{what's in my} september 2016 secret garden glossybox!

I don't usually post a shot of the box my GLOSSYBOX goodies arrive in; but, given the fact that this month's Fashion Edition September GLOSSYBOX was illustrated by Antonio Soares {and is drop. dead. gorgeous.} I had to share a snap!

For those of you who aren't familiar with GLOSSYBOX, it is a monthly beauty subscription service wherein you receive 5 deluxe size beauty products for $21 a month based on the personal beauty profile you fill out when you sign up.

Brows: MODELLAUNCHER Brow Duo Pencil in TAUPE | Mascara: BORGHESE Superiore State-Of-The-Art Mascara in BLACK | Cleanser: Sesderma SENSYSES Cleanser Classic | Shadow: KORRES Volcanic Minerals Twist Eyeshadow in GREY BROWN | Mist: MONU Rosewood Reviving Mist | Serum: Sesderma SENSYSES C-Vit Moisturizing Serum

Like last month's SUNKISSED box, everything in this month's edition was new to me, so I had an absolute blast playing with it all! My favorite aspect for September? As opposed to going the fall foliage route with aesthetic, this box was all about fashion week - featuring products that fashion insiders keep in their beauty bags at all times. Fun, right?!

Mascara samples are my one true love {true story}, so BORGHESE's Superiore State-Of-The-Art Mascara in BLACK was literally one of the first items I had to try on for size after unboxing. Ladies, this may be one of the best mascaras I have ever tried {and I've tried a lot!}. The formula here is wet, a trait I'm not usually thrilled about, but it works here because it dries in a way that leaves your lashes feeling soft and natural, not stiff. In terms of volume, it does v little. But length? Out of this world! I would definitely buy the full-size of this bad boy!

I'm a total soap and water girl {with a dab of Neutrogena Face Scrub} when it comes to makeup removal, so unboxing Sesderma's SENSYSES Cleanser Classic wasn't a thrill. Nevertheless, I gave it a go and loved how easily it melted away my makeup with minimal scrubbing. Did I love it enough to contemplate purchasing the full-size? Negative. While I adored the way it evened my skin tone and brightened my complexion, it wasn't enough to top my tried and true skin regimen. If, however, you're looking for a quick makeup remover, you'd love this one!

Out of all of the items in this month's box, I was most excited for KORRES' Volcanic Minerals Twist Eyeshadow in GREY BROWN, and it lived up to all of my expectations! This is two swipes over an eyeshadow primer, and the pigmentation is just beyond! The so-called grey brown shade is basically a shimmery taupe that works for smoky eye looks day or night. Though you can't really blend this one out due to the creamy formula; with a small swipe of primer this baby doesn't crease, fade, budge, or smudge - and that's definitely something to talk about! This is a full-size product, so it will likely last me quite awhile; but I would love to purchase all of the other shades! Highly recommend this one!

I've only recently gotten into doing my brows, and I use only a pencil to make them perfect, so I was super excited to try MODELLAUNCHER's Brow Duo Pencil in TAUPE {another full-size!}, and even more thrilled that it was in a shade close to the one I currently use. Ladies, this pencil is the bomb dot com! The tip is angled, so it applies evenly and looks uber natural. My two qualms: the color is slightly too dark for me {I typically use a blonde-ish pencil}; and the wear time isn't fantastic. Would I repurchase? If they added a few lighter shades to their offerings I would give it another shot!

I don't really see the point of facial mists, so I went into trying MONU's Rosewood Reviving Mist with that frame of mind, but I was wrong. You guys, this stuff is awesome! The mist sprays onto skin v delicately and leaves you feeling incredibly refreshed. Even better, it smells like a spa, and bears the moniker Rosewood {Pretty Little Liars, anyone?}. Due to all of the above, I was actually planning on purchasing the full-size {major shock}, and then I noticed the ingredient list. I'm not a fan of parabens on my face, so I had to dial back on the love for this one. If you don't have a problem with parabens though, prepare to become obsessed with this baby!

While I have never paid much attention to serums for the face, I have been hearing so much about Vitamin C serums lately, that I was thrilled to find Sesderma's SENSYSES C-Vit Moisturizing Serum in my box. Though the sample of this one was small, it did allow for multiple uses - enough so that I developed a huge love love for this stuff! It applies beautifully, and really leaves your complexion brighter and more luminous. I know that I don't get enough Vitamin C, so the ease of purchasing it in a bottle is the best. thing. ever. Repurchase? Heck yes! I think people with all skin types would love this one!

What was in your September 2016 GLOSSYBOX? Not a subscriber yet? Sign up here!



ellie said...

Such a cool review! Sounds like a great goodies!

ivy said...

Beautiful review! So many cool things!

Couture Carrie said...

Neeeeeed that mascara!


Unknown said...

That illustration really is beautiful, in my opinion it's the prettiest box so far! And you should totally try Caudalie detox serum, I can't live without it nowdays! xx

Shooting Stars Mag said...

ooh beautiful illustration! the mist sounds great - sorry about the parabens though!


FashionJazz said...

I am jello you always get such amazing products in your boxes ;) Hope you are having a good thursday xx


Mrs.AOK said...

I'm with you, I totally love trying mascaras! Which is good and bad, because I always forget which ones I love the most.

little luxury list said...

Borghese mascara sounds fab and i can't resist a good lengthening one! Thanks for the review!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

With such a pretty illustration, you know it's going to be a great box :)

www.janetteria.com said...

I am with CC!

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