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Le sigh...I legit wish there were more opportunity to wear sexy evening dresses, but it feels as if all social gatherings nowadays {or maybe just in my circle?} call for either cocktail attire or super cas styles - both of which I am more than happy to adhere to; but once in a while, you just want a reason to comb through racks of sexy evening dresses for a cheap evening pretty that will make you feel like a million bucks, amiright?

Honestly, we need to have a mid-year New Year's Eve-inspired holiday celebration that allows us to wear sassy evening attire and dance {and kiss?} with cute boys because this once a year arrangement def doesn't give us enough time to show off our cheap evening finds {that just so happen to be chic, sultry, and sophisticated on top of being affordable}! How can we make this a thing?

Anyway...for fear of purchasing an evening dress I don't need at the mo {and will ultimately wind up collecting dust in the back of my closet}, I have not allowed myself to enter the formal wear department at any retailers; but that hasn't stopped me from browsing online {because what's the harm in inter-web browsing?}. Check out 3 of my top evening dress contenders below:

Boutique Sweetheart Beading Embroidery Zipper-Up Floor-Length Prom/Evening Dress {$284.39}
I think I've died and gone to evening dress heaven. But seriously...how gorgeous is the gown illusion? It's so v of-the-moment and sassy.

Attractive Mermaid Floor-Length Evening Dress {$144.29}
I will forever say yes to a two-piece dress. I mean, how can you not want to bare your belly in a chic crop and matching ball gown-esque skirt?

Elegant High Neck Cap Sleeves Lace Split-Front Long Evening Dress {$126.99}
Love the way the high-neck bodice balances out the thigh-high slit - it's such a sultry pairing - and deserves to be coupled with an equally sultry smoky eye.

Which of these dresses would you love to wear for an evening on the town?


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ellie said...

Such amazing dresses! I LOVE all 3! Wonderful post!

ivy said...

Definitely stunning! Love your write up too! That first one is amazing as well as the other 2.

Couture Carrie said...

Love the mermaid gown!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful dresses!

Please click on the link on my post

Sherin said...

I've always wanted to go somewhere that would require wearing gorgeous gowns. I love the last one so much!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

I really wish there were more formal occasions in life. Sometimes it's nice to get dressed up! Love the first dress :)

Unknown said...

That first dress is devine! xo

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