Sashay This Way

Chloe Sevigny. ELLE magazine. June 2009. Fuchsia Louis Vuitton sash cinched around the waist of an impressively affordable black satin Armani Exchange Jumpsuit.

Yes, that is precisely when I realized that one of the main things my wardrobe was missing – aside from a black satin jumpsuit, of course – was a sash. But, alas, even I am realistic enough to realize that a Louis Vuitton sash is well-beyond my means – at least for the moment. I can’t say the same, however, for American Apparel’s The Sash.

Black, sangria, red, lilac, fuchsia, royal blue, aqua, grass, army, charcoal, silver + asphalt polka dot, crème, coral, mauve, orchid, eggplant, teal, mint, forest, asphalt, ultramarine + black polka dot – no, you are not reading the titles of paint swatches at a home decorating store, nor are your eyes deceiving you. In all actuality, this is the color selection of the sixteen dollar scrap of splendor.

Oui, as usual, American Apparel have covered all the bases and made a saucy sash in hues to accommodate each and every color combo you may be flaunting. Perhaps even more enticing than the shades, however, is the versatility factor – the true piece de resistance of the petite package.

I suppose I was wrong, the bib-like necklaces draped about the front of my crisp, peach shirtdress simply aren’t making the statement I was looking for. The Sash in a cool Crème, tied in a big loose bow about the collar will add just the dramatic flair I need to take on the world.

Oh, woe is me, the handbag that I coveted for so many years is finally mine, yet sometimes it appears so blasé and drab, two things that make me want to lock it up in the back of my closet for all of eternity. The Sash, tied loosely about its strap will make a colorful impact that will restore its loveliness.

A two-week cruise through the Virgin Islands sounds utterly luxurious; but when you have the same old black floppy hat perched atop your head for the entire trip you can’t help but feel like a fool. The Sash in a magical mauve is bound to update my look – and my wardrobe!

A pale button-down tucked into gray skinnies, tucked into romantic riding boots sounded like the perfect preppy getup for a weekend in Martha’s Vineyard, but I can’t take the stuffiness. I need a pop of color to cheer up such a low-key look. The Sash in sunshine woven through my belt loops will look luscious, and may just catch the eye of a few cute polo players.

I can stamp my feet as much as I want, but it won’t do a thing. No, my little black dress is going to stay just that…a little black dress – and a boring one at that. But wait, this morning I had The Sash in coral wrapped about my head turban style. Perhaps with a tuck here and a fold there…yes! The haute mess I was worried about has transformed into a good as new little black dress with a kick!

It’s true lovelies, a sash is like the frosting on a cupcake – impossible to resist and oh-so necessary. Are you ready to indulge in one?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to American Apparel for the pictures.


I Brake for Argyle

Don’t look at me that way. Save your quizzical glances for another. All of the little pink hearts that seemingly appear in my life on a daily basis may have thrown you off; but I have an obsession to confess. It begins with the letter A. Argyle, to be exact. Blame it on the preppy phase that I found myself in during the tenth grade in which I enveloped myself in argyle-printed polos on a daily basis; but the diamond print has never retired from my brain. And now that I’ve discovered Old Navy’s Argyle Sweater Dress I approximate that, quite frankly, it never will.

Accept it, darlings, for the fall a sweater dress is an apparel necessity. To put it in more accurate words, in fact, your wardrobe is simply naked without one. It is a single item that countless ensembles can be crafted around; and in a shade as versatile as the handsome Heather Gray, or the glorious Goodnight Nora, it is certainly not presumptuous to assume that yes, your Argyle Sweater Dress is bound to become a saucy staple in your overflowing chiffonier.

Oh, so you don’t believe me…let me put it in a more descriptive manner – one dress three ways.

Tight Out
Claudia preferred to remain trendy with her looks; her mother, however, opted for a more clean style that was proper and preppy. Luckily, Claudia knew how to appease mommy dearest. The Argyle Sweater Dress would satisfy her strict ways; while the black tights and black knee-high flat boots paired underneath would pacify Claudia’s desire for fashion forward fabulosity.

The Flat and the Furious
Wall Street sweetheart Bianca was known for her statuesque height and unbelievable brainpower. The latter never made her self-conscious in board meetings; the former, on the other hand, left her feeling uncomfortable and out of place. She was expected to dress up, and shake the hands of high-powered bigwigs; ones who always clocked in at least three inches shorter than she – when she was wearing heels, that is. But she had to look professional, and her wardrobe didn’t accommodate flats. Except, of course, her Argyle Sweater Dress. With bare legs and black patent ballet flats, she was bound to make a lasting impression on her co-workers – without towering over them.

A Tempting Tunic
It was no use. Olivia wracked her brain, wrecked her closet, and still came out empty-handed. She had finally snagged a date with her dream guy, but could locate nothing worthy enough for wearing on such a special occasion. Her dark wash skinny jeans hugged her lower half tightly; her toes, painted with Chanel Nail Lacquer in Rouge Noir No. 18, slipped into a sky-high pair of black platform stilettos; but the top was a no-show. Then she saw it, the Argyle Sweater Dress. Her roommate loved the piece, but Olivia didn’t think she’d mind if she borrowed it for the night. And on her lithe frame, the dress would fit as a magical tunic, the perfect accompaniment to the rest of her getup.

Tell it to me straight, ladies…do you brake for argyle?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Old Navy for the pictures.


Knock On Wood

Gold and silver reputedly work with anything and everything. Colored baubles are ideal for those days when you desire a splash of luminosity to light up your life. Oh, but lambs, there are others to be considered. What for the brass and copper? The platinum and plastic? The beaded and diamoned? Or, my personal favorite…the wooden?

One day I find myself in a torrent of jaw-dropping jewels draped over my body; the next, I am a bohemian goddess, and I most certainly don’t want to accessorize with the same types of trinkets that would adorn my form at a chichi cocktail party. No; flowy dresses, hippie headbands, draping tunics, sassily tousled bedhead, these things call for minimal accessories. Bits and pieces that will simply add dimension and volume to your look, and enhance your style, as opposed to overwhelming the tree-hugging persona you are trying to put forth. It is coordinates like this that simply scream for big bangles of the wooden variety that keep your ensemble looking effortless yet enticing. Like Lane Bryant’s Textured Wood Bangle Bracelet.

