The Story of a Shoulder

I am a child of the 80s. Thus, it is no surprise that I can remember a time when the New Kids on the Block were being chased by legions of fans; parents were knocking one another over to purchase a chubby Cabbage Patch Kid for their offspring; and Jennifer Beals and her incredible dance moves a la the film Flashdance were being copied by everyone on the planet. Despite such an upbringing, the off-the-shoulder tee shirt trend never appealed to me much. Now, in the year 2009, I’ve become obsessed, and want to own one in every color.

LnA "Off the Shoulder Long Sleeve Flashdance Top I pre-ordered this LnA Off the Shoulder Long Sleeve Flashdance Top in Midnight from Singer22 just last week and am counting down the days until it will arrive on my doorstep. The neckline is wide, very reminiscent of a boatneck; while the body has a loose fit that is similar to the cut of the boyfriend style. The fact that the sleeves are long so that you can roll them up when the weather turns warm, or wear them down when it’s a little nippy? A feature that makes me overjoyed. I plan on wearing it with skinny jeans and ballerina flats for an effortless look that is chic and sophisticated, yet playful and fun!

Alloy "Off-Shoulder Tee" I constantly see items in the Alloy catalog that I would love to add to my burgeoning clothes collection, but it was this Off-Shoulder Tee in Iris that caught my eye, and made me eager to whip out my credit card in 0.5 seconds flat. This top is a staple for every girl for the warmer months. Dolman sleeves. Off the shoulder. Available in summery colors like heather coral, pool, lime, orange, hot pink, and many, many more. I don’t know about you, but I have all sorts of plans for this marvel. I'll wear it while lounging poolside with a fruity drink in my hand. I'll strut up and down the boardwalk sporting it with lace-up espadrilles and a mini. Someone pinch me; I must be dreaming.

Brandy and Melville "Off the Shoulder Long Sleeve" If I could live in sweatshirts, I gladly would. Unfortunately, since they oftentimes appear sloppy and unfashionable, as opposed to chic and trendy, I try to steer clear of them. This Brandy and Melville Off the Shoulder Long Sleeve, however, changes that. Equal parts comfy and cute, while remaining completely smart and trendy, this is an off the shoulder top that I desperately need to add to my wardrobe. And I’m not just saying that because, aside from a cute off the shoulder look, it sports a sweet little swingy bottom that is utterly irresistible.

Victoria's Secret "Off-the-Shoulder Top" Oh Vicky, somehow you never cease to amaze me. Regardless of the fact that you are known for your lacy underpinnings, your Off-the-Shoulder Top proves that you are one to be reckoned with even in the clothing world. This is an off-the-shoulder offering that you don’t get lost in. The material is drapey, yet manages to cling to and showcase every curve; while the cowlneck seemingly shimmies over your shoulder to display a little skin. As with almost everything from Victoria ’s Secret...je veux!

Free People "We the Free Gypsy Jersey Top" Palm trees are synonymous with Southern California (the place I currently live). White is one of my favorite colors. Free People is a clothing site that I frequent multiple times per day. Gypsy is the name of one of my cats. Correct me if I’m wrong, but with the amount of coincidental occurrences between me and the We the Free Gypsy Jersey Top, how could I possibly not buy it? This is a piece that would look absolutely amazing topping a tie-bikini bottom. And paired with candy-colored short shorts? Ah-dor-a-ble!

What’s your take on the off-the-shoulder top? Better left in the 80’s, or a fashion trend to embrace for the summer of 2009?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to LnA Clothing, Alloy, Shop Intuition, Victoria's Secret, and Singer22 for the pictures.


Smitten Saturday

My Buddy So, I have a confession to make. I’m currently harboring a “little” crush on someone at work. He has hair that sticks up in every which direction, is always smiling, and, my personal favorite, wears the most adorable Buddy Holly-inspired glasses. He’s nerdy-cute, and I don’t even know his name. I do, however, know that his retro eyewear has me giddy. Now, whenever I see Buddy Holly frames, I can’t help but think of him. These Shuron Freeway Eyeglasses remind me of when he was singing in the hallway. These remind me of the quick, shy glances we exchanged in the cafeteria. And these make me think of the oh-so casual way he tosses his sweatshirt over his shoulder. I can’t help myself; I would love to make the cute boy, in addition to a pair of these glasses, my buddy!

Panties & Polish Matching your nail polish to your blouse, dress, even your shoes, I have heard of. Matching your nail polish to your skivvies, however? It’s something new to me; yet it piques my interest and makes me want to pull out my wallet. Hanky Panky’s new Signature Lace Low Rise Thong and Polish Set has just made its way to the tip top of my wish list. I plan on reserving the Chai/Bliss Pink offering, which accompanies the blushing Ballet Slipper polish for demure moments that call for something classic and understated; and using the Diva Blue/Coral Reef set featuring a Geranium colored polish that is simply burning up for those days when I’m feeling spicy. Sure, you may be the only one to know that your underthings match your nails; but that’s the fun of it, right?

Ice, Ice Baby I introduced all of you to my gush-worthy 8 7/8 Carat Smokey Quartz & Sky Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Ring on Monday. Since then, I have not taken the beautiful bauble off my finger. It has become a part of me. In fact, I find it difficult to even separate with it long enough to take a shower each day. Thus, due to my passion for the gorgeous gem, I have already begun contemplating my next Ice.com purchase. First up is the 9 Carat Green Amethyst & Black Sapphire Sterling Silver Ring that my blogging pal La C. is lucky enough to call her own; and which reminds me ever so much of one of my favorite types of ice cream – Mint Chocolate Chip! Second is the 9 Carat Rainbow Moonstone and Iolite Sterling Silver Ring. And third is the 6 3/4 Carat Citrine & Smokey Quartz Sterling Silver Ring. Forgive the Vanilla Ice reference, but it’s completely necessary...“Ice, Ice Baby...”

