Ciaté London South Beach Socialite Collection Swatches + Review

The South Beach Socialite Collection is legit the epitome of summer - right down to the full-size COCONUT Top Coat {which leaves behind a long-lasting coconut fragrance that transports you to the tropics}; thus the reason I had to snag it when I spotted it at Sephora. Packaging aside, this little collection featuring 2 mini paint pots, 1 mini glitter paint pot, and 1 full-size coconut top coat is sizzling, and something you'll seriously want to pick-up before your next vacay. Swatch time!

Putting On the Ritz is Rose Gold and Gold Jagged Glitter in a Clear Base. I love jagged glitter pieces as they add such a different vibe to nails than standard round or hexagonal glitter; but Putting On the Ritz totally takes the cake for most unique given the mix of gold and rose gold pieces - which feel so luxe over white polish. You definitely have to dab and pat to get the effect you want - but the results are worth it! Here I'm wearing it over White Heat. This is 1 coat.

White Heat is a White Creme. White Heat is everything a white polish should be - opaque, non-streaky, and tan-enhancing. The formula here is just flawless - always a welcome surprise when you're working with whites; going on smoothly, and looking am-a-zing from the first swipe to the last. This is 2 coats.

Putting On the Ritz is Rose Gold and Gold Jagged Glitter in a Clear Base. Don't let the pictures above confuse you, this is Putting On the Ritz again; only this time, it's topping Deco Delight. These images are proof that, while pretty over any color, Putting On the Ritz definitely comes alive when it's paired with a shade such as white; over Deco Delight, the rose gold glitter really gets lost and jumbled. Again, the dab and pat maneuver was necessary. This is 1 coat.

Deco Delight is a Metallic Nude / Rose Gold Foil. Rose Gold nail colors are my jam, but Deco Delight felt distinctly more metallic nude gold to me {or maybe that's just how my skintone read it}. Deco Delight has an incredible formula - it's v fast-dry, plus it leaves behind zero brush strokes. I think I would have liked this shade a bit more if it had little glitter particles inside {like ORLY's Rage}, but I'm not complaining. This is 2 coats.


PRICE: $25.00 for the 4-Piece Collection at Sephora.



ellie said...

Lovely texture! Loved the review!

ivy said...

Love the gold. I love the look, but its getting off those bits later that I detest so much. Sweet review!

little luxury list said...

Wow, all of these colors are winners! I love love Putting on the Ritz!

little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

Couture Carrie said...

Love the glitter so!


Oh to Be a Muse said...

The glitter paint flecks are super amazing! I most definitely need that in my nail polish life!

Unknown said...

Love the glitter, I'm a total sucker for it :D

Midnight Cowgirl said...

What a gorgeous collection! I love Putting On the Ritz :)

Elle Sees said...

consider me sold! take my money. i love them.

Holly said...

They look flawless! I'm in love! Great Post! x


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