The chocolate brown Textured Wood Bangle Bracelet is shaped in a way that makes it retain a very basic air, while sporting bonuses that make it more refined than your typical wooden offering. Grooves orbit the woody wonder; while a mitered edge and silvertone seed beads add a little rock and roll sparkle to the beatnik beauty.

Let it mingle with natural earth tones when you want to blend in; pair it with more classic bright colors when you want it to take center stage. No matter how you wear it, the spicy, free spirit is sure to shine through.

What's your take on the wooden bangle?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Lane Bryant for the picture.


Cross Your Heart

Believe me when I tell you this…you do not have to resort to the use of a frumpy fanny pack when you want a bag that features a functional flair. No dearests, just because you need a bag that is utilitarian does not mean it must possess every factor that makes up the u word…ugly. For practical use in terms of handbags, the most perfect solution is…the cross body. It’s a stylish little carryall that keeps your belongings close and your wardrobe looking just as upscale as it would should you be carrying a satchel; especially when you have the right one slung about you.

Fred Flare “Mini Weave Townie Purse” I hope you’re wearing your preppy best, mes chers, for that is exactly what the Mini Weave Townie Purse calls for, what with its sophisticated camel coloring, woven detail, and antique slip lock closure. It’s a cross body that seemingly screams Ivy League; thus, you must accommodate it accordingly with boyish blazers, collared tops, and perhaps a splash of khaki or two. Faux leather with a buckled strap that adjusts to your liking, and the bearer of a slight cell phone pocket, there’s an element of saddle-inspired glory here that will make the timid equestrian inside of you bubble with glee. Giddy up, darlings!

Topshop “Wooden Bead Cross Body Bag” When I saw the film Almost Famous, I fell in love with the wild-haired Penny Lane, a band-aid with a fabulous sense of style, and a dream of visiting Morocco. Perhaps it is her influence that has not only made me obsessed with the African city, but convinced that someday I will visit the exotic locale. Until that day, I am quite content with adorning my daily ensembles with Moroccan inspiration; in kind, this Wooden Bead Cross Body Bag is the perfect accessory to add to my collection. The bag is polyester, but the colorful beads covering its surface make it splendrous enough for a princess. I can see it now…walking through dirt-covered passageways as I peek into the booths of outdoor marketplaces selling all sorts of colorful wares, the Wooden Bead Cross Body Bag slung over my shoulder. Yes, it is the prime accent to accompany tropical dreams.

Fossil “Fifty-Four Molly Studded Crossbody” Polished studs. Tassels. Drawstring upper. A keychain with a large skeleton key dangling to and fro. If it hasn’t hit you already, the Fifty-Four Molly Studded Crossbody? Quite frankly, it’s a prime example of a fashionable crossbody bag. The muted mustard color makes it a neutral with a pop; while the silver hardware, shiny studs, and drawstring top are the quintessential additions that make this low-key look come across as very high fashion. Whether it’s a spa day with the girls or a trip to the mall, the Fifty-Four Molly Studded Crossbody covers it all.

Urban Outfitters “Urban Renewal Remade Leather Cinch Bag” There’s no better way to remain eco-friendly than by recycling, which is exactly how the Urban Renewal Remade Leather Cinch Bag was created. Now, it looks like a trendy little treat with an odd, yet completely chic shape; but in a past life it was a vintage leather skirt worn for nights of dancing. Trimmed with cinched detailing, and home to an interior pocket kept hidden via a zippered closure, each Urban Renewal Remade Leather Cinch Bag arrives looking slightly different than the last, while retaining the same classy silhouette that keeps passersby in awe. Unique and useful…what more could you possibly ask for?

Charlotte Russe “Peace Sign Cross-Body Purse” Sometimes the best way to get a message across is via unspoken words. And nothing speaks louder than this Peace Sign Cross-Body Purse. The brown, crinkled faux leather adds a very worn yet wondrous look to the whipstitched, tassel-embellished artistry; while the studded peace sign emblazoned upon the fold-over flap casts just the right amount of glitz and glamour upon the boho beauty. Tossed over a flowy dress with dusty boots and you’re bound to be the belle of the bohemian ball!

Have you crossed your heart yet?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Fred Flare, Topshop, Fossil, Urban Outfitters, and Charlotte Russe for the pictures.

