Party Girl

Am I off to a party? No. Have I been invited to a spectacular soiree? Negative. Is there a cocktail party not too far from here that I’m planning on crashing? Absolutely not. Regardless of the fact that I currently have nowhere to go, I feel that it is finally my time to cast all fears, precautions, and hesitations aside. To shed my good girl image and get in touch with my wild side; the one that crashes chichi parties; the one who dances ‘til dawn even on a school night. Who throws all talk of curfews to the wind, and sincerely let’s loose. Who refuses to think about responsibility, and candidly has fun. How do I plan on accomplishing this seemingly simple task? Easy. By donning this AE Belted Party Dress.

Wisteria Purple or Navy Night. Two decadent color titles that bring about numerous fashion fantasies; in addition to rebellious dreams. Crafted of lightweight cotton, there’s an element of light corsetry about the bust that conveys an air of Victorian style, which is only made stronger by the splendrous satin ribbon belt adorning the waist. A mini diamond print adds a bit of dimension to the knee-length frock; while smocking on the back helps to create the perfect fit. But of course, you know me, nothing is complete – be it a satin evening gown or cotton sundress – without a pocket or two; and yes, this flirty piece of adorable femininity features two, just waiting for you to slip in a tube of lip gloss, or perhaps a tiny bouquet of flowers from a secret admirer.

During the daylight, I’ll sit poolside, my feet dangling in the crystal clear water, looking like a little lost girl who’s all dressed up with nowhere to go. Sometimes you may find me padding barefoot through a flower field, the slight breeze whipping my loose unwashed hair about my face. Or maybe I’ll be seen at a garden party, sipping tea in a white wicker lawn chair surrounded by colorful hydrangeas.

When night falls I’ll creep out of the shadows with a sparkly statement necklace clasped about my throat, my hair in a loose updo with wisps falling around my face. For a brief time I’ll dance and laugh with strangers. I’ll become the girl whom everyone wants to know. The one who is effortlessly beautiful, unconsciously graceful, and ostentatiously inconspicuous. Once I have left an impression upon everyone, I will slip away, leaving nothing more than a skinny strap in either wisteria purple or navy night in my wake a la Cinderella as proof that I was there. That yes, I certainly do exist. For you see, loves, the AE Belted Party Dress? Well, it’s home to removable straps; so should you feel like wearing it as a tube dress, go ahead and do it! After all, you’re a party girl now.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to American Eagle Outfitters for the pictures.


Second Summer

There’s something about Stevie Nicks’ Edge of Seventeen that reminds me of a Second Summer. Her strong, yet oftentimes hushed voice seems to echo through your brain in the same fashion that the warm breeze accompanying a Second Summer rustles the crisp leaves as they morph from green to yellow to brown to orange to red with the changing of the seasons; while at breathy pauses of the song, images of feathers being ruffled, and blowing in the wind flow through your mind. Perhaps that’s why I instantly thought of her when I laid eyes upon Alex and Ani’s Moonlit Mile Feather Necklace.

While just a tiny whispery, whimsical feather laced through a delicate gold chain and topped with an elegant rhinestone bead, there’s something so undeniably lovely about this piece that simply takes my breath away. The truffle is dark and delicious; but it’s the amber-colored offering, which is offset by fluffy bits of white, that has truly caught my eye.

Ethereal is perhaps the word best fit to describe this particular piece, as it invokes images and thoughts of fringed and beaded moccasins; of wide-open plains; of cutoff denim shorts; of loose-fitting tanks and tees in neutral colors; of hippie headbands; of bohemian beauty; of earth-loving goddesses. There’s an effortless spirituality found within this tiny gem that is utterly impossible to resist. Topping a plain white tee all by its lonesome, it would stand front and center; but even if combined with draping gold chains, there’s something about it that would still bring its beauty to the forefront.

Soft, sultry, angelic...I’m desperate to have one of my own!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Alex and Ani for the pictures.

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Waist-ing Away

Oh mon chers, I feel like a downright, dirty traitor. My low-rise skinny jeans have been with me through thick and thin. They’ve danced under disco balls; gone on lunch dates with cute boys; went on road trips through ghost towns; dined in divine restaurants; and even spent time at the beach. So do you not think that I am committing the worst form of fashion betrayal by fawning over 70s inspired high-waisted jeans? Do you think me guilty of mutiny, perhaps even treason, for coveting their Brigitte Bardot infused beauty? I have tried my best to ignore their lovely lure, but it seems impossible...I’m waist-ing away.

Blue London Jean "The Seventies Jean" The only thing I love more than high-waisted jeans at the moment? High-waisted jeans that don’t put a dent in my wallet, of course. Thus, The Seventies Jean is bound to become a close, personal friend of mine quite shortly – or so I hope. This is a pair of denim that does a body good, and would most certainly please the likes of Donna and Jackie, the high-waist wearing femme fatales of That 70’s Show or Charlie’s divinely-dressed detective Angels. The dark wash provides a canvas for all sorts of spectacular styles – from brightly colored tops, to more classic neutrals – while the wide leg and bell bottom fit would look simply irresistible with a woven pair of espadrilles and big sunglasses. These are scrummy to the tenth power!

J Brand "'The Bardot' High Waist Skinny Jean" Obviously I lucked out a bit, for these Bardot High Waist Skinny Jeans make it simple for me to embrace the high waist style without forsaking my beloved skinny cut. With these, I may just feel the desire to, for once in my life, tuck in an Oxford button-down top to showcase the high waist, which features a 1 ½ inch waistband, in addition to a cute copper-colored closure, and call it a day. During weekdays, when I’m pushing paper at the office, I’d keep it professional with blazers and booties; on weekends or nights out, they would transform to a piece of casual creativity, being paired with off-the-shoulder tops and loose sweatshirts. Finally, I will be able to channel my inner Brigitte!

metrostyle "High Waist Suspender Jeans" You may feel yourself overwhelmed with the urge to run from overalls that remind you of your childhood playground days; but I am telling you straight…you will never want to let go of these sailor-imbued, ultra light stonewashed High Waist Suspender Jeans. The color is reminiscent of a blue sky on a cloudless day, and is accented with a total of twelve shiny silver buttons – six located on each hip – an embellishment that only heightens the sailor style. The wide leg is ideal for flattering any shape or size; and, of course, if the suspenders are unwanted, simply take them off, as they’re detachable. Yes, it’s a versatile piece that would look lovely with brightly colored accessories, and long, flowing tresses or a floppy hat; plus, they’re trendily affordable – I guess it’s time to take my own advice and buy a pair myself!

