You Think You Know...But You Have No Idea!

My loves, the magnificent Tuesdai (don't you just adore her name? I'm envious!) over at "...a reflection by Tuesdai" was kind enough to conduct un petit interview with me, seen here. Pop on over to her site to find out everything you never knew about yours truly - from my current style icon (it's a fellow blogger!) to some of my favorite posts!

Fashionably yours!


paislea said...

how fun! i'm checking out all of the blogs you mentioned! can't wait!
hope you're having a relaxing weekend!


STYLE'N said...

heading over.....

Grace said...

I'll check it out. Have a good weekend!

Claire Kiefer said...

I loved your interview so much! I checked out Le blog de Betty and oh my goodness gracious alive, that girl is adorable! She's so cute, and you're right--her hair!!--and all those amazing clothes. It was so fun to read all your answers, though. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend dear Erika!

Angelique said...

Love Betty's hair too...that girl is just too gorgeous!
BTW, here's the link to that Shannen book. I'm gonna order it for sure!

Stephanie said...

Can't wait to go check it out!!

Joanne said...

I took a look, really nice interview. It's always fun to get to know bloggers this way!

Rick said...

Great interview, Erika. Your love, passion and dedication which drives "Cafe Fashionista" really comes across in the discussion. And, I knew how much you appreciated music, but this piece emphasizes that fact even more. I love how you described how every moment in life could be connected to a song. I love it!! :)

much love,

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