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Little Miss Precious

Growing up within the haute hallowed halls of Fifth Avenue’s Plaza Hotel certainly seemed simple enough. But for a little girl named Eloise actually doing so, the elegance and whispered shouts of “Do Not Touch!” could get tiring ever so quickly. With a British nanny by your side, however, it was quite possible to have the time of your life with minimal effort. But getting older is inevitable; and with age comes the departure of those who minded you as a child – including said British nanny. Of course, for Ellen von Unwerth’s take on Kay Thompson’s precocious child star Eloise, in her August 2009 ELLE fashion editorial Little Miss Precious; the famed photographer illustrates that just because one grows older, does not mean that habits – however naughty – must change. Nanny did her best to teach me to stay away from the telephone after an incident of charging up quite a bit of money on a long-distance call to talk to Mother in Paris; but there's something about buttons, bows, black netted veils, and red soled Louboutins with corresponding red nail polish that makes conversing long distance seem so incredibly enticing. Weenie and Skipperdee are already nestled in their little beds, fast asleep, so I see nothing wrong with dialing someone for a little evening chitchat. In fact, I'm sure the Desk Clerk would love to hear from me. What was his number again; or should I simply dial 0 for the operator? Precocious girls need to be stimulated to keep their curiosity from getting the best of them; at least that's what Mother used to say. But the only thing that keeps me stimulated is shiny baubles that sparkle and drip with decadence. Like the ones dangling from the chandelier in the lobby, perched precariously above a marble pillar. Oh, Mr. Salomone has told me time and time again to keep off the furniture, and leave the decor alone, but my Zac Posen wool dress and Fendi pumps seem quite accomodating for a quick climb atop the plush, high-backed chair simply sitting right next to my jeweled reverie. The coast is clear...one step...two steps...it's even more grand than I expected! I'm sure that the other Plaza guests find it infuriating; but, quite frankly, I could care less. If I want to ride the elevator up and down all day, stopping at different floors to explore a bit, then I shall do just that. Of course, proper attire is required when taking such public trips; and my closet doesn't hold such pieces. Mother's does, though. Never would she make a trek out of doors without a Luella veiled hat sitting primly atop her head, Honora freshwater pearls dangling from her neck, and Gaspar net gloves slipped over her immaculately manicured fingers. At the moment, I am adorned in these very things. Now only one question remains...what floor should I visit today? Whatever man I choose to marry someday - and yes, I will do the choosing - better be prepared for me to awake whenever I feel ready. I will not be roused from sleep by anyone other than Skipperdee or Weenie (just ask Nanny), and once I do decide to rub the slumber from my eyes, I shall stay swathed in my Victoria's Secret satin-and-lace romper and garter skirt, my Calvin Klein wool-and-silk coat hanging haphazardly from my frame, until I feel fit to dress. During this time, I will leave my hair uncombed, and simply spend hours upon hours smelling the fresh-cut flowers delivered straight to my room each morning. Complain, and I will simply find another - beau, that is. The others always had to lock their bikes up in dingy apartments, or store them next to tin garbage cans in alleyways when the weather turned chilly. Not I. Streets slick with rain and snow didn't stand in the way of me and blissful bike rides then; and they don't interfere with them now. Of course, since this is the Plaza, one must always ensure that, even when riding a bike, you look posh. Winged eyeliner provides a cat eye; a Giorgio Armani wool felt beret keeps my wild waves out of my face; and my Emilio Cavallini stockings tucked into practical yet pleasing Chloe sandals protect my cream-colored skin from bruising. Save your breath, Mr. Salomone; I'm keeping my naughtiness at bay, and simply enjoying an afternoon bike ride - through the gilded halls of the Plaza, that is. Don't pitch a fit, simply face it...girls just want to have fun! Fashionably yours! Thanks to ELLE for the pictures. Don't forget to enter the White Hot Giveaway for your chance to win a White Jocelyn Satchel from Shop Suey Boutique.


Smitten Saturday

Make New Friends I did not spend a mere two months out of the year creating friendship bracelet after friendship bracelet during my summer camp days; no, I was of the kind who made them year-round. Yarn, string, sewing floss...I turned it all into bracelets that were itchy yet colorful, with the power to make childhood friendships appear a bit more solidified, almost like an updated version of “blood brothers.” As time passed, the handmade pieces were replaced with high-fashion purchases that were jingly, jangly, and oh so sophisticated, never to be thought of again. But I did the unthinkable...I found myself longing for the simplistic styles that I loved so much as a child after coming across Mix and Match It! You get to create the friendship bracelet of your dreams by choosing the colors, and design, then simply waiting for it to arrive at your front door. It’s a concept that brings back memories of carefree childhood days full of playing hopscotch, splashing through puddles, and sharing secrets about cute boys. I’ll take the double knot in pale pink and black, s’il vous plait!

Wing It! Obsessed is not the word. More like captivated. Engrossed. Infatuated. Oui, that is how I feel about winged eyeliner. It is such a gorgeous way to draw attention to your eyes while looking tres chic in a very sultry, feline sort of way. But, alas, I have yet to try it myself. Am I frightened of applying it incorrectly? Of looking like a precocious child who had a field day with her mother’s makeup? Of using the wrong product? I cannot say; I also cannot ignore the refined lure of the look. So perhaps I should take the plunge. Beauty Junkie in SF has a wonderful tutorial. As does Glamour. With how-tos like this, perhaps I will not end up looking like a loon. Perhaps I will have the look I desire. I’ve convinced myself…yes girls, I’m going to wing it!

Cute and Compact It’s sad really. Tragic, you might say. I have resorted to using my LG Shine cellie as a mirror to fix my make-up throughout the day; when, to be honest, I should have invested in a compact long ago. A lovely little looking glass that would accompany me here and there, and help with any adjustments that might plague the vain damsel lurking within. It’s not too late, of course. There is still time to purchase a pretty speculum for my purse, and I have already located top contenders for the job. L'un numéroter is the Elegant Silvertone Vanity Compact Mirror featuring a pouty, bow-lipped, wide-eyed flapper girl – a delicate duplicate of Fitzgerald’s darling Daisy Buchanan. Second is the bronze-toned Crystal and Rhinestone Vintage Compact Mirror which is a throwback to the elegance, sophistication, and glamour that accompanied Old New York. And last, but certainly not least, is the Moroccan Sunrise Compact Mirror, a gilded beauty with a world traveler flair. Selecting the winner is such a pain...can I simply have them all?

Skinny Minnie Rain or shine, hot or cold, in my mind, skinnies will never get old. Yes, darlings, if you must know, I will be true to skinny jeans until the day that I die. They manage to flatter every figure, and work so marvelously with heels, flats, boots, and any other shoe that may grace your tootsies. They are a way of life. My source of air. The staple of my wardrobe. And no, that will never change. Of course, of course, there are those favorites, to be sure. The Current/Elliott Skinny Jean with Studs; the Vintage1 Motostreet Skinny in Speed Wash; the Jet by John Eshaya New Wave Light Splatter Jean in Stone/Bleach. I suppose I should cease and desist now, as this list is sure to go on for miles; but you get the gist. Skinny Minnie...oui, that is I.