Silence & Noise "High-Waisted Skinny Jean" Upon spotting these High-Waisted Skinny Jeans, I instantly thought of jeggings; but no, these are most certainly jeans, just with a spandex addition for easy movement. Adorned with five pockets and tapered legs, these are high-waisted skinny jeans will make you feel like a model strutting your stuff up and down the catwalk, even if you’re simply shopping at the local drugstore. Available in three colors – midnight, black overdye, and light blue – all of which display contrasting stitching, and a very retro waistband, it’s impossible to choose a favorite. Maybe I should just splurge and opt for all three?

Rich & Skinny "High Waisted Bootcut Jeans" Relaxed yet regal. Vintage yet avant-garde. Romantic yet free-spirited. Those are the words that instantly flitted through my mind upon spotting these High Waisted Bootcut Jeans. The true blue vintage wash, contrasting orange seaming, and whiskering on the thighs keep the often retro style fresh and contemporary from top to bottom; while the double button closure add a fun, flirty flair to the look. But the main attraction, at least in my mind, is the differing heights of the waist – the front features a 9-inch regular rise, whilst the back showcases a 14-inch rise. It’s a whimsical, original addition that only makes them more covetable.

Are you waist-ing away too, darlings?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Victoria's Secret, Net-A-Porter, metrostyle, Urban Outfitters, and Amazon for the pictures.

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Smitten Saturday

Lollipop Lane My addiction to lollipops should come as no surprise. After all, it is nearly impossible for me to keep the yummy sweets out of my daily posts, let alone my mouth. But today I have decided to feed my desire. It’s true, my discovery of lollipop adorned and inspired accessories and clothing is probably unhealthy, to say the least. It is, however, a much sweeter way to satisfy my cravings, and increase the size of my wardrobe all in one shot. Thus, I now have a hunger for this, this, and this. Obviously the only way to feed the fashion beast within me is via a little trip down Lollipop Lane!

Write On I know nothing about Jon & Kate Plus 8, I was never introduced to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and oftentimes I simply forgot to tune in to the catfights and photo shoots featured on America’s Next Top Model. One piece of reality that I never missed an episode of? MTV’s The Paper. As a budding journalist who has been creating mini newsletters since the age of three, it was simply thrilling to see what it takes to put together a truly fabulous school newspaper. And, of course, there was the added bonus of the dorky Amanda Lorber, whose preppily cute style, endless pairs of leggings, and wide array of sassy spectacles never failed to put a cheery skip in my step. Regardless of the fact that this show ended over a year ago, I still find myself watching reruns Online. I wonder what the cast is up to now...and, you know, MTV, if it’s possible...please bring The Paper back to life!

Bead All About It I used to collect beads. Yes, it sounds like the most bizarre thing to collect, but I did. In fact, I still have buckets full of them to prove it. Though while I possessed beads of all different colors, some adorned with anchors, others with animals, none were as unique as the ones found through BeadforLife. Crafted by Ugandan women out of recycled paper, BeadforLife creates beaded jewelry that is both beautiful and affordable, in addition to caring, as all profits from the line go straight towards community development projects. Currently, I would very much like to call this, this, and this mine. And, for storage purposes, I’ll take this, as well. What’s so perfect? I become the proud owner of a fabulous piece of jewelry, and it’s all for a good cause. What more could a girl ask for?

Miu Miu for Me Me Oh, I have a confession to make. I spend hours upon hours staring at various Miu Miu pieces that I am truly convinced were made just for me. It has become so bad that I actually print photographs out of the items, and gaze upon them with the same type of affection that one would gaze upon a distant lover. The current main object of my Miu Miu affections? The Vitello Lux Bow Satchel. Convertible. Slouchy. Adorned with bows. It’s a handbag that oozes sophistication, yet manages to appear bohemian when paired with the appropriate attire. It’s a classic piece of perfection that I simply covet. Of course, at $1,150, it will have to remain the star of my dreams. At least for now. Then there are the Oversized Sunglasses which I would truly love to own in violet. And, let’s face it, my wardrobe is positively incomplete without these Brogue Banana Flats. Oui, indeed I need a bit of Miu Miu in my life!

Pearlitize Me, Captain! Five hundred forty-seven days, five hours, thirty-nine minutes, and counting. That is how long I have coveted a Blackbery. That is how long I have craved the feel of my fingers pounding away at its QWERTY keypad, typing out quirky notes to my friends and co-workers. That is how long I have dreamed of surfing the web while on the freeway (as a passenger, not the driver, mind you!). And now. Finally. I think my wish may come true via the Blackberry Pearl. It’s sleek, sassy, and chic. Plus, it’s well within my broke college student budget. I can see my little Blackberry Pearl peeking out of my bag already. It’s shimmery skin shining in the sunlight. I’m sold. Hurry up and pearlitize me, captain!

Hamptons Honey Don’t get me wrong, I’m a city girl through and through; but there’s an undeniable lure that I feel towards the Hamptons. Something simply calling me to visit the quaint little seaside resort town. To buy anything and everything my heart desires in the sweet shops; swim in the secluded beaches found in Sagaponack, Amagansett, and Montauk; eat ice cream from East Hampton’s Scoop du Jour while strolling Main Street; perhaps even slip into the exclusive Annual White Party unnoticed. It’s such a divine location that I’m sure I would find myself unable to depart from once there. Dare I say I crave the chance to be a Hamptons Honey?