Gingham Girl While many equate tribes of ants with picnics, I find that there is one other thing that should be completely synonymous with the fun gatherings…gingham! It’s a print that can work for the wellie-wearing farm girl, or the stiletto strutting city dweller. Free People’s Picnic Plaid Matador is hands-down my favorite piece. The yellow color (it’s also available in black and red gingham) is summery and fun; but the lace crocheting and drawstring tie in the back, paired with the pintucking in the font give it a sophisticated flair. This pink gingham shirt dress is the perfect toss on for casual days when you’re looking for something light and airy to run around in. This Navy Rockabilly Gingham Cocktail Dress is just sassy enough to wear for a Hamptons-inspired getaway complete with a big straw hat and sunglasses to make you feel incognito. And Betsey Johnson’s Gingham Taffeta Halter Sundress is simply perfect for a retro party. There’s no question about it, I am a Gingham Girl through and through!

Cupcake Craze Vanessa Cantave, Executive Chef of New York City ’s Yum Yum Chefs once said “With cupcakes, everyone can have her own personal dessert. Plus, they’re so cute!” Truer words have never been spoken. And, since I am currently in the mood for a little party, I believe that cupcakes are an essential way to get into the celebratory spirit. Cupcake Royale’s Red Velvet offering looks scrum-diddly-umptious; and the fact that it’s known as the “Scarlet O’Hara of the pastry case” makes me desperate to indulge in one or two. I was given a Black Forest Cake for my sixteenth birthday. Despite my age, when no one was looking I scraped all of the glazed cherries off the top and ate them in one sitting, leaving the rest of the cake behind. Cupcake Café’s Black Forest Cupcake reminds me of that day; plus it gives me the opportunity to indulge in chocolate and cherries without any guilt. And the treats at Dots Cupcakes are just too pretty not to love – I’ll take one of everything!

Twilight Aside from Buffy’s daring dances with vampires as she strived to slay them one by one, I have never been very interested in the blood-sucking beings. But since being introduced to Edward Cullen, all that has changed. I am almost finished with Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight and am adoring every moment of it. There are so many wonderful bits. It takes place in Seattle (a location I am desperate to visit); the writing is lyrical and poetic; and best of all, it features a handsome, rogue vampire by the name of Edward Cullen who has captured my heart. I truly do not care if it’s abnormal; I want to marry a fictional character, plain and simple.

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to La Couturier and Free People for the pictures.


The Haute Hostess

Much like Samantha Sweeting, the star of Sophie Kinsella’s The Undomestic Goddess, I am what you would kindly refer to as domestically challenged. I can’t sew a stitch without pricking my finger. Whipping up a quick cake typically results in a mini fire. And using the dryer without shrinking my entire wardrobe? Completely impossible. But, I digress, while browsing through Costco yesterday, I came upon something that could transform me, you, or Sex and the City’s style savvy Carrie Bradshaw from the Undomestic Goddess into the Haute Hostess.

It is not everyday that I find myself wandering the fine china aisle, so I can only chalk it up to fate that I should decide to sashay that way on this particular day; for sitting there under secure lock and key was the most divine set of entertaining accessories one could ever hope to find. The Rosanna Flavored Martini 9-Piece is the fledgling fashion-forward entertainer’s dream come true. Why? It’s dressy not dowdy. Sleek never sloppy. And without a doubt ostentatious not old hat.

The four plates each showcase a different type of chichi beverage being orbited by colorful polka dots of varying sizes. The yellow bedecked piece represents the tart Lemon Martini. The tangerine adorned bit stands for the sweet Tangerine Martini. The green gilded arrangement expresses the slightly sour Apple Martini. And the punchy pink vignette embodies Ms. Bradshaw’s drink du jour, the Cosmopolitan. Each plate has a matching coaster which creates a very blissful and oh-so fashionable place setting. But my personal favorite is item numero neuf…the milky white serving tray sporting splashy pink polka dots, and illustrations displaying each swank drink. It is this last little touch that makes the Haute Hostess truly come to life.

Oh yes, I can already feel the undomestic goddess slipping away from me. Gone are the ballerina flats that were just adorning my feet; in their place, shimmery stilettos. My skinny jeans and billowy tunic have been replaced with a frou-frou frock. The understated band perched upon my index finger and charm found at my throat have morphed into a statement necklace and cocktail ring. My sloppy bedhead has been yanked into a chic chignon. And in my hand? The Rosanna Flavored Martini 9-Piece, of course. I’m about to introduce the Haute Hostess to the world…care to come to my debut?


Falling for the Fedora

When Vanessa Hudgens wore one on the cover of Cosmogirl! not too long ago, I was unimpressed. When I saw a handful of celebrities traipsing down the street with the funky accessory perched casually atop their head, I was annoyed. But over the past few weeks, I have realized just how versatile this piece of headwear truly is. It can be worn with dresses. It can be worn with shorts. It can be worn with skinny jeans. Heck, it can even be worn by your grungy boyfriend. Yes, I have a confession to make...I am falling for the fedora.

Eugenia Kim “Max Vented Toyo Fedora with Patent Trim and Buckle” In my search for fedoras, I have quickly realized that designer Eugenia Kim reigns as queen. She has created enough styles and colors to fit every mood and personality; though my absolute favorite piece by her is the Max Vented Toyo Fedora with Patent Trim and Buckle. The camel and brown colored perforated material is the most perfect thing for summer; but it’s the skinny black patent trim and buckle which resembles a trendy belt that has truly caught my eye. I can’t help but want to wear this with a sparkly fitted mini-dress for a night out with the girls.

