ZOYA Hypnotic Holiday 2022 Nail Lacquer Swatches + Review

Never have I ever met a holiday polish collection that didn't put me in my cozy feels; so y'all know I was excited when ZOYA's Hypnotic Holiday 2022 Trio showed up on my porch. NGL, the depth of the shades shocked me a teeny tiny bit, because they don't feel like holiday colors per se. This trio leans more dark and moody than I expected; but I am feeling all three for the winter season because they look like the perfect pairing for all of those chunky knits and boots! Let's get to it, shall we?

Rosalind is a Sugarplum Purple Duochrome. This color though! Rosalind is a sugarplum purple duochrome that looks nothing like I expected! For some reason, I was 100% under the impression that this was like a metallic navy when I saw it in the bottle; but when you apply it to the nail...girrrrrllll! This beauty is straight up magical. The purple shifts from a shimmering sugarplum to a Frozen-esque metallic blue and back when placed in direct sunlight, and is just beautiful to look at. Perfect for winter and beyond! This is 2 coats.

Metora is a Metallic Boysenberry Jam. NGL, this bad boy blew me away! Metora is a metallic boysenberry jam that is deep and decadent and unlike most shades I typically see in holiday collections. I was 100% convinced that this was a Christmas-y red when I viewed it from the bottle but OMG that boysenberry shade just lit up upon application! Formula was a little thinner than expected; but, overall easy peasy to work with. Love this one for the holidays and the winter season! This is 2 coats.

Clarice is a Metallic Emerald Green. I never knew how much I needed a shade like this in my life until it was in my hands. True story. Clarice is a metallic emerald green that is sending me with that enchanting lit from within glow and deep, dark depth. This one is multifaceted because, from afar, it looks like a basic black; but when you get up close and personal...wowza! That metallic emerald green comes out to play. With a heavy hand, this can be a OCW. I found the formula to be slightly runny, so I opted for two coats to avoid gloppy drops or a mess. Absolutely loving it! Unfortunately, it does not photograph well. Womp womp. This is 2 coats.


PRICE: $12.00 for each full-size bottle


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