BOOK REVIEW: Left Fur Dead by J.M. Griffin

Gimme allllll the telepathic bunny books, ya hear?

Twenty-five-year-old Juliette ‘Jules’ Bridge is the proprietor of New Hampshire-based Fur Bridge Farm, an ultra-charming sanctuary-style rescue that rehabilitates bunnies; while providing community education on the proper care and keeping of rabbits. Oh, and did I mention Fur Bridge Farm also houses a beyond quaint gift shop brimming with bunny-raising supplies, along with the softest yarn on. the. planet. Yeah, kinda wanna go there pronto!

While Jules adores all of the bunnies who come into her care, she has a soft spot for Bun. Rescued from a physically and mentally abusive environment {his former owners were legit convinced that sweet Bun was in league with Satan}, the two share a bond like no other. No, really. You see, Bun communicates with Jules telepathically. Go ahead, read that again. Telepathic communication with. a. rabbit. Bun speaks to Jules in her mind, and Jules responds verbally {when no one’s around that is; wouldn’t want to be dubbed the crazy lady}. It’s a little secret the two share that not even Jess Plain {Jules’ friend, employee, fellow rabbit lover, and veterinarian-to-be} is aware of.

So how does this duo find themselves immersed in mischief and mayhem? Well…during one of their early morning outings in a nearby park, Jules and Bun happen upon the dead body of Arthur Freeman – aka Arty the Mime. Known for his stupendous performances around the local birthday party circuit {oftentimes alongside Jules and her bunnies}, Arty is somewhat of a local celebrity. And once Jules learns that he kicked the bucket not due to natural causes, but murder, she and Bun decide to put on their detective hats and crack the crime – much to the chagrin of Sheriff Jack Carver. The question is…will Jules and Bun solve the case, or be next in line for an untimely demise?

Oh. My Gosh. I loved this book! NGL, it took me 60 pages or so to really get into Left Fur Dead, but once I did I was hooked!! Bun is the cutest character ever. He actually reminded me of a British butler for some reason {kinda getting Alfred from Batman vibes}. And Jules and Jess are gems – I would love to hang out with these girls IRL. Though he was aloof, I found something endearing about the character of Andrew Stone, and I truly hope that he returns in the sequel {perhaps as a love interest?}.

Truth be told, I was able to pinpoint the killer the moment they appeared on the pages {intuition}; but that didn’t stop me from loving the story. Part of the appeal of cozy mysteries is an assemblage of lovable characters, and an endearing setting – both of which J.M. Griffin created fabulously here. I truly cannot wait to get my paws on book two, Who’s Dead, Doc?

Star Rating: ****



Ananka said...

Sounds good :-D

Briana said...

I'm on a reading binge so I'll have to check this one out!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, bunnies are so cute. And I love cozy mysteries - I need to read more!


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