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Corrie Bond Photography and The Purse Page for the pictures.

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I Want Candy Giveaway

L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad Nineteen-year-old Jane Roberts is guilty of one thing – never straying from her comfort zone. She refuses to tread unfamiliar waters; preferring to stay within the confines of a familiar safety net, and, though she’s an attractive natural blonde, thinks of herself as a tried and true “plain Jane.” But a new location is going to change all that. Los Angeles is a place of bronzed beauties all vying for a shot at stardom, so it seems unlikely that the jittery Jane would select such a spot to call her new home; but she’s convinced that La-La Land is the perfect place to make a new name for her. And with her BFF Scarlett Harp by her side, she has the confidence to take the plunge. Scarlett and Jane have been tight seemingly forever; so there’s no question in Scarlett’s mind that moving to Los Angeles from the quiet Santa Barbara is just the change the two of them need. She’ll have the opportunity to attend the University of Southern California, and finally experience city life firsthand. But LA isn’t necessarily all it’s cracked up to be. The dingy hole-in-a-wall apartment that the two girls call home is anything but charming – Jane’s term for the place – and the expense of living...well, it leaves a lot to be desired. So when Jane and Scarlett find themselves at celebrity hotspot Les Deux one night, hobnobbing with the rich, powerful, and beautiful, they can’t help but be thrilled. And when they meet TV producer Trevor Lord, they’re convinced that they’ve hit the jackpot. Especially when they’re offered the chance to star in L.A. CANDY, a reality TV show that follows their every move – no matter how embarrassing. Jane takes to her new celebrity status much better than her red hot roommate Scarlett. As an intern to Fiona Chen, a demanding yet sought-after event planner to the elite, Jane finds herself tossed into a celebrity-fueled existence brimming with lavish parties, to-die-for clothes, and pretty prima donnas. As if that weren’t enough to have any girl floating on cloud nine, Jane is now occupying a luxurious apartment, and has snatched herself a cute new friend (and secret crush) in the handsome Braden – a relationship that leaves Scarlett feeling like a third wheel. But not everything is peachy keen in the world of reality. The staged so-called spontaneous moments can be awkward, and being poked and prodded by a camera crew as they attempt to wire you up with mini microphones is less than glamorous. Of course, sometimes you have to take the good with the bad when you want to live the sweet life. Lauren Conrad has worn many hats over the years...fashion designer, reality TV star, intern at Teen Vogue, cover girl. Perhaps none, however, have been as influential as her foray into fiction; or as long-awaited. I read the first tale in the expected trio (and loved every minute of it), now you can too. Café Fashionista has two copies of L.A. Candy up for grabs courtesy of HarperTeen. One of them could be yours. To enter the I Want Candy Giveaway: For one (1) entry, leave a comment on this post between now and Thursday, July 2, 2009 at midnight PST. For two (2) entries, Twitter about this giveaway, and leave a comment on this post between now and Thursday, July 2, 2009 at midnight PST with your Twitter URL. I will randomly pick two names out of a hat (who knows, one may be yours!), and announce the winner on Friday, July 3, 2009. It’s the perfect guilty-pleasure, gossip-filled tale for a day at the beach; trust me. Good luck everyone! Fashionably yours! Thanks to Hollywood.com, ShoppingBlog, and Talking Makeup for the pictures.


La Bewitching Beachcomber

As a child rainy days consisted of using every pillow, sheet, blanket, chair, and table in the house to create forts that I would curl up in with a flashlight, books, and a sleeping bag. Sunny days, on the other hand, were consummated with me filling a picnic basket with homemade sandwiches, mini packs of Teddy Grahams, and a thermos of pink lemonade, and dragging my loot all out to the front lawn where I would lounge upon a pink knit blanket under a colorfully-striped beach umbrella for hours at a time indulging in a picnic for one. Somehow these memories had evaded my mind for so many years, until I stumbled upon these magical Beachcomber Baskets from PB.

There’s something so rustic about these Beachcomber Baskets. An element that instantly invokes visions of the quaint atmosphere found within the Hamptons. Available in four different sizes – extra-large round basket, oversized rectangular basket, low rectangular basket, and magazine tote – I find that this quartet is utterly adorable for use around the house or out and about.

The piece de resistance, in my opinion, however, is the magazine tote. No, I am not just saying that because it is the most inexpensive offering in the collection, or because it features two of my favorite words in its title: magazine and tote. The truth is, I feel that it’s the perfect size for what I have in mind.

Before the sun comes up, I would toss on my midnight blue LnA Off the Shoulder Long Sleeve Flashdance Top, slip on a frayed denim mini, and grab my Magazine Tote. I would slide a thin blanket in first, followed by an array of newly-released glossies, topped with a few bottles of sparkling water. Once my brief task of packing is complete, I would pad silently out of the sliding glass door of my waterfront bungalow, creep over to The Hamptons' East Beach (mere footsteps from my humble abode), and spend the day relaxing in splendor, my beachcomber by my side. As you can see, I spend way too much time daydreaming...but it’s ever so fun. Perhaps I need to rethink my career path; maybe beachcomber would be a more fitting form of employment for me.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Pottery Barn for the pictures.


Denim Darling

You do not need a degree in fashion design or merchandising to select the perfect jacket; nor must you rely on fashion forecasters to predict what long sleeved marvel should be hanging in your closet. Sometimes all you really need to dress up is a piece that will dress you down. A divine little slice of warm weather heaven that will shield you from those chilly moments; or simply add a little dimension, a little volume, to your outerwear. Thus I bring to you my wardrobe craving du jour...the denim jacket.

