Flat, studded, buckled, knee-high, over the knee, scrunchable, rain, fashion…kittens, you’ve no idea the type of boot collection I have amassed over the past year. I’ve managed to take home just about every color, construction, and height imaginable, yet there is one style that has managed to evade me all this time; a simple look that has never called my overflowing closet home, and that, mes chéris, is the bootie. I’ve replayed moments countless times in my mind, but I truly can’t tell you how I’ve managed to get this far in life without having indulged in a pair of booties at some point in time. That, mind you, is about to change, for I’ve decided to get bootie-licious!

Rampage “Beckett Boot” I’ll be honest darlings, just one look at the ambrosial bow adorning the ankle of little Beckett, and it’s obvious that she is most definitely Blair Waldorf’s footwear counterpart; but perhaps that only makes her more lovable. After all, how could one truly resist someone as glamorous as Miss Waldorf? A slouchy faux-suede shaft adds a bohemian-chic ruching about the upper which would look downright darling if worn with a mini, yet has the potential to be just as fabulous if donned with a pair of well-loved skinnies. It’s probably quite obvious, but if you can’t tell, I’ll simply let you in on a little secret…there’s a beautiful friendship blooming between Beckett and I – one that is bound to take us on glorious walking trips year round!

Candela “Robin Stud Strap Booties” White boots have always frightened me for the sheer reason that I’m worried of being mistaken for a go-go dancer. But in the case of Candela, people can mistake me as anything they’d like, for I simply can’t resist the pristine hue of the Robin Stud Strap Booties; or the scrummy way the silver studding adorns the soft pebbled leather in the same fashion that sprinkles decorate the fluffy whipped frosting topping a cute cupcake. They’re like a motorcycle boot gone glamorous – I think I’ll be wearing them with tights and sweater dresses all winter long!

Restricted “Cozy” I’ll admit that it was a very difficult task, but I managed to come to terms with the reality that I was simply incapable of walking in heels quite some time ago. I accept that bit of knowledge, despite the fact that it nearly killed me to face the truth, and that is the certainty that I would never have the chance to strut my stuff along the sidewalks in Loeffler Randall’s Wendy Knit Cuff Booties, a pair of shoes that I have fallen so deeply head over heels in love with. But I have discovered a consolation in the form of Restricted’s Cozy. As opposed to the nearly five-inch heel, the Cozy has a three-and-a-half inch wrapped heel quite similar to a wedge, in addition to the knit cuff with button detail – the trademark that made me so smitten with Wendy. Ooh, I think I’m about to get cozy!

Aldo “Neher” I’m fighting a rebellious obsession at the moment; a vicious craving for a particular embellishment that Christopher Kane for Topshop brought to my attention – eyelets and grommets. I want them to trim my handbags and adorn my jeans; I covet their appearance on everything from headbands to t-shirts and just about any other accessory or accoutrement you can think of. But, most of all, I long for them to decorate a pair of booties; to add a special spice to my footwear that studs simply aren’t capable of. Thus, I’m obviously in dire need of Neher. These are the true black beauties of the boot world, for Neher embodies both naughty and nice. The slim sole, almond-shaped toe, and leather upper provide a dose of demure niceties; while the back laces and metal grommets add that dash of naughty that is simply too good to resist.

Very Volatile “Alotta” You don’t need to tell me twice kittens, I already know that I can’t wear these, but I simply couldn’t resist mentioning a current bootie lust of mine; and that, mes chers, is the ambrosial Alotta. You probably don’t know this, but I’m quite obsessed with the Victorian era, thanks in large part to my numerous rereads of Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence. Alotta manages to capture the time of horse-drawn carriages, pretty parasols, and cantankerous corsets to a T via the buttons accenting her ankle. Slip these spellbinding slippers on your tootsies to add a little vintage flair to your modernistic apparel, and you’ll feel just like a dashing damsel in distress!

Ready to get bootie-licious, darlings?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shoe Mall, Shopbop, Piperlime, and Aldo for the pictures.


Tightwad Tuesday: Marc Jacobs Stam for a Steal

I’ve always loved her. Stam, that is. The way an ebony-hued blush creeps over her body when glanced upon; the gold highlights that virtually work to both enhance and accentuate her beauty; the pillowy plushness of her form that is oh-so huggable. Forgive me, perhaps I’ve lead you on; perchance you thought I was discussing Jessica Stam. While I adore the blue-eyed, button-nosed beauty whom struts her stuff on the runway, at present time I am discussing her handbag counterpart – the Marc by Marc Jacobs Stam Frame.

It was the vintage inspiration that did it this time, kittens. Though I can’t remember my grandmother, I remember her handbag quite well – a beige number with a gleaming gold kiss-lock closure; the very same type of closure that the Stam possesses. While completely modern and state of the art, it is this very antiquated inclusion, paired with the Chanel 2.55-like quilting that lends an Old Hollywood type of glamour, a Valley of the Dolls influenced tribute, to the accessory, making it a must for my lust list.

Unfortunately, that’s where it will stay; upon a list of items I desire, but may not own for years down the road, if ever; for while the Stam Frame Bag is a divine and debonair reticule full of retro refinement, it is well out of my price range. At $1,350.00 I surely don’t have that type of cash to toss out on a sole item – no matter how grandiose said item may be – and even if I did, once purchased, I would likely have not even a spare penny to carry within its luscious leather folds, having spent the last of my savings on the picturesque pouch itself.

I suppose I should tell you now darlings, when it comes to purchasing accessories, I am anything but a patient person. When I want it, I want it now; thus, I refuse to stand by and salivate over the original. Instead, I have taken matters into my own hands and found a Stam that I can call my own at this very moment. Her name? Samantha.

At $38, Shop Suey Boutique’s Samantha Satchel is the answer to our Stam starvation. Like the lovely it’s modeled after, Samantha is constructed of a quilted, leather-like material that sports an inner zip pocket, in addition to inner pouches with your cell phone and sunnies in mind. But we cannot overlook the two piece de resistance finishing touches: the très air-smooch worthy kiss-lock closure, and removable gold chain shoulder strap – a duo of qualities that make me wonderfully woozy; and seal the deal on this Samantha steal.

