China Glaze Ready To Wear FW'18 6PC Micro Mini Nail Kit Swatches + Review

I live for fall nail collections because all things autumn are my jam; but none this season have impressed me as much as China Glaze's Ready To Wear FW'18 6PC Micro Mini Nail Kit. Babes, this collection is the. bomb. dot. com. The shades are brilliant, and I honestly cannot get over how perfect the formulas are. Get ready to be obsessed!

Mustard the Courage is a Mustard Yellow Creme. Le sigh. I don't know what it is about the autumn season, but it makes me covet these ugly pretty, pretty ugly nail colors like whoa; and Mustard the Courage is one of the prettiest ugly colors I have ever laid eyes on! Mustard is massive this season - and Mustard the Courage has got. you. covered. This bad boy is the quintessential shade for fall {and Thanksgiving!}, bringing the haute feel of all things harvest to your fingertips! Formula here was easy peasy lemon squeezy - applying flawlessly in two simple swipes. Babes, this is one beauty you need in your life. Trust. This is 2 coats.

You Don't Know Jacket is a Deep Navy Creme. Gotta love a deep, dark hue for winter, amiright?! You Don't Know Jacket is one of those looks-black-but-isn't navy blues. It's deep and dark and utterly delicious, with a formula that is f-l-a-w-l-e-s-s. A lot of polish clings to the brush, so make sure to wipe it well on the lip of the bottle before applying directly to your nail. This shade gave full coverage in one coat; but I opted for two to make it ultra-vampy! This is 2 coats.

Swatch Out! is a Pale Copper Foil with Silver Shimmer.
Harvest hues are giving me all of the heart eyes rn! Babes, Swatch Out! is my pick for Thanksgiving mani. The color is blindingly beautiful, and def falls into that spicy, pumpkin-apropos category. Coverage is incredible! This bad boy is 100% a OCW; however, I made it a double just to be on the safe side. Whether you do it for the bling or just want a new take on an autumn mani you legit need Swatch Out! in your life. Trust. This is 2 coats.

Central Parka is an Olive Green Creme. Can I just take a moment to rave over the ultra-amazing formula that is Central Parka?! Like omg babes, this bad boy is pure awesomeness! Central Parka is another one of those ugly pretty/pretty ugly hues that I personally l-o-v-e for sweater weather. As I mentioned before, the formula is pure perfection; but even better is that gorgeous, glossy finish. Absolutely obsessed with this baby! This is 2 coats.

Pleather Weather. Gray Matte. Yes, you read the right; this baby is a matte. Unfortunately...I wasn't feeling it in matte form so I added top coat to give it a glossy touch. Babes, I may like this color, but...the formula! Ugh! Total nightmare! Pleather Weather {love the name btw!} legit has the thinnest formula I have ever seen! We're talking nearly transparent on first coat thin. Yes, it does build nicely; but the color isn't a total wow, so I can't say that it was really worth it. This one's a pass IMO. Womp womp. This is 3 coats.

Throwing Suede is a Putty Creme. Where do I begin? Throwing Suede is an interesting shade. It's not white, it's not nude; it's more of an in-between vanilla hue with a subtle rosy undertone that is v pretty and will capture the hearts of those who love a clean, neutral nail. For me, however, I found it a bit...boring. I'm not going to lie; the formula is good {decent consistency, and quick coverage}, but overall I feel as if it's meh, and just doesn't do anything for me. I think this would look best on a darker skintone, as it would really standout. If you're not a fan of neutrals, pass on this one. Womp womp. This is 2 coats.




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