal {a stellar combination if I do say so myself}.

Both shades had an identical formula with great quality. While neither thick or thin; if you don't wipe the brush off thoroughly before applying, it does tend to be slightly runny, so wipe off all excess polish on the rim of the bottle to avoid this.

I did try layering these colors over a darker shade to see if the effect would be different; it wasn't. The opacity of both of these polishes is great; so either wear them alone, or use them for a metallic french tip or accent nail.

Considering how many metallic nail colors there are on the market, I was shocked to find that these two are actually different. Both shades are incredibly gorgeous; but my standout fave is {brace yourselves} Salt Creek Sunset {this coming from a girl who never likes gold polish shades}. It is simply stunning, and I cannot wait to wear it again!


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FTC Disclosure: The products featured in this post were provided to me for review. All opinions expressed herein are my own.


{beauty board} pretty palettes

Make your season merry and bright with pretty palettes for eyes, cheeks, and lips. Pop one in your sparkly clutch for on-the-go touch-ups at holiday soirees; or stick one in your bestie's stocking for a truly beautiful surprise come present-opening time!
Clockwise from Top Right

{1} Too Faced Be Merry Be Bright Collection {$45.00}

{2} Too Faced Pop Out Makeup Palette & Phone Case {$25.00}

{3} VS Makeup Midnight Jewels Holiday Eye Kit {$30.00}

{4} Stila Portrait of a Perfect Lip in Neutral {$16.00}

{5} Stila Portrait of a Perfect Blush {$16.00}



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nordstrom holiday picks!

I would live in a Nordstrom store if it was allowed {preferably in the shoe department}; but, barring my ability to do so, I'm content with shopping {and / or browsing their site} as frequently as possible {read: multiple times per day}. Which brings us to...my Nordstrom Holiday Picks! Give them to your girlfriends; buy them for your personal collection...after all, 'Tis the season to shop!

ONE: Raga Textured Pullover in Tomato Red {$48.00} TWO: Julep™ 'Little Lights' Nail Color Set (Nordstrom Exclusive) {$20.00} THREE: Tulle Faux Fur Ribbed Sweater {$68.00} FOUR: Wayf Crop Sequin Track Pants {$68.00} FIVE: ZiGi Girl 'Future' Over the Knee Boot in Tobacco {$148.95} SIX: BP. Ribbed Infinity Scarf in Hot Coral {$22.00}

1} Raga Textured Pullover in Tomato Red {$48.00} It's fuzzy. It's plush. And it will keep you warm, cozy, and totally on-trend for the winter season. Also available in: Black, Citron, Aqua, Bright Pink, Bright Pink Leopard, Turquoise Leopard, and Cream and Black.

2} Julep™ 'Little Lights' Nail Color Set (Nordstrom Exclusive) {$20.00} An adorable way to make your fingers a little more festive. Also pertinent...how irresistible is that packaging?

3} Tulle Faux Fur Ribbed Sweater {$68.00} A one-piece layered look {the faux fur is attached to the open-front cardi} that will keep you cozy and chic. I love it paired with dresses, tights, combat boots, and knit hats.

4} Wayf Crop Sequin Track Pants {$68.00} The all-over sequin design makes you sparkle; the track pant aesthetic keeps you sophisticated and sporty. How perfect would these be for holiday parties? Just add pumps, and a blazer.

5} ZiGi Girl 'Future' Over the Knee Boot in Tobacco {$148.95} Wear them with skinny jeans in fall / winter; pair them with sundresses in spring/summer. Also available in Grey.

6} BP. Ribbed Infinity Scarf in Hot Coral {$22.00} The perfect way to add a kiss of color to your look. Also available in: Pink Smoke, Black, Blue Mazarine, Camel, and Oxblood.

Are you crushing on any of these covetable holiday picks?



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Aurora DeJuliis, MD Skincare Giveaway

It's the most wonderful time of the year...; but our skin doesn't always think so. The holiday season may be a high time for soirees and shopping; but it's also rife with S-T-R-E-S-S - six letters that are completely visible on your skin...but don't have to be. Enter Aurora DeJuliis, MD - a new skincare line founded by Dr. Aurora DeJuliis, internist and anti-aging authority.

