BOOK REVIEW: You'll Be the Death of Me by Karen McManus

I read Karen McManus' One of Us Is Lying back in 2018, and found it okay {at the time I believe I rated it 3-stars}; but I wasn't intrigued enough to return for its sequel, One of Us Is Next, despite the fact that it was adapted into a TV show {which I have never seen}. Nevertheless, when I saw You'll Be the Death of Me featured during a Kindle eBook sale, I thought I'd give it a whirl. After all, a comparison to Ferris Bueller's Day Off is highly motivating, amiright? Unfortunately, the similarities between the two began and ended at two guys and a girl. Y'all, I trudged through this book; and, in hindsight, wish I would have put it aside sooner as opposed to reading it almost in its entirety because it. was. bad.

There was a time back in junior high when Ivy, Cal, and Mateo were besties. A simpler time. A time when they were unexpectedly tossed together based on proximity during a boring school field trip. When they eloped through a back door, and shared the Best Day Ever! This, of course, was before Ivy had to start competing with her uber smart baby bro, Daniel. Before Mateo bailed on Ivy after a shared kiss, which resulted in Ivy remaining boyfriend-less for the entirety of high school. Before Mateo's mom lost Spare Me due to a freak accident. Before Cal became a shell of his former self. Before the three of them started keeping life-changing secrets from one another...

But enough about the past, let's fast forward to the present. Type A Ivy is having a no-good-very-bad-day due to the fact that class clown, Brian 'Boney' Mahoney, bested her in the Student Council Election, claiming her rightful place as President. Today, Boney will officially take office, and Ivy is so not here for it. Cal, on the other hand, was just blown off by his secret sweetheart after schlepping himself 45-minutes out of his way in order to introduce her to the surprisingly mind-blowingly good Cheeto-dusted donuts offered at a niche spot he frequents. And Mateo...he's just tired from the amount of responsibility piling up on him and his cousin, Autumn ever since his mom's diagnosis, and simply needs a break. When the trio bump into each other in the school parking lot, all eager to avoid classes for the day, they decide to ditch and recreate the best day ever - and that's where the fun ends.

After making a beeline for Boston at Cal's persuasion, the group winds up at his illicit girlfriend's art studio {which, btw, is used by her illegally}, where they spot Boney entering the building. Ivy, angry at her election loss, chases after Boney, resulting in Cal and Mateo chasing after her. Before you know it, the three of them have stumbled upon Boney's dead body. After fleeing the scene {because, why not?}, Ivy is identified as a person of interest by police and the three begin their own impromptu investigation into who could be the real killer in an effort to clear Ivy's name before her mother's Awards Ceremony this evening.

If I'm being honest, I have to say, the title of this book is so spot on, because while reading, I truly felt that this book would be the death of me. You'll Be the Death of Me is impossibly boring. I gave it so many chances thinking that it would pick up at some point, but it was terrible. It primarily consists of walking around, whining, driving around, whining, waiting around, whining. In the meantime, the three MC's are on and off at each other's throats, while other insignificant and equally boring characters are introduced.

Oftentimes, you read a book that has boring characters but an interesting plot, or vice versa; but this book did not have any redeeming qualities to speak of - aside from the fact that Ishaan and Zack's YouTube commentary was fairly entertaining {though incredibly brief}. Finally, with 50 pages left I gave up. This will be my final foray into the writing of McManus. I definitely do not recommend.

Star Rating: **



ellie said...

I thought it might be like that. But people read them like they did Pretty Little Liars. Thanks for the review!

Caitlin'nMegan said...

Thanks so much for the great review. So true. Still, it trends and trends these days.

Ivy's Closet said...

Oh, so glad you did a review on this series. Thanks so much!

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