I’m dying to know dolls…will you splurge, or walk the trail of the tightwad?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Monterey County Weekly and Shop Suey Boutique for the pictures.


Beatnik Beauty

I can’t do it. I simply cannot bring myself to splurge on dresses that look absolutely ambrosial both dangling from the shop rack and when hugging your body, yet are destined to spend their days lopsidedly suspended from a hanger in the depths of my closet, lucky to be so much as yanked out for special occasions. Don’t get me wrong kittens, I adore dresses just as much as the next girl, but I most often find myself turning to the classy comforts of my highly valued skinny jeans; and simply can’t see the point in investing much cash in flirty frocks. That said; I am still incapable of resisting their coquettish call; their teasing temptation; their amorous ambush. Thus, I am permitting myself to invest in a few fragments of frippery; and the ones that I plan on scooping up are Xhilaration’s Boho Woven Dress.

I have always been intrigued by the hippie movement. The ideas of peace, love, free spirit…it has all rung true for me over the years; made me eager to learn more, to embrace the fringes and headbands; the rose-colored glasses and wide-brimmed, floppy hats; even the poetry readings and bead-encrusted fashions. The Boho Woven Dress has the ability to invoke visions of all of this merely by slipping it over your head.

Darlings, I certainly do not foresee this frock collecting dust in a bureau drawer, or sitting idly in my closet awaiting its turn to be wined and dined. I imagine it being donned bare-legged with a weatherbeaten pair of cognac boots as I frolic in an abandoned field, a chain of daisies intertwined about my head like an organic crown. I picture it being tossed on over a pair of opaque tights, its billowy bubble sleeves providing a very modern-day Juliet Capulet silhouette. I see it being the ideal layering piece for vests of all shapes, sizes, and textures.

The only problem I do foresee, however, is choosing the print that is blissfully ideal for me. Will it be the Teardrop or the Paisley Stripe? The Feather Paisley or the Paisley Swirl? It is predicaments like this that give me the absolute worst headaches. Perhaps the truly ideal thing to do in such a situation is to simply spring for all four – at only $24.99 apiece, I can’t imagine a more appropriate solution.

Ready to try beatnik beauty on for size, lovelies?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Target for the pictures.


Style Secrets: Leaving On a Jet Plane

“Anyone can look for fashion in a boutique or history in a museum. The creative explorer looks for history in a hardware store and fashion in an airport.”
Robert Wieder
I always plan ahead. There has never been a single time when I have found myself left without a bottle of shampoo, devoid of deodorant, or missing my coveted mascara. I’m not that kind of girl. I’m a worrier by nature, kittens. I can’t say that it’s a wonderful trait, but it is one that courses through every vein in my body at the speed of light twenty-four/seven, and there’s truly nothing I can do about it; aside from embrace it, of course.

It’s not so bad, I suppose. I am always the one with an extra tube of lip gloss when an unexpected kiss is on the horizon; and I simply can’t forget the way everyone looks to me when they need a tissue or a dab of hand-sanitizer. I guess you could call it an honor to be someone who always plans ahead. You could, however, also refer to planning ahead as a lifesaver – especially when you’re leaving on a jet plane.

No mes chéris, despite the fact that the holidays are right around the corner (as is my birthday) I have no plans (thus far) on boarding a flight to some exotic locale to soak up my sultry, and stylish surroundings. The truth of the matter is that, as of now, I have one plan and one plan only…to loll around locally. You, on the other hand, may have something much more exciting up your sleeve – something that requires a trip via plane; and, as such, I refuse to allow you to board anything until you are properly prepared. You will not step foot in that airport, or on that plane until you are well-versed in the musts and the must-nots of what you should be draped in, carrying, and dragging about with you. After all, you’re leaving on a jet plane, darlings, and must do so in effortless style.

Agreeable Attire

Le Top I love them just as much if not more than the next girl; but let’s be honest here, there’s no need to wear a fitted top that will cling to your every curve if you’re destined to be sitting for countless hours at a time. For these particular moments, do the right thing and wear something loose and flowy about your upper half that will make you feel feminine, dainty, and anything but self-conscious about your imagined love handles or various other nonexistent imperfections. Three styles I strongly recommend for a comfortable plane ride are:

V-Necks – I virtually swear by Mossimo Supply Co.’s Pocket V-Neck Tee. It’s lightweight, inexpensive, and available in a multitude of colors. If you want a more fitted look, buy your regular size; if you want a slouchier style buy larger – either way looks amazing.
Off the Shoulder Tees – The thought of wearing an off the shoulder tee on a flight can be daunting considering the fact that airplanes are often chilly, but Alloy’s Off-Shoulder Tee will make you change your mind. I wear them all the time, and recommend them to everyone. When worn, you expel this very rumpled, effortless glamour, and if your shoulder should get cold, you have the option of sliding the sleeve up to cover the exposed skin.
Boyfriend Tees – Be thankful for the fact that nothing says seductive like a girl dressed in a plaid button-down that is slightly boxy and brawny, and looks like something she snuck from her boyfriend’s dresser. I favor BDG’s Plaid Boyfriend Buttondown. While the cut is masculine, the colors – purple, salmon, pale yellow – are extremely dainty and feminine, which add a definite girly bounce to your step!

The Legs Listen to me when I say this, loves…you do not have to wear sweatpants to stay comfortable while seated; and please don’t. The key to comfort is wearing something that is stretchy, yet sassy. I am a jeans girl all the way; my closet is full of them. But, seeing as how denim may not necessarily be the most comfortable legwear for a long flight, I suggest perusing the next best thing…jeggings or leggings. Levi’s Capital E Legging Jeans are my favorite due to the fact that they look identical to a pair of dark-wash skinnies, with the exception that they are, to be sure, leggings. Unfortunately, they run a little high price-wise; thus, the next best thing is to find a more affordable pair of jeggings, like mark’s Blue Jean Denim Leggings, or simply toss a long top over an inexpensive pair of standard leggings so you retain comfort while still maintaining a polished look that you feel confident in.

