China Glaze Roommates 6-Piece Mini Set Swatches + Review

Of all of the nail polish brands, I personally feel that China Glaze makes some of the best mini sets on the market. Case in point: the Roommates 6 Piece Mini Set. Six polish colors for under-$20? Clearly I couldn't resist. And it's a good thing I didn't because this collection is your spring nail essential. Trust.

Don't Be Shallow is a Sky Blue Creme. There are some polishes that simply make you say le. sigh. This is one of them. Don't Be Shallow is a sky blue pastel creme in the vein of Essie's iconic Bikini So Teeny and Sally Hansen's Babe Blue {two of my all-time favorite shades}; the main difference being that it is super thin. Upside: it builds beautifully, and creates one of the smoothest finishes I have ever laid eyes on. Spring, summer, fall, winter...you legit need this one for all of the above. This is 4 coats.

Shut The Front Door is an Orchid with Silver Shimmer. Isn't she divine?! I'm not big on shimmers, but this one just gets me! Shut The Front Door is one of those uber girly shades that feels Barbie fabulous. The formula on this one is watery {yet never floods the cuticles}, and builds beautifully with minimal effort. I love this one for spring - it feels like it was made for a garden party. This is 2 coats.

Come Rain Or Shine is Blue with Pink Microglitter. I am so bummed because this color has an incredible duochrome shift in sunlight caused by the pink microglitter, but it completely gets lost when you try to photograph it. Womp womp. Even so, Come Rain Or Shine is positively gorgeous to look at - and has an equally gorgeous formula {non-streaky, perfect density}. This one looks amazing paired with denim. Just saying. For reference, Ulta has this color listed as Rain Or Shine, but my bottle says Come Rain Or Shine. This is 2 coats.

Pink Or Swim is a Salmon Pink Creme. Not a fan of pink polish? You'll love this one - I did! The salmon {not to be confused with coral} undertones found in Pink or Swim really lend a neutrality to the shade that makes it more mature and less Barbie's dreamhouse - an effect that has me adoring it! The formula here is great to work with - it's slightly thick, but v easy to work with. Pink Or Swim falls just hy of being a OCW. This is 2 coats.

Let's Chalk About It is an Whitened Baby Pink Creme. I like to think of colors like these as insta-tan polishes, because you apply them on your hands and they instantly give you that sunkissed look, even if you're seriously pale. Let's Chalk About It is a brilliant neutral with a little extra somethingsomething - that something being a chalky white undertone that adds a candy heart color to the pale pink finish that is irresistibly sweet. The formula here is flawless. While it's slightly thin {expected for this type of color}, it has fab pigmentation and builds up quickly. This is 3 coats.

In The Near Fuchsia is a Fuchsia Crelly. I do love a good crelly, and this one comes just in time for Valentine's Day, meaning it would make a brilliant jelly sandwich with a little glitter. In The Near Fuchsia is very rich in hue, making it an excellent year-round shade that can easily integrate itself into spring and summer or fall and winter nail wardrobes. Formula here is flawless. While it takes multiple coats to build to opacity, it is so easy peasy to work with that you can't help but to adore it. This is 3 coats.


PRICE: $15.00 for the 6-Piece Mini Kit; or $7.50 per full-size bottle.




ellie said...

absolutely in love with Pink or Swim! Great review!

ivy said...

Awesome manis! I always love the blues, too!

Elle Sees said...

as i was going through this list, my favorites kept changing!! hehe pink or swim is calling me. perfect for vday!

Couture Carrie said...

Loving both those blues!


Kashaya said...

Cute colors

Unknown said...

Loving the last one so much! <3

Anonymous said...

$15 for 6 is really a steal! Good find!


Midnight Cowgirl said...

Oh, I really like Pink Or Swim!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Shut the Front Door and Come Rain or Shine are both BEAUTIFUL!

Jenn said...

Wow! Gorgeous colors! I love the baby blue and pink colors! :)

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