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A look at fall runway reveals designer’s desire to reinvent classic pieces. Chic additions, such as a leather accent or a colorful trim updates and instantly transforms our favorites into something new and exciting. We see this trend in clothing, where basic tees are being renovated with unconventional fabrics and graphics, as well as in jewelry. New metals are replacing the commonplace yellow gold and silver that we have seen for years. A new shade called rose gold is latest thing, creating a modern spin on classic pieces, such as watches, bangles, rings and earrings. The greatest thing about this fashion makeover is that we get to keep all the traditional pieces we love, but still look totally chic.

This trend recently debuted in fine jewelry. Rose Gold Engagement Rings by Natalie K feature this stunning shade. Rose gold has the ability to highlight the diamond’s natural shine, a quality that has made it a fast favorite amongst newlyweds, stunning customers everywhere. The pinkish tint contrasts the clarity of the gemstone, making it sparkle and shine. Natalie K combines classic style and current trends in the rose gold engagement ring collection, to create pieces that are timeless and breathtaking. These rings perfectly suit any lover of old world romance and modern sophistication, giving them a token of their love that they can treasure for a lifetime.

Gold Diamond Studs by DiamondStuds.com also feature glamorous rose gold. This pair of diamond stud earrings are surrounded by a halo of white diamonds and complimented by rose gold. This classic jewelry piece looks ethereal with the updated gold shade, making these a must have in your winter jewelry collection. The style and metal makes these earrings so wearable. They are sure to pair perfectly with everything in your wardrobe, making them a go-to jewelry piece. Whether you’re going to a black tie affair or looking classy for an everyday occasion, these earrings will compliment your look.

This trendy metal is also making its way into the world of watches and bracelets. Hot designers such as Michael Kors, Coby Madison and Rolex are incorporating rose gold into their pieces. Coby Madison created a stunning, 14k rose gold diamond sapphire bracelet. It features an “evil eye” in the center, adding an element of intrigue and interest to the piece. It is a standout accessory, and has the power to update an entire look.

Michael Kors watches are similar, in the fact that they pack a large punch. With the simple addition of a watch, your look can go from flat to fabulous. Michael Kors’ pieces are glitzy and flashy, perfect for showcasing your glamorous side. Pair a rose gold watch with a simplistic blouse and dark wash jeans for an understated, yet elegant look. It’s the easiest way to take your wardrobe to the next level and showcase your exceptional personal style.

Rolex’s rose gold watch shows this trend is here to stay. This high end designer is known for their classic pieces that have the power to withstand the test of time. Their watch features the fashionable rose gold shade and a minimalist design that compliments the coloring. Just like Natalie K and DiamondStuds.com, Rolex designers are known for marrying simplistic elements, classic design and contemporary aspects to create pieces that are fresh and beautiful making Rolex the most prestigious name in high-end luxury timepieces you can always sell your Rolex for close to what you paid.

When you’re shopping for the fall season, remember to look for classic pieces that have a modern twist. Browse designer’s latest collections, and find staple pieces that can be paired in many different ways. Having a few go-to looks will allow you to dress flawlessly for any occasion. Remember that even basic pieces in your wardrobe can look fabulous when they receive a fashionable update. Pair rose gold accessories with your current closet and new additions for an effortlessly chic vibe that is sure to get you noticed.

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