Les Chaussures Heels are great for the three E’s: elevation, elegance, and elongation. That said; they are horribly disagreeable for flights. You do not lounge around your house in sky-high stilettos, so don’t do so on travel days, when you know you’ll be dragging luggage through terminals and taxis before you reach your journey’s end. It is essential to keep your tootsies in a state of beatific bliss from the moment you get on the plane, until you descend from it; therefore, I enlist the assistance of boots to keep my feet satisfied while soaring. Not all boots make the cut, however; you must find one that is comfortable while remaining cute. I recommend tall, flat boots in neutral colors with a wide shaft that easily pull on and off. When flying I avoid boots with zippers, ties, buckles, and all similar matter – this often interferes with the ease of removing your shoes, should your feet get hot. Most versatile in my book are equestrian styles, like Urban Outfitters’ Equestrian Rainboot; and pieces crafted of suede, like Gabriella Rocha’s Bree 2 – they move with your form without discomfort and always add an air of sophistication to your look.

The Cover-Up There are two sides to every story, darlings; the same goes for cover-ups. In my eyes, you have a duo of choices here, either go for charming and cuddly with a cardigan, or brisk and blasé with a blazer. I myself prefer the former. To me, there’s nothing better than the feel of a cardigan wrapped around my body – it provides a snuggly, secure warmth that acts as a blanket while keeping my style celestial, ethereal, and effortless. Silence & Noise’s Stitch Detail Cocoon Cardigan is my sweater crush du jour courtesy of the way in which it falls in a fluttery motion about the body. If you’re looking to top your ensemble with something slightly more posh, you cannot go wrong with a blazer. Cropped, boyfriend, double-breasted, pleated, open front…any and all styles keep you fresh, refined, and looking like a million bucks – case in point, Elizabeth and James’ James Blazer.

Le Cou Aside from jewelry, scarves are the next best accessory. They have the ability to add a fresh pop of life to your ensemble when slung haphazardly about your shoulders or wrapped cozily about your throat; thus, do not allow your neck to be seen without one at the airport. As of late I am utterly obsessed with tube scarves, and have my eye on the taupe Thick Knit Eternity Scarf from Bop Basics. If, my sweets, you happen to be looking for something a little more glamorous, colorful, or lengthy, my sweets, I must advise you to turn to YARNZ, Twinkle, Sir Alistair Rai, or Love Quotes – designers whose neck accoutrements quite simply make me weak in the knees.

Large and In Charge

When it comes to your carry-on mes bien-aimés, there is one rule and one rule only that you need to adhere to – bigger is better. You don’t want to have to hang onto a handbag, a carry-on, and a suitcase (which I hope against all hope you don’t check at the baggage claim); thus, look for a bag that is sturdy, smart, and, above all else, big enough to hold the entire contents of your handbag, in addition to your other in-flight must-haves. You are already aware of my adoration of One Language Label’s Haute Bag, so I won’t bore you with babble about how divine it is; all you need to know is that, when shopping for a carry-on, use this particular piece as a guide for finding perfection, as it embodies all of the qualities that a carry-on should harbor (ideal size; pockets for all of your miscellaneous items; and proper closure to keep your prized possessions safe), without losing a single trace of it’s fashion-forward finesse! If, however, you're looking for something with a kick of color, you can never go wrong with a LeSportsac - I'm partial to their Pumpkin Erika Tote myself.

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”
Oscar Wilde

Excess Baggage

One thing we must keep in mind dearests, is the fact that once the plane takes off, we will have no more chances to compile the bits and pieces that will amuse us until the seemingly endless flight is over; therefore, one of the most important things about travel is loading your carry-on with everything that you could possibly need (within reason, of course) so that it is at your fingertips at a moment’s notice.

Ballerinas Despite the fact that your feet are strapped into a pair of swanky boots that are pleasantly comfy, it’s hard to resist the lure of wanting to slip them off and stretch your cramped toes after a few hours of being stuffed into such a style. The best idea is to stick a pair of ballerina flats or slippers into your carry on; doing so, however, is destined to take up tons of space, which you really can’t afford to lose. My solution? Citisoles. I worship these ballerina flats, as they literally fold up to the size of a pack of Kleenex, and are as comfortable as actual slippers. For $19.99 you can buy a pair; but I advise to pay $24.99, as the extra $5 provides you with a Carrying Case which protects your new best friend in the same fashion that your wallet shields your beloved AmEx from harm.

La Littérature I adore perusing the pages of ELLE or Vogue while traveling as much as the next fashion savvy girl; but there’s something about long flights that make me eager to live vicariously through a fun and flippant character, if only to pass the time more quickly. Short story collections, such as Sloane Crosley’s I Was Told There’d Be Cake, and novellas like Anita Loos’ Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – and – But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes are at the top of my list for the sheer fact that they are riotously funny, slim in size so they won’t weigh your bag down, and easy to get lost in.

The Eyes Do rock your Retrosun Vintage Christian Dior Sunglasses, make waves in your Marc by Marc Jacobs Logo Aviators, and turn heads while donning Tom Ford’s Anais when taking the terminal by storm, mon doux. Once on board, however, you may still long to cover up your peepers. The truth is, you could go the celebrity route, and wear your sunnies for the entirety of the flight, or you could use a sleep mask. I prefer the latter, especially when I’m trying to relax and dream about my travel plans. A favorite of mine is the Holly GoNightly Sleep Mask from Fred Flare, because every girl deserves to have a Breakfast At Tiffany’s moment at some point in her life. Why not now?

If Looks Could Kill Darlings you could be on the planet Mars, and I would still be advising you of this…do not allow the plane to leave the ground unless you have your cosmétique in your carry-on; after all, you never know when a handsome stranger will take up residence right next to you, and you want to look your best! As expected, you should have all the usual suspects at arm’s length – lip gloss, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, a comb, and a compact mirror. Seeing as how a flight is synonymous with an overnighter at a friend’s house, it is crucial to have tissues, hand-sanitizer, lotion, un petit bottle of perfume, and, one of my BFF’s, oil-blotting papers. I literally bow down to Too Faced’s Re-Fresh Oil Blotting Papers. They remove shine without removing your makeup and make your skin look undoubtedly dewy and sparkling!

