{what to wear} pyjama party

"Dandelion, puffs away, make my wish come true someday."

pajama wish list
Alöe Raspberry Crepe Peony Embroidered Pyjamas + Poplin Red Trim Grace Pyjamas + Alöe Black Crepe Peony Embroidered Pyjamas + Poplin Pink Stripe Iris Pyjamas + Poplin Navy Silk Audrey Pyjamas

Contrary to what many believe, while I scarcely leave the house without first slipping my foot into a shoe sporting no less than a 4-inch heel, pyjamas are, indeed, one of my very favorite accoutrements; and I relish slow-paced Saturday and Sunday mornings when I can languor in them all day - an enticing book in hand. That said, fashionistas rarely take a break from style; therefore, luxury pyjamas that are equal parts cute and comfy are par for the course. Naturally, a pyjama wish list {starring ultra-dreamy sleepwear} was necessary.

There is the Alöe Crepe Peony Embroidered Pyjamas. The raspberry shade for those moments when I'm feeling flirty; the black hue for those times when I want to project mystery. The Poplin Pink Stripe Iris Pyjamas are an essential for channeling my inner Eloise {a turtle named Skipperdee by my side, and a suite at The Plaza being the two remaining objects I need to fulfill this fantasy}. Brunch in bed with a stack of glossies call for the presence of the Poplin Red Trim Grace Pyjamas. And for sophistication? Well, it's impossible to feel anything but in the Poplin Navy Silk Audrey Pyjamas. After all, they share a name with one of the most sophisticated women who ever lived...Audrey Hepburn.

What are your requirements for the perfect pair of pyjamas? Luxury, comfort, glamour...do tell.


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knockingonfashionsdoor said...

If you don´t mind, I´d like to share your pijamas wish list: I want them all!!

ellie said...

So lovely. At the moment I need flannel ones for the cold. Love the stripes!

ivy's closet said...

I could definitely party in any of these. Love the selection. Love the classic white ones at the bottom.

lucy and sarah said...

Love the raspberry shade. So flirty. So need a pajama party.

mazzymay said...

Sweet! These are gorgeous! Love your write up too.

Caitlin and Megan said...

Oh so lovely. Really, I do go for comfort when it comes to pajamas.

Unknown said...

Amazing pyjamas! Love them all:)


Couture Carrie said...

Love these, especially the striped pair!


Denisa said...

Oo, I really like that red one. I so nice. Have a great weekend,.


zubguzbebrsb said...

Good blog !

Unknown said...

Pyjamas are the best, they're my favourite thing to wear around house :)) adore the navy one on your wish list, it seems so perfect and comfy :D

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I'm all about comfort when it comes to PJs, and when they look cute too that's a total plus!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I love PJs. I don't really have super cute ones, though, because they don't tend to be as comfy as they should be. However, LOVE the navy ones on here.

Natasha Gregson said...

I actually live in PJs!! My faves are the navy blue pajama suit, very Blair Waldorf, but I'm much more likely to be in mismatching geeky ones :)



Josie said...

I love those crisp white ones!
xo Josie

Anonymous said...

So lovely!!!


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