mark. Nailed it Gift Set - Swatches + Review


mark. hasn't released a polish set since June, so I was expecting something epic for the holidays, and they so didn't disappoint! As opposed to releasing a nail duo {as per their usual strategy}, they created the Nailed It Gift Set - a 4-Piece Gift Set that comes with 2 holiday-perfect metallics, a base coat, and a top coat, all packaged in an adorable baroque-printed box with mini handles! I know, right?! Literally the cutest. idea. ever. And absolutely perfect for gifting! Let's get to the polish!

Foiled Again is a Cocoa Bronze Metallic. Foiled Again captured my eye in the bottle, and captured my heart on the nail. It's not bronze, it's not gold, it's not copper, it's not chocolate; rather, it's a liquefied version of all of the above, creating a hue that I have never, ever seen before, and am head over heels for! This one will tempt, tease, and tantalize from the dinner table to clandestine tête-à-têtes underneath the mistletoe. Trust. Formula here is fab - it can feel a little thick during application; but overall applies evenly and doesn't leave behind those obnoxious streaks that many metallics are prone to do. This is 2 coats.

Silver Swoon is a Silver Metallic. I can't say exactly why I've never been able to find it in my heart to like the color silver as a polish {#sorrynotsorry}; but for those of you who feel swoony over the shade, Silver Swoon is one that will likely make you raise your glass. The formula here is ah-ma-zing. It applies quickly and evenly; and while it is slightly thick, wiping off the excess polish on the lip of the bottle before application tempers that ish. This one is such a beauty for the holiday party circuit! This is 2 coats.

About that base {and top} coat. I am beyond picky about base and top coats, and play favorites; but since a base and top coat were included in this collection, I thought I'd take them out to play. The Verdict? I loved them! Typically, the base coats I use are completely clear; but the base coat included here {called First Base} had a milky/nude/pink tint that I adored, because it concealed staining on my nails {which, when you change your polish as frequently as I do, never. goes. away.}. The top coat {aptly titled Party On Top} was another winner - applying evenly and adding a gorgeous glossy shine. I seriously wish both were available as full-size because I would buy them in a second!


PRICE: $12.00 for the set



ellie said...

Such a wonderful review! Looks like something you could use year around too!

ivy said...

Love the look! Definitely, ready for the party and more with these colors. Awesome review, too!

Louann Kristy said...

ooooo the Foiled again colour is gorgeous !!

Couture Carrie said...

So fab for the holidays!


Midnight Cowgirl said...

Both colors are so pretty, but I think Silver Swoon is my favorite :)

little luxury list said...

I love both colors - they have just the right amount of sparkle and shine for the holidays!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I really love the song of this set! How cute. LOVE the silver polish.

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