Mike & Chris "Gibson Long Sleeve Denim Jacket in Copenhagen Blue" Woven detailing. Tortoise buttons. This Gibson Long Sleeve Denim Jacket in Copenhagen Blue has an original design that is multifaceted, and...simply put, magnificent. The collar, buttons, and detailing upon the shoulders bring to mind a look reminiscent of The Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper days; yet the striking color keeps the look modern and manages to awaken every piece in your wardrobe. I think I’ve just become a Gibson Girl!

Urban Outfitters "Urban Renewal Overdyed Denim Jacket" Ooh, UO, you’ve most certainly piqued my interest...this Urban Renewal Overdyed Denim Jacket is like no other you will ever see your friends or foes donning, because it’s one-of-a-kind made especially for you! Crafted out of vintage denim jackets, then overdyed to give it a wash all its own, this is a jacket the trendsetting girl will be clawing to get her hands on. I’ll take two, s’il vous plait…after all, they’re bound to be different!

True Religion Brand Jeans "'Jimmy' Denim Jacket" A new fellow by the name of Jimmy has captured my interest. He has classic good looks, is rugged and rough, yet a bit of a softie once you get to know him. Yes, True Religion Brand Jeans’ ‘Jimmy’ Denim Jacket, is, quite possibly, the quintessential piece de resistance of the denim world. Distressed yet demure; classic yet modern; soft yet hardcore. Toss it on over a flowy white sundress, and you’re the picture of innocence; paired with pumps and a micro-mini and you’re a girl about town. Oh Jimmy, can’t you see that you’re the one that I want?

Old Navy "Women's Denim Jacket" By now you all know me well enough to be aware of my devotion to dark wash denim; but I am going to throw you all for a loop by admitting that, in this particular case, the medium wash Women’s Denim Jacket has made a much bigger impact on me. The white undertones in the denim provide a slight acid-wash vibe without looking to 80s, yet keep the oftentimes harsh look that denim jackets create to a minimum, making this the perfect piece for summer, when the night air causes just the slightest bit of goosebumps, and you’re looking for a neutral beauty to pair with your knit mini and espadrilles.

Charley 5.0 "Denim Zipper Jacket" Edginess is something that my wardrobe lacks. Sure, I have a pair of motorcycle boots (which have yet to see the light of day), but aside from the buckled beauties, I tend to go more girly and less masculine. Regardless, this Denim Zipper Jacket may be just the edgy piece my closet is calling for. Silver slant zippers provide a glittery contrast to the dark wash denim; while the motorcycle-like cut gives this denim jacket an out-of-the-ordinary appearance that will add a little tough girl chic to everything from florals to ruffles, and feathers to frills.

Are you ready to become a denim darling?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Singer22, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Old Navy, and The Hip Chick for the pictures.

Scorpion King

A venomous predator; scorpions are not one to be fooled with.

Stings can be deadly; aggressive moments aren’t out of the question.

When viewed under an ultraviolet light it’s possible to see them glow. Perhaps in quite the same way that this Scorpion Ring will glow, twinkle, shine, sparkle, and shimmer upon my welcoming finger.

A brass body with antique finish is bedazzled with crystal stones in a gulp-worthy amber tone.

Divine detailing highlight each and every crevice of the multiple-eyed creature making him virtually come to life with each wiggle and sway of your hand.

His motives? Unkind.

His deviant behavior? Leaves much to be desired.

Even so, he is king. A majestic royal pleased as long as he has a proper place to perch himself. His private perch du jour? Why my finger, of course!

Oui, I worship at the house of le petit scorpion; now please say you’ll be mine, oh great one!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Girlprops for the picture.


My Fair Flower

It seems so simple to cast flowers off as a luxury that is unnecessary and unneeded when you’ve never received them from a cute boy before; but in truth, I would love for someone to place a bouquet upon my porch, ring the doorbell, and consign me to days of wondering who the culprit is. Or perhaps have a secret admirer at work leave a single lily upon my desk to which I would arrive to one morning unbeknownst of who had bestowed such a romantic gift upon me. And, of course, once a few sweet dates have taken place, to find a trail of crimson rose petals leading to a romantic candlelit dinner for two. But, alas, scenes like these seem synonymous with chick flicks, so for now, I am content with receiving this utterly adorable Cupcake in Bloom from 1-800 Flowers.

The Cupcake in Bloom is, hands down, the yummiest bouquet I have ever laid eyes on. Available in an all white carnation arrangement or a blend of green and orange carnations, topped with a candle and a little Celebrate! flag, all languishing in a cupcake cup that you can use over and over again, this Flower Cupcake is the sweetest treat you could possibly receive; and, best of all, it lacks the calories that its frosting-covered counterpart plies us with!

Oh, I know that we are only in the middle of June, and my birthday isn’t until December. And yes, I’m aware that, while completely adorable and sweet smelling, the Cupcake in Bloom may not pack the same punch as the scrummy smell of edible cupcakes baking in the oven. But, all that aside, I’m obsessed. Any boy who would have the good sense to spring for this cupcake arrangement, as opposed to the typical bouquets that you see all over the place is a winner in my book.

Now...should I request the all white or the green and orange? I’m sensing a splash of color in my future. Which one would you choose?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to 1-800-Flowers for the pictures.


Destination Paris

Darlings I’m currently plagued by a dilemma of epic proportion. What has me in a tizzy? Why am I up in arms? My lack of summer plans, if you must know. Oh, how I long to languish upon the Parisian beaches in a tiny bikini and oversized floppy hat; rev the engine of a pretty pink vespa as I drive over hidden cobblestone-covered passageways; indulge in croissants and cappuccino at quiet cafes full of fashion-forward diners; stroll arm-in-arm with a cute French boy as we tour the Eiffel Tower; and, of course, shop until the fashionable Francophile in me drops into a tres chic heap. But, alas, my travel plans are a little less European and a little more local than I’d like. Thus, I have decided to interject a bit of Parisian flair into my personal bubble via a tribute of tees that bring the City of Light to life.

