butter LONDON x ALLURE Arm Candy Fashion Size 4PC Collection Swatches + Review

Having never before tried butter LONDON polishes, I felt that their Limited Edition Fall 2015 collab with Allure magazine was a great starting off point. After all, if it's backed by the Allure beauty experts you know it's going to be Fab with a capital F, amiright? Enter the butter LONDON Arm Candy Fashion Size 4PC Collection. You know how I feel about mini collections, so, of course, I snagged this luscious little quartet {featuring shades that are exclusive to this set}, but if you're craving more butter LONDON x Allure, six additional full-size shades have been released, which you can buy separately {deets on these at the bottom of this post}. Ready for swatches?!

Front Row is a Wine Creme. Front Row can best be described as classic fall fare. The color isn't terribly unique; but OMG it is gorgeous - and an essential if you love that vampy vibe. What sets Front Row apart from similar shades is its strong brown undertones that give it a bit of a 90s throwback {so on trend!}. The formula here was v. simple to work with. A little patchy during application; but overall quite easy to even out. This is 2 coats.

So Major! is a Loden Green Creme with Microshimmer. So Major! is the standout of this collection, and may just be one of the most unique shades to hit the polish scene in quite some time. The microshimmer adds an interesting dimension to the hue that just looks divine and feminizes the strong shade a bit. This one reminds me of pumpkin stems for some reason, so it will be on major rotation come October. Love the formula here - opacity builds perfectly. This is 2 coats.

Violet's Revenge is a Blurple Creme. I definitely wasn't expecting to find a blurple shade in a fall collection, but I'm not complaining because Violet's Revenge is gorgeous! This definitely serves as the quartet's summer-to-fall transitional shade, as it's bright enough to fit in with summer festivities, yet dusky enough to work with autumn's changing weather. The formula here is v. thin - we're talking watercolor paint thin - so it does come off as patchy on the nail {especially during coat 1}. It does, however, build opacity nicely with minor fuss. NOTE: This one is far more purple-toned IRL. This is 2 1/2 coats.

The Sweet Spot is a Dusty Pink Creme. As odd as it sounds, pink / nude cremes seem all the rage for polish collections this Fall. My reason for kinda sorta loving this one? The dusty mauve undertones which make The Sweet Spot feel perfect for sweater weather! Formula here is awesome to work with. Swipe, let dry; swipe, let dry...finished! It's very easy breezy, and who can resist a polish like that? This is 2 coats.

AVAILABILITY: Ulta for the mini set; Ulta or Sephora for individual, full-size bottles {of different shades in the collab collection}.

PRICE: $30.00 for the quartet; or buy individual bottles separately for $15.00 each.



ellie said...

Love the hunter green and the Pink. This brand has to be the most expensive..I've ever tried..but well worth it! I have Sloan Ranger..a dark gray and it is definitely one I'll be wearing a lot this fall. Loved your review!

ivy said...

Awesome! Such a great variety of colors too! Loved your write up on it, too!

Couture Carrie said...

That violet is incredible!


Elle Sees said...

love the variety of polish shades you chose!! i'l always be a pink girl :)

Unknown said...

Love Sweet Spot! Such a pretty dusty rose.

Unknown said...

Violet's Revenge is definitely for me, I'm always into blue shades :)

Danielle said...

Nice nail polish colors! My favorite is the pink one!


Oh to Be a Muse said...

So Major! wins it for me. It's the perfect olive shade for fall. Just gorgeous on you.

Gracey Williams said...

I adore that green color, it's one of my favorites for fall!

Breakfast at Gracey's

Shooting Stars Mag said...

The prices kind of make me giggle - get all four for 30 or buy separate and get 2 for 30 bucks. At any rate, I really like all of these, especially the blue and green (great fall colors).

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Violet's Revenge looks fantastic!

Abby said...

I've heard about this brand, but never really bothered to look for reviews. I didn't know that they would look this glossy! I love how to applied them!


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