black widow

BLANKNYC Faux Leather Joggers in BLACK WIDOW

Obsessed does not even begin to descibe my level of love for these bad boys!



NOTD: OPI Muse of Milan Nail Lacquer Collection in Suzi Talks With Her Hands

Two coats of OPI Muse of Milan Nail Lacquer Collection in Suzi Talks With Her Hands. Steely Gray Creme.

Not too long ago, it wasn’t easy to find great gray polishes {total pain IMO}, but OPI is changing. the. game.

Y’all, Suzi Talks With Her Hands is a gorgeous steely gray that falls into that illustrious wear now, wear later, wear whenever category. The shade easily works through all four seasons due to its neutrality; but don’t let that term leave you thinking it’s boring. This color is perfection - as is its formula.

Two swipes and you’re left with the plush goodness you see above. Bonus: long-lasting, chip-free wear. For reals though…I wore this bad boy for 6 days and it looked brilliant from beginning to end.

What nail color are you rocking for #ManicureMonday?




essie Gel Couture Holiday Longwear Nail Color 3 Piece Mini Kit Swatches + Review

Y'all, I feel like essie hasn't made a mini collection in ages, so when I spotted a couple petite pretties from them this season, I had to snatch them up! First is the Gel Couture Holiday Longwear Nail Color 3 Piece Mini Kit. You're only going to see two colors here, as the third piece of this set is a top coat {amazing btw!}, but they are two shades that will see you through the season in style! Side note: these colors would also be perf for Valentine's Day, so they have that buy now, wear later quality that no one can resist.

Bubbles Only is a Burgundy Creme. It has been. a. minute. since I last used essie, but I am so here for this shade for the holidays! Bubbles Only is a classic burgundy creme that was meant to be worn at posh holiday gatherings overflowing with good food and gorgeous friends. This one is a dream to work with; but, even more...it does. not. stain. I had this bad boy on for 6 days, and it removed without a hint of staining. Huzzah! Grab this beauty for the holidays and all seasons! This is 2 coats.

Chiffon the Move is an Ivory Shimmer. Le sigh...can we all agree that this little beauty is the epitome of elegance? Chiffon the Move, while described as an ivory shimmer, has a v strong pale pink undertone that gives it a ballet slipper feel. This one does apply sheer, so you can control the opacity of it. I used three coats here, but VNL is still visible, so, for my preference, I would likely add a fourth coat to increase the opacity. For those who fear shimmer, the shimmer here is not overwhelming, so it maintains a grown-up feel. A necessary entry into your elegant polish colors. This is 3 coats.


  PRICE: $12.99 for the 3PC Mini Set; $11.59 for each full-size bottle.




BOOK REVIEW: Troubled Blood by Robert Galbraith

I have read all of Robert Galbraith's Cormoran Strike books over the years, so despite the amount of {unfounded} controversy surrounding the latest installment, Troubled Blood, I absolutely could not resist picking up a copy - if only to catch up with Strike, Robin, and the rest of the gang. Let me state that this is not the type of series I typically gravitate to; but the noir-inflected feel and character-driven storylines have kept me enthralled from the jump. Troubled Blood, though somewhat hard to digest at times, was, overall, very much the same.

Troubled Blood opens with Strike visiting his family in Cornwall. It’s there that he is approached by a woman requesting his help in finding her mother, Margot Bamborough, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The catch? Margot went missing in 1974. Though Strike has worked on many cases, a cold one has never been part of his repertoire, let alone one from forty years ago; but he’s intrigued, and accepts - despite the knowledge that the chances of success seem slim.

Though only one case in their long list of jobs, Margot’s disappearance quickly becomes the front-runner for Strike and Robin, leading them down a messy path rife with tarot cards, a psychopathic serial killer, and a wide array of witnesses – many of whom appear to have something to hide. But is one of them the culprit?

I’m gonna be real here, at 944 pages, Troubled Blood is a tome. And for many of those pages I truly felt as if I was wading through information that, while good fodder for character development, would ultimately contribute very little to the overall storyline. I wasn’t wrong.

Do I care to read about multiple visits with Strike’s family during a grieving period? Not really. Do I want more details about Robin’s disastrous divorce and overall unlikable family? Negative. But I know Galbraith’s {Rowling} talent, so I muddled through it {albeit halfheartedly} in order to get to the true heart of the novel, and what lies there is brilliant.

