kick-start your summer with keds!

I don't think it's possible to get more All-American than Keds.
They are, essentially, the footwear version of Apple Pie. And, like apple pie,
they basically go with everything - especially during
the spring / summer months {mine tend to spend
a lot of time hanging out with cutoff denim shorts,
simple dresses, and cotton rompers}.
So, of course, the new Champion Summer collection, has left me
a bit obsessed. After all, Memorial Day is a week away,
and each and every one of these styles would be so. perfect
to celebrate in!
keds 2

Champion Summer {clockwise from top}: Champion Summer in Lavender + Champion Summer in Light Yellow + Champion Summer in Cherry Pink + Champion Summer in Cloud Blue + Champion Summer in Peach + Champion Summer in Lemon Lime

Are you a fan of Keds? Which color would you wear for Memorial Day?


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ellie said...

Love the lavender and lemon lime!

ivy's closet said...

Awesome! I love that blue!

mazzymay said...

Sweet colors for Memorial day! Love them all!

ellie's desk said...

Cherry pink is always a favorite of mine!

www.janetteria.com said...

Look comfy!


I love the pastel colours, the green and pink are my favourites! Hope you have a fab weekend darling! xx/Madison

miasmode said...

I love keds. The shoes are so comfy and i agree that go with everything. My favs: Cherry pink, lavender and lemon lime. One pair is not enough anyway :)


Unknown said...

They are so cute, we just got them in Croatia and I instantly fell in love :)

Oh to Be a Muse said...

This might sound weird but I was never into Keds. Didn't own a single pair. My go-to comfy shoes are Toms.

Oh to Be a Muse
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Sara said...

Oh the mint and lavender ones are too perfect!

Unknown said...

Cloud Blue is definitely my favorite! xo

Melissa Blake said...

definitely the lime-colored ones!! can't wait for summer!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

These are too cute! I like the cloud blue and peach!

Couture Carrie said...

Love Keds!
Fabulous shades!


J. said...

Lemon lime! Adorable! They are the perfect bbq shoes!

Tiffany Kadani said...

Oh my gosh! I think Keds needs to be my new summer shoe. Such a classic look. I love all of them!

Merveilleux Cadeau said...

Love all! xx

Sherin said...

I love keds. They're the perfect summer sneaker. I love all these colours.

Laura Bear said...

I totally agree, so American! I LOVE keds! My grandma always wore them, and so did I growing up. They are just such a classic. I have 1 pair, but I think I need one of these lovely colors!

www.janetteria.com said...

Lilac is my fave!

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