zoya color cuties!

They're sexy, they're cute, they're popular to boot!

And...since I am a huge massive fan of Zoya, polka dots, and pastel-y polishes {mint lacquers are, essentially, the Batman to my Robin}, I felt it my beauty superhero duty to introduce you to...Zoya Color Cuties!

Yummy, Audrina, Lo, Pippa, Gilda, Tanzy, Happi, Shelby, Arizona, Zuza, Blu, and Neely.

Twelve colors to choose from, all packaged in mini bottles {my favorite!}, then bound in color-coordinated polka dot boxes, making them the perfect spring prezzie to gift or receive {or simply buy for yourself - which is what I plan on doing...shhhh}.

$5.00 Each


Buy 6 Bottles or More at $5.00 Each and Get Free Expedited Shipping.


Buy 12 Bottles or More at $3.00 Each and Get Free Expedited Shipping.

I've tried to choose a few favorites, but, honestly, I. love. them. all. Thus... it's likely that all 12 colors will be making an appearance in my nail polish drawer shortly.

Which color {s} would you love to gift or receive?


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Unknown said...

I am loving the colours yellow and orange. Very pretty! :)

Unknown said...

Too bad they don't ship them outside U.S. 'cause those colors are so pretty and I want them all :))

www.janetteria.com said...

LOve them all!

ellie said...

I would love the all too! Such a wonderful spring selection!

ivy's closet said...

Oh, I want these so much! Love the purples and the pinks.

lucy and sarah said...

Lov'n the Saturday post! Yeah! Zoya! I love the blues!

mazzymay said...

I definitely would want all these. So cool to have the entire collection.

Caitlin and Megan said...

Definitely love the orange! Always looking for a wonderful yellow too!

Couture Carrie said...

I love them all, too!
So many gorgeous shades!


ilovetrends said...

Lovely colours!

stylefrontier said...

i love purple
gotta check it out

style frontier

join chicnova


Shooting Stars Mag said...

ooh pretty! and I'm loving the price tag. I'm curious how mini they are in person, though...to see if they would last awhile. Packaging is adorbs though.

Rachel Danielle said...

Ooh... I want all shades of the pink. Right now.

Deejay Speaks said...

the blue shades are lovely!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Love! That packaging is so cute!

Politics of Pretty said...

love the pastel blue and mint green!


Sherin said...

Oh amazing! I love these bright colours - so perfect for the summer.

Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life said...

I really like Pippa, and I have one from Essie that's very close to Neely, just a hint darker - it's a great spring shade!

Camille said...

All of these colors are so pretty! I have never tried a Zoya polish before but I would love to try one!


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