The character development found within these pages is outstanding. Through interrogations and interviews, snippets from book and newspaper coverage of Margot Bamborough’s disappearance, and a mind-blowing incorporation of astrology, Galbraith’s narrative brings a ripped from the headlines tale to the Strike series that will satisfy the biggest true crime fan – or anyone interested in behavioral psychology.

Star Rating: *****



NOTD: OPI Love OPI, XOXO Holiday 2017 Collection in My Wish List Is You

Two coats of OPI's Love OPI, XOXO Holiday 2017 Collection in My Wish List Is You. Poppy Red Crelly.

I've legit had this shade sitting in my stash for 3 years, but December felt like the perfect time to whip it out.

My Wish List Is You is a lush poppy red crelly that is stellar for all of your chic Christmas soirees, but would also feel right at home on a beach in the Bahamas due to its beautiful brightness. This one practically paints itself; but it is quite sheer - I could have done a third coat myself to reduce VNL, but wasn't in the mood. Regardless, it's a brilliant beauty for the season, and comes highly recommended.

What nail color are you rocking for #ManicureMonday?




Free People Kinsley Floral Long Sleeve Wrap Minidress in BLACK COMBO

LOVE the edgy-meets-elegant aesthetic of this beauty.



swirls gone wild

BB Dakota Swirls Gone Wild Faux Fur Coat in GREY

The obsession is real with this one!



NOTD: SEPHORA COLLECTION Color Hit Mini Nail Polish in L02 Under the Covers

Three coats of SEPHORA COLLECTION Color Hit Mini Nail Polish in L02 Under the Covers. White Creme.

Le sigh, white polish will forever have my heart {but you already knew that}.

Under the Covers is a glorious opaque white crème with a fabulous, fabulous finish and ridiculously easy to work with formula. My one qualm with this shade? Tbh it’s a personal preference. I like my white polishes to be super stark, chalky white, and this one has just the slightest beige-y/yellow undertone that makes it more neutral than I like. Still stunning; but it won’t become one of my white go-tos.




NAILS INC. Keep It Tonal Nail Polish Set Swatches + Review

Maaaybe I'm wrong, but fall nail polish collections have seemed few and far between this year, so when I spotted NAILS INC.'s Keep It Tonal Nail Polish Set I could. not. resist. Babes, this is the collection for pumpkin spice season, and I. am. here. for. it. You will be too after you see these brilliant shades of autumn. Also, bonus: the brushes for this collection are basically the best ever. Just saying.

Chamomile Street is a Mocha Brown Creme. Can we just all agree that brown polishes do not get enough love? Like seriously! Chamomile Street is essentially the nail polish equivalent of chocolate - decadent, creamy, and smoooooth. This particular one may be my new fave as it is so lovely for year-round wear {but I especially love it for harvest, when the leaves are changing colors and the world is awash with the scent of cinnamon, spice, and pumpkin!}. The formula here is legit wow-worthy - fast-dry, easy to use formula, and built.in.shine. If browns are your thang, you need to try this bad boy on for size!
This is 2 coats.

French Ordinary Court is a Caramel Creme. Soooo...I was expecting this shade to be a pumpkin spice-meets-burnt sienna-meets rust; but, on the nail, it was none of the above. Is that a bad thing? Yes and no. Basically, it wasn't what I was looking for; but I love it nonetheless. French Ordinary Court is a creamy, dreamy caramel-meets-maple syrup color that would be perfect for year-round wear, or any and all fall festivities {we're talking pumpkin patch dates to hayrides}. The realclincher? The formula is TDF. OMG ladies it is such a beautiful thing, I can't even. A heavy hand will get you opacity in one coat; a lighter hand {ahem...moi} will require two. Either way, it is perfection. Highly recommend! This is 2 coats.

Beech Gardens is a Khaki Creme. If we're talking unique nail colors this bad boy must be in the top 5! Contrary to popular belief, Beech Gardens is not a brown creme. In fact, while I myself thought it was a milk chocolate shade simply from viewing the bottle; on the nail Beech Gardens has an olive-meets-army-green undertone that is ultra-quirky for autumn - and your personal polish collection! Formula here is a dream - full-coverage, easy to apply, and a beyond gorgeous glossy finish; all of which put it in a class of its own, and make it covetable! This is 2 coats.