Wildfox Couture "I Love French Boys Tee" Leave it to Wildfox Couture to tap into our psyche and place our thoughts front and center on a plain white t-shirt emblazoned with words that the whole world will see; words that may embarrass some and create love connections for others. With their I Love French Boys Tee, the designer duo has done just that. A white backdrop plays up the red, white, and blue lettering that proclaims a passion for accented cuties; while the slightly swingy bottom and relaxed fit add a casual elegance that is entirely too hard to ignore. My name is Erika, and yes, I love French boys – and this top!

Urban Outfitters "Le Paris Open Crew" Captivated. From the moment I laid eyes upon this Le Paris Open Crew I have found myself completely captivated with it. The poppy red color is just vibrant enough to intrigue passersby without making you feel like a flashing stoplight; whilst the vintage, slightly-faded black lettering complete with the words Le Paris (with an Eiffel Tower standing in for the letter A) make it appear as if you searched high and low through every secondhand shop in the state to find such a glorious piece of fashion. When, in reality, you simply snatched it up at UO. I’ll take two, s’il vous plait!

Forever 21 "Mon Amour Paris Tee" Aside from carb-filled – yet yummy – croissants and baguettes, what two things are synonymous with Paris? Berets and cute girls with cropped haircuts, of course! Obviously the masterminds behind Forever 21 took these things into consideration when creating this Mon Amour Paris Tee, for the pale black/gray graphic print acknowledges both of these things. The beret-adorned character sketch displays long eyelashes which she seemingly bats your way when you glance at her adorableness, in addition to pouty, bow-shaped lips perfect for double-kissing the cheeks of old and new friends; while a hot pink heart rests upon her cheek, adding a punchy splash of color. Yes, she may simply be a cleverly sketched piece of make-believe, but her uncomplicated, breezy good looks paired with her adorable style have me thinking something very unusual: I want to be her!

Urban Outfitters "Oui Paris Curved Hem" Perhaps the only thing better than a top that proclaims the words “Oui Paris!” is one that also sports a chic curved hem that adds a fun, flirty, flattering kick, much like this Oui Paris Curved Hem. Perfect for styling with anything in your wardrobe – from your high-waisted pencil skirt to your skinny jeans; flouncy mini skirt to your denim shorts. It’s a versatile bit that invokes visions of Versailles. A lovely look that you can’t help but embrace. Do I want it? Oui!

Wildfox Couture "J'Adore Amore Sweat" One of my favorite words? J’adore, of course! So it’s no surprise that I would simply adore this 70s-inspired, neon pink J’Adore Amore Sweat. The slightly relaxed fit provides a simple, undemanding way to look gorgeous in a cinch, as it obviously calls for purposely mussed bedhead, and a pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans or body hugging leggings to complete the look. This is a necessity for those days when you want to simply ooze lazy sass. Pardon the reiteration, but...j’adore!

My current dream destination? Paris, to be sure. Where are your current destination dreams taking you?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Singer22, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21 for the pictures.


Smitten Saturday

Duck, Duck...whichgoose! Don’t tell me that you can’t remember I Love the Butterfly Girl, my proclamation of passion towards the divine Cocoon Combs found on Etsy. I know firsthand that it is not easy to forget the romantic, whimsical creations of Miss whichgoose; for her hairpieces have been flitting through my mind for the past two weeks, and finally I can proudly call one my own, as her pink Heart You Floral Hair Comb is on it’s way to me as we speak courtesy of Eyeliah at Style Symmetry. Yes, I will admit that the lovely little hair adornment hasn’t even arrived, and already I’m adding new whichgoose creations to my wish list. Next I’ll take the Princess Buttercup – Daisy Fascinator, Cocoon – Butterfly Hair Comb, and Audrey, s’il vous plait. Perhaps a playful game is in order. Duck, duck...whichgoose!

Shop It To Me I’m going to let you in on a little secret...though, perhaps, I shouldn’t be revealing this bit of information to you. Why? Well, if you’re a slave to fashion, much like myself, you may find yourself sucked into the divine world of fashion sales, deals, and steals known as Shop It To Me. Since joining just last week, I signed up for all of my favorite brands – Christian Louboutin, DVF, Elizabeth and James...and now, whenever there’s a sale on an item, I get an e-mail notifying me about it, and tempting me to charge everything my heart desires. It’s like a virtual personal shopper who knows exactly what I’m looking for. Don’t you want to Shop It To Me, too?

RR The temperature has risen to unbearable heights as of late, and all I can think about doing is holing up somewhere cozy and indulging in a bit of RR. Don’t get me wrong, of course, I’m not looking for rest and relaxation in the confines of my bedroom, where I can laze about in pajamas, sip fruity drinks, and catch up on Gossip Girl. Non! I simply want a little one on one time with Every Day with Rachael Ray. A magazine which brings the domestic goddess out in me, and makes me want to tie an apron around my waist and spend all of my time in the kitchen. This Chilled Raspberry Cream Pie is pretty and absolutely perfect for an unbearably hot day. This Summer Vegetable Pasta is colorful and the current object of my foodie affections. And these Mini Fruit Tart Buffet’s are simply too adorable to resist. Of course, once I’m finished in the kitchen, I’ll take a trip to some exotic locale vicariously through Rachael herself; because you see, loves, RR has a little something for everyone!

LnA Candy It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! The LnA Off the Shoulder Long Sleeve Flashdance Top in Midnight Blue that I pre-ordered from Singer22 a few weeks ago arrived two days ago, and it’s even more perfect than I could have imagined! Effortlessly chic, casual, and comfy – just what I was looking for! It’s so amazing, in fact, that I now want to pick it up in orchid and white; and, you know, since we’re on the subject on LnA, I’m kind of crushing on this LnA One Shoulder Dress in Crimson which would look so divine paired with black booties or motorcycle boots adorned with silver chains; then there are these Lace Zipper Leggings in Black which have an element of girly glam mixed with tough grunge; and I certainly wouldn’t mind having a pair of these Skinny Pants in Black or any other LnA offering hanging out in my closet. LnA...it’s like candy for a fashion maven’s soul.

