Essie Luminously Luxe Manicure Set Review

I feel like there were more mini holiday nail sets released last year than this year; but the few that have debuted have been a-ma-zing so it's NBD. Of the holiday releases, one of my faves is Essie's Luminously Luxe Manicure because the packaging screams holiday {perfect for gifting}, the colors are seriously on-trend for the season, and the price is just right {$13.00 for 4 mini bottles - full-size bottles cost $8.50 each}.

The Luminously Luxe Manicure Set is an amazing choice for gifting {how cute would this be as a stocking stuffer?!} or an all-in-one holiday mani set for yourself - I say all-in-one as it includes 2 gorgeous cremes and 2 essential sparkling top coats...all of which can be mixed and matched. Check out the prettiness here!

Size Matters is a Classic Red Creme. A girl can never have too many red polishes in her stash - especially during the holiday season, amiright? Size Matters is a blue-toned red that is slightly darker than it appears here. The formula is utterly incredible - very smooth and creamy. This is 2 coats.

Rock At the Top is a Yellow-Gold Glitter in a Clear Base. Rock At the Top is one of those glitters that will instantly transform any polish color into holiday perfection. The formula here is flawless. Just a single swipe leaves you with this glittery gorgeousness! This is 1 coat.

No More Film is a Dark Blurple Creme. This formula though... No More Film is one of those elusive one-coaters that is smooth and creamy. It's downfall is that it likes to run and pool in your cuticles. With careful application this one is a total winner; without, it's a bit of a mess. This is 1 coat.

Summit Of Style is a Rose Gold Glitter in a Clear Base. Look. At. That. Brilliant, yes? It's not everyday that you find a rose gold glitter so I'm loving the uniqueness of this one. The formula here is identical to that of Rock At the Top. In other words: fab! This is 1 coat.


PRICE: $13.00.




ellie said...

Oh so fun! & pretty! Essie is the best! Love the blue!

Couture Carrie said...

Love the sparkles!


Lady parisienne said...

this si so pretty, I love the effect!


Oh, I definitely need this set... for myself! :-) gorgeous manicures as always dear. xx
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Sara said...

Beautiful! All of them! I might have to pick this up for someone on my shopping list, too cute!

Sherin said...

This is so festive. I'm loving all the colours.

Paulina said...

Great nails! ;) pretty colors

www.janetteria.com said...

Definitely perfect for Holiday! Both!

Bellas Shelf said...

That is an awesome little kit. And the price is perfect.
I don't know if I want to buy it for myself or give it to a friend for a gift or do a giveaway or all of the above!

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