Mansion House Street is a Nude Creme. Let's be honest, nudes rarely pique my interest, but this one reminds me of iced coffee, and I am here for it! Mansion House Street is a stunning your-nails-but-better shade that is so necessary for year-round wear. The soft caramel undertones keep it from feeling mannequin-hands, and legit make me want to keep it on rotation all. autumn. long. Formula here is fantastic, being both fast dry and long-lasting. Even if you're not a fan of nudes, I think you'll like this one! This is 2 coats. 


  PRICE: $22.00 for the 4PC Mini Set.




BOOK REVIEW: The One and Only Bob by Katherine Applegate

”Maybe it’s easier to forgive others once you’ve learned to forgive yourself.”

Not gonna lie here, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of Katherine Applegate’s The One and Only Bob since the end of 2019; but I didn’t purchase a copy until now because I was terrified that it wouldn’t live up to the utter amazingness that is The One and Only Ivan. After watching the Disney+ film of Ivan’s installment, however {if you haven’t seen it yet, stop what you’re doing and go watch. it. now.}, I knew that I needed more Bob in my life, and here we are.

Broken out into four parts, The One and Only Bob gives us the perspective of Bob, the tiny albeit feisty terrier who once shared a cage with the infamous Ivan. Today, Bob has left behind the Exit 8 Big Top Mall and Video Arcade and taken up residence with Julia and George, who dote on him and take him on frequent trips to visit Ivan and Ruby at their new home at a local zoo. Which is where Bob is when a life-changing hurricane-meets-tornado hits, forcing every animal, friend or foe, to put their differences aside and band together to survive.

In all truth, Parts 1 and 2, while enjoyable, were not the standouts for The One and Only Bob; serving mainly as an update on the characters we grew to love in its predecessor, and giving only the slimmest glimpse into Bob’s past. The past that, even now, he has been unable to put behind him enough to fully trust humans. The true story begins within the pages of Parts 3 and 4, when Bob finally feels confident enough to show his vulnerable side, revealing chunks of his puppyhood and subsequent mistreatment by the hands of humans to reflect on how those incidences shaped him into the dynamite dog he is today; and allowing him the chance to break down the barriers that were making him incapable of full love.

What’s remarkable about Katherine Applegate is her ability to present truly heavy topics in a format that is accessible, understandable, and virtually considered light reading for even the tiniest of readers. She introduces the concept of animal rights and kindness in a way that leaves such an impression on you – whether you are 4 or 94; and that, my friends, is talent.

Yes, this is labeled as a middle grade book, but I cannot recommend it enough. The reading is quick {I finished it in its entirety in less than 2 hours}; but the characters live on in your mind {and heart!} long after the last page is turned. While you will find no spoilers here, I will say that the ending put the biggest smile on my face, and that smile appears time and time again whenever I think of this book. Please don’t miss this one.

Star Rating: *****




layered in lace

Free People Layered in Lace Leggings in BLACK

The sassiest update to your basic leggings. These would be perfect with boots + tunics/long sweaters for the chilly months!



NOTD: OPI Muse of Milan Nail Lacquer Collection in Complimentary Wine

Three coats of OPI Muse of Milan Nail Lacquer Collection in Complimentary Wine. Burgundy Creme.

But like…if you’re not wearing burgundy polish, is it even fall?!

Complimentary Wine is, IMO, the best burgundy meets merlot nail color on the market. We’re talking Holy Grail status. The color here is so rich, so gorgeous, and so easy to work with! Yes, this is three coats; but they are coats that last. for. days. And the color cannot be matched.

Buy a bottle, then buy a back-up bottle because you will be wearing this beauty a lot!

What nail color are you rocking for #ManicureMonday?





Topshop Eddie Faux Fur Coat in RED

Ultra impractical, but I'm kinda feeling it?



BOOK REVIEW: The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

True story: Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ The Inheritance Games was one of my most eagerly-anticipated fall 2020 releases, but I found it to be such. a. letdown. Womp womp.

