happy christmas angels!

happy christmas angels. <33 yes, the holidays can be extremely lonely. for many of us (read: most), the holidays bring to light the fact that we never had the ‘perfect’ family that we dreamed about in our childhood fantasies (plot twist: there’s no such thing as perfect). it’s okay if today looks like lying on the floor with your AirPods listening to playlists to quiet your noisy mind; or binging movies to make you laugh, or cry, or reminisce, or contemplate why that letter to Hogwarts never arrived. it’s okay if you’re spending the day cuddling with your furbaby (or maybe you, like me, are spending the morning walking dogs at a shelter). it’s okay if you’re ordering pizza and burning cookies as opposed to carving turkey and devouring the perfect pumpkin pie. it’s also okay if you’re excited to spend time with your family. or if you’re barely tolerating their invasive questions and snarky comments and are counting down the seconds until they vacate the premises. today will take billions of different shapes for billions of different people, and each will simply be what it is. maybe not good, maybe not bad…just moments. take them for what they are, feel the way you need to feel, and move forward. ilysm.❤️


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ellie said...

I hope your Christmas was a good one! All the best to your new year of adventure in everywhere you go. All the best to your blog too. Stay the lovely youπŸ’•πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ

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