BOOK REVIEW: Prodigy by Marie Lu

Give me a moment to digest what I just read because after turning the final page of Marie Lu’s Prodigy, all I can say is mind. blown.

❝He is beauty inside and out.
He is the silver lining in a world of darkness.
He is my light.❞

We meet up with Day and June nine days after escaping from the Republic. John, Day’s older brother, has been executed in his place. Eden, Day’s plague-ridden younger brother, is missing. Los Angeles is on lockdown; Day is severely injured; and the two lovebirds are seeking asylum and assistance from the Patriots in Las Vegas. But there’s one thing I failed to mention: the Elector Primo is dead, leaving his early-twenty-something son Anden with the title.

New to the Elector Primo throne {figurative}, but familiar with the political scene, Anden is heavily disliked by the Senate due to his desire to do away with the Republic’s archaic systems, including the rigged tests that determine each person’s future. While his stance will likely please the oppressed people of the Republic, it may never come to fruition. At least, it won’t if the Patriots have anything to say about it.

Overseen by Razor {aka Commander Andrew DeSoto}, the Patriots are working from the inside of the Republic; but they’re more than happy to help Day and June…for a very high price. The Patriots {with Kaede and Tess in tow} are willing to make Day as good as new as long as he and June assist in assassinating Anden. By placing June in Anden’s hands {and a gun in Day’s}, Razor is convinced that he can eliminate the Elector Primo and overthrow the Republic for good. The question is: who are the bad guys and who are the good?

NGL here…this one started out very slow for me {we’re talking almost-abandoned-it-for-something-else slow}, and I didn’t feel the same love for some of the characters I adored the first time around; but overall it was a solid sequel.

My main qualm with Prodigy was the love square. Yeah, you read that right; Prodigy goes beyond the typical love triangle {which I am not a fan of}, and introduces an angst-filled love square involving Day, June, Anden, and Tess {how Tess went from endearing little sister to potential love interest within the course of a few weeks - book time - is completely beyond my comprehension, but whatevs}. I found the whole situation awkward, fumbling, and unenjoyable. In other words…it was cringey. In fact, that term could also be used for much of Day and June’s interactions.

The two narrators, whom I adored in book one, really lost a lot of their spark this go round. Speaking of spark…it was lacking in Tess as well. Tess, Tess, Tess. I loved her in Legend and legit loathed her in Prodigy. Nevertheless, I found other characters to fill the void: shockingly, Kaede won a huge place in my heart; as did Anden. And while Day and June did little for me for a good 75% of the book; they lit up the pages for those last few chapters, and left me eager to see how their story will end in Champion.

Star Rating: ****1/2




georgia peach

Billabong Pocket Flower Strapless Romper in GEORGIA PEACH.

Legit the sweetest little romper for summer!



NOTD: China Glaze Trolls World Tour Collection in No-Holds Barb

Three coats of China Glaze Trolls World Tour Collection in No-Holds Barb. Red Jelly.

This shade is on fire! Babes, I don't usually clamor over crimson, but I could not pass up this pretty for the summer season!

No-Holds Barb is a glooorious coral-meets-red hue that is desperate to deck your tips and toes for summertime! While this is a jelly, making it perfect for those sparkly jelly sandwiches, it can easily be donned alone, as you see here, as long as you apply an extra coat to prevent VNL. As a jelly, it is thinner and stickier than your standard creme; however, it doesn't cruise for the cuticles, applying beautifully with minimal effort.

What nail color are you rocking for #ManicureMonday?





ASTR The Label Villa Puff Sleeve Sweater in LILAC.

Those puff sleeves make me all swoony.



BOOK REVIEW: Left Fur Dead by J.M. Griffin

Gimme allllll the telepathic bunny books, ya hear?

Twenty-five-year-old Juliette ‘Jules’ Bridge is the proprietor of New Hampshire-based Fur Bridge Farm, an ultra-charming sanctuary-style rescue that rehabilitates bunnies; while providing community education on the proper care and keeping of rabbits. Oh, and did I mention Fur Bridge Farm also houses a beyond quaint gift shop brimming with bunny-raising supplies, along with the softest yarn on. the. planet. Yeah, kinda wanna go there pronto!