Described as a potent combination of science meets nature with ingredients like soy, pumpkin seeds, chamomile, and avocado oil, Aurora DeJuliis, MD products are formulated to transform your skin.
And for one {1} of you, that transformation will be taking place sooner rather than later.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans has partnered with KMR Communications to bring one {1} lucky reader a trio of Aurora DeJuliis, MD beauty-boosting products - many of which are used on Dr. DeJuliis' patients at her Montclair, NJ-based European Medical Spa.

Possible {you won't know which 3 you'll get until they arrive at your door!} product prizes include: Chamomile Cleanser: $35.00 ; Soft Papaya & Pumpkin Masque: $26.00 ; Ultra Soy Peptide Crème: $68.00; Retinol Night Crème: $59.00.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, ladies!


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NOTD: CoverGirl The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Capitol Collection in Sulfur Blaze

Two coats of CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Glosstinis in Sulfur Blaze, 600 from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Capitol Collection. Yellow Glass Flecks in a Bright Yellow Base.

Confession: I only bought Sulfur Blaze because it was a part of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Capitol Collection, and I knew that it would be hard to find again if I passed it up. I'm not sure if I ever even intended to wear it, because yellow polishes? Yeah, I'm just not that into them. Anyway...I randomly chose this shade to wear for Thanksgiving, and ZOMG!

I was expecting a golden shade. Something slightly sparkly, but otherwise insignificant. Instead I got pure brilliance! Seriously though, look at how eye-catching this color is! It's just...BAM!

Sulfur Blaze is sheer. So sheer that you could do three coats, or maybe even four. If you don't mind a little VNL, however, you can use two {like me}. Opacity aside, the formula was fantastic. It's self-leveling, smooth, and, like with Rogue Red, free of brushstrokes.

I am not an advocate of yellow polishes; but in the case of Sulfur Blaze, I will say buy, buy, buy! It has a bright, blinding brilliance to it, that you truly must see for yourself.

What nail color are you rocking for #ManicureMonday?

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{glam gift idea} sleep-in rollers

Lauren Conrad, The Kardashians, British Girl Group The Saturdays...three people {or, rather, posses} with some of the most enviable locks on the planet; and all achieve those perfect curls in an uber-comfy fashion...by sleeping on them with Sleep-In Rollers.


Sleep-In Rollers are designed to flatten like a sponge when you lay down on them, so they don't poke, prod, or make you uncomfortable while you're trying to catch a few zzzzz's. Rather, they transform your flat, lifeless locks overnight, so you wake up with a beautiful mane of volume, making them a glam gift for the girls in your life.

Which set would you love to gift or receive for the holidays? The Original Gift Set, the Beauty Kit Gift Set, the Hello Big Hair set, or the Glitter Rollers Gift Set Including Durable Carrier Bag?


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FTC Disclosure: I received a sample of Sleep-In Rollers from Sleep-In Rollers in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed herein are my own.


mani diaries app + lvx holiday trio 2013 giveaway!

Though Instagram will forever be my obsession; I am also a HUGE fan of the free iPhone app Mani Diaries {find me on there @cateyesandskinnyjeans}. Mani Diaries is basically an Instagram-like offering that allows users to share images and deets on their manicures and pedicures, and admire users of their choice.

For the holidays, Mani Diaries is giving away the LVX Holiday Trio 2013 {Retail Value: $36.00}.

LVX is a luxury vegan nail lacquer that is chemical-free and non-toxic {not to mention insanely pretty}.

Enter here. The Giveaway will run through this Monday - December 16, 2013.

Good luck ladies!


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blush & gray

blush & gray

Pastels for the winter? Personally, I've always been a fan {note my Essie Mint Candy Apple obsession}. There's an intense element of coziness to pastels that appear once the temperatures drop. The icy hues juxtapose chilliness with charm, making them a beautiful bright spot in a sea of dark tones. Céline Fall 2013 captured my heart with the mix of blush and gray hues. It's an overall feminine combo, with just the tiniest hint of saucy smolder. Here are six of my top blush and gray fashion and beauty finds. {Clockwise from Top Right}.

