november crush list!

crush /krəSH/ {noun}
a brief but intense infatuation for someone,
esp. someone unattainable or inappropriate.

My crushes tend to be on somethings as opposed to someones; and since
today is the first day of a new month {my favorite month of the year, to be exact},
it seemed the perfect time to introduce a new series...crush list.
Here's what I'm crushing on for November 2013 babes!

november 2013

1. over the knee boots This year over the knee boots reign in the shoe world {you will hear no complaints from me on that front}. I like a suede style with a second-skin, legging-like fit as I find them to be the most flattering {regardless of your height}, and highly versatile. My top picks are Haider Ackermann's Suede Over-the-Knee Boots and Stuart Weitzman's Highland Stretchy Suede Over-the-Knee Boots.

2. {nail} shades of gray November is typically the time of year when oxblood manis take center stage, but this month I'm loving varied shades of gray. For a charcoal hue with subtle sparkle there's Essie's Cashmere Bathrobe; if you want to take the high-fashion route, there's the fiercely fabulous Essie Power Clutch; and for a lighter, concrete-esque color there's Essie's Chinchilly.

3. baseball jackets I have never been to a sporting event in my life; but I have an inexplicable infatuation with varsity / baseball jackets. They posses the same type of effortless cool vibe of a motorcycle jacket - in a sassy, sportier fashion. Double points to this Lovers + Friends Can't Wait Wildcat Baseball Jacket for the inclusion of a ferosh animal motif!

4. faux flannel Plaids are a fall staple that I rarely indulge in because I don't love the feel of flannels on my skin; so I am swooning over the new faux flannels that have been popping up in stores. The construction is chiffon-like, and slightly oversized, so you can wear them belted as a tunic over leggings, or free and flowy with skinnies. My pick is Target's Xhilaration Sheer Equipment Top in Mint Everest and Apple Red.

5. cable knit berets These are more fashion than a means of staving off the cold; but since I live in SoCal that's perfectly okay. I find the chunky aesthetic of these Sole Society Cable Knit Berets irresistible - it's a little bit funky, a little bit slouchy, and just perfect for adding an extra bit of oomph to your daily looks. The Grey is my personal favorite; but I know that I would get quite a bit of use out of the Ivory, as well.

What's on your November Crush List?



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ellie said...

Sweet list! Love the shades of gray nail polish too! Happy November!

ivy said...

Awesome baseball jacket! Love those boots!

mazzymay said...

Oh..my wish list just got longer! Great finds! Impressive shirts! For this time of year.

little luxury list said...

Chiffon flannel - how brilliant! I also have a weakness for gray nail polishes too!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Unknown said...

You basically covered this seasons ABSOLUTE necessities. This collection couldn't be more on trend if you tried xo


I can see why you love November, it's a great time for fun layering! I love the cable knit berets, and the Weitzman boots are perfect! xx/Madison

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing selections!
I need one of those cable knit hats!


Oh to Be a Muse said...

I'm always crushing on nail shades of gray, and the cable knits are on my mind as well.


Sara said...

Lovely list! I could go for a real flannel in that length though, it's so cooooold in the D! Those knit caps are too sweet!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Nice list! I really like the flannel and berets. adorable.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

LOVE those boots and that polish!

Sherin said...

I am dying over those over the knee boots!! So lovely.

Unknown said...

I love those boots, I need a good pair this season. The ones I had are beat. Love those faux flannel shirts too, they look cozy and relaxed. I hope you have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Searching for the perfect suede boots atm. Great inspiration, will probably go with Stuart Weitzman. Thanks :-)

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