ZOYA Pink Palette Summer 2022 Collection Nail Lacquer Swatches + Review

It has been a minute since I've indulged in ZOYA nail polish; so when I received their Pink Palette Summer 2022 Collection Nail Lacquer in the mail, I had to bust that bad boy open pronto. Babes, despite the fact that I'm a picky pink polish collector {try saying that 3 times fast!}, this collection just spoke to me and allowed me to play with all of the pinks. Whether pink is your thang or not, you will love these shades; but, even more so, you will adore the fabulous formulas and out of this world incredible brushes. Barbie would totes approve of this collection; and girlies, so do I!

Angel is an Iridescent Pink Overlay. Anything named Angel is an instant win for me because it reminds me of my now deceased furbaby of the same name; but this one is so good y'all! Angel is a dreamy iridescent pink overlay that mixes pink, periwinkle, and gold glitter into one bottle to create this gorgeous gem of a glitter bomb. NGL, I probably should have used this as a top coat, but I was in the mood for serious sparkle so I decided to rock it on its own. Application was fantastic! It does require three coats to reach full opacity; but the effect is stunning, with a shift that moves from gold to pink and back again. If glitter is your kryptonite you need this beauty in your life! This is 3 coats.

Joanie is a Tulip Pink Creme. This color y'all. Seriously, it may be my new. favorite. pink. Joanie is a darling tulip pink creme that brings out your tan and looks utterly charming as a mani/pedi combo. This cutie shocked me with her level of opacity. I honestly thought she would require more than two coats, but she applied lush and opaque in just two {and could have been a OCW had I applied with a heavier hand}. This one will be in heavy rotation for spring, summer, and winter. Love! This is 2 coats.

Maddy is a Flamingo Pink Creme. These pastel pink cremes will never fail to slay me. Obsessed! Maddy is a preppy pastel dubbed as a flamingo pink creme that is a total wear now, wear later shade in that it is perfection for summer as well as the winter months when pastels just make sense. This one had an immaculate formula - gaining opacity in two simple coats and maintaining no chips, no tipwear status for the full week that I wore it. Highly recommended for you pink ladies. This is 2 coats.

Shannon is a Melon Pink Creme. This is my third ZOYA pink in the past month; and, dare I say it, my possible fave thus far! Shannon is a juicy melon pink creme that puts me in the mood for picnics, beach bonfires, and Disney days, oh my! The peachy undertones give it a flirty, playful vibe without making it feel juvenile; while the punchy color will make it perfect for manis or pedis all. summer. long. Formula is fab with a super simple application and 5+ days of wear. A must for all of you pink-loving boss babes! This is 2 coats.

Kay is a Bright Pink Creme. Ugh! Photographs are not doing this cutie any justice rn! Kay is a brilliant bright pink creme that would be right at home on Barbie's nails. This beauty is lighter in shade than her collection counterpart, Gigi, but features the same incredible formula. This one, unfortunately, bubbled on me a tiny bit; but it seriously wasn't dealbreaker territory. Especially since the staying power was so phenom! This is 2 coats.

Gigi is a Red Azalea Creme. OMG y'all this polish is phenomenal! Gigi is a gorgeous red azalea creme that legit plays tricks on your eyes - appearing hot coral pink at times, and red coral at others. Regardless of which version your eyes see, however, this color is TDF. The kind of TDF that makes you want to repeat-wear all summer long. True story. The formula here is straight up decadent, applying beautifully and drying at the speed of light. A very important thing to touch on here is that the brush is incredible - not too wide, not too slim, just perfect for achieving a model-worthy mani. Obsessed! This is 2 coats.


PRICE: $12.00 for each full-size bottle


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Pretty in pink! Lovely!

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Wonderful post! Great looks!

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Amazing color! Great!

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Beautiful nails!

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Such lovely pinks!

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So beautiful!

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These are all so pretty :-D

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So pretty.

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Happy Sunday my friend

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