ZOYA Enamored Group A Bundle Nail Polish Collection Swatches + Review

After the stunningness that was ZOYA's Enamored Group B Bundle Nail Polish Collection, I literally could not wait to try out the Enamored Group A Bundle Nail Polish Collection. Truth? I can't even tell you which bundle I preferred because they both had incredible colors and formulas; so you really have to go with your personal preference {or pick up both} - the choice is yours. Swatch time!

Eleanor is a Metallic Cinnamon Mahogany. Babes this. is. it. The nail color you need for Thanksgiving! Eleanor is a charming metallic cinnamon mahogany that just brings fall leaves, and pumpkin patches, and feasts to life. I found that this shade didn't wear as well as other Zoya shades in that it chipped in a few places, and tipwear wasn't great. But for your Thanksgiving festivities it will definitely make for a standout shade! This is 2 coats.

Precious is a Mauve with Micro Rose Gold Flecks. NGL, this one definitely threw me for the fall collection; but I'm still a fan. Precious is a feminine orchid mauve with micro rose gold flecks throughout that actually looks kind of amazing paired with cognac riding boots and oversized cream sweaters. This one is ultra-girly, and will seamlessly transition into the winter months, which I love. Formula was very easy to work with. This one was perhaps slightly thinner than some of the other shades in this collection; but overall a breeze to level. This is 2 coats.

Jean is an Indigo Periwinkle with Holographic Finish. Tell me it's soiree season without telling me its soiree season. Jean is an iconic indigo periwinkle with holographic finish that gives denim-meets-Frozen vibes. This one is a showstopper that will keep all eyes on your tips. Formula here is flawless. Jean is very buildable; while I used two coats here, I could definitely see the color being even more intense with a third coat. Just saying. Highly recommend! This is 2 coats.

Murphy is a Metallic Army Green. NGL, this color is quintessential fall. Murphy is a metallic army green that is literal bliss for autumn. The formula and finish for this one is v similar to that of Eleanor {also in this collection}; but the color is in a class of its own. I received so many compliments on this shade; and it is undoubtedly one of the the most perfect colors for fall into winter. This one is a must! This is 2 coats.

Frenchy is a Beige Pink Creme. Yes, Zoya is bringing us a neutral for fall. Frenchy is a fresh beige pink creme that is unlike what we typically see for autumn. Rather than deep, dark, and vampy, this pretty is subdued and minimalistic - perfect for the girl who prefers a more classic polish. The formula here is incredibly easy to work with and wears beautifully for multiple days. This is 2 coats.

Lennon is a Deep Teal w/ Scattered Holo. For my blue girls you are going to love this one for fall. Trust. Lennon is a flashy deep teal w/ scattered holo that feels highly bejeweled and brilliant. The scattered holo lends a midnight vibe to the deep teal and makes it so perfect for the season. Formula was fantastic here - I showed no tipwear or chips for the full week that I wore it. Bonus: it looks utterly lush in sunlight. This is 2 coats.


PRICE: $64.00 for the full-size, 6-piece collection; $12.00 for each full-size bottle


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