Dior 3 Couleurs Smoky Ready-To-Wear Smoky Eyes Palette in 051 Smoky Pink {$48.00}

Topshop Audience Bootie in Grey {$176.00}

Sole Society Skinny Bangle Set in Pink {$29.95}

Sole Society Keelie Almond Toe Flat in Cloud {$59.95}

ILLAMASQUA Rain Drops Nail Varnish in Pink Rain Drops {$17.00}

Tildon Clutch Oversized Shawl Cardigan in Pink - Smoke {$78.00}



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target holiday picks!

Self-professed Target-aholic here. Seriously though, I have yet to master the browse not buy methodology when it comes to Target trips. I always always wind up leaving with some unexpected fashion or beauty item. And when it comes to holiday shopping? Target is number one on my list {great prices, high-fashion pieces...you can see why}. Here are six of my top picks for the season. Warning: You'll likely want it all - I know I do.

ONE: Xhilaration® Junior's Faux Fur Vest in Cream {$29.99} TWO: Sam & Libby Dominique Pointed Toe Pump in Pewter {$39.99} THREE: Merona® Rose Gold Oversized Boyfriend Watch {$19.99} FOUR: Target Limited Edition Clutch with Removable Strap in Gray {$16.99} FIVE: Mossimo® Lina Buckle Ankle Boot in Black {$39.99} SIX: Xhilaration® Juniors Flannel Pajama Set in Black {$24.99}

1} Xhilaration® Junior's Faux Fur Vest in Cream {also available in Natural Tan} {$29.99} The perfect layering piece when it's frosty outside. I'd wear it over flowy, bohemian dresses in fall {very Penny Lane}; and couple it with white denim in winter for a ski-bunny look.

2} Sam & Libby Dominique Pointed Toe Pump in Pewter {$39.99} Wear them to holiday soirees or the office. The metallic hue keeps them neutral; the reptilian embossing makes them playful.

3} Merona® Rose Gold Oversized Boyfriend Watch {$19.99} Bling on a budget. The rose gold shade is the quintessential feminine touch to an otherwise masculine aesthetic. This would make a fab stocking stuffer, yes?

4} Target Limited Edition Clutch with Removable Strap in Gray {$16.99} The cracked faux leather is rustic in a high-glam way; while the turn-lock closure lends vintage flair.

5} Mossimo® Lina Buckle Ankle Boot in Black {$39.99} Toss them on over tights when it's chilly, or pair them with bare toes in the spring. The cutouts make them wearable for all seasons!

6} Xhilaration® Juniors Flannel Pajama Set in Black {$24.99} Whether they're unwrapped and promptly put on come Christmas morning; or worn to bed on Christmas Eve, they are the ultimate gift to celebrate or cozy up in!

Which of these holiday goodies would you pick for gifting or receiving?



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emerald state of mind


Emerald may have been the Pantone Color of the Year for 2013; but even though we're approaching the start of the new year, and the Pantone Color of the Year for 2014 {Radiant Orchid, if you hadn't heard}, I find myself stuck on the Emerald hue courtesy of Blake Lively's penchant for a certain pair of oversize Lorraine Schwartz studs. They're a simple mix of enchanting and elegant; managing to look just as sublime styled alongside tailored shorts as they do paired with an Age of Innocence-inspired fur collar. And, quite frankly, they're an accessory that have left me in an emerald state of mind. Here are my Top Emerald Picks {ideal for holiday soirees, or any time of year}.

ONE: BaubleBar jeweled vine drops {$34.00} TWO: BaubleBar pavé cushion cut studs {$44.00} THREE: BaubleBar emerald lantern studs {$28.00} FOUR: Shay Accessories teardrop crystal border earrings {$288.00} FIVE: BaubleBar emerald plume studs {$32.00}

Though I personally favor an oversize stud when it comes to my emerald cravings; there are a number of high-glam options if you prefer something a little more statement-making...two of which are the BaubleBar Jeweled Vine Drops in Emerald - which feature an earthy, nature-loving aesthetic - and the positively fit for a princess Teardrop Crystal Border Earrings in Gold/Clear/Emerald from Shay Accessories.

