Ciaté Shell Manicure in Mermaid You Look Review

I've shown you Ciaté's Shell Manicure in She Sells Seashells and Ciaté's Shell Manicure in Wish Upon A Starfish; and today I have the Ciaté Shell Manicure in Mermaid You Look for your viewing pleasure.

Mermaid You Look is a dusty purple duo that contains the Paint Pot Pillow Fight, and the Paint Pot Effect Mermaid You Look {which consists of dusty purple iridescent shell bits}.

Since I did a double accent nail for my first Seashell Mani, and a full out, 10-finger mani for my second Seashell feature; I decided to do a triple accent for Mermaid You Look, because these Seashell Mani sets are truly too pretty for a single accent.

You may remember Pillow Fight from my Ciaté Mini Mani Month Set Review {Part 2}. Pillow Fight is a Delicate Gray with Lilac Undertones. In the bottle, the shade looks far darker than it appears on the nail; which was a happy surprise, as pale grays are my preference. The first coat is streaky; but the color and opacity completely level out after the second coat is applied. In sunlight you will definitely see the presence of the lilac undertones, which add a little more dimension to the shade, and make it even more beautiful to look at. This is 2 coats.

Mermaid You Look is the Effects Paint Pot. The crushed seashells in this set match the Pillow Fight Paint Pot perfectly in that they are a dusty gray / purple in hue with the prettiest silver iridescent shift.


Surprise! The reason why I used Mermaid You Look as my final Shell Mani wasn't because I was saving the best for last; rather, I thought it would be my least favorite of the three. But..., and this is the reason for that opening paragraph exclamation, it wound up being my # 1 favorite. I love when that happens.

Texture-wise, the crushed seashells of Mermaid You Look are nearly identical to She Sells Sea Shells - from my personal experience I found the seashells in Wish Upon A Starfish slightly more jagged and chunky {perhaps because they were closer to their natural state than the colored sets}.

Mermaid You Look has an incredibly sophisticated flair. It's like workplace-apropos nail art that will definitely give your co-workers {or besties} something to talk about {or swoon over}.



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FTC Disclosure: Ciaté's Shell Manicure in Mermaid You Look was provided to me for review. All opinions expressed herein are my own.


ellie said...

Oh so pretty! Loved the review!

ivy said...

Love this look. It would be my favorite too!

ellie's desk said...

Really a great color and texture too. Awesome review!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

ooh I love it. Purple is my favorite color anyway. ;)


Johanna L. said...

So gorgeous! I do love that effect ♥

Couture Carrie said...

Another amazing mani!
Love the polish name too ;)


Sam said...

This manicure is so dazzling!

Unknown said...

SO beautiful! I absolutely need this mani :)

Sara said...

Very pretty! I love that you did more than the standard one accent nail, you are correct: too pretty for just one!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

It looks like glass sand on your fingers, which is really cool. I just wonder if all that texture on my nails would annoy me after a while.

J. said...

I want this! I love the over the top crustiness of the "gems"

Sherin said...

OMG incredible! I want this so badly.

Unknown said...

OMG love this purple so beautiful
Great post darling

Vivek said...

Very nice

little luxury list said...

Wow, this is insanely cool! You are right - it is subtle enough to be workplace appropriate too!

little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

Bellas Shelf said...

I am pretty obsessed with this look. Not only do I love the nail polish, which I would wear alone. I love this seashells too. I might only use the shells on one finger as an accent or if I am feeling crazy on every finger. I am scared that with how busy I am shells with fall off!
Beautiful look :)

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