For Your Listening Pleasure I can’t simply leave you without proper music to listen to while flying, dolls. The truth of the matter is, at the end of the day, every moment in life deserves a soundtrack; hence the reason why all of the playlists I create revolve around one particular subject – in this case, travel. When your eyes get tired from reading, pull out your iPod (you should never go anywhere without it), slip on your sleep mask, and drift off to dreamland to the sound of these wandering-man diddies:

Leaving On a Jet Plane - Plain White Ts
West Coast - Coconut Records
New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down - LCD Soundsystem
Tiny Dancer – Elton John
Breakdown – Jack Johnson
Portland Is Leaving - Rocky Votolato
The World At Large - Modest Mouse
Transatlanticism - Death Cab for Cutie
Another Travelin’ Song - Bright Eyes
Amsterdam - Peter Bjorn and John

“There’s no one-size-fits-all for luggage because it all depends on the trip. Just like there are differences in travel experiences, there should be differences in your gear.”
Rick Schlesinger

What are you doing next? Why, you’re leaving on a jet plane, of course. Have a safe trip, kittens!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Yatzer, Just Jared, Stylepill, One Language Label, Miss Pink Slip, and Yugatech for the pictures.


Smitten Saturday

Stud in the Mud It is my conviction that the exact opposite of a diamond in the rough is a stud in the mud. Oui kittens, it’s time for me to reveal the latest in the world of Café Fashionista obsessions, and that, mes chéris, are leather wrap bracelets embellished with savory studs. There’s something quite gothic about the style that is categorically celestial; a juxtaposition between two worlds – the grandiose of the upper class so carefully portrayed by the opulent leather band, paired with the destitute underworld blatantly depicted via the rough and tumble studding. The end result, mind you, is anything but grungy or offensive; quite the contrary in fact – it’s a fashion that presents itself with swank exclusivity which virtually transforms your wrist into a powerhouse full of pizzazz. Smith by Zoe Chicco’s Black Leather Spike Wrap Bracelet would be a turbulent touch to an ambrosial babydoll. Add a kick of color to your look du jour with Linea Pelle’s Skinny and Shiny Dome Studded Bracelets. Allow Vale’s Leather Studded Wrap Bracelet cast a daring dash of dazzle to your assemblage of accessories. Or simply turn heads with a tough girl Studded Pyramid Cuff Bracelet from Cara Accessories. Now…that’s a wrap; and a studly one at that!

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes Oh kittens, I would so very much love to stuff myself with cupcakes right this very moment. To savor their soft, sugar-laden flesh; and fundamentally bask in the glow of their sweet whipped frosting. But alas, doing so would make it impossible to shimmy into my skinnies, so I must refrain from indulging in their scrummy yumminess and merely admire their pretty persona in quite a different fashion: as stuffed desserts! Please don’t tell me you’ve never heard of them darlings, as anyone who adores cute little cupcakes should be privy to this information; after all, stuffed cupcakes, like their true dessert counterparts are just as divine as the ones served up at Magnolia Bakery – the only thing they’re missing is the calories! This Pixie Dust vanilla-scented felt cupcake is destined to reside on a pristine white nightstand located within the confines of a pastel pink bedroom. I plan on piling dozens of these cherry-topped Handmade Mini Softies on my bed for the cutest sleeping companions ever. A White Frosted Plush Chocolate Cupcake with Pink Rose will be awaiting each and every guest at the next dinner party I throw. And a box of these Tea Party Play Cakes will surely make the ideal get well gift for an ailing friend. Of course, if all this talk of cupcakes has made you hungry, I daresay it would be okay to take a petit nibble at a sugary forbidden treat seeing as how September 21 – 27 is Cupcakes Week – so delight in one (or ten), mes chéris!

Jegging Jive Darlings, you know me for my love of all things denim. My closet is riddled with skinnies in various washes and hues; and, nine times out of ten, you will spot me scurrying down the street in a pair of jeans tucked into knee-high boots, cocktail rings adorning my fingers, my hair trailing flirtily in my wake. As much as I loathe to admit it there are times when jeans simply won’t cut it; moments in life that call for something crafted from a more breezy material, something stretchy that moves and groves with every step you take. I, for one, absolutely refuse to cast aside the look of denim in which I hold so dear for the mere sake of comfort. I am, however, not opposed to a smidgen of compromisation; thus, I am willing to take jeggings out for a little test drive. The Legging Jeans in Anvil Wash by Madewell are, in my mind, treading the fine line between lust and infatuation due to the sheer fact that they look identical to my daily denim accoutrement. It’s impossible to ignore the magnetism of the Twiggy 5 Pocket Legging Jean – the midnight China Doll hue alone is bound to keep the spotlight on you when strutting about in these stunners. The heavy contrasting stitching embellishing Bubblegum’s Stretch Legging Jean contributes a playful pinch to the sleek, body-hugging style. And Levi’s Capital E Legging Jeans? I’m going to be completely candid with you here – they’re my current clothing crush! Ready to do the jegging jive, lovelies?

Crimes of Fashion It’s truly lethal to unleash me in a bookstore. I always manage to find myself in the midst of mischief involving the discovery of new tales, no matter how trite. When fall rolls around, those tales turn to mysteries; cozies that require a thick, cable-knit sweater, a warm fireplace, hot chocolate loaded with pillowy white marshmallows, and a plaid blanket to huddle under for optimal reading. I can’t tell you why my thoughts instantly turn to such stories when autumn arises; but I suppose it has to do with the comfortable, homey feeling such books’ put forth. But no, my most recent Barnes & Noble excursion did not leave me with that same family-centric feeling. Instead I found myself bombarded with the discovery of fashion-focused mysteries – there was Handbags and Homicide and Dying in Style; Raiders of the Lost Corset and Spying in High Heels; even Death By Pantyhose. Who knew there were so many anecdotes depicting crimes of fashion just sitting upon bookstore shelves ripe for the fashionista’s choosing?!

