cotton candy frames {firmoo glasses review}

My contact lenses get a lot of play in my life, but when I'm chilling at home watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, they're the last thing I want to be wearing. Loungewear was invented for relaxing, and glasses totally fit that laid-back vibe - as long as they are C-U-T-E.

In general I opt for neutral-toned frames because they're sensible and go with everything, but when Firmoo offered me a free pair for review a few weeks back, I thought I'd take a walk on the colorful side, and grab something a little different: the #DBSN65078 in Blue

Don't you just love that subtle ombre effect? It's so very {Heathers, much?}.

Ladies, I love these! They are virtually weightless, and they perch perfectly on the bridge of the nose, so you don't have to keep pushing them up Urkel style. Even better is the fact that they match the majority of my loungewear and PJs, so I feel uber fashion forward even when I'm just hanging with the ladies of Rosewood trying to figure out who A is.

I highly recommend these beauties if you're seeking a frame that's equal parts playful and flirty!


Thanks to Firmoo for Sponsoring this post.


ellie said...

Oh so lovely! & fun! Great review!

ivy said...

Sweet! Love the color and design of these glasses!

Unknown said...

Sweet! Nice <3


Unknown said...

Love the quality of Firmoo & totally agree with your obsession with PLL--fangirling right beside you :) Great review & terrific photographs!

Xoxo, Shelly


Unknown said...

The colour is really pretty and now you can start watching Arrow in style as well :)

Elle Sees said...

love firmoo glasses. super cute.

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Those glasses are so cute! I love the ombre effect :)

Couture Carrie said...

Chic frames!
Love Firmoo!


gmindyg1 said...

My daughter and I have a slight nail polish obsession...so it's difficult to choose just one favorite polish! If I HAD to choose, I'd say I always go back to Zoya Dream as a personal favorite!

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