While Jules adores all of the bunnies who come into her care, she has a soft spot for Bun. Rescued from a physically and mentally abusive environment {his former owners were legit convinced that sweet Bun was in league with Satan}, the two share a bond like no other. No, really. You see, Bun communicates with Jules telepathically. Go ahead, read that again. Telepathic communication with. a. rabbit. Bun speaks to Jules in her mind, and Jules responds verbally {when no one’s around that is; wouldn’t want to be dubbed the crazy lady}. It’s a little secret the two share that not even Jess Plain {Jules’ friend, employee, fellow rabbit lover, and veterinarian-to-be} is aware of.

So how does this duo find themselves immersed in mischief and mayhem? Well…during one of their early morning outings in a nearby park, Jules and Bun happen upon the dead body of Arthur Freeman – aka Arty the Mime. Known for his stupendous performances around the local birthday party circuit {oftentimes alongside Jules and her bunnies}, Arty is somewhat of a local celebrity. And once Jules learns that he kicked the bucket not due to natural causes, but murder, she and Bun decide to put on their detective hats and crack the crime – much to the chagrin of Sheriff Jack Carver. The question is…will Jules and Bun solve the case, or be next in line for an untimely demise?

Oh. My Gosh. I loved this book! NGL, it took me 60 pages or so to really get into Left Fur Dead, but once I did I was hooked!! Bun is the cutest character ever. He actually reminded me of a British butler for some reason {kinda getting Alfred from Batman vibes}. And Jules and Jess are gems – I would love to hang out with these girls IRL. Though he was aloof, I found something endearing about the character of Andrew Stone, and I truly hope that he returns in the sequel {perhaps as a love interest?}.

Truth be told, I was able to pinpoint the killer the moment they appeared on the pages {intuition}; but that didn’t stop me from loving the story. Part of the appeal of cozy mysteries is an assemblage of lovable characters, and an endearing setting – both of which J.M. Griffin created fabulously here. I truly cannot wait to get my paws on book two, Who’s Dead, Doc?

Star Rating: ****







Endless Summer by Free People Magnolia Mini Sweatshirt Dress in POPPY.

Love this sweatshirt dress is strong.



NOTD: China Glaze Trolls World Tour Collection in Delta Darlin'

Three coats of China Glaze Trolls World Tour Collection in Delta Darlin'. Pastel Orange Creme.

Soooo... I seriously wish that this shade would have photographed better because it. is. smokin'.

Delta Darlin' is a dreamy orange creamsicle-esque shade that feels fit for spring through summer {but would also work as a winter pastel}. The formula here is a little bit thicker to work with; however, upon application, it's a bit thin. Meaning? Either apply 3 thin coats, or 2 thick coats for full coverage. This one is a total keeper!

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OPI Mexico City Mini 4 Pack Swatches + Review

There's something about Mexico City...babes, I never thought I could love a nail polish collection as much as I do this one; but OMG, OPI has blown me away with the Mexico City Mini 4 Pack. These colors are so pretty, so unique, and so necessary for summer 2020, I cannot even tell you - so I'll show you instead!

Mexico City Move-mint is a Fresh Mint Creme. Le sigh...ladies, I haven't been this head over heels for a mint polish since the iconic Essie Mint Candy Apple hit shelves; but OMG it's that good. Mexico City Move-mint is a shade for all seasons. The fresh mint hue would seamlessly transition from spring to summer and fall to winter, which is why it's going to be in constant rotation in my collection. Formula here is v thin; but builds beautifully to create a rich, decadent color that makes me think of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Highly recommend this beauty - and buy backups! This is 3 coats.