Travel Tales I thought about sulking at the mere thought of my lack of travel plans for the summer. But no, that would be ineffective. I have realized that a more proper way to see the world is vicariously through the words of others who have experienced exotic locales; which is why I have become a slave to travel tales. My days have been taken up with hours of flipping through Frances Mayes’ A Year in the World, Susan Jane Gilman’s Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven, and David Lebovitz’s The Sweet Life in Paris. To be truthful, I even tried my hand at a little travel writing of my own via a guest post about a dream destination for la mia vita aptly titled We’ll Always Have Paris, which you can read here. It’s true, it’s true, it’s true…you can travel the world right from your bedroom if armed with the proper reading material!

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to yetti & furby and Shopbop for the pictures.

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White Hot Giveaway

Simply admit it, you may want your love life to be red hot this summer; but what your handbag collection needs is something white hot. A slice of snowy sass that will blast your blacks out of the water, and correspond mercifully well with those poppy prints bursting from your closet. A few touches of chunky, gold hardware; a braided satchel handle; a detachable strap; and, above all, a style reminiscent of the beguiling Balenciaga that is just as easy on the pockets as it is on the eyes.

Don’t be alarmed, mes petites, this isn’t a joke. Such a bag does exist, and her name is Jocelyn. As the proud owner of five – count that – five Jocelyn Satchels in an array of colors, I can attest that she’s a jazzy girl who will make your wardrobe sing; and now, she can be yours.

Café Fashionista has one White Jocelyn Satchel looking for a closet to inhabit courtesy of Heather from the stylish Shop Suey Boutique. This amazing piece of arm candy could be yours.

To enter the White Hot Giveaway:

Visit Shop Suey Boutique, and choose your favorite item.

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I will randomly pick one name out of a hat (who knows, it could be yours!), and announce the winner on Friday, July 31, 2009. Your summer will sizzle with this scene-stealer swinging from your arm. Good luck everyone!

Sorry international readers, this giveaway is only open to U.S. residents; but come back for the next giveaway beginning Friday, August 7, 2009, which is open to all!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shop Suey Boutique for the picture.


Prairie Princess

Worn-in dusty brown boots cover her feet. Her hair hangs lankly down her back, a tangled mess. Her cheeks are smudged with dirt, the result of having brushed sweat off her face with filthy fingers. A mere squeak escapes her parted lips, her voice is nowhere to be found, the aftereffect of a parched throat. Somehow, even as the victim of such harsh conditions, she is able to come out looking tousled yet taking. A diamond in the rough. Why? She is a prairie princess; her lithe form encased within a flowy Belted Ikat Dress from CR that keeps her looking simple yet sassy.

Cool chiffon fabric blocks the sweltering heat of the sahara from stifling her trek, while ruffled embellishments adorning the scoop neck, cuffed cap sleeves, and flounce of a hem provide an air of romance to otherwise unbearable conditions. A faux leather belt, coal colored and crinkled cinched tightly about her waist holds her upright, providing the support she needs to make it to her final destination.

Dark browns, turquoises, taupes, pale blues mingle together upon the tribal printed fabric that makes her a chameleon of sorts. A ruse to ensure that she blends in with her surroundings. That she will not be spotted by predators out to capture the princess on a mission. Her accessories are minimal. She allows the feminine frock to work its magic on its own. To fuel the fashionable fire that burns within her.

The sun beats down harshly upon her tan skin, burning it ever so slightly. But there is hope...as the sun begins to make its way behind large mountains, settling for the night, she sees that she has reached her stop. Her journey has come to an end. And her Belted Ikat Dress? To be truthful, it has never looked better.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Charlotte Russe for the pictures.


A Deconstructed Dream

I saw a full one-and-a-half-hours of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen before getting slightly dizzy and leaving the theater. Unfortunately, I had already fallen victim to a new must-have: the Fiorentini + Baker Eternity Boot that Megan Fox wore with white jeans and a salmon colored twin set as she ran from autobots or decepticons, or both – I truly can’t be sure as I was salivating over the hot, deconstructed footwear at the time. Three buckled straps. A one-inch heel. In my mind they were a riding boot gone wrong. A motorcycle boot with flair. They were also, upon research, well out of my price range. The Madden Girl Black Women’s Bukinham, however, feature a price that is the perfect fit for those of us living on a budget yet fancying the finer things in life – Famous Footwear coupons.

Like the original, the Bukinham is, essentially, a shoe made specifically for a queen in mind – or at least a queen with a taste for boots. The twelve-inch shaft is embellished with three straps, each sporting an antique bronze buckle, in addition to a slight gathering about the bridge of the foot that is stylishly scrumptious. They are combat boots that effuse masculine grunge; obviously prototypical of those days when you want nothing more than to add a muscular ambience to your look du jour.

Dearests, please do not proclaim that you are incapable of donning such a decadent style. Such a broadcast should be unheard of. Yes, you can enrobe your tootsies in this loveliness; all you really need is a little incentive and a lot of ideas.

A flirty floral dress topped with a motorcycle jacket.

Slouchy tees and tanks paired with leggings, long chains, and bangles galore.

Ruffled blouses tucked into barely-there minis.

Black tights topped with denim cutoffs, topped with a boyfriend tee, topped with a cropped blazer.

Lots and lots of layers! Scarves, cardigans, tiers of tulle!

Oui, the possibilities are simply endless.

Perhaps it is time to listen to my own advice.

The beauteous Bukinham, I think the time has come to make you mine.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Famous Footwear for the pictures.


Oh Boy!

Sassy. Splendrous. Scandalous. Slinky. Steamy. Sensuous. Sultry. Boy shorts are proof that you don’t have to show a lot of skin to look and feel all of the above. They’re a flirty, coquettish form of intimate that is a triple threat: alluring, bewitching, and oh so charming. Even better, of course, is that they provide comfort while remaining downright captivating. Cotton skivvies topped with a camisole and you’re coy and kittenish. Lace-trimmed teasers worn underneath a pencil skirt and you’re empowered. There’s nothing stopping you, darlings...get shorty.