Even before her mother’s death, seventeen-year-old Avery Grambs’ life was full of hardship. Poverty, near-homelessness, not enough food…these were just a smattering of the things she endured in the midst of navigating adolescence. But she persevered with the help of her big sis Libby {same absentee father, different mothers}, and her own determination and street smarts - not to mention her five-year plan: survive high school, score a scholarship, graduate summa cum laude, and land a cushy job. Her plans go out the window thanks to Tobias Hawthorne.

Tobias Hawthorne, the billionaire. Tobias Hawthorne, recently deceased. Tobias Hawthorne, who has bequeathed Avery his entire fortune {can we take a moment to talk. about. luck. Like omg why can’t this happen to me?!}. That’s right, overlooking his four {brawny, brainy, and beautiful} grandsons {Nash, Xander, Grayson, and Jameson}, along with his own {albeit off-kilter} daughters, Tobias has literally handed his entire fortune over to a…stranger. Yep, that’s the real clincher of the story…Avery has never met Tobias Hawthorne. So the fact that she was named so heavily in his will? ’Tis a mystery to you, me, and every other character within the pages of The Inheritance Games.

To claim her inheritance? Avery must reside within the hallowed halls of Hawthorne House for precisely one year - alongside the rest of the Hawthorne family. Seems easy enough; but when you’ve been pegged as a con-woman and potential puzzle that needs to be solved {and are the target of a family with wealth and power at their disposal}, all bets are off.

In a world of Kardashians, Hilton’s, and Trump’s, where riches and ostentatiousness are the norm, The Inheritance Games goes too far on the believability scale. From the moment we are introduced to Hawthorne House we hear about the bowling alley and the solarium and various wings; but as The Inheritance Games continues, Barnes adds more and more onto this house to the point where it feels ridiculous and sounds more like a small country than an estate. I get that this is fiction, but this was a big peeve of mine. But I digress…

I went into this book expecting mystery and suspense and possibly magic; but, aside from a disengaging puzzle and assortment of rabbit holes that try {and fail} to lead you astray, this felt more romance-y to me than anything else. Additionally, there were similarities between this and, believe it or not, The Princess Diaries. The makeover scene felt very Mia Thermopolis morphing into Princess Mia of Genovia, with lawyer Alina Ortega playing the role of Grandmere, and bodyguard {security detail} Oren being highly reminiscent of Lars. Then there were the Hawthorne boys whose beauty and ethereal presence triggers memories of Twilight’s Cullens.

NGL, I wanted to love this one; but I felt disconnected from virtually every. single. character. - barring Xander, Oren, and the brief glimpse of Harry. Yes, the premise had promise, but the execution was lackluster. Sadly, this was my first book from Jennifer Lynn Barnes, and will likely be my last.

Star Rating: **1/2





Free People Breton Stripe Pullover in EGGNOG COMBO

Obsessed with the slouchy goodness of this bad boy!



NOTD: China Glaze To Catch A Color Halloween 2019 Collection in You've Got Blackmail

Two coats of China Glaze's To Catch A Color Halloween 2019 Collection Collection in You've Got Blackmail. Black Silver Texture.

Not gonna lie here...I bought this one for the name. But do you really blame me? I mean, who could resist a name like that?! Aaanyway...

You've Got Blackmail is beyond bomb. Though at its heart it is a matte black texture with silver glitter, if you apply top coat {like I did here} you're able to draw out a purple undertone that is deliciously vampy. Formula here was such a treat {see what I did there?}. Two coats and you're completely covered, plus it's so incredibly easy to work with, and super fast dry! If you're looking for a little something different for All Hallows Eve, I highly recommend this gorgeous gal!

What nail color are you rocking for #ManicureMonday?





Free People BRB Tuic Sweater in ENDLESS COMBO

BRB basically want to hibernate in this beauty!



BOOK REVIEW: Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver

"And this, really, is the story-within-the-story, because if you do not believe that hearts can bloom suddenly bigger, and that love can open like a flower out of even the hardest places, then I am afraid that for you the world will be long and brown and barren, and you will have trouble finding the light.

But if you do believe, then you already know all about magic."

Lauren Oliver's Liesl & Po is not going to be for everyone. It deals with heavy concepts such as death, murder, disappearances, the afterlife… but intertwines them with magic, and love, and timeless friendship. These are topics that are heavy for adults, let alone younger readers; but Lauren Oliver presents them in a way that is melancholy and beautiful and poetic and, IMO, impossible to put down.

