snake charmer

snake charmer
If you caught so much as a glimpse of Britney Spears' I'm A Slave 4 U MTV VMA performance {circa 2001} you are fully aware that snakes. are. sexy. In fact, they're a number of S'...sinewy, sensual, sassy, seductive... - choose your favorite adjective. But they don't have to be live {a la Britney's} to help you channel that sultry vibe - just look towards the Red Carpet for inspiration; or take a peek at some of my favorite slinky pieces:
serpent style
ONE: Jacquie Aiche ring {$178.00} TWO: Natalie B armband bracelet in gold {$35.00} THREE: BaubleBar ring in gold or rose {$22.00} FOUR: Natalie B armband bracelet in silver {$35.00} FIVE: BaubleBar bracelet {$24.00} SIX: Jen's Pirate Booty ring {$16.99} SEVEN: mark necklace-belt {$26.00}

Truth: I would gladly add each and every one of these pieces to my accessory drawer, but my absolute fave is the mark Snake Charmer Necklace-Belt. Wrap it around your neck for a conversation-worthy addition to an LBD, or sling it around your waist to glam up distressed denim. Versatility is an irresistible thing. Midi rings are one of my general gem obsessions; but in the form of snakes, like these BaubleBar Serpent Midi Rings in Gold and Rose, their awesomeness is magnified.

Nothing says sassy like an arm cuff - especially in this Cleopatra-approved shape. I'm loving the Natalie B Snake Coil Armband Bracelet in both Silver {similar} and Gold {similar}. The pave snake detailing on this BaubleBar Gold Ice Snake Bracelet gives this Tennis-esque aesthetic a tongue-in-chic update. And if you love the look of a gilded snake slithering up and down your finger, you'll find the Jacquie Aiche Marquise Snake Ring or Jen's Pirate Booty Snake Ring perfect candidates for your jewelry collection.



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ellie said...

Such a cool trend! Love that you posted this!!

ivy said...

Wow, these are gorgeous! Great post!!

mazzymay said...

Lovely! definitely would be happy to have one. Great, to see this at Urban Outfitters, too!

ellie's desk said...

Such an amazing selection. Great snake charms!

Unknown said...

The one on Jessica Biel looks so awesome, at the same time sexy and elegant :) perfect!

little luxury list said...

I love it as a necklace - it makes for such a bold statement!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oooh how fun!

Pooja Mittal said...

I am going to buy a smake jewelry piece soon.. I loce that snake ring..
Dont forget to enter my giveaway.
Keep in touch,

she.is.the.one said...

cool selection dear :)

blog she.is.the.one

Natalie said...

Really love!

Boxer's Adventures International Blog


Unknown said...

Love love love! So fun, unique yet kind of timeless xo

Sara said...

I think worn as a ring or a belt is SUPER cute!!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

A snake arm cuff is the cutest. I have a similar one.

Oh to Be a Muse
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carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

wow I love that you can wear it like a necklace or like a belt! have a nice day, darling! xx

Melissa Blake said...

Hmmm, not sure if i'd be brave enough to sport one of those pieces!

sorelle in style said...

Ahh the necklace-belt is my fave, too! What a great piece :)

sorelle in style

Blond Duck said...

I love that one on Jessica Biel!

Iris said...

Really like these. This reminds me I have a snake armband I haven't worn in a while and snake earrings. :)

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