OPI Peru Nail Lacquer Collection Mini Pack Swatches + Review

I live for fall nail colors; so, of course, I couldn't resist grabbing OPI's Peru Nail Lacquer Collection Mini Pack! Not gonna lie, some of the shades felt like a stretch for me in terms of autumn-apropos hues; but on the nail they are all absolutely brilliant, and perfect for summer to fall or fall to winter. Peep the prettiness below!

Grandma Kissed A Gaucho is a Purple Crelly. TBH despite the fact that purple is a fall color; I found that it was a shade included in a lot of summer collections, so I've been feeling kiiind of purple-d out, and wasn't excited for this shade - until I applied it to my nails and felt all the heart eyes! Babes, Grandma Kissed A Gaucho is such. a. beauty. Like, I can't even! The formula here is super thin due to the fact that it's a seriously scrummy crelly; but it builds to opacity so beautifully, and leaves a gorgeous shine behind. I'm going to say it: if you're only allowed one purple in your polish collection, it should be this bad boy! This is 3 coats.

Suzi Will Quechua Later! is a Lavender Creme. Fact: I lo-lo-lo-love this luscious lavender! Tbh, lavender is not a shade that I equate with autumn; but this one is too pretty to pass up regardless of the time of year! Suzi Will Quechua Later! is a positively brilliant transitional shade - combining bubblegum pink and purple to create this masterpiece! The formula is just as lush as the color - it applies smoothly, and has great coverage. A heavier hand could get away with 2 coats; but I opted for three to achieve the decadent shade you see here. Necessary purchase babes! Trust. This is 3 coats.

Como Se Llama? is a Burgundy Creme. Burgundy polishes during the months of November / December just get me. I mean, they're so incredibly glam without being in your face, amiright?! Como Se Llama? is a brown-leaning burgundy that looks like melted chocolate on the nail {yuuum-o!}. The formula is easy breezy to work with {leveling beautifully and requiring two easy swipes for full coverage}; but has the potential to stain cuticles during application if you're not careful - so keep a Q-Tip nearby. Perfection for fall and well into the winter months! This is 2 coats.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains is a Rosy Nude Creme. This shade! Honestly, I've contemplated Somewhere Over he Rainbow Mountains over the past few days, and I still can't figure out whether I like it or loathe it; thus, I'm going to chalk it up to a love/hate relationship. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains is an interesting shade for fall - falling into the nude category; but being sliiightly darker, so it adds a bit of depth. I actually like it for autumn, as it has a cozy, café au lait feel to it; I'm just not sure if I like it on me. For those of you who are feeling it, however, the formula was primo - applying in a smooth, fluid fashion, and drying quickly. If basics are your thing, you'll dig this beauty! This is 2 coats.


PRICE: $10.50 for the 4PC Mini Set; $10.50 for each full-size bottle.



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