Eleven-year-old Liesl has not seen the light of day for a very, very long time. The reason? Upon her father’s falling ill, her greedy, evil stepmother {what even is a story without an evil stepmother?!} locked her away in the attic, opening the door only long enough for a servant to toss meager meals to the dwindling girl. Her only connection to the outside world a tiny attic window that she rarely glimpses out of. The third day after her father passes, however, things change; for on the third day Liesl has visitors…but not visitors of this world.

Po and Bundle are from the Other Side; interlopers who, out of curiosity, lifted the veil to Liesl’s world, the Living Side. The appearance of Po, a blurry spirit who is neither boy nor girl, and has no recollection of its life on the Living Side; and the also smudgy Bundle, who is neither dog nor cat, serve as a form of hope for the somber Liesl, and quickly become comrades to the lonely yet charming child. But that is not where their motley crew ends, for there is also Will.

Apprentice to an unkind alchemist whom refers to him as Useless more often than not; Will knows Liesl from afar, spotting her by moonlight at her attic window, where she occasionally sits with head bent over her sketchpad. While Will and Liesl have never met face to face; Will has had many imaginary encounters with the orphan, and has hopes to make them a reality. But the circumstances in which his dreams become a reality are quite out of the ordinary.

A collision between Liesl and Will is set on course during a return to the Other Side by Po and Bundle. While there, the two happen upon Liesl’s deceased father; and, after an interesting conversation with the lost man, inform Liesl of his bizarre words, setting the orphan in motion. Liesl now has something to keep her occupied: returning her father’s ashes to her childhood home - the last place he was happy. But as she plans her escape and journey, a mix-up involving the greatest powers in the world and said ashes, bring Liesl and Will together and intertwine their story in a remarkable way.

Liesl is understated yet charming. Though she starts off lithe and ghost-like herself, she has a fiery spirit and determination that will enchant and captivate readers. Will, as her companion, is humorous and kind; and you can’t help but to empathize with his character, and the hand he has been dealt in life. The true stars for me, however, remain Po and Bundle.

There is something about Po that is highly reminiscent of Casper {think 1995 version starring Christina Ricci and Devon Sawa}. He is kind and caring and friendly in the same vein as Casper; yet you feel pain behind his words, and can’t help but to feel your heart break at his lack of memories. His bond with Bundle is so very heartwarming {perhaps a continuation from their time on the Living Side?}; and a reminder of how important the human / animal bond truly is.

Liesl & Po is such a beautiful book to get lost within. I absolutely cannot recommend it more - especially during spooky season! To Lauren Oliver: please continue Po and Bundle’s story – I would love to learn more about their time on the Living Side, and the cause of their untimely end.

Star Rating: ****






fleece love

BB Dakota Fleece Love Jacket in IVORY

Kiiiinda obsessing over those varsity striped cuffs!



NOTD: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Mellow Yellow

Three coats of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Mellow Yellow. Egg Yolk Yellow Creme.

Babes, I’ve had this one in my stash for over a year now, so I figured it was time to take it out for a spin.

Mellow Yellow is the perfect fall yellow, as it’s deeper, more golden-toned than a bright summer yellow {yes, there’s a huge diff between the two!}.

While I l-o-v-e the color; I found the formula for this one less than desirable. Though easy to apply; it takes three coats for complete opacity, and then left a bumpy finish in its wake. I’m not writing it off yet; but I may have to try a different application process the next time I use it.




OPI Muse Of Milan Mini Nail Lacquer 4-Pack Swatches + Review

Ermagersh babes I L-O-V-E fall nail polish collections; but they usually cater to a variety of reds that aren't always my fave, so when I saw the blue/purple-focus of OPI's Muse Of Milan Mini Nail Lacquer 4-Pack I knew I needed it in my life. Ladies, this. collection. is. fire. From the formula to the colors...I am obsessed, and you will be too!

Complimentary Wine is a Burgundy Creme. But like…if you’re not wearing burgundy polish, is it even fall?!
Complimentary Wine is, IMO, the best burgundy meets merlot nail color on the market. We’re talking Holy Grail status. The color here is so rich, so gorgeous, and so easy to work with! Yes, this is three coats; but they are coats that last. for. days. And the color cannot be matched. Buy a bottle, then buy a back-up bottle because you will be wearing this beauty a lot! This is 3 coats.

