sally hansen limited edition insta-dri halloween 2014 collection

Happy Thursday! A few weeks back I told you about the Sally Hansen Limited Edition Insta-Dri Halloween 2014 Collection, and today I have swatches of 3 out of 4 {I'm missing OMGhost} of the spooky shades. Let's get right into the pictures, shall we?

clockwise from top right: Pumpkin Queen; Night Fright; and Scaredy Matte

Pumpkin Queen is an Orange Creme. I don't usually gravitate towards orange polishes; but, surprisingly, I seriously love this one {though the color, unfortunately, gives me lobster hands}. The formula is slightly frustrating - it's a bit thick; so if you don't completely wipe down the brush on the lip of the bottle before applying, it can be gloppy. This is 2 coats.

Night Fright is a Black Creme. I'm a sucker for a black creme. My one qualm with Night Fright is that, while I used only 1 coat for these swatches, it's not a one-coater. With one coat, it appears almost dark chocolate brown, as opposed to black {not what I was going for}. I would highly recommend 2 thin coats in the future. The formula was good here - very easy to work with {always a must when working with such a dark shade!}. This is 1 coat.

Scaredy Matte is a Black Matte. Hi perfection. I'm being real here...Scaredy Matte is flawless. The application is smooth and even, the dry time is blink-and-you'll-miss-it fast, and the color and finish? Love, obsessed...insert your choice of adjective here. This is 1 coat.

OVERALL: The colors in this collection are perfect for Halloween; and overall I'm happy with them. My one issue is something I've mentioned about the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Collection in the past...the brush!

I'm really not a fan, and truly wish that Sally Hansen would change it. In my opinion, the brush head is too wide, resulting in polish on the skin flanking the nail. Additionally, the brush absorbs too much polish with each dip, which can cause an uneven manicure and a gloppy mess. You have to be mindful to apply very thin coats to avoid this - which, yes, can be frustrating. Rant over! My pick from this Limited Edition Collection is Scaredy Matte.

AVAILABILITY: Mass and drug retailers across the United States and Canada.


Thanks to Sally Hansen for sponsoring this post!


Couture Carrie said...

That orange is perfection!


ellie said...

Oh! I so love your review. I need to try this. Love the Black! & in just one coat too!

Ivy said...

Beautiful nails! Thanks for sharing this! Gotta try this.

Anonymous said...

In love with the orange one, totally going to buy it! xx


Kathryn said...

The black matte version is beautiful! So perfect for halloween but I'd totally wear it for the fall and winter too.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh I really love the scaredy matte! Great!!


Perfect for Halloween! I never thought I'd love matte for nails, but lately I adore them!! xx/M
Layered Leaves

Beauty said...

Very detailed and informative review; Nice.

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