Get the Boot! Someone called me, of all things, “boots” the other day. Can you believe the gall; the insensitivity; the audaciousness for an individual to deem it appropriate to bestow such a title upon me? Neither can I. That said, it truly didn’t bother me in the least for I see it as a befitting alias for myself – someone who wears boots on an almost daily basis (even going so far as to pair them with flirty frocks during the spring and summer months); and when not actually donning them, one can find me gazing upon new styles online or in local shops. The truth of the matter is that my thoughts are quite…consumed with boots. In my mind, they are the most splendrous piece of footwear known to man; which is why I can’t help but to believe that they would also make for a fabulous handbag a la Saskia Marcotti’s Bootbag. An ordinary rubber rainboot is turned into an avant-garde purse simply by puncturing the shaft with a hole which serves as a flawless handle. I’ll take the red, s'il vous plait!

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to We ♥ It and Shopbop for the pictures.


Four Square

If you want to cut it in my closet, you must have the ability to morph yourself into whatever style I see fit at that particular point and time. You must mold yourself to my every whim and hair-brained ideas. And you must retain the comfort of a well-loved cardigan while preemptively displaying cutting edge characteristics. Laugh your pretty little heads off all you want darlings, such a wardrobe staple does exist in the form of KORS Michael Kors Frannie Zipper Boot.

Frannie is the footwear of choice for the girl who simply can’t make up her mind regarding the height of boot that she wants to add to her collection – the bootie, mid-calf, knee-high, or over the knee. Instead of forcing the petite femme to make a haphazard decision which she may regret later this four in one gives her the ability to change her mind whenever she sees fit. How? Zippers, of course!

Three sets of zippers embellish Frannie’s tall frame, each one possessing the power to change her appearance in mere moments. But the true crème de la crème of such a creation is the fact that, when worn at her full height, the zippers never look awkward or out of place – instead, they contain a very vanguard, state-of-the-art ambiance that serves to decorate and enhance her offbeat beauty.

I am fully aware that these boots, at $595, would qualify as a splurge; but with such versatility, I’m quite sorry, but this is one game of Four Square I can’t help but get excited about!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to InStyle and Michael Kors for the pictures.


Pin Me!

Cocktail rings and hairpins; statement necklaces and scarves; bracelets that jingle jangle and earrings that dangle…accessories come in and out of my life through a virtual revolving door, embellishing each and every one of my ensembles and seemingly brightening the day of anyone who so much as glances upon them – me included. But my mess of marvels has always been lacking one sparkly specimen…pins. I can’t say whether I’ve simply never been interested in the sharp accents, or if I unpretentiously never spotted one that made me downright weak-kneed; but I’m leaning more towards the latter, since I have been completely smitten with the Charm School Brooch since the first moment I set eyes upon it.

Like a red badge of courage, the Charm School Brooch has an air of military mystique to its silhouette courtesy of a handful of charms (a gold medallion, chain link connector, chain drop, pearl and rhinestone, and silver key) that wave carelessly to and fro from the singular safety pin in which they are suspended from. While slight in stature, the mixed metal decoration is a bit of frippery that I simply can’t imagine being without. Why? Oh kitty cats, I can’t believe you even had to ask – because of its versatility, of course! Picture the scene:

Saturday night has arrived and you’ve managed to snag a dinner date with the cutie you locked eyes with on the subway less than a week ago. Your black blazer gives your dark wash skinny jeans an air of swank sophistication – just the look you were aiming for. But there’s a slight problem, it’s like a blank canvas, it needs something snazzy to spruce it up – the Charm School Brooch will do just the trick, and create an amazing conversation piece to boot!

Your new messenger bag is everything you’ve ever wanted – if only the canvas strap weren’t blasé to the tenth power, that is. A glittering trinket would make all the difference. Clip the Charm School Brooch on it, and let the charms swing and sway to their hearts content like a gaggle of giggling schoolgirls with every step you take.

Oopsie, the button just popped on the collar of your crisp white Oxford shirt. Please don’t panic doll, you have the Charm School Brooch in your midst. Slide it into the place of your former button and watch it twinkle in the sunlight about your throat like a stunning spotlight that strikes you and only you.

Obviously, there’s no reason not to…Pin me, darling!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to American Eagle for the pictures.


Totally Tubular

Accessories are my BFF. They are so much easier to locate at a moment’s notice than a living, breathing gal pal when an urge to shop strikes; plus, they never try to steal the cute boy who happens to catch your eye while waiting in line for your Grande Light White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks – although they may attempt to swipe the spotlight with their shimmer and shine, or dazzle him with their grandiose glamour. Admit it, there’s no finer friend than a cocktail ring who can swathe you in radiance; no more valuable companion than a statement necklace with the ability to make you sparkle; no classier cohort than a flamboyant charm bracelet tinkling in glee with your every move. But don’t worry kitty cats, your supplementary sidekick need not be of the twinkling variety. Hence the reason why my fall accessory du jour is not the cord bracelet or the pendant necklace; nor a floral-shaped bauble or a Swarovski-encrusted bit dangling from my ear. Rather, it is…le tube scarf.

Twinkle “Just In Case Scarf” Darlings, just in case you thought it possible to survive without a tube scarf, Twinkle is here to prove you completely wrong via their Just In Case Scarf, a piece that your accessory drawer is completely naked without. No longer do you have to struggle with tying your scarf in an acceptable fashion, or worry about it slipping from your shoulders when skedaddling for the subway, the Just In Case Scarf stays in place from the moment you put it on until you deem it appropriate to take it off, while making you look and feel like a seductive little ski bunny. Hippity hop, kittens!

DKNY “Lambswool/Cashmere Infinity Scarf” Haven’t you always wanted to be her? Oh, good grief, I can’t believe you’ve no idea who I’m talking about…the lady in red, of course! I’ve always craved such a caption to accompany my entrance into a room, but I’ve never felt flippant enough to flounce into a crowded space covered from head to toe in crimson – it simply seems too outwardly cheeky a thing for me to do; yet the Lambswool/Cashmere Infinity Scarf in the flirtatious Flame pigment is giving me courage – if only subtly. Wrap it around your throat for a pop of color that will make heads turn and bring an alluring blush to your cheeks. Who knows lovelies, someone may even refer to you as the lady in red.

