That's Haute

Haute: Adjective High-class or high-toned; fancy: an haute restaurant that attracts a monied crowd.
High; Elevated; Upper.
Fashionably elegant.

With such meaning, it is no surprise that I should find myself coveting One Language’s Haute Bag. A bag that brings all this and more to the table with its originality and individuality. A bag that oozes high-class effervescence when primly sitting by your side at the local coffee shop; or when simply swinging to and fro from your crooked arm as you traipse from class to class or window shop with a group of girlfriends.

But this Haute Bag is not just a piece of eye (forgive me) arm candy. No, while it is charming and trendy; upper crust and utterly divine, it is also completely functional. Perfectly sized for the girl on the go who plans on expelling the entire contents of her oversized handbag into it; in addition to a textbook or two, perhaps an additional pair of ballerina flats should her stilettos stand in her way of succeeding at the Chanel sample sale on Broadway, and a cardigan should she find herself chilly in the brisk early evening air.

And pockets? Darling, this tote is loaded with more than you will ever need – from buttoned to zippered, big and small. The Haute Bag, of course, has it all. Including an extra zippered laptop sleeve that matches its larger counterpart. Perhaps I’ll use it as a make-up bag; or an oversized change purse.

But it’s canvas you say. Why would a canvas bag be sold for $110? I’ll tell you why…it is an original. Not just an original One Language Label piece, mind you. No, each bag is original, for each natural colored bit bears a liner that features handwritten inspirational quotes in noir. No two bags sport the same notes; thus, this piece de resistance is synonymous with receiving a special letter from a secret someone. One that is just for you.

Now that’s Haute.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to One Language for the pictures.


fashiongrail said...

A bit pricey but it would be a fabulous gift.

Eda said...

I like the inside print...very cute!

Anonymous said...

love the pockets

Couture Carrie said...

Very chic!


Nikolett said...

The title of this blog made me laugh for about five minutes ... all I can picture was Paris Hilton standing there and saying, "That's Haute ... waitaminute, that's not how you spell Hot, is it?"

Really cute bags, I'd love to see how much I could fit inside them!

Angela said...

it's so cute on the inside.

ana said...

This tote is so pretty, the inside is really cool, that bag is so me jaja
I love these kind of bags because as you say I can carry almost everything.
have a nice weekend!

Johanna - MyShoebox.se said...

Thank you for your sweet comment!

I´v had my eye on that bag too, it´s a really nice piece.

Anonymous said...

definetely worth the 110 dollars.
Imagine having some sort of amazing quote ready to 'pull out of your bag' whenever ;)
lots of love,
nicky x x

Sherin said...

A gorgeous and functional bag...now thats what I need. I'm one of those people who feels the urge to put EVERYTHING into their bag just in case.

Marian said...

love the quotes within the bags lining,the pockets are wonderful! so useful.
muah x

Diane said...

so adorable! i love it

Mom Fashion World said...

i love that bag.
i found it in erika's blog.

Leia said...

Hot! I'm not sure if I like the outside of the bag, but I do love the handwritten notes and the multitude of pockets.

Also wanted to let you know that you've been tagged at our blog again! :) xx

Amelia said...

Ugh, I hate the prices of canvas bags. You should DIY it.

Emma says style, love & rock and roll. said...

It's absolutely gorgeous!

Fifi Flowers said...

FUN bag!!!

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