Forever 21 “Basketweave Feather Fedora” When it comes to clothes, I tend to steer clear of prints, and stick closer to solids. When it comes to accessories, however, the opposite is often true. Which is why I find this Basketweave Feather Fedora utterly adorable. While it’s not tweed, the black, white, and gray basketweave design is very close to it; and the forest green grosgrain fabric bow hatband manages to add a nice contrasting touch. But the true piece de resistance is the spotted yellow feather, which fits quite well with the feather obsession I’ve been harboring for the past six months!

Urban Outfitters “Indestructible Fedora” I will admit that part of the reason that this fedora has grabbed my attention has to do with it’s name, the Indestructible Fedora. It makes you think of it as a piece of headwear that has some type of superhuman (or perhaps superhat) powers. But the fact that it’s constructed of a gray material that possesses a stone blue hue has more to do with my affections. Add in the tonal ribbon band and the fact that it has a slightly different fit than the typical fedora, and all I can say is je veux!

RVCA “ Hamptons Fedora” As someone with brown hair (albeit light/golden brown hair), when it comes to hats I often favor light colors, so they truly pop. Thus, it was love at first sight with this RVCA Hamptons Fedora in White. Crafted completely of paper straw, this is a cream colored piece of perfection that has quickly won the key to my heart. The slightly downturned brim. The thin pink hatband. The flirty, lightweight color. I can already picture myself frolicking upon the beach in a bikini with this lovely sitting jauntily upon my head.

Banana Republic “Canvas Fedora” Since I’ve already confessed to falling in love with the fedora, and admitted to having a feather obsession, I find it only necessary to tell you that I have never in my entire life set foot in a Banana Republic store; but since spotting this chic Canvas Fedora, I truly regret that decision. While hats don’t usually seem like fitting office attire, there is a part of me that wants to go out and buy a fitted business suit in a sleek gray color, and pair it with this fashionable piece. There is something so very retro about this hat that makes me completely gaga. My hand is creeping towards my wallet...who knows, this hat could be on my doorstep in less than a week!

Have you fallen for the fedora?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Singer22, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Revolve Clothing, and Banana Republic for the pictures.

Zippity Doo Dah

Time and time again I have proclaimed that I will stop buying shoes. But when you find a pair as unique as these Zip Ruffle Flats, you cannot simply turn the other cheek and walk away from them. No, instead you must find your size, place them in your cart, whip out your credit card, and follow in the precocious Eloise’s footsteps by proclaiming, “Charge it please!”

My, oh my, it certainly is a wonderful day!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Free People for the picture.


Garden Party

Spring is here, and to properly ring it in a Garden Party is most certainly in order. The calligraphy-adorned invitations have already been hand-delivered to my guests. The pretty petit fours, lemon teacakes, cucumber finger sandwiches, and honey fruit salad has been prepared. Atop the long table nestled amongst the greenery rests a crisp white linen tablecloth touched up with a vintage silver serving tray, and flower-adorned white china teacups. Inside the matching teapot an English tea sits. In miniature saucers and bowls lie lemon wedges, cream, and sugar cubes. Everything is ready for my guests. I, however, am not. The perfect look for a proper garden party escapes me. But wait, maybe I have something just right for the occasion. This Floral Satin Dress.

Pink, white, red, and green mingle together on this divine white satin backdrop. A plunging sweetheart neckline provides just the right amount of space for a statement necklace to clasp prettily at the throat; while the pleats and empire waist add a billowy, bouncy flair. Cinched around the waist, a thick grosgrain bow tie sash in a contrasting fuchsia color that creates a charming dainty bow in the back. And underneath it all rests a frilly tulle trim. Yes, I have found the most irresistible ensemble for my garden party. The question is...what will you be wearing to the event?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Charlotte Russe for the picture.


Blue Crush

As blue as the sky on a bright, clear, cloud-free morning. As sparkly as the ocean when struck by a ray of sunlight. As breathtaking as the anticipation of a first kiss.

If you guessed that I was talking about a priceless new relic debuting at the Met, you’d be wrong. Rather, I’m referring to my newest acquisition. Of the cocktail ring variety.

It arrived on Friday morning. Just shy of the twelve-noon mark. I, typing away at the computer, was interrupted by the loud ringing of the doorbell. Quick as a flash I dashed to the front door, and found the tiny box staring up at me. Before even reading the address label, I knew what it was, and where it had come from.

Tape and wrapping were torn and tossed away creating a scene much like the one made by tiny tots on Christmas morning. Before I knew it, I had reached the prize. Like finding a toy in the Cracker Jacks box; only this was no toy. The white, stiff-cardboard box was perforated with the word Ice.com; a baby blue satin ribbon tied in a pretty little bow on top.

I slowly, carefully lifted the lid to find a deep blue velvet box like none I have ever seen before. Opening the top made me flashback on the Pretty Woman scene where Richard Gere lifts the lid of a cream-colored jewelry box to expose a decadent diamond necklace, only to snap it closed on Julia Roberts’ gloved hand. I cracked the lid, and there it was in all of its glittering glory...my 8 7/8 Carat Smokey Quartz & Sky Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Ring.

