links à la mode: the IFB weekly roundup {december 31, 2015 edition}


My problem around the holiday season is that I run on such a last minute schedule that I don’t have time to prepare properly for that dinner, for that perfect outfit, for that just right decor. I dislike running around at the last minute fighting crowds, settling for the less than ideal, and paying premium prices for something I could have purchased on sale had time permitted. So, I’m following From the Soles Up lead by reviewing what steps I can take this year to accomplish things in 2016. Small steps that can become something big. First up, the Christmas sweater. Buy now for the right price, the best look, and standard shipping. Goals don’t have to be core shakers.

IFB bloggers were mostly interested in planning and selecting a New Year’s Eve outfit. As you should be, and it was unanimous. Whether you are going uptown, downtown, or relaxing on your living room couch, one should dress festive. Layers of black, bursts of color, hints of glitz, and just wow. Many were also rounding up the best of 2015 and planning ahead in anticipation to what this next year may bring. And reading between the lines of it all you pick up on some great business of blogging tips and advice.

More preparation, less procrastination, and… exuberant enjoyment of life. Joie de Vivre. I may just make that my motto for the coming year. Happy New Years!

Links a la Mode, December 31

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ellie said...

Definitely a great review of the winter season!

ivy said...

Oh such fun links!

Couture Carrie said...

Yay for joie de vivre!

Fab links :)


Jenn said...

Lovely pictures! I agree with you. That is why I made it a point to buy everything related to Christmas and New Year (dress, decor, etc) right after New Year, during end of season sales. Then I will use it Christmas and New Year of the next. :)

The Pink Lemonade Girl

www.janetteria.com said...

Great links!

Ysh ♥ said...

Could not agree more. Holiday season is really busy. I never had enough time to prepare and plan!

Have a wonderful New Year ahead!

Jenna @ LaFemmeLaFanciful.com said...

You just summed up so perfectly my exact problem year-round! I end up procrastinating and then things don't come together as nicely (or perhaps as inexpensively!) as they could have had I only planned ahead. Urgh.

Here's to new beginnings in 2016!

Elle Sees said...

forever an IFB fan...for many years! before i had a blog!

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