China Glaze Whip It Good 6-Piece Mini Set Swatches + Review

I love neon nail colors, but I rarely buy them as I honestly cannot stand the extra underwear step they require {white polish to make the color more vibrant}; so when I heard that China Glaze's new 80s-inspired Whip It Good 6 Piece Mini Set was a collection of neons that didn't require underwear, I knew I had to try it out. Behold, one of the funnest nail collections of 2016!

What I Like About Blue is a Turquoise Blue Shimmer. If summer in a bottle is what you're after, you basically cannot go wrong with this blue beauty. The shimmer, the sparkle... this pretty has. it. all. Formula here is flawless. I found that What I Like About Blue dried to a satin/semi-matte finish that I didn't care for; glossy top coat really brings out the depth of the color, reminding you of the sparkling Caribbean Sea. Obsessed!This is 2 coats.

Papa Don't Peach is a Neon Orange with Gold Microglitter. OMG I'm in L-O-V-E. Ladies, this. color. is. everything. Papa Don't Preach was made for summer lovin' and having a blast - I kid you not. Formula here was flawless. Aside from the fact that it applies beautifully; it is v reminiscent of OPI's Liquid Sand formula, having that gritty, almost 3D effect. Having been a huge fan of Liquid Sand {bring it back OPI!}, this is a total bonus IMO. This is 3 coats.

Whip It Good is a Bright Pastel Yellow Creme. If Whip It Good were a shoe, it would be the Jeffrey Campbell Darian Sandals Aria Montgomery wore on Season Two of Pretty Little Liars. Fact. Though not a full-fledged neon, Whip It Good is one of the brightest pastel yellows I have ever encountered, making it unsurprising that it fits right in with the neon family. You guys, I love this color, but the formula was a total pain. I actually blame this on the fact that the bottle was opened when it arrived, so the fact that it was thick and refused to even out is likely due to that. Regardless of the reason, it was frustrating. This is 3 coats.

I'll Pink To That is a Neon Fuchsia Creme. Bright pinks rarely catch my eye, but I am so feeling I'll Pink To That! The formula for this bright beauty is magnificent; and the color? Straight. Up. Summer. Though not a complete neon hue; I'll Pink To That does dry semi-matte, so you'll want to add a swipe or two of top coat for shine. This is 2 coats.

I Got A Blue Attitude is a Bright Blurple Creme. I can never say no to a good blurple, and I Got A Blue Attitude is one of my new faves. The formula here is so smooth and lush to work with, reaching opacity with minimal effort or fuss. And the brightness! In keeping with the 80s feel, I just can't get enough, just can't get enough. I did find the formula here slightly thinner than the rest of the collection, so you definitely want to be careful before applying the color directly to the nail otherwise you may have a running ish. This is 2 coats.

We Got The Beet is a Purple with Golden Microglitter. In case you thought your eyes were deceiving you...they're not. I actually do not have swatches of We Got The Beet {even though it was included in this set} because it arrived completely dried out and unusable. I'm not sure if I just got a bad set this time around {with 3 out of 6 bottles arriving open}, but I have never encountered a problem like this before, so I found it v frustrating. I notice that China Glaze packages their mini sets where a piece of cardboard surrounds the neck of the polish bottle {something that Essie, OPI, and Orly don't do}, and I think that is opening the bottles, rendering them useless. Here's to hoping they change that practice.


PRICE: $15.00 for the 6-Piece Mini Kit; or $7.50 per full-size bottle.




ellie said...

Amazing colors! Great review too!

ivy said...

So many colors! Looks like an amazing formula too!

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing set! Love the pink!


Sara said...

All of them are amazing! I think the "I've got a blue attitude" is my favorite.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I really like Papa Don't Peach! That's great you don't have to use a color under these; makes it much easier.

Midnight Cowgirl said...

So many fun colors! What I Like About Blue is awesome, but too bad all of the colors didn't work out...

Elle Sees said...

you cracked me up with the underwear comment!! so true though! i love the yellow, but would skip it since it was frustrating!

www.janetteria.com said...

Love them all!

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