Dramatic and daring. Smoldering and sassy. Subtle and sweet. How one ring manages to embody each and every one of these things is almost incomprehensible to me; but it does. The blue topaz is light, and quite reminiscent of a large piece of frozen ice. The smokey brown quartz clusters seemingly orbit the paler shade, producing a delicious contrast. When hit by the sun, the darker color manages to appear almost golden. Set on a scrummy sterling silver band and backdrop that is ultimately too good to be true.

Despite the fact that I am not doing anything special tomorrow – simply going to work; I have already decided that the beautiful bauble that will be sitting upon my finger? My under-$100 piece of perfection, of course. I can already hear the excited screams and shouts of my co-workers as a mini-riot ensues due to the irresistible charm of my little lovely.

What ice.com piece do you want to take home with you?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Ice.com for the pictures.


Penny for Your Thoughts

I have many summertime rituals. Sleeping for a few days straight to de-stress from nine months of studying. Launching a Gossip Girl marathon, followed by a day full of chick flicks. Lounging about in my pajamas for weeks on end. But the most popular summertime ritual in my book is my penchant for re-reading Beverly Cleary’s 1950’s based Young Love Quartet - Fifteen, Jean and Johnny, The Luckiest Girl, and Sister of the Bride. While each book is about a different girl, each character had one thing in common...an affinity for donning penny loafers with everything from flowy skirts to capris. Which makes me wonder if adding this retro, menswear inspired footwear into our wardrobe would make us just as lucky in love as Barbara, Jane, Jean, and Shelley.

Women's Sperry Top-Sider "Authentic Original Harborside" I have often viewed penny loafers as a confining form of footwear that often come off as dark and dowdy; these Women’s Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original Harborside’s have completely changed my mind. The white patent is compatible with any casual outfit you may have lying around in your dresser drawers – from jeans to capris, and short shorts to skirts – but the clincher is the fact that aside from the patent leather bits, the top and sides are made up of a matching mesh material that makes it easy for your feet to breath – even when the weather turns outrageously warm!

Enzo Angiolini "Lizzia" Perhaps the true reason that I fell in love with these Enzo Angiolini Lizzia’s has to do with my passion for Chanel’s Two-Tone Ballerina Flats, but I am completely head over heels with the updated look that these manage to disperse. The black is rich and chic looking; while the quilted white tongue and trim makes for a nice color contrast. The little black bow tassel adornment is, in my opinion, the best decorative touch, as it adds a sense of femininity to an otherwise masculine style. I would love to wear these with black skinny jeans and a black turtleneck.

Tory Burch "Clayton Anthracite Leather" Some say that black, white, navy blue, and gray are always staples in a girls wardrobe. In my opinion, a nice sparkly metallic should be tossed into the mix as well. Like the aforementioned base colors, metallics manage to add a little oomph to anything and everything, be it your worn-in jeans, or your brand new mini. Hence the reason why these Tory Burch Clayton Anthracite Leather are the perfect addition to any girls closet. The color is neither gold nor silver; it’s more of an in-between pewter that is classically beautiful – much like the penny loafer style itself. My mind is made up, I really think I need these.

Roxy "Penny" Over the years I have realized that Roxy is synonymous with three things:




So it is no surprise that their contribution to the world of penny loafers would be a pastel-colored piece of paradise. I am currently lusting after the Regatta Blue, as it is the color of the sky, water, and most of my wardrobe; though the Aspen Gold is also irresistible with its bright, sunshiny persona. The patent leather upper is slick, shiny, and splendrous; and the white contrasting stitching is, in my mind, simply irresistible. The fact that these are only $47.95 a pair makes me want to buy them in every color!

Charlotte Russe "Penny Loafer Pumps" Sure it may not be the exact style that June Cleaver trotted around in on Leave It to Beaver; but for the girl who wants penny loafer style without sacrificing height, these Charlotte Russe Penny Loafer Pumps are perfect, perfect, perfect! And I’m not just saying that because I am absolutely smitten with the candy apple red color and black contrasting stitching. They really are perfect. And, unlike the typical penny loafer, you’re able to wear these for a night out on the town with your pals, or that cutie you’ve been crushing on for the past month.

What are your thoughts on the penny loafer?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shoebuy, Zappos, Jildor Shoes, and Charlotte Russe for the pictures.


Smitten Saturday

Sock It to Me As much as I love the fact that with summer comes the end of school (at least for a few months), and plenty of time to laze about and relax, one thing that truly saddens me about it is having to put my socks away. Think about it, for months we spend every moment with socks encasing our tootsies, and suddenly we don’t need them once the warm weather hits. So, as a tribute to my love of socks, I have chosen a few pairs that I desperately need. L'un numéroter are these cupcake pink Long Cuffable Scrunchable Socks. I truly believe that if Marie Antoinette were alive today, these would undisputedly be her favorite accessory for feet. Numéro deux are these Tuxedo Knee Hi’s, which are just kitschy enough for the beautiful Blair Waldorf. And numéro trois would unquestionably have to be these Yummy Argyles Knee Socks which are deliciously preppy.

Fashion Junkee I used to think of myself as a slave to fashion; but since discovering FashionJunkee I have come to the conclusion that the title Fashion Junky is much more fitting. Why? Well, to put it bluntly, that’s exactly what I am. I eat, breathe, and sleep fashion. It is the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning, and the last thing I think of when I go to bed. Since I don’t have the bank account of the Hilton sisters, however, I’m forced to find gorgeous pieces on a budget; and this is just the place to do it. Currently I am coveting this gray Boho Fringe Messenger Bag because it reminds me ever so much of the JJ Winters Suede Fringe Bag that I was salivating over just last month. This red satchel – because it’s impossible for any girl to make it through life without a stoplight red bag hanging from her arm. And this black slice of heaven. Until I make my first million, I am a devoted FashionJunkee.

