links à la mode: the IFB weekly roundup {april 2, 2015 edition}


Color à la Mode

The theme for this week’s Links à la Mode is COLOR. From gorgeous spring hues to monochrome in the form of leather on white to completely unexpected colored combos like gray and gold, you’re in for an eye-full this week! We even have a post dedicated to the psychology of color as it relates to fashion. Oh, and don’t miss the brightly-colored cat tattoo. On to the links!

Links à la Mode: April 2

  • Affordable: How to Groom Your Eyebrows

  • A Handful of Stories: Microtrend: The Bucket Hat

  • A La Modest: On Being Genuine

  • Attire Club: Color Theory and Fashion

  • Cat Eyes and Skinny Jeans: April Crush List

  • ChromoBeauty: 8 Ways You're Curling Your Hair Wrong

  • Funky Jungle: Five Tips for Shopping Savvy Online

  • Ginger Snaps: How to Dress Like Betty from Mad Men

  • A Glamorous Revelation: Breakfast With Bevan

  • Head 2 Heels: On Getting Inked, Again

  • Les Assorties: Paris Je T'aime: Mademoiselle Sassi

  • Little Luxury List: Fashion and Interiors: Gray and Gold

  • Purushu Irie: 7 Summer Holiday Outfits

  • Storybook Apothecary: 10 Brands That Prove Green Beauty Isn't Just for Crazy Hippies

  • Style Bizarre: Minimal Alternative Clothing

  • The Fashion Barbie: How to Not Look Like a Festival Cliché

  • The Outfit Repeater: 20+ Ways to Collaborate With Fashion Bloggers and Brands

  • TLV Birdie: Natural Skincare Splurge

  • Trends VIP: The It Bag—Worship Beyond Reason

  • We Are Ready Made: Hej Stockholm!

  • SPONSOR: Shopbop: Black Flats, Halter Dresses, and Black Wedges, Lace Ups, Lace Blouses, Black Maxi Dresses, Jelly Flats, Sperry & French Trotters

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    ellie said...

    Looks like some great stories this time around.

    ivy said...

    Oh, so many trendy articles to get too!

    Elle Sees said...

    ha--love the how to dress like a festival cliche. the title alone makes me wanna read that one!

    Couture Carrie said...

    Fab links.
    Love that red suit!


    Paulina said...

    Great post ;)

    Sara said...

    Congrats, girl! These all look like great articles too :)

    Lila said...

    There is only so many men that can pull off skinny jeans besides it being a red suit....he pulls it off


    Shooting Stars Mag said...

    I really like the 7 Summer Holiday Outfits post!! Cute ideas.

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