Hunting for Fashion I’ve wanted to be Nancy Drew since I was old enough to read. To wear cute day dresses, drive around in a boxcar, and solve mysteries on a daily basis. So leave it to Rachel Nasvik to practically hand me the opportunity to do just that on a silver platter via her Bag Hunt, and – surprise, surprise – I’m not in New York City to join in the fun. To slip on a chic trench coat, put on my thinking cap, and search for a Rachel Nasvik original Alice Bond of my very own. I followed the Twitter updates, contemplated what gritty locations the punchy colored purses would be abandoned, and daydreamed about the girly essentials each bag would contain – lipgloss, bobby pins, designer keychains. But, alas, I could only participate in my dreams. Rachel, I want to hunt for fashion...please, please, please bring this event to the West Coast!

La Lacy Lily What’s better than jewelry and lace? Why jewelry adorned with lace, to be sure! Lily Gardner is the new object of my affection for she fuses two of my favorite things together in practically all of her creations: jewelry and lace. The Mirror/Lace Leaf Ring makes my heart skip a beat. The Shaped Lace Cuff is simply irresistible. And the Lace Tablet Necklace with Bow? J’adore! Who wouldn’t love la lacy Lily?

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Corrie Bond Photography and Singer22 for the pictures.


I Love Rock and...Soul?

Over the past six months I have become what I like to term an “Ed Head,” finding myself completely smitten with the Vintage Tattoo Wear designed by none other than Christian Audigier. I’ve eyed his Knitted Crop Hoodie, begged for his “Love Eternal” Foiled Platinum Terry Shorts in Black, and fawned over his koi fish-adorned Drawstring Lounge Pants just last week. The thing that I have coveted the longest, however, are a pair of his Snow Blazer Boots. Tiger, Beautiful Ghost, or Love Kills Slowly...I would gladly take any design home. Since I have never had the funds to shell out $200 on one pair of shoes without feeling the repercussions of my guilty conscience for all of eternity, I simply decided to give up. But now, the perfect pair has plopped right into my lap.

These Bamboo by Journee Rock/Soul Microfiber Boots in gray from the bullseye-bearing store I like to think of as a close, personal friend are my affordable Ed Hardy dream come true. It doesn’t matter to me that we are in the middle of summer, and that I will most likely not take them out of my closet until the end of the year; it’s impossible for me to simply pass up this splendrous pair of footwear.

The gray color features a purple hue giving these cozies the same type of versatility as their more neutral colored cousins black or white; even better, the shade also serves as a gorgeous backdrop to the white skulls orbited by thorny crimson red roses, and the words Rock & Soul in sassy black script.

Joan Jett may have declared her love for rock and roll; but me? I think I may have a passion for rock and soul.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Target for the picture.


The Subtle Yet Spectacular Miss KK

Miss KK’s fashion work of genius has been floating about since 2000; yet I wasn’t introduced to her whimsical, far-out creations until a few short months ago when I glimpsed her yummy, crystal-encrusted feather necklaces upon Moxsie. From there it was true love which spawned hundreds of scenarios for wearing these first-class feathered fantastics – with a t-shirt and jeans; a little black dress; the piece de resistance when attending a 1920s flapper-inspired get-together. They’re subtle yet spectacular beauties; as is Miss KK herself.

Why the name Miss KK?
Miss KK: Miss KK is my name – KK are my initials. Kristine Karnaky is my real given name, but once I moved to LA ten years ago I christened myself Miss KK.

When/how did you start Miss KK?
MKK: I first started making clothes to sell back in 2000 when my friend Kime Buzzelli opened up her boutique ShowPony. She needed things to sell, and that’s where it all began. I decided to start making feather necklaces when I had a fashion show about two-years-ago, and needed some accessories to feature. They were so loved that I started making and selling them.

What’s on your wish list right now?
MKK: I really want some awesome cork/clog shoes. Not too heavy or dumpy...really elf chic. Do they even exist?

Can you describe the ultimate Miss KK girl?
MKK: The ultimate would be someone who loves to dress up, wear lots of color, can dress up to the nines, or do the downplayed flats and casual style and still look amazing. She is of another time – not trendy, and not afraid to be herself. She is totally aware of the who’s and what’s of fashion, but is more a style starter than follower. She loves to wear vintage. She is carefree, happy, light, fun, demure, dark, fairy, elf, and temptress all at once...she’s amazing!

Clothes. Jewelry. Which do you prefer to create more?
MKK: Clothes because it’s a whole outfit that creates an entire feeling and experience. I think having the opportunity to create a whole scene with a backdrop, people, location…is the absolute dreamiest thing. Of course, dresses are a bit harder to sell because the type that I make are constructed of expensive fabric, and quite time-consuming to put-together. Jewelry is less expensive and more versatile as to who can wear it. I feel that by creating my feathered necklaces I’ve expanded Miss KK to reach many more people.

What is your go to accessory?
MKK: My feather necklaces. I wear mine everyday, all the time, with everything!

Favorite places to shop?
MKK: I love vintage! I go to Ragmop like once a week because it’s a block from my house; but they also have amazing older vintage for good prices.

What is the mission of Miss KK?
MKK: To give girls dreamy clothes and accessories that are like no other, and make them feel unique, special, and beautiful.

Any advice for girls who love fashion/design?
MKK: Expand your outlook and horizon. Try new things, think outside the box, and find your own style and nitch. I admire people who are different and have their own thing going on. It’s inspiring to see people so inspired!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Miss KK for the pictures.

I Love Lucy

I love a bag that can go from day to night in five seconds flat. I love a bag that is classy and chic, yet cute and comfortable. I love a bag that can be wined and dined with a frilly cocktail dress or pushed here and there with a button-down and skinny jeans at an Alice + Olivia sample sale. I love a bag that is multifaceted and full of personality. I love a bag that calls out to me from afar. Which is precisely why I love the CC Skye Lucy bag.