Nordstrom “Airy Shadow Stripe Cashmere Wrap” There’s something to be said for an accessory that has the power to hug and keep you warm from top to bottom in the same fashion that a cute boy can; hence the reason why I’m so smitten with Nordstrom’s Airy Shadow Stripe Cashmere Wrap. The crafting is just as soft, cozy, and familiar as a much-loved blanket; while the length gives you the ability to tie it tube-like around your neck or allow it to hang haphazardly over your shoulders for a more casual effect. But alas, not all decisions are as simple as styling, cupcakes; sometimes the real issue in question is deciding upon a singular color that will keep your closet chipper from season to season. I’m convinced that Ivy League would so perfectly complement my complexion and eyes; Turkish Blue would look marvelous with denim; and we can’t forget how intriguing Ivory would look frosting any and all of your wardrobe staples. I understand that it’s most likely out of the question, but can’t I just have them all?

Bop Basics “Thick Knit Eternity Scarf” Love at first sight doesn’t strike often kittens, but when it does, you must act quickly; thus the reason why I scooped up the Thick Knit Eternity Scarf within moments of laying eyes upon it. There’s something about cable knit anything that makes me downright punch-drunk – especially in a hue so reminiscent of steaming cocoa – so I couldn’t help but allow myself un petit splurge. But it was worth it. Can you imagine how divine such a piece will look slung around a jewel-toned sweater come winter or topping a cropped blazer for a little get-together with the girls? I have a feeling that I’ll be adoring this little knit for all of eternity!

Echo “Double Infinity Scarf” Forget what you’ve heard (if you’ve heard anything, that is), texture and volume are not terms applicable only to hair. No, when it comes to clothing – in this case, accessories – they are a double whammy of words that describe the same type of decadence synonymous with the fluffy whipped topping that veils sugary cupcakes. Case in point, Echo’s Double Infinity Scarf. As if the majestic Regal Purple color weren’t enough to make you giddy, the way in which the irresistibly soft material swoops and loops around your neck like a glamorous merry-go-round most certainly will.

Ready to get tubular, mes chéris?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopbop, Bloomingdale’s, and Nordstrom for the pictures.


Dock, Drop, and Roll

By now you’re probably thinking that I spoil my iPod to no end. I’m going to be honest with you kittens…I do. I would die without music, plain and simple; thus, in my mind, my iPod is synonymous with a living, breathing child. As such she should be showered with the same type of tender love and care that one would shroud their own offspring with. Already my tiny trinket is the proud recipient of iPod Socks; but I’m sorry to say that those only protect her from the harsh hazards she is subject to when out of doors. The majority of accidents happen at home; therefore, she needs a secure spot where she will be safe from harm of any and all kind – a wherever that is warm and wonderful; a hangout that is haute yet homey; a pad that is posh yet playful. Quite simply, I’m convinced that she needs an iPod + iPhone Speaker Dock/Clock RadioSony coupons.

So maybe I’m being slightly egocentric here. While my beloved photoelectronic will most definitely benefit from this item, I too have a vested interest in this particular purchase due to the fact that I am sick and tired of awaking to rubbish on the radio. With the iPod + iPhone Speaker Dock/Radio I will never again have to suffer from such a dreadful morning greeting.

Easily slide your wee musical pal into the très chic, sleek, and pristine dock that she will now be claiming as her own personal adorable abode, and set the alarm to the option you’d prefer – to wake up to your own playlist (yes please, mademoiselle!), or allow whatever tunes happen to turn up on the radio to rustle you from your slumber each morning.

No more will your mornings be trampled upon with maniacal musings from musical artists that do anything but tickle your fancy; no longer will your thoughts of your mini mechanism being minced, mashed, or mowed down within the confines of your fashionable foyer or enchanting entryway infiltrate your mind. The iPod + iPhone Speaker Dock/Clock Radio will keep your brain and your eardrums at peace. Now if only it came in pink!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to SonyStyle for the pictures.


Welcome to the Dollhouse

I am good; but perhaps that is precisely what is so very, very bad. It’s the curse of the good girl. You get into the habit of being all sorts of sweet; candy-coated, you might say. Helping with menial tasks about the house; being a yes girl; staying naïve and innocent in all manners of the words; obeying curfews; and suddenly darlings, you’re a puppet – or more accurately, a doll. A porcelain doll at that – one with a saccharine smile, bouncy ringlets lacing your hair, and a rosy rouge adorning the apples of your cheeks; a mannequin who is handled with kid-gloves and regarded as fragile and in need of protecting. It is certainly not a fun role; yet it’s one that many of us fall into, if only incidentally. Thus, why not dress the part?

Charlotte Russe’s Lace Floral Dress is just the type of ensemble you would expect to embellish the form of a dolly standing prim and proper upon a spotless shelf; as such, it is the ideal way to channel your model persona. The charcoal-hued A-line frock is feminine and flirty; dainty and demure; and downright ambrosial to simply look at. The scoop neck gives way to a Victorian-inspired cream-colored lace trim that takes on the appearance of a darling bib; then moves down to expose a crimson floral print, which subtly morphs into the most angelic décor in the form of charming carousel ponies bejeweled with flowers, garland, and ribbons encircling them from head to foot.

Kittens, this is not the type of attirement you spot on a daily basis. It is the piece de resistance of playful; the crème de la crème of cute; the haut monde of heavenly. Equal parts romantic and refined with a spot of vintage flavor tossed in for good measure, it is, to put it quite bluntly, a magnificent marvel with the ability to give you the confidence to embrace the dear dolly within; while giving you a prime reason to pull those Blair Waldorf tights out of retirement.

Welcome to the dollhouse, darlings.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Charlotte Russe for the pictures.


The Fuzz

When I was eight-years-old, my younger sister (then four) proclaimed that she was going to be a gorilla when she grew up. Not a doctor or a fireman; nor a singer or nurse…a gorilla. At the time, I made fun of her to no end; but I suppose that now I have no grounds to criticize such a declaration due to the fact that, at present time, I am harboring similar dreams. Oh, don’t get me wrong darlings, I don’t have a desire to grow fur and run around a tree-covered jungle making ape-like sounds; I do, however, have a craving to prance up and down the sidewalks of the concrete jungle wearing something so often embraced by our forest dwelling counterparts, and that, mes amours, is a faux fur vest!