Getting Swizzy With It I don’t want to stir my iced tea with a tall silver spoon. Bendy straws, while fun for a short time, hold no real...oomph for me. And plastic stirrers found at gas station mini-marts? Fuhgetaboutit! I want to hear the clickety-clack of ice being tossed around inside my tumbler while perusing one of Orbix’s hand-blown Glass Swizzle Sticks. The Sherbert set is absolutely perfect for the summer. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the candy cane inspired set sitting on the dining room table. The Straight set is ideal for a night under the stars. Purple Pop is foolproof for the posh, precocious toddler’s party. And the Pastel Blues set? I could definitely see myself towing these about for a day spent poolside. You can’t stop me now, I’m on my way to getting swizzy with it!

Ruler of the Empire By now you are all well-aware that I am still eagerly awaiting the arrival of a handsome prince to sweep me off my feet; and that it is my dream to live the life of a modern day princess. So it is no surprise that I favor the look of the empire waist over many others. After all, draping yourself in such fabulosity gives you the ability to be the ruler of your very own empire; but such style is also optimal for comfortable summer sass. At the moment, I am waiting for the chance to call this Encinitas Dress in either fuchsia or hot coral my very own. This Kimchi Blue Daydream Dress has become the star of all of my fashion fantasies. I have high hopes for this retro-inspired Halter Dot Curtain Dress. And the color of this Rosette Bubble Dress simply makes me giddy. Who knew it could be so simple to be the ruler of your very own empire?

Christmas in May I understand the sentiment that it is better to give than to receive more than most. But, even I must admit that it is nice to receive an occasional prezzie here and there. This week, however, was more like Christmas in May. First there was the arrival of a prize won from Savvy Mode in the form of Nina Willdorf’s City Chic (a book which I have not put down since receiving; in fact, it’s currently nestled in my handbag). Then came the delivery of Jocelyn, my gorgeous new best friend. The June/July 2009 issue of Teen Vogue made an appearance in my mailbox with a picture of one of my favorite style starlets - Selena Gomez - splashed across its springy cover. And last, but certainly not least, was yesterday’s landing of my long-awaited 8 7/8 Carat Smokey Quartz & Sky Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Ring from Ice.com, which is yummy to the tenth power. Yes, it was a very good week indeed.

Danny Boy I am in love. And yes, I am happy to report that this time it is not with a handbag, pair of shoes, or piece of jewelry. No, I have finally fallen in love with a boy. His name? Danny Roberts. Okay, so I’m more in love with his illustrative masterpieces; but, you know, same difference. Since spotting his Girls in Glasses tee mere days ago, he has quickly won a permanent place in my heart. His I Love Colors piece? Je veux! The Lily Cole Backstage 131? Breathtaking. And the Coco Rocha Part 2? Beyond cute. I can’t help it, I want to plaster my bedroom walls with his work. If only I could earn a living simply staring at his quirky illustrations.

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Luphia Loves... and Free People for the pictures.


This Seat Is Taken

I’m not one of those girls. You know them quite well. The ones who swiftly snag a seat at Balthazar, or on the subway, then promptly plop their purse down on the ground where it sits in the line of fire, at risk of being stomped on by a pair of stylish, sky-high stilettos; kicked; or even stolen by a fashion savvy thief. No, I treat my handbags with the same respect as human beings. Which is why, when asked “Is someone sitting here?” I reply with a curt, “This seat is taken.” By my purse, of course.

What bag is currently sitting next to you? Or, more importantly, what bag would you like taking up residence by your side?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to ModaLuxury for the picture.


Tomboy for a Day

Up until the time I was fifteen I was the biggest tomboy you would ever meet. Okay, so I wasn’t out in the streets playing basketball with the boys; but I was decked out in backwards baseball caps, baggy jeans, and beat-up tennis shoes twenty-four/seven. It’s a memory that I would love to put behind me; but ever since I was introduced to the waifish pixie Agyness Deyn and her oftentimes boyish style, I’ve wanted to revert back to my old tomboy ways...at least occasionally.

Forever 21 “Crinkled Plaid Shirt II” Plaid used to be synonymous with lumberjacks and the grunge movement; but since making its way back into the world of fashion everyone from Lauren Conrad to Lindsay Lohan has been rocking the trend. The absolute best thing about this look is that it’s androgynous (much like Aggy herself) making it a must-have staple in the world of a tomboy. My favorite plaid piece right now? This Crinkled Plaid Shirt II. The color and fit is feminine, but the style is slightly masculine. Pair this with cropped jeans and you’d easily get that retro, Grease lightning vibe that John Travolta’s Danny Zuko had down so well.

Stephenson Jeans “Other Brother” It’s impossible to embrace the tomboy style without a good pair of jeans by your side. And what better pair than those created by Amy Stephenson, an individual who has literally titled her designs as “tomboy chic.” They’re understated yet unbelievably classy. The single brass button manages to give these divine denim divas a look that is both retro yet modern. And the bootcut provides the option of wearing them with heels when you’re feeling girly, or sneakers when you’re trying for that tough girl tomboy touch.

