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Babes, fall is officially upon us, and I am craving pumpkin. spice. everything {I know you are too so don't even try to deny it}. With that said, I've rounded up some of the most autumn-esque hues from Fall 2018's collections that will help you spice up your life - and your polish troves!

Essie Fall 2018 Nail Polish Collection in Say It Ain't Soho is a Metallic Copper. Gah girlenas! I have found fall in a bottle and it is glo-ri-ous! Say It Ain't Soho is the polish pumpkin spice latte dreams are made of! The color is deep, rich, and decadent - perfectly encompassing the very essence of all things autumn. Even better? The formula is every bit as flawless as the captivating color. Say It Ain't Soho could easily be a OCW {I opted for two}, and applies like. a. dream. Legit want to wear it forever and ever! This is 2 coats.

OPI Peru Nail Lacquer in Como Se Llama? is a Burgundy Creme. Burgundy polishes during the months of November / December just get me. I mean, they're so incredibly glam without being in your face, amiright?! Como Se Llama? is a brown-leaning burgundy that looks like melted chocolate on the nail {yuuum-o!}. The formula is easy breezy to work with {leveling beautifully and requiring two easy swipes for full coverage}; but has the potential to stain cuticles during application if you're not careful - so keep a Q-Tip nearby. Perfection for fall and well into the winter months! This is 2 coats.

China Glaze Ready to Wear FW'18 Nail Lacquer Collection in Mustard the Courage is a Mustard Yellow Creme. Le sigh. I don't know what it is about the autumn season, but it makes me covet these ugly pretty, pretty ugly nail colors like whoa; and Mustard the Courage is one of the prettiest ugly colors I have ever laid eyes on! Mustard is massive this season - and Mustard the Courage has got. you. covered. This bad boy is the quintessential shade for fall {and Thanksgiving!}, bringing the haute feel of all things harvest to your fingertips! Formula here was easy peasy lemon squeezy - applying flawlessly in two simple swipes. Babes, this is one beauty you need in your life. Trust. This is 2 coats.

Essie Fall 2018 Nail Polish Collection in Stop, Drop & Shop is a Mulberry Red Creme. Yaaaasss, yaaassss, yaaaassss! Babes, finally we have a lemming! Is it just me, or are all fall reds practically identical? But this...this color right here is as necessary for autumn as your beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte. Stop, Drop & Shop is a brilliant brick red meets rusted brown meets burnt pumpkin. The formula is a bit thin, but easy to build; and can be runny if you don't wipe the brush off on the lip of the bottle before applying the color to your nail. Deal breaker? Definitely not! Loving this one for Thanksgiving ladies! This is 2 coats.

China Glaze Ready to Wear FW'18 Nail Lacquer Collection in Swatch Out! is a Pale Copper Foil with Silver Shimmer. Harvest hues are giving me all of the heart eyes rn! Babes, Swatch Out! is my pick for Thanksgiving mani. The color is blindingly beautiful, and def falls into that spicy, pumpkin-apropos category. Coverage is incredible! This bad boy is 100% a OCW; however, I made it a double just to be on the safe side. Whether you do it for the bling or just want a new take on an autumn mani you legit need Swatch Out! in your life. Trust. This is 2 coats.



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