BOOK REVIEW: Kristy's Great Idea {The Baby-Sitters Club Book 1} by Ann M. Martin

Okay, okay, okay…I started reading Ann M. Martin’s The Baby-Sitters Club books when I was in first. grade. {and I distinctly remember writing her fangirl letters in second}; but I haven’t delved into the world of The BSC since I was 10, and oh! How I’ve missed it.

Inspired by the arrival of Netflix’s new The Baby-Sitter’s Club {y’all, this is the content we need in our lives rn. Trust}, I had to invest in a new copy of book # 1, Kristy’s Great Idea, and my 6-year-old self has never been happier!

We are immediately thrown into the life of Kristy Thomas - 12-year-old Stoneybrook, Connecticut resident with a big mouth, tomboy streak, and brilliant idea. Together, with her two besties, Claudia Kishi, and Mary Anne Spier; along with New York City transplant, Stacey McGill, the four girls launch an entrepreneurial endeavor that takes them on a series of hilarious misadventures {and learning experiences!} involving kids, divorce, and, of course…boys.

Did it feel dated? Not. One. Bit. Despite the fact that this book was originally published in 1986; Kristy’s Great Idea, and the Baby-Sitters Club concept as a whole, felt nostalgic and refreshing in a social media-obsessed millennia.

Though I’m clearly not the target audience, I felt my 90s self shining through, relating to the girls as they experienced growing up and growing apart; sympathizing with Stacey as she struggled with revealing the truth about her diabetes; and empathizing with Kristy as she came to terms with her divorcee mother’s new {serious} relationship.

NGL, back in the day I was a Dawn Schafer fan, who is not present in Kristy’s Great Idea, as she moved to Stoneybrook later in the series; but I still loved this so. much. And yeah, I will definitely be reaching for book two shortly.

Think this one’s a little bit too young for you? At least show up for the amazing style of Claudia and Stacey. For reals though…these girls are iconic when it comes to fashion. Claudia’s baggy purple overalls and Stacey’s sporty gray skirt and sweatshirt set? Go. Off. Sis I am here for it. Also here for the blossoming romance between Stacey and Kristy’s older brother, Sam {so sweet, so cute, o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d}; as well as the crazy appearances by Boo Boo, a tubby attack cat with a fiery spirit.

Say hello to your friends…

Star Rating: *****


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