Joie “Glimmer Faux Fur Vest” Spotted…a garment that will instantly transform you into Almost Famous’ bewitching band-aid Penny Lane the moment you shrug your shoulders into its furry folds. I’ll admit it, I’ve been head over heels for Penny Lane from my first introduction to her over five years ago, and her style has never evaded my mind. For years I have been on the hunt for a faux fur vest that is shaggy while still retaining a smart, silky silhouette – much like the one Penny Lane herself wore while touring the country with an out-of-control rock band. At last, I have found the drapery of my dreams in the construction of the Glimmer Faux Fur Vest. Slightly longer than typical vests of its kind, the Glimmer Faux Fur is a lustrous way to liven up any en masse, due in large part to its milky moon complexion. Toss it on over an earth-toned flowy frock for a bohemian deity presence, or pair it with skinny jeans and riding boots for a more modish look – the choice is yours. Joie to the world, kittens!

Forever 21 “Belted Faux Fur Vest” Owning Forever 21’s Belted Faux Fur Vest was written in the stars for me; it was part of my destiny. One day I allowed it to slip through my grasp, the next another opportunity to own the fantastic fuzzy presented itself to me, and I literally pounced at the favorable circumstances. Thus, I know it was meant to be. At less than thirty dollars, the Belted Faux Fur Vest is an affordable way to get your faux fur fix, without forfeiting fabulosity. The chartreuse shading is a clever mix of green and yellow tincture which creates a pale brown/blonde blush, making it a simple morsel to mingle with just about anything lurking in your closet. But the true slice of splendor lies in the removable satin self-tie elastic belt which adds a double dose of volume and savoir faire to the topper. To cinch the waist or leave it freely flapping in the wind, that is the question.

Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent “Faux Fur Collar Vest” It wasn’t Olivia Palermo’s sharp-tongue or lustrous locks; her wide array of cocktail rings or her Hermes Birkin that made me fall under her stylish spell. It was, in fact, a black fur shrug perched atop her shoulders that lured me in. A shrug quite similar to a covering crafted by Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent, in the form of the Faux Fur Collar Vest. While not a jacket, nor a complete vest, the Faux Fur Collar is a swanky sampling full of the type of posh prestige one can imagine spotting at a champagne-charged cocktail party. Encrusted with ebony faux fur that whiskers out in a very feather-light fashion, the Faux Fur Collar Vest seems a peerless topper for all matter of evening wear – from elbow-length gloves to big as a house diamonds. If you’re truly courageous, toss it on with a pair of painted-on liquid leggings and sky-high ankle booties for a look that will turn-heads.

BB Dakota “Potter Faux Fur Vest” Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear… but even he can’t hold a candle to a glamorous gal decked out in BB Dakota’s Potter Faux Fur Vest. Potter is an exemplary way to have your cake and eat it too. The dark, coffee-toned dye proffers a très rugged complexion; while the silk-influenced lining coupled with the heavily-fluffed nape provides a subtle urbane aesthetic that makes the piece dually refined and wearable. The fact that it harbors a very aged, vintage effect? Well lovelies, that only adds to its debutante charm and manipulative intrigue.

Damselle “Faux Lynx Fur Vest” I am a dizzying individual – one day I adore black the next I’m all about white, and after that I may follow in Picasso’s footsteps and succumb to a blue phase. The truth is darlings, when it comes to color I often find myself slightly scattered; hence the reason why I turn to bits and pieces that harbor a handful of hues, as opposed to a single solitary one. In this case, I have my sights set on Damselle’s Faux Lynx Fur Vest. Gone are my concerns about choosing a color I will be able to tolerate for years to come, as the Faux Lynx Fur Vest is home to a few neutral tones that will virtually work with anything you have on – splashes of beige dance with leopard spots; flurries of fawn frolic with silver; it’s a motley crew of stains that burst forth in the most brilliant of ways. I hope this isn’t too forward, but…I think I love you!

Ready to get fuzzy, kittens?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopbop, Forever 21, Fred Flare, and Nordstrom for the pictures.


Smitten Saturday

Glove Love The Southern California sun is indicative that the last thing I really need to invest in is a pair of gloves; but I’m not one to listen to reason, and I quite like to be prepared, thus I’m following my heart, or rather, my present craving, and splurging on a little doodad to keep my dainty digits warm. BDG’s Jersey Ruched Long Glove literally makes my heart skip a beat. Sure, some may think that gloves that reach the elbow are completely impractical for everyday use; but I say if you’re going to accessorize your fingers, why not go all out with a pair that will leave a lasting impression and make you feel like a modern-day Holly Golightly? On the other hand, I don’t think any girl in their right mind could resist the contempo cut-outs displayed loud and proud on the very vintage Bow Driver Leather Glove, which seemingly have the ability to bring the femme fatale daredevil lurking deep inside your soul to the surface. And of course there’s always something to be said for a pair that provides function in addition to fashion, like the cognac-colored Thomas Pink Stitched Brown Leather Gloves which pack the power to make you feel like an equestrian regardless of whether or not you’ve so much as stepped foot into a barnyard before. Then again, you all know me for my adoration of cocktail rings, and gloves aren’t necessarily accommodating to such blingin’ baubles, so the Thick Knit Fingerless Gloves from Bop Basics may just prove to be the most suitable selection for my, at present time, nonexistent mitt collection. Oui, I suppose there’s no point in denying it kittens, my mind is simply awhirl with glove love!

Flea Bag February 3, 2009. The New York Times Fashion & Style Section. Mike Albo is the troublemaker who introduced me to a place where dreams come true in the article Come Shop in Their Backyard. A location where fashionistas, thrifters, foodies, musicians, hipsters, and an assortment of people from all walks of life converge with one thing in mind: finding unique, one-of-a-kind curios and novelties in the same fashion that Rachel Zoe spots sublime style. You may think Brooklyn Flea is nothing new; a typical vendor-laden setup with traditional wares for sale – you’d be wrong. No kittens, I’ve not been there myself – only in my slumber have I experienced the organized scavenger hunts, shimmied my hips to the sound of a D.J. spinning, and sipped hot chocolate while surveying the offerings of talented independent artists; but I’ve visited the sprawling weekend market vicariously through the words and photographs of others countless times, and have come to the realization that this shabby chic place of wonderment is quite similar to Disneyland in the sense that it is worthy of being called “the happiest place on earth.” Something I just learned about myself…I am such a flea bag. Are you?

