Smitten Saturday

Lollipop Lane My addiction to lollipops should come as no surprise. After all, it is nearly impossible for me to keep the yummy sweets out of my daily posts, let alone my mouth. But today I have decided to feed my desire. It’s true, my discovery of lollipop adorned and inspired accessories and clothing is probably unhealthy, to say the least. It is, however, a much sweeter way to satisfy my cravings, and increase the size of my wardrobe all in one shot. Thus, I now have a hunger for this, this, and this. Obviously the only way to feed the fashion beast within me is via a little trip down Lollipop Lane!

Write On I know nothing about Jon & Kate Plus 8, I was never introduced to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and oftentimes I simply forgot to tune in to the catfights and photo shoots featured on America’s Next Top Model. One piece of reality that I never missed an episode of? MTV’s The Paper. As a budding journalist who has been creating mini newsletters since the age of three, it was simply thrilling to see what it takes to put together a truly fabulous school newspaper. And, of course, there was the added bonus of the dorky Amanda Lorber, whose preppily cute style, endless pairs of leggings, and wide array of sassy spectacles never failed to put a cheery skip in my step. Regardless of the fact that this show ended over a year ago, I still find myself watching reruns Online. I wonder what the cast is up to now...and, you know, MTV, if it’s possible...please bring The Paper back to life!

Bead All About It I used to collect beads. Yes, it sounds like the most bizarre thing to collect, but I did. In fact, I still have buckets full of them to prove it. Though while I possessed beads of all different colors, some adorned with anchors, others with animals, none were as unique as the ones found through BeadforLife. Crafted by Ugandan women out of recycled paper, BeadforLife creates beaded jewelry that is both beautiful and affordable, in addition to caring, as all profits from the line go straight towards community development projects. Currently, I would very much like to call this, this, and this mine. And, for storage purposes, I’ll take this, as well. What’s so perfect? I become the proud owner of a fabulous piece of jewelry, and it’s all for a good cause. What more could a girl ask for?

Miu Miu for Me Me Oh, I have a confession to make. I spend hours upon hours staring at various Miu Miu pieces that I am truly convinced were made just for me. It has become so bad that I actually print photographs out of the items, and gaze upon them with the same type of affection that one would gaze upon a distant lover. The current main object of my Miu Miu affections? The Vitello Lux Bow Satchel. Convertible. Slouchy. Adorned with bows. It’s a handbag that oozes sophistication, yet manages to appear bohemian when paired with the appropriate attire. It’s a classic piece of perfection that I simply covet. Of course, at $1,150, it will have to remain the star of my dreams. At least for now. Then there are the Oversized Sunglasses which I would truly love to own in violet. And, let’s face it, my wardrobe is positively incomplete without these Brogue Banana Flats. Oui, indeed I need a bit of Miu Miu in my life!

Pearlitize Me, Captain! Five hundred forty-seven days, five hours, thirty-nine minutes, and counting. That is how long I have coveted a Blackbery. That is how long I have craved the feel of my fingers pounding away at its QWERTY keypad, typing out quirky notes to my friends and co-workers. That is how long I have dreamed of surfing the web while on the freeway (as a passenger, not the driver, mind you!). And now. Finally. I think my wish may come true via the Blackberry Pearl. It’s sleek, sassy, and chic. Plus, it’s well within my broke college student budget. I can see my little Blackberry Pearl peeking out of my bag already. It’s shimmery skin shining in the sunlight. I’m sold. Hurry up and pearlitize me, captain!

Hamptons Honey Don’t get me wrong, I’m a city girl through and through; but there’s an undeniable lure that I feel towards the Hamptons. Something simply calling me to visit the quaint little seaside resort town. To buy anything and everything my heart desires in the sweet shops; swim in the secluded beaches found in Sagaponack, Amagansett, and Montauk; eat ice cream from East Hampton’s Scoop du Jour while strolling Main Street; perhaps even slip into the exclusive Annual White Party unnoticed. It’s such a divine location that I’m sure I would find myself unable to depart from once there. Dare I say I crave the chance to be a Hamptons Honey?

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Corrie Bond Photography and The Purse Page for the pictures.

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Couture Carrie said...

Ooooh I love the Hamp too but haven't been for about 2 years...

And you should treat yourself to that Miu Miu, darling! You've earned it!


Mademoiselle ♥♥ said...

Oh What A fabulous bag! I adore the soft slouchy leather look!
This week I am smitten by Christian Diors Resort 2010, it is so breathtakingly elegant..


yiqin; said...

OMG I have been lusting for that miu miu bag since, FOREVER.

Leia said...

I always look forward to your Smitten Saturday posts! I love Miu Miu and they have so many items that I covet.

I hope you like your new Blackberry - I've had an iPhone for a year now and love it to pieces! I don't know how I survived without being able to check my e-mail, facebook, and twitter on the move, let alone listen to music, surf the web, and catch up on blogs. I know I sound like an ad, but Smartphones are amazing!

I would love to spend a summer in the Hamptons. Sigh... and to attend The White Party! Would be a dream come true.

Nikolett said...

Mmm, you're making me crave lollipops now! Those are such great yummy treats :) and that bag is gorgeous!

This Saturday, I'm smitten for cakes, since I'm going to be buy one for a birthday I'm attending today :)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I'm smitten with Wendy. She has a razor sharp wit and impeccable fashion sense. Much like you my dear.


Unknown said...

The lollipop bag is so sweet! I'd tote it around everywhere.

Meream said...

I collect beads, too! Well, I'm a crafter. Haha. My crafty blog: boredandcrafty.com

I'm smitten with a new Samsung phone this week. I really really want one.

ALYsmunch . said...

very cute! amazing blog :)


The Anthology said...

Have always dreamed of goıng to the Hamptons.

But right now, I'm so, so smitten with all the colours and patterns of the textiles in Turkey. (So much so, I just bought some scarves and dresses and tops in bulk.)

www.janetteria.com said...

i want that bag from miu miu...such amazing and chic...

Have a great weekend, Honey!

Anonymous said...

oo lollipops, I forgot about them haha

Nicole Marie said...

please please please can i have that purse!!!

STEFANIE said...

such a beautiful miu miu bag! :) I spend so many hours browsing things that are really too expensive for me too, haha
you should totally go for the bag if you can!

Angela said...

i like the miu miu bag. have a fab weekend.

Peter Breese said...

Fascinating, who would have figured lollipop inspired fashion! Cool!


That Miu Miu.

I've only been pining after it for, I think, 2 years now?

CF, darling, let's go splurge before we go crazy dreaming about it! (:

La C.

Little Bow Prep said...

I'm definitely a fan of lollipops!

I've given an award to you :)

Charlotte said...

Yesterday I had the blackberry curve in my hand in the phoneshop, I love 'm, but you're right: way too expensive.

Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

I completely agree with you about The Paper. I'm sure most people thought it was some lame show. But I found it to be quite interesting! I myself am a Communications major so I love seeing the behind the scenes of any type of media. The Paper reminded me of my high school years spent working on the school yearbook. If only MTV would bring that show back!

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