Lucy is unlike anyone I’ve ever met before. She is not a satchel, nor a clutch, but a fabulous double-handled braided beauty that is edgy yet engaging all in one breath. Her slick leather frame is embellished with eye-catching 18K gold-plated corners that twinkle and shimmer in the sunlight – a CC Skye exclusive additive that is addicting for the sparkle-obsessed shopper. Her little gold nameplate proclaiming ‘CC Skye’ is reminiscent of the custom-made titles sitting on the desks of power lawyers. And her celestial gold screw-head hardware – the very same that can be found on CC Skye’s jaw-droppingly beautiful bracelets – adds a lovely contrast to the many bubbly colors she can be found in.

There’s the black that will work with everything in your wardrobe. The perky pink that draws out your playful side. A breathtaking blue that brings the waters of the Virgin Islands to mind. A winter white that I can’t help but wish for. Even a magical mustard just perfect for fall.

"Lucy! I’m home!" And head over heels in love.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Bunny Hug and Harmony Lane for the pictures.


Girly Grunge

I am not of the generation that watched Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor feud over badboy Dylan McKay. I did not see the bookish Andrea Zuckerman moon nonstop over Brandon Walsh until she was already a high school graduate and married to someone else. And Steve Sanders? I didn’t meet this Corvette-driving rich kid until he had cleaned up his act and was running his own newspaper. No, I was too young to have experienced the first generation of Beverly Hills 90210 first-hand. Rather, I watched them in reruns throughout my adolescence, and grew to love them once the series had already come to an end. But the fashions never left my mind.

Donna Martin was quintessentially the best-dressed. She was quirky yet cute, and managed to fuse girly florals and ruffles together with the dark, utilitarian, androgynous styles that so perfectly fit the title of grunge. Yes, she would slip a pair of black 8-eyelet Doc Martens on her feet with thick socks and a short paisley colored dress, and manage to look trendy. She would pair that same bit of footwear with floral shirts and denim shorts and, once more, pull the look off perfectly.

Perhaps it was something to do with the fact that these 8-eyelet black Docs were not too short and not too tall, so they appeared unobtrusive to the girly look she had going on above the waist. Maybe it was simply that fashion was more in tune with grunge during the early 90s, so the style was accepted with open arms, more so than it would be today. Either way, it is a look that I have always loved, and attempted to recreate myself. Thus, when I spotted the new 8-eyelet Doc Marten release, I instantly thought of the perky blonde Ms. Martin.

The Dr. Martens Floral 1460 are the epitome of girly grunge. The old-school black and white Docs that have been around seemingly forever (and which I have loved since I was a fourth grader) have been remodeled, so to speak, to feature a floral print that is glamorous, yet still true to its grunge roots.

White Floral is dotted with bright blues, oranges, reds, and pinks. Black Floral is slightly different, embellished with more muted flower tones ranging from lavender to pale yellow. And while they are titled “boots,” you do not have to wait until the streets are slick with ice, or the rain is coming down in torrents to slip them on. The floral print makes them perfect for spring, summer, winter, or fall. The white would look decadent with a lacy, wedding-inspired dress. The black would look divine with minis or a motorcycle jacket. The versatility is undeniable; as are the trademark gems – bouncing soles, midsole contrasting stitching, and logo tag at the back.

In these, part of you can be chic, trendy, stylish, swank, smart, elegant…the other can be bedraggled, rough, tousled, scruffy, disheveled, mussed – all in a pretty way, to be sure. These are destined to appease the part of me searching for a pair of boots that works in all types of weather. A plat du jour that provides a flat sole and traction for those moments when I feel the need to make a sprint to the subway or the head of the sample sale line. A tour de force when I sense that my look of the moment requires a bit of edginess. This is girly grunge. Glam grunge. Feminine and sweet yet masculine and bitter.

I need a pair. Donna Martin would surely love a pair. Are your tootsies dying to slip into a pair, as well?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Urban Outfitters for the pictures.


Tell Me A Story

It was Kathleen Turner’s Joan Wilder in the film Romancing the Stone who opened my eyes to the glamour that accompanied the life of a writer. The ability to concoct wild stories full of romance and adventure. The chance to create characters who embodied all of the features that you would look for in a best friend, co-worker, even the perfect man. But, best of all, she led me to believe that writers need not worry about how they looked during their creative moments. No, they could spend their days decked out in a pair of fabulous flannels, letting the ingenious momentum flow through their fingertips; because you see, my darlings, writers – at least of the fiction world – simply went to work in their pajamas. And what more perfect pair of pajamas for a writer to go to work in than these snuggly Cotton Mayfair Pajamas in Bedtime Story from la lovely Vicky.

Golden toned and embellished with sassy script in a flirty fuchsia hue, it’s obvious that there’s absolutely no risk of writer’s block when decked out in these dreamy dazzlers. Crafted of a breathable cotton, the button-down top displays a delicate collar, and pretty pockets perfect for storing your writer must-haves – pens, pads, and post-its; while the slouchy full-length bottoms feature a drawstring waist making it easy to achieve maximum comfort.

These will not be locked up once the warmer months have passed us; nor will they make their way into the attic after the chilly season comes to a close. Why? Simple. They are ideal for year-round use. Roll the sleeves up when you’re feeling sticky; top with a colorful sleep cami when it’s warm; or simply wear as is. These are the PJ’s that will comfort you no matter what season is upon us.

Now, won’t you tell me a story...or, perhaps, since I'm brimming with inspiration, I should simply pen one of my own.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Victoria's Secret for the pictures.


Gone Buggy

As toddlers we long to put anything and everything that moves into our mouths. In elementary school we find it irresistible to collect whatever we find – even if it has legs and crawls. In junior high we spend a good 65% of our time screaming as our sixth grade crushes attempt to put spiders in our hair. And in high school? Well, we use the brawn of our football player boyfriends to protect us from all minute creepy crawlies that cross our path. Now, however, with the spring upon us and the summer fast approaching, I find bugs, at least in terms of accessories, completely darling. Not to mention the perfect complement to our floral-inspired ensembles!

