ZOYA Beachy Brights Nail Polish Collection 2023 Swatches + Review

NGL neons don't typically garner my affections, but when I opened ZOYA's Beachy Brights & Gelie Base Bundle I was in awe. Babes, this collection is stunning, with a variety of shades to please every polished princess. All 6 of these shades dry matte; however, you are seeing them here with top coat to bring on the shine because matte and I don't love each other. Side note: I did not use underwear {white polish} as a base for any of these shades; but doing so may amplify the neon. Just saying. Now let's move on to the swatches!

Avani is a Bright Lemon Lime Green Creme. Can I just say that we need more nail colors like this one?! For reals though! Avani is a bright lemon lime green creme that caught my eye the second I opened my ZOYA package. If you love unconventional brights you're going to adore it as well! Avani is slightly darker IRL than photographs; but every bit as playful. This one is so much fun for bringing a touch of the tropics to your tips! And the formula is supercalifragifab so total win! This is 2 coats.

Yohanna is an Ultra-Bright Knockout Pink Creme. In honor of Barbie hitting theaters next month, I had to pull this bad boy out for a little show and tell. Yohanna is an ultra-bright knockout pink creme that is giving all of the Barbie vibes! Ladies, this color...I am obsessed! I'm not even a pink polish person, but this shade is simply sending me! Formula here was brilliant! It applied smoothly and dried ridiculously fast! This is one of my top picks for summer 2023 - and an absolute essential if you're looking to channel your inner Barbie! This is 2 coats.

Soraya is an Ultra-Bright Fuschia Creme. Purple is unquestionably a fall color; but let's take a moment to appreciate how utterly perfect this bad boy is for summer! Soraya is an ultra-bright fuschia creme that brings all of the tropical vacay meets party vibes. This one is phenomenal! First, these pics were taken 3 days after application and they look flawless. Second, Soraya is a OCW - yes! Ladies, you need to get this one! This is 1 coat.

Pluto is a Carolina Blue Creme. Ooh babes I love me a good bright blue polish, and this beauty goes hard! Pluto is a Carolina blue creme that invokes all of the 4th of July meets crashing ocean waves vibes. This shade y'all, so. good. Pluto was just a hair shy of being a OCW, but there was a teeny tiny bit of VNL, so it did require 2 coats. Not a big deal at all considering how fast dry this entire collection is! If you love a good blue, you need this beauty ASAP! This is 2 coats.

Loni is a Bright Salmon Coral Creme. Y'all, I am in love with this color! Loni is a bright salmon coral creme that feels straight from the 80s with its neon-esque glow and party vibes. I love this one so much because it's playful, flirty, and fun - and just feels splendiferous for summer. This one is perfect for a matching mani/pedi - obsessed! This is 2 coats.

Alora is a Bright Cranberry Creme. We are now entering summer-into-fall transition shades. Alora is a bright cranberry creme that screams almost autumn. Out of all of the shades in the Beachy Brights collection, this one does the least for me because I'm just not a fan of red/cranberry shades, and this falls into that category. That said, the formula for Alora is magnificent. It wasn't a OCW like I thought it would be; but application was seamless, and there was no staining, so I consider that a win. This is 2 coats.


PRICE: $120.00 for the Beachy Brights & Gelie Base Bundle; $8.00 for each mini-size bottle


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