Leonardo's Model Color is a Navy Blue / Purple Metallic with Iridescent Microglitter. Y'all if we're talking about lemmings, this color takes. the. cake. Leonardo's Model Color is in a class of its own. Though dubbed purple; this bad boy is uber chameleon-esque taking on a wide variety of looks depending on your current lighting sitch. The navy blue/purple shift makes it glorious for starry winter nights; but it's the unexpected gold and red iridescent microglitter that make it ideal for harvest. If rare is what you crave when it comes to polish, you need to grab this one stat! This is 2 coats.
Duomo Days, Isola Nights is a Deep Sapphire Creme. Duomo Days, Isola Nights is decadent. Seriously. Though described as a deep sapphire blue crème, I get some teal vibes from this beauty, which is ultra-unique for the polish industry. The formula is utterly phenomenal {and with a heavy hand can def be a one coat wonder}. Highly, highly recommend! This is 2 coats.

Suzi Talks With Her Hands is a Steely Gray Creme. Not too long ago, it wasn’t easy to find great gray polishes {total pain IMO}, but OPI is changing. the. game. Y’all, Suzi Talks With Her Hands is a gorgeous steely gray that falls into that illustrious wear now, wear later, wear whenever category. The shade easily works through all four seasons due to its neutrality; but don’t let that term leave you thinking it’s boring. This color is perfection - as is its formula. Two swipes and you’re left with the plush goodness you see above. Bonus: long-lasting, chip-free wear. For reals though…I wore this bad boy for 6 days and it looked brilliant from beginning to end. This is 2 coats. 


  PRICE: $16.50 for the 4PC Mini Set; $10.50 for each full-size bottle.




BOOK REVIEW: Ice Wolves {Elementals, Book One} by Amie Kaufman

If I’m being honest, I must tell you that I purchased Amie Kaufman’s Elementals: Ice Wolves because…wolves! Y’all know I’m Team Wolf, so I couldn’t pass this one up…and I’m glad I didn’t!

Twelve-year-old twins, Rayna and Anders Bardasen, are street kids. Orphaned as tots when their parents were killed in a supposed Scorch Dragon attack in Vallen, the two ditched their orphanage digs years ago, preferring to fend for themselves using nothing but street smarts. Stealing, pickpocketing, occasionally running with other orphans, the two have done it all {typically with Rayna at the helm}; but everything changes during the Trial of the Staff.

The Trial of the Staff {think The Hunger Games’ Reaping Ceremony} is an event that brings Elementals to life. Those who transform into a wolf while touching the staff are immediately enrolled in Ulfar Academy to train as Ice Wolves; those who fail to transform are mere mortals. Then there are the rare few whom transform into Scorch Dragons. Scorch Dragons live in the secret location, Drekhelm, and are sworn enemies of Ice Wolves. Which brings us to our predicament.

During a pickpocketing gone wrong, Rayna and Anders find themselves in line for the Trial of the Staff. Believing that their placement will merely make those around them forget about their thieving faux pas, they’re unconcerned about what may happen; but when Rayna transforms into a Scorch Dragon all bets are off. With the town of Holbard in an uproar as the Ice Wolves attempt to capture Rayna; very few notice that Anders himself as transformed as well - into an Ice Wolf.

Virtually unheard of for siblings to transform into different elementals, Rayna and Anders are an anomaly, and manage to escape unscathed - for a short time, that is. When an attack leaves Rayna captured by Scorch Dragons, and Anders enrolled as a student at Ulfar, however, Anders must use his new resources {and friends} to find his sister before she is used as a sacrifice on the equinox.

Rather than beat around the bush, I’m going to be blunt: this book fell short for me; but I’m eager to read the sequel. I know, I know, random right? Here’s the sitch…Rayna and Anders were very ho-hum characters for me. They left no impact on me after the pages were closed; however, there were secondary characters whom I loved {despite the fact that they had little page time}.

Lisabet was lovable in the same vein as Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger. Bookish; inquisitive; a bit of a loner, but intriguing; helpful. I loved every. single. moment that she was on the page. Hayn was brilliant. He has hero status written all over him; and I can only hope that his character plays a more pivotal role in Scorch Dragons. Last, but not least, the dragons of Drekhelm {notably Leif}. Y’all, I may have come for the wolves; but I am determined to stay in this world due to the dragons.

