BOOK REVIEW: Delphine and the Silver Needle by Alyssa Moon

"Fairy tales have a way of getting softened over the years. The most violent parts are sanded away, the story made safer for little ones."

If I'm being completely honest, let me tell you that, in the tale of Cinderella, it was always the mice that entertained me most. Jaq and Gus, Perla and Suzy...They were an enchanting mischief of mice that added so much to the beloved fairytale; so when I stumbled upon Alyssa Moon's Delphine and the Silver Needle, I was quite intrigued - and not just because of that gorgeous cover. Y'all, this is one of those fairytale retellings that you never knew you needed, starring an endearing MC {Delphine I'm looking at you!}; an exhilirating quest; an ages-old history of the Threaded; a treaty 100 years in the making between mice and rats; and a secret society involving a group of tailor mice. I, for one, cannot wait to get my hands on the sequel, Delphine and the Dark Thread!

Though she lives within the four walls of Cinderella's Chateau Desjardins, Delphine's beginnings are humble at best. Orphaned at birth, Delphine was discovered upon the Desjardins doorstep, nestled beside one mysterious object: a tarnished, human-sized sewing needle. Despite her rocky start, Delphine has flourished under the love and care of Meline and Maman {the mouse who first found her, and the one who raised her, respectively} spending her days at Desjardins caring for mouselings and completing other miscellaneous chores; and dedicating her nights to her true passion: sewing and creating brilliant dress designs in her workshop. When her work catches the eye of Princess Petits-Oiseaux, requesting her dressmaking services at the castle, Delphine is beside herself. But what begins as her chance to share her talents with the world, sets an unexpected adventure and quest of a lifetime in motion - with Delphine at the forefront!

Upon her arrival at court, Delphine's eyes are opened to a lavish world that seems like a dream; along with curious characters who she would have never met had she remained at Desjardins. The most intriguing one being Alexander - a noblemouse with the scoop on everyone. It is through Alexander that Delphine learns of her destiny. While scampering around the castle together, Alexander introduces Delphine to a tapestry depicting a silver needle much like hers, and a group of tailor mice known as the Threaded. It does not take long for Delphine to determine that she is an ancestor of those very mice, and the silver needle? A dangerous object to have in her posession. You see, King Midnight, an evil rat, has been hunting down the Threaded's silver needles for decades, and he has 0 intention of allowing Delphine's to slip through his paws. And so the quest of a lifetime begins.

With Alexander at her side, Delphine does everything in her power to stay one step ahead of King Midnight, protecting the silver needle that he covets so much; while unraveling the truths that will save the kingdom that she loves so dearly. But with enemies popping up in the most bizarre of places, Delphine can't be sure if she and Alexander will be able to stop the rampaging rat before it's too late.

While Delphine and the Silver Needle is a retelling of sorts of Cinderella, do not expect to see much of the popular princess or her evil stepmother and wicked stepsisters. Though I remember a fleeting mention of them, that is where their presence in the tale ends, which I, personally, was more than okay with.

Delphine is a charming character who effortlessly carries this story with the help of Alexander. The two have an endearing companionship from the getgo - despite Alexander's penchant for some pompous behavior. The ease of their friendship is one of the things that makes the story move so quickly. For me, as a cat lover, I found the character of Cornichonne to be one of the best additions of the story - though she arrived near the end, I am holding out hope that she will return for the sequel, as she was positively brilliant! Yes, there are some dark moments within these pages; but overall, it is a fantastic, fairytale-based fantasy that can easily be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

Star Rating: ****



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Wonderful review!

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Looks like a great gift idea!

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Awesome to see your review!

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Thank you for your love and support. It is so hard caring for ill parents. God bless you my friend.

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