My favorite is the BaubleBar Pavé Cushion Cut Studs in Emerald {similar here} for their similarity to the Blake-adored Lorraine Schwartz version; but I'm extremely drawn to the BaubleBar Emerald Lantern Studs for their intriguing aesthetic, which reminds me a bit of lightning bugs. And last, but not least, is the BaubleBar Emerald Plume Studs - it's a chic stud-meets-drop hybrid {perfect for the girl who loves both styles!}.



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mark holiday picks {beauty}

You've already met my mark holiday {fashion} picks; now say hello to the beauty side.
These are my Top 5 holiday beauty picks from mark - all make amazing
stocking stuffers, or a simple sweet treat for your nearest and dearest. Bonus:
Everything is under $25.00. You're welcome.

mark beauty
ONE: Get Some Scents Solid Fragrance Pencil Giftset {$20.00} TWO: On the Dot Lip Color Compact {$16.00} THREE: Toolin' Around Mini Brush Set {$16.00} FOUR: Vanilla Cream Bath and Body Trio {$18.00} FIVE: Showcase Color and Clutch To Go {$20.00}

1} Get Some Scents Solid Fragrance Pencil Giftset {$20.00} Gift them as a 4-piece set to someone who loves sampling scents or do like me...split them up and tie one to the top of each gift as a bonus treat - they make adorable toppers!

2} On the Dot Lip Color Compact {$16.00} Bolds, sheers; brights, neutrals...this one's got a little bit of something for everyone. Bonus: It's a teeny tiny compact that easily slips into your purse, so you can change your shade midday.

3} Toolin' Around Mini Brush Set {$16.00} The mini eye shadow, eyeliner, concealer, lip color, and powder brushes are a must for the on-the-go makeup artist; and the metallic faux-leather case? Ideal for keeping your brushes cozy, or occasionally swiping for use as a glamorous change purse!

4} Vanilla Cream Bath and Body Trio {$18.00} Body butter, a fragrance pencil, and a 3-in-1 body wash make this the perfect way to gift an at-home spa day. Also available in Coconut Treat Bath and Body Trio and Lemon Sugar Bath and Body Trio.

5} Showcase Color and Clutch To Go {$20.00} The clutch? Faux patent leather in a pretty fuchsia hue. Inside? 6 lip glosses, 1 all over face powder, 2 blushes, and 4 eye shadows. Everything you need for a night out on the town- and then some.

What has caught your gifting eye?



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NOTD: OPI Mariah Carey Holiday Liquid Sand in Baby Please Come Home

Two coats of OPI Baby Please Come Home from the Mariah Carey Holiday Liquid Sand Collection. Lilac / Lavender-Toned Charcoal Gray.

There are a total of 18 colors in the Mariah Carey Holiday Collection {6 of which are Liquid Sand shades}, but Baby Please Come Home was the color I coveted most {and not just because I love the MC song of the same name}. Just look at it...

...have you ever seen anything so pretty? The color is absolutely stunning - a charcoal gray with lilac / lavender undertones {which are not obvious in all light}, and intertwined with silver.

As with all liquid sands...the formula was fantastic. Two coats for complete opacity, and no chips, or tipwear to speak of {just the way I like it}.

What nail color are you rocking for #ManicureMonday?

Follow me on Instagram @cateyesandskinnyjeans to see more of my favorite nail colors / art.


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ferrero rocher 25 days wrapped in gold holiday promotion

"On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me..."

I hope you're prepping for a gilded Christmas, babes; because Ferrero Rocher is bringing you 25 {yummy} Days Wrapped in Gold via their Facebook Holiday Promotion running from December 1 through December 25.

During those 25 days of fabulous, Ferrero Rocher is doing everything they can to make your holidays unforgettable and your season merry and bright by giving away prizes that range from the delicious {Ferrero Rocher 24-piece gift box, anyone?} to the decadent {a Platinum necklace with diamond flower shaped pendant worth $2,600 to be given away on the 21st - my birthday!} and luxurious {a Four (4) night trip to Alba, Italy for winner and one guest worth $6,500}.