Diesel "Fresh and Bright Cotton Stretch Alexyo Boy Short" Blame it on my formidable tomboy years, but I find it hard to resist underwear that sports an elastic waistband with a logo emblazoned upon it. Albeit, I will not wear said logo peeking out of the top of my jeans a la the boys I attended elementary school with during the popular “saggy pants” years; but simply knowing that it is there, for my eyes only to see, is quite thrilling. A form of modern-day fashion espionage, if you will. Thus, the candy-colored Fresh and Bright Cotton Stretch Alexyo Boy Short has quickly become a favorite of mine. More masculine than feminine in terms of cut, there’s an element of bike short beauty here that promises cool comfort; while at the same time maintaining an effortless speck of adorable beauty. I’ll be wearing them about the house with knee-high socks, a slouchy sweatshirt, and a messy bun – it’s a look perfect for a day of lounging.

Fruit of the Loom "Fresh Collection Lace Boy-Leg Panties" Perhaps Fruit of the Loom realized that the heart of a lady lies in lace, for their Fresh Collection Lace Boy-Leg Panties are a little slice of lacy luxury wrapped up in a pretty little bow. You will not find a mere lace trim here, but an entire lace underthing complete with a lacy border in a contrasting color; and, not to be forgotten, a teeny tiny bow embellishment with the power to make Blair Waldorf giddy. The green. The gumball. I’m not sure which I fancy more; though I’m sure my armoire would gladly welcome either – or both.

Urban Outfitters "Lace Boyleg" There’s a part of me that would be quite content spending the bulk of my days poolside wearing nothing but a bikini and sunglasses. It is the same part of me that believes that by simply wearing the Lace Boyleg underneath a pair of skinnies I would be regaled with the same type of relaxed comfort that I garner when attired in a subtle swimsuit. The skintight fit and hipster cut would take on the role of my swimming starlets; while the sheer floral lace and scalloped hem would provide just the right amount of feminine touches to make me feel gaga and girly all at once. Who knew unmentionables could be so yummy?

Bjorn Borg "Fun Stretch Printed Mini Short" You do not have to be a child of the sixties, or a diehard fan of the androgynously cute Twiggy to indulge in a little Andy Warhol-infused, Mod-inspired colors and designs. Relevant instance, Bjorn Borg’s Fun Stretch Printed Mini Short. Turquoises, yellows, pinks, greens, reds, blues, all mingle as one in swirling designs and shapes that adorn every inch of these saccharine sweeties. It’s a psychedelic print that will lift your spirits and lend a retro, vintage vibe to even the most modern of ensembles. Part of me wants to mount them in a frame and place them on the wall as a tribute to Warhol’s muse Edie Sedgwick; while the other wants to wear these day in and day out. Perhaps the best solution is to simply indulge in more than one pair.

Xhilaration "Mesh Ruffle Boyshort" Maybe it’s time to lock up all of my Victorian novels. To put thoughts of corsets, parasols, and ankle-button shoes out of my mind, and live in the present. But alas, my affinity for petticoats is not something to soon be forgotten. It cannot be easily wiped from my brain with a fictional memory-zapping tool like the ones used in Men in Black. Especially since my discovery of Xhiliration’s Mesh Ruffle Boyshort. Silk, satin, lace, be gone! At the moment the nylon, cotton, and spandex combo that make up these sleek, soft, and smooth ruffled rogues is the fabric du jour. Swathed in tiers of lush ruffles and adorned with a ribbon bow, it’s impossible to resist a bit of lingerie as cute as these. Crabshell, Starlet Pink, Turquoise, and more...which is the color you adore?

Have you been bitten by the boy short bug?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Fresh Pair, Target, and Urban Outfitters for the pictures.

Charmed, I'm Sure

There was one thing I wanted for my tenth birthday. If your mind is riddled with thoughts of dolls, video games, stuffed animals, or bikes, I’m sorry to tell you that you’d be wrong. While I loved each and every one of those things, the number one item on my wish list was a watch. A way for me to be armed with the ability to tell time even if a wall clock wasn’t present. A single piece of sublimity that would put my mind at ease; that would keep all thoughts and worries of arriving somewhere late – and not fashionably so – at bay.

To answer your question (and yes, I know that it’s flitting about in that pretty little head of yours), I did receive a watch that year. In fact, ever since then my wrist has felt naked when I have rushed out the door, and left my little timekeeper locked up in my desk drawer, for I have never been without a watch since the birthday in question. Of course, I have never owned one that is very splendrous either. They have always been cheaply made, and simply slung about my tiny wrist as a means for getting through the work day. But times they are a-changing. Now, I want a...La Mer.

Just the way the words roll off your tongue make it obvious that owning anything with the La Mer label on it is synonymous with finding yourself dining at The Ivy amidst celebrities; or perhaps rummaging through Teen Vogue’s goodie-laden fashion closet, and taking home anything that your heart could possibly desire.

Mixing functionality with fashion, La Mer has produced the Chain/Charm Wraps; beautiful watches that proudly display wide, colorful bands, adorned with a detachable double steel chain bearing charms of your choosing. For the nautical girl, there’s the Turquoise-Gold Seaside. For the Alice in Wonderland obsessed there’s the Mad Hatter-inspired Black – Tea Party. For the girl who wants to see the world, there’s the Emerald – Gold Travel.

But for me? Oh, mon amis, I am currently debating between the Red – Gold Treasure which is vibrant and scintillating; and the more practical Brown – Vintage which is bound to work better with my wardrobe, and features adorable lock and key charms – two of my favorite things. But, alas, once I make the final decision, I will be facing a new predicament...actually affording one. I suppose I’ll simply cross that bridge once I come to it.

Which La Mer lovely calls out to you?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to La Mer for the pictures.


Revenge of the Nerds

Nerd: An intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit: A computer nerd.
A stupid, irritating, ineffectual, or unattractive person.

Mes chéris, it’s true...so very true. We spend all of our adolescent years doing what we can to avoid being labeled as a nerd or a geek. We go out of our way to fit in with the cool kids. To keep our peculiar hobbies, interests, and infatuations to ourselves. To put all embarrassing moments that have happened in public out of our minds, and hope that our friends – and faux – have done so, as well. All that aside, geek glasses are the new object of my affection, and unmistakably a sign that those rumpled, adorable nerds who have surrounded us for so long? They’re exacting their revenge on the fashion world.