Star Rating: ***





Topshop Tiger Crop Sweatshirt in CREAM

Obvi a necessary purchase for any cat lover.



NOTD: OPI Mexico City Nail Lacquer Collection in Mexico City Move-mint

Three coats of OPI Mexico City Nail Lacquer Collection in Mexico City Move-mint. Deep Sapphire Blue Crème.

Le sigh...ladies, I haven't been this head over heels for a mint polish since the iconic Essie Mint Candy Apple hit shelves; but OMG it's that good.

Mexico City Move-mint is a shade for all seasons. The fresh mint hue would seamlessly transition from spring to summer and fall to winter, which is why it's going to be in constant rotation in my collection. Formula here is v thin; but builds beautifully to create a rich, decadent color that makes me think of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Highly recommend this beauty - and buy backups!

What nail color are you rocking for #ManicureMonday?




Sam Edelman Faux Fur Teddy Coat in COGNAC

Fall 2020 staple, amiright? Also can't get over those Almost Famous Penny Lane vibes.



BOOK REVIEW: Fire and Ice {Warriors # 2: The Prophecies Begin} by Erin Hunter

Y’all I know Fire and Ice is geared towards kids, but I’m not gonna lie, I love Erin Hunter’s Warriors books. Blame it on my affinity for fantastical adventures or my unwavering adoration for felines, but this is just a brilliant series that all ages can really enjoy. And this particular tome showcases that.

Fire and Ice picks up directly where Into the Wild left off – opening just after Fireheart and Graystripe earn their Warrior status in ThunderClan. As their first mission, the two friends {one a former kittypet, the other Clanborn} are tasked with bringing WindClan back to their territory after being chased away by ShadowClan. The mission goes successfully, earning Fireheart and Graystripe a new opportunity: to train Warriors of their own.

In dire need of new Warriors within their Clan, Bluestar, the ThunderClan leader, names siblings Cinderpaw and Brackenpaw to serve as apprentices. Cinderpaw, a female with a fiery spirit {who reminds me so much of my kitten Liesel!} is assigned to Fireheart; while Brackenpaw, a timid yet tough little fella, earns an apprenticeship under the watchful eye of Graystripe. Thrilled at the chance to be mentors so early in their Warrior journey, Fireheart and Graystripe begin training immediately, and that’s precisely when things take a turn for the worst.

While on hunting patrol, Graystripe chases a vole onto thin ice, nearly drowning, and requiring rescue from a sleek she-cat known as Silverstream. A prestigious member of RiverClan, Silverstream catches Graystripe’s eye, leading the two young Warriors into a secret relationship that goes against Clan laws, and tests loyalties.

With Graystripe sneaking out for clandestine meetings with Silverpaw, Fireheart finds himself suffering from loneliness, and begins questioning his own loyalty to the clan – especially when he starts having flashbacks of his former kittypet life, and the siblings he left behind. Namely, a sister named Princess whom he has recently reconnected with. But when a series of attacks by ShadowClan warriors, accusations of ThunderClan spies invading RiverClan, and a terrible accident involving Cinderpaw take place, Fireheart and Graystripe must officially get their heads in the game, and make decisions that will impact not just their friendship, but their entire clan.

Fact: when I first started this series, I thought the premise of warrior cats was odd; but by the end of book one, I had fallen under the spell of such a far-fetched concept, and was thrilled to read Fire and Ice which exceeded my expectations.

This series is so character-driven. You truly empathize with the cats, and grow to love them in a very short period of time. Though many have dubbed Fire and Ice Graystripe’s story, I disagree to a certain extent, as I feel that Fireheart and his untold origins, along with his reservations about Warrior-hood, and reflections on his former life as a kittypet, is truly at the forefront. And then, of course, there’s Cinderpaw.

Give me more of this character now! Cinderpaw is endearing from the moment she prances onto the page. Her spunk and wildness {sometimes viewed as disobedience} are captivating; and the relationships she forms with both Fireheart, and ThunderClan medicine cat, Yellowfang, is thrilling to watch. Cinderpaw reminds me so much of my blind kitten, Liesel, which makes me love her even more.

Calling all cat lovers, this one’s for you!

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