Each day from now through December 25th visit the Ferrero Rocher Facebook Page and answer the question attached to the Daily Golden Giveaway for your chance to win something {that may just be too big to wrap}.

View details on all prizes and complete rules here.

Good luck, loves! May the spirit of the holidays be ever in your favor!


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FTC Disclosure: In exchange for this post, I received a Gift Box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates and $50 Gift Card. All opinions expressed herein are my own.


giuliana rancic fab fit fun {fff} vip fall box review

I admire Giuliana Rancic. She is such a brave and empowering woman {not to mention seriously stylish}, and her FabFitFun VIP endeavor is no different.

FabFitFun VIP is a quarterly subscription service catering to Beauty, Fitness, Fashion, and Wellness. Each season, for $49.99 you receive a box featuring $120.00+ of full-size premium products that are curated by Giuliana Rancic and the FabFitFun Team.

I received the Fall 2013 FabFitFun VIP box on Black Friday {such an awesome day-after-Thanksgiving-treat} for review, and I am still reeling from the amount of amazing goodies inside {which you will soon see for yourself}. Before I show you the swag though, I wanted to mention the FabFitFun VIP community.

Each day, new articles / blog posts appear that are applicable to women in any stage of their life, focusing on the things that matter to you - from Guilt-Free Cookie Recipes and Winter Beauty Secrets to Tom Hiddleston swooning. So even if you don't sign up for the quarterly FabFitFun VIP Program {though I highly recommend that you do - you'll see why in a minute}, you should definitely be checking out the site weekly for fun pieces. Now...onto the products:

Gorjana Griffin Canary Scarf {$57.00} | Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Cleansing Foam 5 oz {$28.00} | barre3 Standing Slim with Sadie Lincoln - 30 Minute DVD {$19.95} | Starlooks 5 Shade Shadow Palette in Morocco {$41.00} | Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Naturals in Classic Butter and Sea Salt {3 - 76.3g pop-up bowl bags} | Surface Trinity Protein Cream Pink 4 oz {$24.96} | SpaRitual Nail Lacquer in Devil Inside {$12.00} | Health Warrior Chia Bar in Coconut {$1.29} | drinkwel To-Go Packet {$2.49} | Bright Pink Brighten UP Card and Alert Sticker

The Fall 2013 FabFitFun 2013 Box was all about autumn coziness, featuring bits and pieces that covered food, fashion, beauty, fitness, and life, in general. If you were a subscriber, you would have paid $49.99 for this box; inside, there was over $187.00 worth of products - definitely a good deal.

The Starlooks product is a 5 Shade Shadow Palette. I received it in the Morocco color scheme, which is a mix of year-round apropos neutrals that are easy to blend and highly pigmented. The nail polish is a full-size bottle of SpaRitual's 'Devil Inside'. Swatches below:

Devil Inside is one of those elusive one-coaters. The formula is smooth, and the color...just look at the glow from within. Perfect for the holiday season!

The Bright Pink Brighten UP Card and Alert Sticker is an information pamphlet featuring 5 Things Every Young Woman Should Ask Her Doctor and 5 Ways to Be Bright Pink Today. It's adorably illustrated, and fits perfectly in with Giuliana's mission in spreading Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer Awareness. The other two products are a full-size liquid-to-foam cleanser from Bliss and a full-size strengthening protein cream for hair from Surface {the pink bottle goes with the Breast Cancer Awareness theme so well!}.

My entire family was crazy for the Popcorn. The flavor is incredible, and I love that the bag that you pop it in literally turns into a bowl - such a cute idea! I haven't tried the Chia Bar or Drinkwel products; but I love that they are portable, so you can eat and/or drink on the go. For reference, these products are sitting atop the Gorjana Griffin Canary Print Scarf I received in the box - which I love. The all-over canary print reminds me of the Twitter bird!

Super excited to try this DVD! I always do ballet workouts {4-5 days a week}, so this was made for me!

What are your thoughts on the FabFitFun VIP Fall 2013 box and the FabFitFun VIP program?


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FTC Disclosure: I received the products featured in this post from FabFitFun VIP. All opinions expressed herein are my own.
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