Urban Outfitters “Spillane Straw Fedora” Hats are to boys what headbands are to Blair Waldorf – practically inseparable. Unfortunately, boys are usually unaware that the beat-up trucker hat they’re so reliant on isn’t the most fashion-forward piece in the shop. To go tomboy, you won’t be needing a headband, but you don’t have to give it up for a hat that makes you cringe either. A great alternative to the typical baseball cap is this Spillane Straw Fedora. The color is neutral, so it will go with anything; and the fedora has become a versatile, trendy accessory for both males and females. So you can wear it with your sundress next week when you’re feeling feminine, mysterious, and flirty!

axcess “Jolie Cross-Body Shoulder Bag” The cross-body bag is a more feminine version of the messenger bag. This Jolie Cross-Body Shoulder Bag is no exception. Not only does it possess a very vintage vibe; but it’s loaded with pockets that are eagerly awaiting the chance to give your keys, cell phone, credit cards and other personal paraphernalia a new home. The dark tobacco color is perfect for the tomboy in you, and the rugged style will make you feel like Tomb Raider herself whenever you toss it on. In fact, I feel like Lara Croft just looking at it!

Dr. Martens “Purple Smooth” Believe what you will, but much to popular belief, Dr. Martens are not specifically made for construction workers or Goths. In fact, they are a fabulous form of footwear that I have been wearing since the eighth grade (though I wanted them when I was in the fourth). Aggy wears them in various colors all the time, and Natalia Vodianova recently wore them on the cover of Jalouse. Thus, the tomboy footwear du jour? Dr. Martens in Purple Smooth, of course! The color would look absolutely perfect paired with black; and even better is the fact that you can tuck your jeans into them, or toss them over. Either way is simply splendrous!

What’s your favorite tomboy fashion?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Kohl's, and Dr. Martens for the pictures.


Going Native

There was a time back in the second grade when I was obsessed with Native American culture. While my classmates were snoring through study sessions, I was rapidly researching anything and everything associated with the Cherokees to the Iroquois; the Mojaves to the Navajos, and every tribe in-between. Thus, regardless of the fact that I am not in possession of a headdress, have never called a plank house home, and am much more in my element in the city rather than on a farm, I have decided that the time has come for me to go native. At least in terms of dress.

Wildfox Couture’s Light Feather Raglan Tee Shirt is calling my name. And yes, I have decided to answer. I’ll take the black, please. Despite the dark color, the dolman sleeves provide such a light, airy feel; and the loose, off-the-shoulder fit is flirty in a throwback to Jennifer Beals’ light-on-her-feet character Alex Owens in the 80’s cult film Flashdance. But the absolute piece de resistance is the colorful spread eagle and feathers emblazoned on the chest. The orange morphs to red; red morphs to pink; pink morphs to purple; purple morphs to blue. It’s an ombre effect that is both irresistible and impossible to ignore.

Can you imagine how divine this would look paired with skinny jeans and slouchy boots? Ooh, I get chills just thinking about it. Come to me now, Light Feather. I already have a space in my closet ready for you to reside.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Singer22 for the pictures.


An Apple A Day

I have been tempted by the forbidden fruit. A crystal-encrusted tribute to the food that poisoned the flaxen-haired Snow White. An enamel enshrouded pendant thought to promote good health. A dark as night home to the wayward wiggly worm.

No matter how you look at Kenneth Jay Lane ’s Apple Necklace you can undoubtedly predict that you’ll be bobbing for a breather after fielding question after question about the avant garde pendant. It’s a juicy piece that holds so many stories and possibilities within its under 2-inch round body. The black is shiny; quite reminiscent of the frame of a Magic 8 Ball. And the gold and crystals? A magical contrast to the midnight sphere.

An apple a day...will it truly keep the doctor away, or is it more likely to keep the accessory addicted fashionista’s jewelry cravings at bay?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Regencies for the picture.


Girls in Glasses

You’ve seen them. You know who they are. The Girls in Glasses. They traipse the halls as if it’s their own personal catwalk; their long legs swathed in black denim, their stunning tresses pulled into tight chignons. And perched upon their perky noses? Big, dark, round Chanel sunglasses. You can try to mimic their style. Perhaps befriend them in the Bendels dressing room. But you’ll never be one of them. You can, however, own them. In the form of illustrator Danny Roberts’ beyond irresistible Girls in Glasses tee. A charming collaboration between the artist and London ’s Borders & Frontiers based off of his Girls in Glasses Print (which I need hanging in my bedroom!).

Starring the stunning Sasha Pivovarova, the gorgeous Gemma Ward, and the breathtaking Jessica Stam, Roberts (known for his illustrations depicting various “IT” Style Bloggers) has truly outdone himself with this chic, yet truly affordable, creation. What do I plan on wearing it with? Hmm...let’s see:

For shopping Black opaque tights, a flouncy black mini, and leopard print ballerina flats.

For socializing Dark wash skinny jeans, sophisticated black pumps, and a cropped black blazer.

For relaxing Black skinny jeans, and black Converse.

A requirement for each look? A Giant Balenciaga City, and the one item that pulls it all together...Chanel sunglasses, of course. This tee is such a splendid way to add a little splash of pizzazz to otherwise understated ensembles.

Though let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I suppose that I should first obtain a tee of my own before planning the many ways I will wear it.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Refinery 29 and Igor and Andre for the pictures.


Fringe Benefits

If you’ve ever worn fringe-encrusted shoes, you know that random passersby instantly look down to see what is shimmying in their direction. It’s an eye-catching form of footwear décor that is equal parts three-dimensional, versatile, and just plain yummy. In fact, to a certain extent fringes feed my fashion cravings. Thus, finding so many different ways to curb my fringe appetite? Obviously overwhelming. In a splendid way, that is.

Dani Black "Fringe Sandal" Most of the time you want to make an impression when you enter a room; but with these Dani Black Fringe Sandals, you’ll create more of a stir when you’re walking out of it. Why? These Southwest style beauties have something in common with the mullet – “business in the front, party in the back.” The scrummy suede fringe is hidden in the back of these gorgeous carved heels as opposed to taking center stage in the front; making a quick, unnoticeable exit completely impossible.

