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As a child I wanted nothing more than to get my ears pierced so I could wear
oversize hoop earrings a la Kelly Kapowski of Saved By the Bell.

Flash forward to my eleventh birthday when I finally felt brave enough
to feel the wrath of the ear piercing gun, and things changed. It was at that very time
that I spotted Kristin Cavallari {during her Laguna Beach days}
wearing a pair of oversize diamond studs while on the beach with Stephen Colletti.

From then on, all I cared about was studs. Not diamond, mind you; but CZ.
After all, just as a Cheap Engagement Ring does not have to look cheap,
neither do cubic zirconia studs {or any studs for that matter}.


Though my one true stud love will forever be the oversize look;
as I now have three piercings in each ear, my tastes have branched out a bit.

For the summer I love a cheeky motif representative of the season, like the
Enamelled Strawberry Studs; or an unusual, avant-garde aesthetic -
case in point, the Triangle CZ Studs {worn in my third piercing -
just below the cartilage}.

For evening affairs I opt for a mixed metal like the Knot Stud Earrings
{which effortlessly work with any other metal you may be wearing}; or
the always apropos Oversize White CZ Studs.

And for spring...it's all about pastels. Pinks and lilacs are. a. must.

Are you a stud lover? What's your preferred earring style? Tell me about it...


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she.is.the.one said...

hey really sweet :)

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ellie said...

I love studs. Such adorable strawberries. In love with the spring color too.

ivy's closet said...

Totally elegant! Love the mixed metal! So many beautiful choices!

Unknown said...

super cute studded earrings!

P.S. it'll be really awesome if you check out my Outfit post at Fashion Week Sydney!

J. said...

I was 11 as well when Dad took my older sister and me to get our ears pierced. Sadly, I can't wear earrings any more...extremely allergic! (Seriously, I wish!) But I have always loved small studs and loops as "signature" jewelry...

Couture Carrie said...

Cute studs!
Love the lilac ones!


Chicago Chic said...

Love the mixed metal studs!! So cute!


Deejay Speaks said...

those pink ones are so cute, I have quite the collection of stud earrings myself even though I do love big earrings, my stud addiction started when I got my ears pierced a second time myself


Kathryn said...

Love stud earrings! The mixed metal and lilac ones are too gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Wow great choices! I am a stud lover for everyday but love dangly earrings for a night out!

Tanisha E said...

I love studs. They are fun to wear and perfect with everything. Did I mention timeless?

Iris said...

I'm a "late bloomer" getting my ears pierced as well. I got them done at 16 and am glad I did so.

I used to always wear hoops and chandeliers. More recently I've found myself drawn to stud earrings, especially more brightly coloured ones.

www.janetteria.com said...

Lovely all!

Sherin said...

I love small studs like these. Perfect for everyday wear.

miasmode said...

I love them all. My fav the strawberry studs <3


Josie said...

I've been loving pretty studs, too -- those triangles are darling!
xo Josie

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