Mural Mural On the Wall is a Coral Crelly with Gold Glitter Shards. Babes, I am speechless over this stunner! Mural Mural On the Wall is a glorious coral crelly with gold glitter shards that are magical. At first sight, I thought this one would be orange; but the gold glitter shards really brighten up the color as a whole, and tone it down to a peachy/coral that is decadent for spring! Formula is super simple to work with. It does require a little extra dry time because of its crelly makeup; but it self-levels perfectly, and looks amaze in the sunlight! This is 3 coats.

Suzi's Slinging Mezcal is an Rich Metallic Gold Shimmer. OMG ladies this gold is glorious! Suzi's Slinging Mezcal is a super, super, super saturated gold metallic shimmer that is simply stunning. Not gonna lie, golds rarely do it for me; but this one is beyond fab! Formula was incredible - no streaking, builds fast, and lasts. for. days. For summertime I prefer more bronze metallics; but I will definitely be brining this bad boy out for holiday soiree season! This is 3 coats.

Telenovela Me About It is a Pink Creme. Ooh all you pink ladies out there must be swooning over this beauty because I know I am! Telenovela Me About It {that name tho!} is a glam hot pink that has allll the drama of a true telenovela due to that hidden blue shimmer that peeks out occasionally when you wiggle your tips. Formula here was bomb. I found it to be sliiightly on the thin side {hence the three coats}; but it's such a dream to apply {not to mention fast-dry} that it's truly no big. Highly recommend! This is 3 coats.

AVAILABILITY: Ulta and Amazon.

PRICE: $17.00 for the 4PC Mini Set; $10.50 for each full-size bottle.




BOOK REVIEW: The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis

Years ago I remember reading C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, followed by a few other tales of Narnia, but I’ve forgotten the titles since then, and overall have v little recollection of the series as a whole; thus, I decided to explore the Chronicles again.

Though published as book six in the series, The Magician’s Nephew is to be read first, as a prequel of sorts, to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

The Magician’s Nephew introduces us to Digory Kirke and Polly Plummer, two neighbors who become fast friends, and spend their summer days seeking adventure – which is how they come to find Uncle Andrew’s study. Uncle Andrew is Digory’s supposedly mad uncle who is convinced he’s a magician. But Digory and Polly soon learn that Uncle Andrew may actually be a magician.

While in Uncle Andrew’s study, the mad magician manages to trick Polly into touching a magical yellow ring that results in the young girl vanishing. With Polly gone, Uncle Andrew blackmails {I know, right?!} Digory into testing another magic ring in order to be reunited with Polly. In addition to the yellow ring, Uncle Andrew provides Digory with two green rings {green for returning home}; just in case the two children are able to jump back into their current world. It’s getting freaky now, mmm’kay?

Once Digory touches his yellow ring, he finds himself with Polly again – resting within a wooded area that connects the two worlds. And surrounding them? Pools - many, many pools. Each pool leading to a different universe.

Obvs, given the current circumstance, Digory and Polly elect to explore the different worlds before returning to England; which is how they uncover…Charn. Abandoned and desolate, the children shortly discover what they presume to be an ancient palace filled with statues of Charn’s former kings and queens. And smack dab in the middle of those breathtaking statues? A bell, a hammer, and the following words:

”Make your choice, adventurous Stranger
Strike the bell and bide the danger
Or wonder, till it drives you mad
What would have followed if you had.”

And thus, the story of Narnia officially begins; for once Digory and Polly take it upon themselves to ring that enticing bell many things are set in motion. From the creation of Narnia and the animals who reside within, to the origins of the lamppost {so prevalent in the pages of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe} and the presence of the {evil} White Witch. But, above all, we are introduced to Aslan - the overseer and creator of all things Narnian; and learn much about the spectacular Wardrobe, and its ability to transport the chosen to Narnia.

The Magician’s Nephew was entertaining, no doubt about it. In under 150 pages it packed a whole lot of action and magic, and did a brilliant job of setting the stage for future adventures in Narnia. The characters are engaging and likable from the jump; while the world-building is perfection. I will certainly be back for more!

Star Rating: ****

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