Balmain "Tassel Ankle Sandals" So very rarely do I find myself salivating over a pair of sandals. In fact, I’m not sure if such a thing has ever occurred before in my life. Leave it to Balmain to change that. I’ve seen them worn with boyfriend jeans and blazers; leggings and mini-dresses. Face it, these Balmain Tassel Ankle Sandals would look to-die-for paired with just about anything in your closet.

Christian Louboutin "Short Tina Suede Peep-Toes" I think I love you. From the first moment I laid eyes on these Short Tina Suede Peep-Toes, I can’t help but to admit that I felt an undeniable connection with them. The color is positively electrifying. The fringe around the ankle seemingly sashays with every step you take. And the little belt-like buckle? J’adore! These are not shoes meant to take a backseat to any ensemble; they are meant to stand front and center, the crowning glory of your outfit du jour. As heartbreaking as this sounds, I feel the need to bow down and worship these shoes.

Office "Magnificent Tassel Bootee" Have you ever seen the movie The Shaggy Dog? I believe that these Magnificent Tassel Bootee’s are the shedding, slobbering scoundrel’s fabulous footwear counterpart. The long tassels are very reminiscent of an unkempt (yet completely chic) fringe; while the peep-toe makes these ankle booties perfect for spring, summer, winter, or fall. Take the silver studs around the ankle into consideration and I’m in heaven.

Dolce Vita "Maraco Fringe Sandal" I’ve always wanted to be Pocahontas, sans the villainous Governor Ratcliffe, of course. The second I spotted these Maraco Fringe Sandals, I just knew that the time had come for me to fulfill my fantasy. At least fashion wise. A little bit slouchy. A little bit flirty. I think I’ll pair them with my white cotton sundress. Maybe a denim mini. Or...I’ll pair them with anything as long as they’re mine. Je veux!

How do you feed your fringe appetite?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Victoria's Secret, Net-A-Porter, Office Shoes, and Free People for the pictures.


Smitten Saturday

Office Space I am only going to ask this question once...why did I not know about Office Shoes before this week? Why have I spent countless hours searching for footwear of differing heights and styles at numerous websites, when I simply could have surfed on over to Office? In the past two days alone I have discovered three pairs of mind-blowing shoes that I truly, truly need. There is the Office Bea Flat Knee Boot Black Patent. It makes no difference to me that the warmer months are upon us. It is never too hot to wear a delicious pair of black boots. The Office Cecilia Toe-Cap Ballerina which is, to put it bluntly, the ballerina flat equivalent of the Chanel 2.55 Quilted Bag. And it would be rude of me to forget the Blowfish Seize Boat Shoe. Red. Patent leather. Tassels. Enough said. I want some Office shoes taking up space in my closet right now.

In the Swing of Things Yesterday I was flipping through the May 2009 issue of InStyle magazine and promptly fell in love upon reaching page 124. Why? Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi has a swing inside her house! Now, I am the biggest fan of swings on the planet; yet even I had never seen one hanging smack dab in the middle of someone’s living room. But now that I have, I will admit that having one of my own has become essential to my existence. Ouno is going to help me do just that. Who knows, someday soon I could be blogging from my very own indoor swing!

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream Social! When I was younger I used to live for the Ice Cream Socials my elementary school would host in place of typical pizza parties, regardless of the fact that I was never the biggest fan of ice cream. Now, I can be a part of glamorous Ice Cream Socials without ingesting the chilly concoction thanks to Ice Cream Social; my new favorite stationary shop. Their creamy offerings are just as sweet and yummy as a dessert – with half the calories! I’ll take an order of Custom Wedding Invitations (no, I’m not getting married, but my heart does belong to two things featured on these divine cards – New York and Paris !); a side order of Deer in Love; and a scoop of Tea Cup Cards. Mmm mmm good.

Saddle Up There was a time when becoming a horseback rider was one of my biggest goals in life. It didn’t matter that my only experience with horses was walking around the kiddie corral atop a tiny pony for a grand total of 32.5 minutes. As you can probably tell, my equestrian aspirations went nowhere. My devotion to equestrian inspired accessories, however, still lives on. At the moment, it can be found predominately in the form of saddle inspired handbags. The Sabina Convertible Leather Bag is the crème de la crème of saddle bags. Buttery material; breathtaking sienna color; pockets galore. Je veux! As if the tan color and saddle-like look weren’t enough, this Oversized Handle Foldover Convertible Tote virtually transforms into a shoulder bag, clutch, or tote bag. Take your pick. I truly believe that this IGNES Ormala Whisky Tote Bag was a saddle in another life. Shiny, smooth, and sporting antique gold hardware. What more could a horse-loving girl possibly ask for?

The Fantastic Elastic I have smaller hands than most 4-year-olds; so finding a ring to fit my petite size 5 1/2 fingers? The biggest challenge in the world. Unless I plan on spending an arm and a leg on some 14K piece of pomp instead of the inexpensive bit of costume jewelry I was eyeing, it seems as if my search for the perfect cocktail ring is destined to fall flat. So my interest is piqued by rings sporting elastic bands. I have seen numerous websites selling them, but am currently gaga over Moxsie’s Cupstone Ring which is big, bold, and beautiful – just the way I like them! Still, the question remains...are elastic banded rings truly as fantastic as I hope they are?