Girlprops "2 3/8 Insect Ring" I am trying to be very good in terms of spending money on rings, but the moment I laid eyes on this 2 3/8 Insect Ring three days ago, I just knew that I had to take it home; and promptly placed my order. The rhinestone embellishment and subtle orange and copper enameling make this a piece that is easy to pair with any color in your closet; while the antique finish provides a vintage vibe that is hard to ignore. I already know that I’ll be waving my hand to and fro non-stop when this cutie is perched upon my finger!

Fred Flare "Dragonfly Earrings" I’m not sure if it has something to do with having seen Kirsten Dunst don a temporary dragonfly tattoo on her back complete with sparkly rhinestones to a premier so many years ago, or the magical colors that dragonflies are made up of; but I’ve always found the flitting insects to be so romantic. Thus, I fell in love with these Dragonfly Earrings in three seconds flat. The pendants are intricately detailed. The gold color is simply stunning. I don’t know about you, but I can certainly see myself slipping these lovelies into my lobes all summer long.

Kenneth Jay Lane "Red Enamel Ladybug Watch/Pendant Necklace" Regardless of the fact that ladybugs are a type of beetle, I have always counted them as my favorite insect due to their bright color, trusting nature, and penchant to sit demurely on your hand for long periods of time. So the discovery of this Kenneth Jay Lane Red Enamel Ladybug Watch/Pendant Necklace was perfect because:

It's a ladybug.
It's a watch.
It's a necklace.

Completely functional and fabulous, this is a piece that any stylish girl certainly needs in her jewelry collection. And no...I’m not just saying that because of the sparkly black Swarovski crystals that cover its red body. Or the bright cherry color that stands out from blocks away. Can this beauty please come in for a landing on my front porch?

Cutesygirl "Lucite Butterflies Bangle" A bangle is a simple yet understated way to accessorize any outfit; especially when it’s slightly chunky and whimsical. This Lucite Butterflies Bangle fits this description to a T. The thick Lucite bangle is filled with a colorful butterfly-print silk fabric that is ethereal, nature-inspired, completely versatile, and the cutest way to make a statement; and have your outfit take flight!

Yes, I confess...I’ve gone buggy. Have you?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Girlprops, Fred Flare, QVC, and Cutesygirl for the pictures.


Smitten Saturday

Girl and the Grill I’m just going to cast aside all thoughts of my kitchen disasters – such as the sugar cookies that were hard as rocks and featured wax paper stuck to their bottoms; the banana bread that was burnt on one side and soupy on the other; and the chicken that was black on the outside and way too pink for safe consumption on the inside – and admit that, thanks to a little inspiration from Katie Lee Joel, my adorable new obsession, I want a grill. I am infatuated with attempting to make her Memorial Day Burgers, her Shrimp with Chili Peppers, and even her BBQ Chicken. Thus, I am in need of a grill. This Retromodern Mini Grill from Anthropologie certainly fits the bill. Cute, retro, tiny, and absolutely perfect for the girl who knows next to nothing about grilling. Stand back, I’m about to unleash my inner Bobbie Flay!

Invitation Only I really, truly wish that I was in New York City right now, because the event of the season is taking place tonight, and I am going to miss it. Fashion Party is the first-ever fashion networking party for fashion bloggers, designers, and fashionistas, and will be taking place at Heathers (on 506 E. 13th Street between Ave. A & Ave. B). Will there be giveaways? Yes. Will there be raffles? Of course. Will there be countless opportunities to meet amazing people? Without a doubt. I already have the perfect outfit in mind; now I just need a plane ticket to get there. We all know I’ll never make it though; so, if you’re going...give me all the minute-by-minute details, as I plan on seeing it all vicariously through you!

Magically Minnie I’ve a confession to make...I’ve always wanted to live the life of an Heiress. To attend lavish Park Avenue parties. Spend my weekends traipsing back and forth from New York City to the Hamptons. Dining at chichi Country Clubs in decadent designer duds. And attending posh picnics in pretty, preppy pieces fit for the affluent. Now, despite the fact that I do not have the bank account of an Heiress, I can dress like one thanks to a little assistance from designer Minnie Mortimer – yes, the sister-in-law of Tinsley Mortimer. Her line is perfect for the sophisticated shopper interested in looking classy and chic all at the same time. What’s on my Minnie wish list? The Lia Dress; the Devon Dress; the Tinsley Dress; the Dabney Tunic; even these cute little Boxer Shorts. Please, oh please, Minnie, work your magic and make them appear!

Cookie Cutter Footwear Maybe I’m not the only one obsessed with cooking and the Food Network. I think that Mr. Marc Jacobs himself has been spending a bit of time testing out his culinary skills in the kitchen, if his recent footwear releases are an indication of anything. There are his Flat Cut-Out Heart Shoes, Heart Shaped Slingbacks, Heart Wedge Sandal, Lace-Up Shoe with Heart Heel, and Multi-Heart Sandals. Each looks as if it has been crafted with the assistance of a kitschy little heart-shaped cookie cutter; plus, they’re simply scrummy!

Seventeen Again No, unlike Zac Efron’s character in the film 17 Again, I have not had the chance to rewind time and relive my high school years. However, whenever I spot a new issue of Seventeen magazine on store shelves, I can’t help but find myself feeling giddy and incapable of keeping my hands off it. Just flipping through the affordable fashions, dating tips, make-up tricks, and true life stories makes me feel like I’m Seventeen Again. The fashion editorials, the celebrities on the cover, the interviews...it’s all a guilty pleasure that I simply can’t resist. No, I’m not seventeen, but I’m still a subscriber of the magazine; and will be for years and years to come!

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Corrie Bond Photographer and Minnie Mortimer for the pictures.
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