Gift Guide for the Young {Animal-Adoring} Reader {Dogs & Books Review}

While I haven't put together a holiday gift guide in a few years now; there was a time when I would work tirelessly to assemble holiday shopping guides for everyone in your family {and then some}. So why am I returning to the gift guide game? Dogs & Books.

When Barbara of Dogs & Books reached out to me regarding their holiday release Santa's Dog, I could not resist accepting the advanced copy. As a huge proponent of animal rescue, as well as children's literacy, this opportunity felt like the best of both worlds...and it was!

Along with Santa's Dog; Barbara included Carol's Quest for Courage, and Second-Chance Sam, King of the Junkyard. All three are written by author JoAnn Sky; with the first two titles falling into the Santa's Dog series. Tales told through rhyming words; this trio is perfect for teaching phonological awareness to your emergent reader, while allowing them to learn a life lesson in each tome. I personally fell in love with the lyrical prose and charming illustrations; and have no doubt that your young reader will too. Should we showcase the books now?

Santa's Dog; $15.90 via Amazon
Love is a beautiful gift!

Follow the adventures of Santa’s best dog in a rhyming story that shows us how love is a beautiful gift and a powerful force, even when our loved ones are far away.

​​Lance rides along with his best friend Santa each Christmas Eve, but one year he falls from the sleigh. He's taken in by the animal shelter and then brought home by a military family who needs help as Dad is called to serve his country. When Christmas Eve comes around the next year, what's a dog to do? Will Lance return to the North Pole with Santa or stay with his new family?

Carol's Quest for Courage; $14.95 via Amazon
A fun, rhyming story about conquering your fears and finding your voice. Root for Santa’s singing dog as she proves that courage grows inside each of us.

Santa's singing dog is too afraid to sing! Carol leaves the North Pole in search of her voice but instead finds a girl in need of help. Can Carol overcome her own fears to help the girl?

Second-Chance Sam, King of the Junkyard; $14.95 via Amazon
A fun, rhyming story about acceptance and looking beyond outward appearances.

Follow the adventures of Sam, an older dog adopted from an animal shelter whose new family lives next door to an old car junkyard. Confused at first by all the junk, Sam quickly adapts and helps visitors find special parts and "treasures" and also becomes friends with a host of animals who've made the junkyard their forever home. See, treasures don't have to be snazzy and new. This scruffy, old second-chance dog proves it's true!

Will you be snagging one of these gems for your bookworm this holiday season?



ellie said...

Awesome, Definitely a great list for young readers. Especially, love the idea of this cause in giving animals a second chance.

Ananka said...

Cute, you can never go wrong with books as gifts :-)

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