mark Dresses You for Thanksgiving Dinner...and Black Friday Shopping!

Thanksgiving Day is a jewel, to set in the hearts of honest men; but be careful that you do not take the day, and leave out the gratitude."
~E.P. Powell~

While I love the lights and decorations of Christmas, and the lore and scary stories that accompany Halloween, my all-time favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. There is something about the spirit of Thanksgiving that you can feel and smell in the air. It's a time when love and warmth is at an all-time high; family is embraced; and thankfulness is celebrated. In my family, it is also a time to get dressed up, and begin preparing for the holiday shopping season. Which is why I am super excited to see that mark has got style covered for Thanksgiving dinner and early-morning Black Friday shopping. Check out my favorite pieces for both occasions below!


mark Styles You For Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner attire for me comes down to two things: 1) colors that capture the season; 2) resilience, resilience, resilience! No one wants to feel as if they're being suffocated by their clothing after vacating the dinner table. Thus, my mark Thanksgiving Dinner selections:

Retro Right Dress; $34.00
Gimme The Boot; $50.00
Do the Tight Thing Tights in Basic Black; $18.00
Chain Glam Necklace; $24.00
Head First Hat; $24.00
On the Dot Neutral Eye Color Compact; $16.00
Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain $11.00
It's a Cinch Belts; $18.00


mark Styles You for Black Friday Shopping

As much of my Black Friday Shopping begins super early in the morning, and extends into the wee hours of the night, I always seek cozy styles that possess the comforts of flannel pajamas, yet aesthetics that are made 100% of chic urbanity. Exactly what my mark-created Black Friday Shopping look holds!

Alpine Style Sweater; $44.00
Gimme The Boot; $50.00
Talk Is Chic Phone Case and Lip Gloss; $18.00
Take It On Bag; $36.00
Make It Rich Lip Color Crayon; $11.00
Great Details Pants; $36.00
Star Status Earth Shadow Palette in Earth Angel; $14.00
Great Timing Watch; $40.00

What will you be wearing for Thanksgiving Dinner this year? Will you be participating in Black Friday 2012?



ellie said...

I've been hunting for bright blue tights!

Love both selections!

ellie said...

I've been hunting for bright blue tights!

Love both selections!

ivy's closet said...

Oh, so fun. Lov'n that Black Friday sweater!

lucy and sarah said...

Such gorgeous boots!

Sweet items from MARK.

caitlin and megan said...

Awesome looks for Thanksgiving! And Black Friday.

ellie's desk said...

Lovely, boots for these days. Amazing Thanksgiving dress, too.

Paulina said...

Awesome brown hat !<3

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your comment in my blog!!...your´s is very beautiful too!!


little luxury list said...

I'd love some indigo tights please!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Tiffany Kadani said...

I love this so much! I will definitely be partaking in both... cozy wears on Friday morning is an absolute must!

Gigi said...

I really like those brown boots!


Sara said...

Both outfits are perfect! I love that you included boots in both looks, I know that they are your fave :)

Unknown said...

That sweater is fantastic! Great looks :)

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing post!
Love that necklace!


Josie said...

I have become SUCH a Thanksgiving fan over the past few years. I can't even tell you. That dress is absolutely darling!
xo Josie

Natasha Gregson said...

Love it :) We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in England, but it always looks so great on Friends and Gossip girl episodes!! I hope you have a fab Thanksgiving and what a great outfit-love the colours.



knockingonfashionsdoor said...

Very good taste once again! I love everything; I´d purchase all, altough my credit card is already trembling after the "hard effort" it did last shopping days...ha ha...!!

Zabrinah said...

Oh my goodness! You just reminded me that Black Friday is coming soon! I just got so excited reading your post. I really want to get some good deals this year. Hopefully, some designer stuff for really inexpensive prices!

I love that hat in your collage by the way!! :)

Best wishes,

[your everyday girl,
writing about guys]

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

We don't celebrate it here, so I can't say much on a subject, but I do like the looks and adore that cardigan. x

Unknown said...

I love the boho Thanksgiving outfit.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oooh nice choices, I like!

Sherin said...

The thanksgiving dinner outfit looks perfect. I love the dress.

Blond Duck said...

Those boots are hot!

Elly @ Caribbean Living said...

Oooooh yes, loving these boots!!! Absolutely gorgeous. And that Chain Glam Necklace is pretty much le bee's knees too!

Have a fab weekend Erika!

J. said...

FUN dress! I have to work Black Friday but the rest of my family will be out of town...I will be home sulking in my robe and slippers with a pint of ice cream...and maybe a bottle of wine...

Anonymous said...

Great looks. I also love very miuch the hat and the necklace!
Anne (Playing with Scarves)

Unknown said...

$34.00 for the Mark dress...LOVE IT!! Want!! I haven't been here in so long and now that Im getting back into blogging I knew I had to come over and say hello! I love following you on instagram and I missed your blog! Love the look!! xoxo

MOSAMUSE said...

im a big fan of those boots!


Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

I agree, Erika! Thanksgiving is such a lovely holiday. No presents involved, just family/friends and copious amounts of food... not to mention remembering why you are so grateful for all that you have. :) I love it.

Outfits are wonderful!

Jessi said...

Perfection! I LOVE the gloss gorgeous lip stains - love the staying power with the shine I love in a gloss. And I have my eye on those belts. It's only a matter of time :)
xoxo J

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