Fame! As writers and bloggers we are always on the receiving end when it comes to interviews, as opposed to the giving end. So when Leia from HiFashion e-mailed me about a Café Fashionista feature, I was worried that my answers to her interview questions would be more geek than chic. I ended up having the time of my life answering her questions, which you can read here. Andy Warhol once said “Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.” This was just a little brush with fame, and I must say it’s fun, fabulous, and so very, very dangerous. Why? It’s addicting, of course. Thank you, Leia!

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to la couturier and Urban Outfitters for the pictures.


Bonjour Barbara!

Rise and shine, mas petites. A new day has come; and with it, an announcement. Barbara Hulanicki has arrived. At Topshop, of course.

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to love Topshop:

The Kate Moss Collection.

Store locations that have more in common with a playground-like palace as opposed to a shop.

Just about everything my heart desires can be found there.

We have yet another thing to adore about them…the inclusion of Biba founder, Barbara Hulanicki’s, fashion sketches to accompany simply scrummy designs that are utterly perfect for the spring and summer. The Bow Shoulder Dress in a ravishing red brings out the wannabe screen siren in me. The coral colored Button Skirt is rather divine. And that purple Halter Dress is certainly smashing. But what I really want? Well, if you haven’t already guessed, I’ll simply tell you...anything and everything adorned with those scrawl-like fashion scribbles.

My absolute favorite piece? The orange Strap Jersey Dress. While I’ve never displayed any type of passion towards the color orange, for the sketches of the bedhead displaying, hoop-wearing pixie alone I’ll turn a blind eye to the bright color.

Then there’s the grey Shoe Print Vest which is actually a tank top with the most amazing knotted back. I would buy it a size or two bigger and wear it with black skinny jeans. Regardless of height, wouldn’t you feel like a supermodel strutting around in such an ensemble?

And not to be forgotten is the the pale orange Giant Shopper Bag depicting the stoic silhouette of a cap-wearing fashionista which I am currently crushing on. It’s absolutely tote-tastic!

Bonjour Barbara, and au revoir darlings; I’m off to do a bit of Topshop browsing!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Conde Nast for the pictures.


Cocktails with Lola and George

Perhaps I’m lost in space. Or maybe I’ve simply gone back to the future. Quite frankly, it makes no difference to me either way. All I know is that I am unquestionably over the moon for the futuristic creations of Carla Taylor (aka the brainchild behind the glamorous Lola and George line); and want to share my joy with the world. So a teeny tiny off the cuff interview? Obviously a flawless and completely fitting style for spreading my Lola and George-obsessed gospel.

Why the name Lola and George?
Carla: Lola is someone I would imagine to be sultry and coquette. George...oh, George is debonair. The name of the company embodies elegance, timelessness, and kitsch. The pertinent question is “Are you a Lola, or are you a George?”

When/how did you start Lola and George?
C: Lola and George began in 2002. I had been on a creative streak and decided to start revamping vintage findings into contemporary pieces. I was a bit broke, and needed something beautiful to update my look. After getting a few great compliments, I started making them for friends as gifts. It all grew from there.

What type of childhood did you have to get you interested in jewelry design?
C: My mom encouraged me to paint, draw, sculpt, and photograph from the time I was 4. She let me partake in very destructive creative ventures. I loved to mix her lipstick with perfume and baby powder to get the most glorious paint. I pretty much live and breathe all things art, but I let it come to me fairly organically. I would be the crazy woman on the side of the road talking to the birds if I could.

What’s on your wish list right now?
C: I think a Vena Cava Black Abata Gown (please feel free to add a spiral staircase to this fantasy). Also, I love the Topshop Dolce Vita Buenos Aires Jumpsuit. And because I am a bonafide Las Vegan, Alexandra Neel Cleopatra Fringe Stilettos.

Can you describe the ultimate Lola and George wearer?
C: An existential crisis made me really consider this seven years ago. I strongly believe in karma and that all things are as they should be. All I can do is love every moment of the creative process, and hopefully the piece will end up where it is supposed to go.

What do you love to read?
C: I read mostly books. Right now I am reading Broken for You by Stephanie Kallos. I love Nylon magazine. And, like every good girl, I subscribe to Vogue.

What are your favorite tools/materials to work with?
C: I love working with paper. Origami is surprisingly complicated. It is quite meditative. I also think that if I can effectively manipulate paper, the physics of wire will come more naturally to me.

What is your go to accessory?
C: Heels and hoops.

What inspires/influences what you create for the Lola and George line?
C: Right now, my fall inspiration is coming from an 80’s George Michael video. Astronomy, Georgia O’Keefe, travel, music, Sophia Loren, and quantum physics have all been great influences.

Favorite places to shop?
C: Vintage stores, showgirl depots, Lululemon.

What is the mission of Lola and George?
C: Our goal is simply to make you feel gorgeous.

Any advice for girls who love fashion/design?
C: Try anything once and do it boldly without apologies. Remember, judgment is the end of creativity.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Lola and George for the pictures.


Young Love

Last year I was head over heels for Peter Bjorn and John’s Young Folks; a few years previous I was obsessed with the quirky Napoleon Dynamite; and now my heart belongs to this unconventional Young Love Tee from Delia’s which manages to conjure up thoughts of both beloved fads of my past.

The black and white sketch epitomizes the true meaning of fashionable young love – she in a 60’s inspired ensemble complete with thick-framed glasses, ankle socks, and short shorts; he in a bowler hat with skinny jeans and a trendy scarf exuding a relaxed, laid-back cool guy persona – while maintaining an easy, breezy, retro feel that you could eat up with a spoon. Reminiscent of the illustration’s found within the pages of Louise Fitzhugh’s Harriet the Spy, this is one of those rare finds that impulse buys were made for.

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Delia's for the picture.
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