Hat Attack Simple storage solutions are simply not crafted with the saucy girl in mind. Who wants to see the cherished love letters penned by a troupe of paramours, or the beloved curios and novelties racked up over the years stuffed into a crushed shoebox, or piece of plastic? Certainly not I. My knickknacks have an affinity for the finer things; bits that are vintage, irresistible, and just as decorous as they are purposeful. I have searched high and low for a specimen that embodies each and every one of these traits, and have finally come to the conclusion that the piece de resistance of posh preservation solutions is…hat boxes! It’s true; how can one possibly resist the perfection that is a hat box? I have already decided upon three très important things: My very Blair Waldorf hair accessories will reside in this black and white beauty; love letters of all shapes and sizes will call this pink rosebud embellished box home; and my glittering sparklers will soon be vacating their bland bungalow for this swank Tiffany Blue penthouse. Now…who said hatboxes were just for headwear?

Bibbed! I’ve always been miffed by the sight of anyone over the age of four wearing a bib. It seems like such a déclassé way to be seen in public. But now kittens, I have become one of the individuals embracing the very same style and choice of accessories that once irked me to unspeakable proportions. No, I’m not saying that you’ll see me traipsing around town with a Red Lobster bib tied about my throat, for that is not the type of neck accoutrement that tickles my fancy. You will, however spot me sashaying down the street with glittering rhinestones fastened around my neck because, mes chéris, I have officially been bibbed. I shall steal the spotlight at grandiose cocktail parties by donning the Jen Bib Necklace, a baubly beauty by Lee Angel Jewelry. I intend to be the preemptive lady in red while adorned with Free People’s Red Crystal Bib Necklace, a virtual throwback to the trinkets fixed upon the collar of regal royals. With Gemma Redux’s trendily tangled chains and stone pendants adorning the Melinda Necklace I plan on channeling the allure, beauty, and feminine mystique of the striking Cleopatra VII. And for casual days when I simply need to dress up a plain white tee, I shall peruse Forever 21’s colorful Jeweled Net Necklace. Tell me darlings…have you been bitten by the bib bug?

Six Is the Magic Number The past three months that I have been a subscriber to I Heart Daily have been tumultuous ones, if I do say so myself. Each day when I receive the little newsletter I find myself poring over people and things that I never would have been exposed to; which, when you think about it, is truly very dangerous – especially for a self-professed shopaholic. But I must commend myself cupcakes; I have refrained from so much as glancing at the pieces about what I “must own now,” focusing only on the more newsworthy/literary tidbits, which is how I became exposed to my latest unhealthy addiction: Six-Word Memoirs. Oh, I know it sounds fairly petty, but once you immerse yourself in the petit confessionary narratives of people from around the world, you begin to see that all of the quirky thoughts that infiltrate your mind truly aren’t as bizarre as you once imagined. Perhaps I should post some of my own: Addicted to shopping; please send money. Too naïve for my own good. I don’t want to grow up. What’s your six-word memoir loves?

Teacher’s Pet I can’t tell you how much they infuriated me in grade school, darlings. The teacher’s pets who always sat up straight; waved their hands to and fro in the air, the bearer of any answer the teacher happened to ask; and volunteered to take on such trivial tasks as clapping erasers after school or being hall monitor. The truth of the matter is; I believe my infuriation stemmed more from the fact that I longed to hold the title Teacher’s Pet over and above anything else. Yes, I confess, I wanted to be one of those snooty suck-ups. I desired to be the envy of my fellow classmates, the apple of my teacher’s eye, the Elizabeth Wakefield of the campus. But alas, I wasn’t. I just didn’t have it in me. I was too shy to show off; too timid to taunt; and too bashful to boast. Now I can be teacher’s pet without succumbing to any of the above; or at least my feet can. With ashidashi’s Back to School Socks, I can fulfill all my schoolgirl fantasies. The question is…which style will make me feel the most like an obnoxious teacher’s pet? The Pencil, the Notebook, or the Composition? Perhaps a set of all three would be the best option!

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to So about what I said and Shopbop for the pictures.


Flower Girl Giveaway

Darlings you don’t have to be a member of a luxurious wedding party in order to hold the title of flower girl. All you really need is a painfully pretty bouquet full of colorful blossoms to brighten up your day.

Café Fashionista has one Cupcake in Bloom up for grabs courtesy of Erin from 1-800-Flowers.com. The sweet-smelling treat could be yours.

To enter the Flower Girl Giveaway:

For one (1) entry, leave a comment on this post between now and Thursday, September 24, 2009 at midnight PST.

For two (2) entries, Twitter about this giveaway, and leave a comment on this post between now and Thursday, September 24, 2009 at midnight PST with your Twitter URL.

I will randomly pick one name out of a hat (who knows, it could be yours!), and announce the winner on Friday, September 25, 2009. It’s the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth, and your love of florals all at the same time. Good luck everyone!

And yes, this Giveaway is open to everyone – U.S. or International residents!

Want even more chances to win some fabulous fauna to brighten up your living space?

Facebook Birthday Shout-out Overview

1-800-FLOWERS.COM is on Facebook and we want to celebrate birthdays with free birthday flowers. Every Monday, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM will pick a birthday winner from Facebook and give away a free birthday gift. All you have to do is fan 1-800-FLOWERS.COM on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/1800flowers) and watch for the birthdays we are looking for on Mondays. If you or friend's birthday falls within that time period, write on the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM “Wall” and you can enter for a chance to win birthday flowers from 1-800-FLOWERS.COM.

Each Monday 1-800-FLOWERS.COM will announce a winner by posting a status update, so be sure to keep checking in at www.facebook.com/1800flowers to see if you are this week’s winner!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to 1-800-FLOWERS.com for the pictures.
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