Nasty Gal "Nerd Alert Glasses" Face it, had you worn these Nerd Alert Glasses back in grade school, your moments on the playground would have been shrouded with mean, tear-induced mocking. Now, however, the lightweight, oversized black carbon frames simply add a sense of intelligence to your style. Wear them with a floral-coated sundress, bright accessories, and sky high heels, and you’re destined to be the geeky belle of the ball. Clark Kent, eat your heart out.

Forever 21 "Tort Readers" Don’t be ridiculous. No one ever said that frames had to be swathed in noir to be considered true geek glasses. In all honesty, a little color only makes the style look even more chic. Case in point Forever 21’s Tort Readers. The brown and black colors mingle alongside one another to create a tortoise, almost leopard print effect that is undoubtedly animalistic, fashionable, and scholarly with a sensual flair. A high pony; a slinky, form-fitting bandage skirt; sparkly bangles; cage heels. Sounds like the ideal ensemble to accommodate such come-hither eyewear.

Oliver Peoples "Tycoon" Perhaps the most divine part of Oliver Peoples’ Tycoon is the very name itself; a title that is so very synonymous with nerd-dom, as we know quite well that nine out of ten times nerds grow up to be big shot moguls with the world at their fingertips. But even without such a title these aristocratic specs manage to add an iconic, classic beauty to your face. I think I need to locate a poetry reading; I’ll wear these pretties perched upon the slope of my nose with a black turtleneck, black ballet flats, and black cigarette pants a la Audrey Hepburn.

Urban Outfitters "Neon Readers" No color collection is complete without a few neon pieces tossed in for good measure. Imaginably, one of the most humble of ways to embrace such bright shades is not in the form of a vibrant tee, or body-hugging skinnies, but, rather, via eye-framing glasses like these Neon Readers. The translucent punchy colors – hot pink or neon green – pay tribute to the glow-in-the-dark like hues that so perfectly outfitted the 80s; while the oversized frames keep the style completely modern and up-to-date. Coal-colored frocks come forth; these are bound to add a pretty pizzazz to an otherwise harsh, serious tone.

Lulu's "Nerdz Rule Clear Glasses!" While many laughed and made fun of nerds when in school, I’ll be honest, I harbored secret crushes on them. In fact, to this day, I still find myself drawn to the bookwormy smart guys who often sport cowlicks in their hair, and ink on their cheeks. Which is why the Nerdz Rule Clear Glasses! are a piece of chic perfection that make me feel right at home; because underneath my fashion loving persona, I too am a nerd at heart, and quite proud of it. I can see the ensemble now...a black top hat, a slouchy fit v-neck sweatshirt in a deep shade of red wine, a lone long necklace, ballet flats, a cocktail ring, and a mini. Oui, it would be a sublime get-up to celebrate nerds!

Are you ready to unleash your inner nerd?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Nasty Gal, Forever 21, Oliver Peoples, Urban Outfitters, and Lulu's for the pictures.


Smitten Saturday

Going Gray I hope you’re not thinking what I believe you’re thinking. But, alas, of course you are. You’re wrong. So very wrong. I’m much too young to go gray; but I am of the perfect number to go gray in a way that is completely unrelated to old age. It’s my fingernails, you see. They fell in love with gray nail polish over one year ago, yet still remain unable to find a color that receives their seal of approval. Until now. There are three shades in question, which one will make the cut is still in limbo. As a child who spent no less than five hours per day playing handball – even going so far as to do so against the living room wall, much to my mother’s chagrin – Carolyn New York’s Handball Courts manages to both bring back so many childhood memories, while simultaneously satisfying my craving for a light gray lovely. Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Concrete Jungle is a darker hued dream that is part neutral, part showstopper, and completely gorgeous. And Carolyn New York’s Hangin’ On the Stoop? To be completely honest, it adds a touch of glamour to the most menial of tasks. Only time will tell which shade I plan on going gray with!

The Fuzz Don’t panic, darling. Forget whatever crimes you may or may not have committed over the years, the police aren’t after you; but you will certainly be after one of these functional yet fashionable Graf & Lantz Zebra Clutches after just one look. Not to worry, these aren’t the type of clutches crafted and purchased to sit untouched upon a dusty shelf in your closet; nor are they very painful to your pockets. In fact, when it comes down to it, the Zebra Clutch is like a girls best friend during long nights out for a few essential reasons: 1) Four pockets within provide a special place for all of your belongings; 2) The colorful felt shell protects your possessions. But the true piece de resistance? They are stain and water resistant. So should you find your clutch the victim of a splash of something wet, simply blot.

The Horsey in My Heart The Little Mermaid. I am not ashamed to admit that the flame-haired Ariel was a hero of sorts to me growing up; what with her ability to sing underwater, befriend sea creatures, and take part in all sorts of adventures on a daily basis. It was she, in fact, who fueled my passion for seahorses. Spindly creatures that were cute, yet odd in appearance and behavior. Of course, once I outgrew my mermaid infatuation I forgot all about them; until now. Humble’s devotion to seahorses via various items emblazoned with their colorful silhouette has reawakened by seahorse obsession. The Seahorse Pillow in its nautical colors; the Organic Tote Bag seemingly made for a day trip to Sag Harbor; the teeny tiny Towels that I love but don’t truly need. It’s true...at present, the horsey in my heart is the one found within the depths of the crystal blue sea!
Glittered Litter I can’t stand them. Litter bugs, that is. Tossing garbage here and there without a care to how much they are hurting the environment surrounding them. I do, however, love a different type of litter. The kind that is glittery and full of sparkle. The kind that is tres chic and magnifique. The kind that is beautiful and bright. The kind that is...created by Litter SF. Get your mind out of the gutter, darling! This is not the type of litter to be considered trash; rather, it is the type of litter to adorn your footwear in the form of shoe jewelry. Now, you know me for my adoration of all things baubly; so it should not come as a shock to you that I find myself in awe over these amazing bits. The gold chain and mesh combo of Walk Away; the dainty and demure pearl and charm mix of Walk It Out; the tough, rocker chick vibe brought on by Catwalk’s blend of studs, chains, and leather. Oui, it’s a form of litter that is completely irresistible!

