BOOK REVIEW: Super Spinach {Adventures in Fosterland} by Hannah Shaw

“Heroes aren't built from cloth and string. They're built from bravery, and from love.”

When I tell you that I pre-ordered Hannah Shaw's Super Spinach {Adventures in Fosterland} back in October 2021, I am not kidding. Y'all, Hannah Shaw is like a quuen to me {and to all kitties} due to her incredible dedication and devotion to cats, so purchasing anything she publishes is a total no-brainer. Anyway...when this tale appeared on my porch on release day, delving into it immediately was a must; and let me tell you...it is the cutest. If you follow Hannah Shaw {aka Kitten Lady} on social media {which I'm assuming you do}, you likely already know the MCs from this book, Spinach and Chickpea; but seeing their rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption story played out in fiction is the type of treat that will be adored whether you're 1 or 100.

Spinach is not okay with being kept in her own cage at the animal shelter. While some may feel privileged to have their own sleeping space; Spinach feels completely left out. After all, the other kittens at the animal shelter get to spend their days batting crinkly balls about, climbing cat trees, and playing together, while she has to sit out on the sidelines, a silent observer. Spinach kind of understands the reason, she's not healthy like the other kittens and gets worn out very quickly; but that doesn't make her feel any less lonely.

When Spinach is evaluated by a veterinarian, she finally receives a life-changing diagnosis - Spinach has pectus excavatum, a congenital condition that causes the chest to be sunken. The veterinarian knows exactly how to fix Spinach up; and, after surgery, she finally has the ability to play, pounce, and jump! She also has something extra: a metal plate on her chest that has transformed her into...Super Spinach!

Soon Spinach is whisked off to Fosterland by a giant lady where she is provided with two very important things: 1) a variety of super-powered socks to protect her plate; and 2} a super sidekick named Chickpea. With her socks and sidekick with her at all times, Super Spinach is fearless. But then the unthinkable happens...Spinach's super suit socks are taken away, leaving her powerless. Now it's up to Spinach to rely on her powers from within rather than her super suit to save the day; but she may not be up for the challenge.

This book y'all...it put me in my feels. Seeing Spinach and Chickpea star in their own story was truly like a dream come true; and the fact that it was so full of adventure {and accompanied by the cutest illustrations ever!} truly made it that. much. better. For those who don't follow Hannah, The True Story of Spinach and Chickpea accompaniment at the end, along with the real-life photographs of this pawsome duo on the back cover are a welcome addition. I, for one, cannot wait to share this series with my students, as I am positive that they will adore it just as much as I did.

Side note: After reading this book, I realized that this is actually considered the second story in the series, with Emmett and Jez being book number one. If you, like me, make that error, don't sweat it. The books are not based on continuity, and can easily standalone. That said, make sure you buy them both because one dose of cuteness is definitely not enough. I'm now officially counting down the days for Book 3, Baby Badger, to hit shelves!

Star Rating: *****



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