Bike Love There is nothing more romantic than a bicycle built for two. But for functionality purposes, a bicycle built for three may be exactly what the doctor ordered. At least for the fashionista who is set on schlepping her numerous frugal finds from here to there. A traditional one-seater bike is fashioned with a wagon-like contraption attached via Madsen Cycles’ Bucket. I understand that it is marketed as a way to transport your rambunctious offspring from one toy store to another within the seatbelt-adorned bucket in the back; but as I am young, single, and childless, I simply can’t help but think that this is better used as the essential fashion-forward way to take your farmer’s market finds home, or simply take a nice ride about the park with a pooch or two in the back!

P.S. I Love You Love letters are, perhaps, one of the most divine gifts to receive. But, as it appears that only boys in films who are following a script are capable of writing them, maybe it’s better to hope for a nice little bag made to look like one. Case in point, the Paul Smith Daisy Print Makeup Bag; and the Yves Saint Laurent Y-Mail Tote. One is vintage-inspired and garnished with a stamp that looks like the bullheaded lovebirds Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice; the other is magically metallic with a sassy script that is fawn-worthy. Both, however, are capable of making you feel completely showered with love.

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Phil Poynter Photography and Litter SF for the pictures.


New York State of Mind

Oh darlings, I may currently be living in the desert-like conditions of Southern California, but as a native New Yorker I will forever and always be in a New York state of mind. I am a child of the city; at home within the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan location. The Park Avenue penthouses are my dreamt-about playgrounds. The Brooklyn Brownstones are the headliners of my beauteous daydreams. The SoHo lofts are the sublime stars of my daily reverie. But, alas, for the time being I must simply live within the sassy city via photographs, memories, and fantasies. And, perhaps, my splendrous nail color.

Oui, at the moment, my New York state of mind is being fueled by the alluring shades found within N.Y.C.’s recently debuted line In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish. It may seem impossible for a nail color to accomplish a feat such as this, but we are not discussing mere feelings and emotions established through a haute hue; or the way a startling stain looks in contrast to your ensemble du jour. Non, rather the twenty-four stunning shades found within this collection pay tribute to the city that never sleeps by titling each one after a fast-paced hot spot within the smart and stylish Big Apple.

Colors are based off of pale and poppy pinks, trendy turquoises, winter whites, lovely lilacs, classy corals, bouncy blues, magical magentas, ravishing reds, bewitching browns, breathtaking blacks, and include locations such as Grand Central Station, East Village, Little Italy, West Village, Mulberry Street, Bryant Park, Central Park, SoHo, Penn Station, Chelsea, Madison Avenue, Canal Street, Chinatown, Times Square, Lincoln Center, Wall Street, Greenwich Village, Broadway, Manhattan, Park Avenue, Downtown, Uptown, Midtown, and Fifth Avenue.

These are the locations where the NYC Prep cast and their pretentious posse spend hours upon hours. The district’s where Blair Waldorf, Serena van der Woodsen, and the rest of the Gossip Girl crew exchange insults, shop ‘til they drop, and kiss cute boys in outlandish situations. The neighborhoods where Edith Wharton’s tales of affluence, money, power, class, and Old New York were set. And now, the quaint, the fanciful, the antiquated locales that are home to vintage bookstores and cozy coffeehouses can be found front and center upon your fingernails.

East Village is destined to be donned with an all black ensemble to a poetry reading where it will add a little pop of turquoise sparkle to its somber slate surroundings.

Fifth Avenue, Downtown, Greenwich Village, Uptown, Midtown, Madison Avenue, Penn Station, and Times Square will be in heavy rotation during bikini season, as the bright mix of poppy and bronzy shades obviously call for a secluded beach and a fruity drink.

Central Park, SoHo, Mulberry Street, Park Avenue, and Wall Street will do the trick for sample sales when it’s necessary to look like an innocent, uninterested buyer, as opposed to the lethal shopper you truly are.

The ballet and Broadway shows would be rudimentary without a little assistance from Lincoln Center, Canal Street, West Village, Manhattan, Broadway, Chelsea, and Chinatown.

Grand Central Station and Little Italy will make a weekend getaway to the Hamptons sumptuously sophisticated.

And fashion week? Quite frankly, it wouldn’t be perfect without a little Bryant Park.

Who am I kidding? I am in dire need of the entire collection, and am waiting for the chance to call all twenty-four lovely colors my own.

The question is bellas...are you in a New York state of mind yet?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to SugarScape and New York Color for the pictures.


Peace Out

Forty years have passed since 1969, the original summer of love. A time remembered for its hippie headbands, Neil Armstrong’s infamous “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” quote, anti-war demonstrations held at college campuses all over the country, tie-dye shirts, bellbottoms, free hugs, the historic music festival known as Woodstock, and, most importantly, one of my absolute favorite symbols...the peace sign. It’s a design that has lived on for decades, and, to this day, still remains a mark of harmony, friendship, unity, and, of course, fashion! So why not openly peace out?

Target "Long Peace and Love Charm Necklace - Goldtone" A coin-like pendant inscribed with the word Peace. A three-dimensional heart. A feathered wing. A peace sign. Obviously you’ve already figured out the message that Target’s Long Peace and Love Charm Necklace – Goldtone is trying to get across; and no, it’s not just the fact that this is a 30-inch necklace that will do magical things for your wardrobe. Yes, the pendant necklace in question will seemingly take your clothes collection to new heights what with its antique wash and understated charm; but it also promotes thoughts of freedom, unification, totality, and alliances. I can see it now. Janis Joplin. On stage in her floating tie-dye frock. This beautiful bauble hanging from her neck. It’s a piece that works now, and would have made the cut so many years ago.

Urban Outfitters "Peace Ring" You know me for my love of cocktail rings that are large, lovely, and loaded with bling; yet even I can’t resist the easygoing charm of this Peace Ring. A skinny band adorned with a sculpted peace sign, and irresistible in either the polished silver or antique goldtone; this is an ideal piece for the girl looking to let out her inner happy-go-lucky hippie in a very subtle manner. Plus, it makes for the perfect conversation piece with handsome strangers!

Jules Smith "Kiss N Tell Peace" Sometimes the most straightforward way to tell your adoring fans what you’re thinking is to simply spell it out for them. And there is no more tres chic way to spell out your thoughts than via this uncomplicated, effortlessly elementary Kiss N Tell Peace Bracelet by the clever Jules Smith. The sterling silver charm is emblazoned with one little word – PEACE. But that one word holds so much power within; almost as much as you possess as you custom create the Kiss N Tell Peace bracelet of your dreams. If you haven’t realized it yet, you are the one who will do the choosing in terms of what color cord you want slung about your wrist. Will it be the navy, the red, the black, the yellow, or the green? The choice is yours. Kiss kiss!

Free People "Peace and Love Earrings" What’s even better than peace? The added bonus of love, to be sure. Thus, these Peace and Love Earrings are a flawless way to showcase your compassionate side. Crafted of faceted gold nuggets that are elegantly wired together – one in the shape of a peace sign, the other in the shape of a heart – these drop earrings pay tribute to the tender, love, and care that runs through your veins; while adding a decadent, face-framing touch that brings all eyes to your neck and jaw-line. Though the true clincher is the very DIY-inspired detail that gives these treasures an off-the-Richter-scale type of cuteness not seen since your days of eating paste in the schoolyard. Earrings have never looked so yummy.

Charlotte Russe "Stacked Statement Rings" Who said that a statement had to be made by way of an oversized necklace clasped tightly about your throat? To make a true statement, one must say nothing at all, and simply let her hands do the talking; and that is precisely what will be done if you’re donning these Stacked Statement Rings. The trio of burnished metal rings can be worn separately, or as a set; either way they make a very clear testimony to your hangers-on. Each ring proclaims a different message – one is emblazoned with the word Love; another is dotted with peace signs; and still another is modestly encircled with turquoise stones. No matter how you wear them they exude a vintage ambience that is positively impossible to ignore.

Are you ready to peace out?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Target, Urban Outfitters, Jules Smith Designs, Free People, and Charlotte Russe for the pictures.

Court Short

Anna Kournikova. Maria Sharapova. Ana Ivanovic. Severine Bremond. Maria Kirilenko. I know it’s not my imagination. It’s as if being ruggedly beautiful is a prerequisite for being a professional female tennis player. Each one comes packaged with an exotic name, sassily tousled hair, and amazing skills both on the court and in front of the camera where they take up modeling on the side. Sadly, I have no skills on the court that I know of, and no, I don’t possess a name that rolls off the tongue in a saucy manner. What I do have, however, is a penchant for falling in love with sportswear, and what I’m yearning for at present is the Nike Smash Pleated Women’s Tennis Skirt.

Oh darlings, I’m well-aware of the fact that this is a skirt meant for the court, the fact that it’s crafted of Dri-Fit polyester and spandex is indicative reality of this enough. But I’m sorry I clearly can’t resist the fashion factor of this court short.

The pleated bottom adds just the right amount of flair I search for in a flippy skirt; the bright, punchy pastel colors – China Rose and Glass Blue serving as my favorites – seemingly have the power to awaken more neutral toned ensembles; and the spandex material ensures that you’ll be able to twist and shout without any hesitation. Not to mention there’s the added sporty bonus of internal shorts that are hidden within, so you’ll never have to worry about Marilyn Monroe moments while freely shopping along Fifth Avenue.

Now, if only my purchase of this pretty would ensure talent and effortless loveliness alike, I would buy hundreds upon hundreds of them. At least I am sure of one thing, it is bound to bring a newfound beauty to my wardrobe!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Nike for the pictures.


Shy Girl

Hands well-placed to keep the gaze of others out of sight; a physical trick thought up to avoid making eye contact, or as little as possible, to random passersby. A tactic to conquer anxiety. To ward off being judged, forgotten, or even rejected. Pouty red lips puckered tightly, a sign that little to no words will be spoken. A hushed silence destined to hover awkwardly mid-air.

It’s true; she is a shy girl…a mousey mademoiselle trying to find her place in the world. To find comfort in her own skin. And she’s destined to, if the stars lingering about her are any indication. Once those delicate hands are removed from their place, she is certain to shine like a shooting star. She will no longer be quiet and reserved. She will be outspoken and personable. Until then, she remains the Shy Girl.

At the moment? Well, the Shy Girl is exactly what I’m looking for. She is a black and white sketch representation of you, me, and countless others. She is a pretty and petite fashionista dying to break through; to have her voice heard. Her incorporation of brightly colored accessories – like the Blair Waldorf inspired bow haphazardly sitting atop her stringy mop of hair, or the bracelets twirled about her wrist – are just the beginning of the vibrancy that lies within.

A mix between Delia’s other divine creation, the Young Love tee, which I raved about here, and Danny Roberts’ Girls in Glasses tee, which I literally begged for here; the Shy Girl top stays true to the charactered graphic tees Delia’s is known for. Yet the subject matter makes the shopper feel as if the artist has seemingly tapped into her psyche, and uncovered the insecure darling hidden underneath the strong, fashionable façade that faces the world from day-to-day.

It’s a decorous piece that sports a multitude of hidden meanings, while remaining sassy and cute to boot! I’d love to wear her with black tights topped with cutoff denim shorts, flat black boots, a charcoal-colored bow headband, and bangles galore. I imagine that’s exactly what she would want.

What does the Shy Girl mean to you?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Delia's for the picture.
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